CAIR thugs apoplectic over upcoming rally for Washington State teacher who called Hamas and the Taliban bullies and compared them to Hitler

imagesHamas-linked CAIR rushed out this press release that screams: “Anti-Islam Hate Group to Rally for Washing State Teacher.” (FYI: according to CAIR, anyone who tells the truth about Muslim terrorists is considered a ‘hater.’)

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‘Anti-Islam Hate Group’ to Rally for Washington State Teacher. Muslim anti-American, terror-linked group (CAIR) concerned about hate rhetoric leading to bias incidents

CAIR is the only 'hate' group here
CAIR is the only ‘hate’ group here

(SEATTLE, WA, 3/17/2013) – On Tuesday, March 19, the hate group ACT! for America will hold a rally for a teacher at Concrete Middle School, in Concrete, Wash., who reportedly compared Muslims to Nazis during a class lesson. (Note: The teacher now claims she was only talking about certain groups.)

CAIR-WA is concerned about hateful rhetoric that may be used at the event and that could lead to possible bias incidents targeting local Muslims or those perceived to be Muslim.

The Washington State chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, recently submitted a public records request to the Concrete School District for information regarding Islam-related curriculum and past complaints against the district, among other items.

Tuesday evening’s rally at the Assembly of God Church in Concrete is being sponsored by the hate group ACT! for America.

“We hope and assume that the teacher who allegedly made the comments is unaware of the bigoted and intolerant views held by ACT! for America leaders,” said CAIR-WA Civil Rights Coordinator Jennifer Gist. “Being associated with a group with such a long history of anti-Islam hate-mongering would only serve to reinforce the allegation of bias on the part of the teacher.”


[MEDIA ADVISORY: CAIR-WA will host an open forum on the case at 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 24 at Concrete Senior Center in Concrete, Wash. CONTACT: CAIR-WA Civil Rights Coordinator Jennifer Gist, 206-367-4081, E-Mail: [email protected]]

(I hope some BNI readers will be able to infiltrate this event)