UK Muslim cleric: “Doctors say as long as a girl has reached puberty, even at 9 years old, she is wife material”

After all, he adds, “This is far preferable to the obscenity of a girl bringing her lover into her parents’ bed and them not disapproving.” HUH?

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20 comments on “UK Muslim cleric: “Doctors say as long as a girl has reached puberty, even at 9 years old, she is wife material”

  1. This doctor needs sacking, it is absalutly disgusting even thinkng of marrying a 9yr old child, it is pedophilla and must be stopped, this uk government have a system itts called social services who’s job is to safeguard children if this evil twisted behaviour that this pedo doc and the rest of the pedo rapists think is acceptable then they are sadly mistaken not on our a soil the children are the future not a future to be raped groomed sold used as sex slave and to be covered up if they don’t like our way of life simple leave they shouldn’t be given no rrights to come to this country and carry out such horrific attacks on children, or think they have the right to change our laws they couldn’t sort there own governmnet out so don’t come here thinkin this country owes them as british citizens we owe them nothing, but ppl need to remember a vital point muslims killed jesus they are damned and will burn in hell!! Ppl of this country forget they killed our lord!!

  2. what the hell do these doctors know? the ones who say it is normal for a 9 year old to have sex are probably men. they have no idea what is going on in the girl’s mind.

  3. I am Ayatollah Khomeini: It is better that a girl menstruate in her husbands’ house and doesn’t matter to bleed to death…as one Yemeni girl did when married prematurely to a boy/man in late twenties.

    Thus an age of six may fix it better…

    How about sex with a dead wife for next months, unfortunately the wife doesn’t have the same privilege, due to erection problems, perhaps a prosthesis….

  4. If grown women refuse to prosecute their sexual abusers thats one thing.

    Why aren’t prosecutors using our state rape and domestic violence laws and VAWA to prosecute child molesters and honor violence to the fullest extent of the law?

    These perverts are totally demented and evil.

  5. Anything that was documented as an action of the peodopile, lying, animal and little boy molesting, murderous, obscene, so called “poppet” of Alley (as in Alley Snackbar) , unkempt, ratty bearded, delusional, islamic supposed holy man to explain that everyone should follow Alles “holy actions”. What a bunch of camel dung ! according to statistics,a great number of these ragheads can ony understand their own name when it is written down, so they will believe any bullsh*t put out by a “holy man”. No wonder they haven’t progressed beyond the 7th century. No wonder they are still donkey diddlers and mutton molesters.

  6. More examples of what a pervert mohamad was. Men who marry 9 year old or any children are pedophiles and thankfully it is a crime to sexually assault children in the non muslim hell hole countries. Where are the women’s support groups when it comes to outing the savage muslim pedophiles.

  7. In ALL CIVILIZED countries this is rape. Child molestation and rape is a HUGE sin against Almighty God.

    Children are gifts from God to be PROTECTED!.

  8. The psychological horror and the emotional trauma must be almost unbearable. Yet, the mothers have forgotten their own “initiation” ??? And they suffer under the “Stockholm Syndrome” ??? AND permit this to go on, and on, and on ~! ~!
    Only the women of Islam can change this.
    I submit the Western Civilization is not perfect. BUT I also submit our Western Civilization honors and respects AS A WHOLE, the Feminine Gender~!
    Islam has no concept whatsoever of either Honor OR respect for women~! It doesn’t matter if they are muslim or non-muslim – women are naught but baby factories and relief stations for men’s lust.

  9. Rape is ALWAYS wrong. Child rapists should be shot.
    For Islamic followers, females have no rights to their bodies and there can therefore never be consent.

    • Allah has made females to remove tension of the Islamic brutes so that brutes can on rampage killing, raping, looting and beheading. Yes to eat more you need a relaxed mind.

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