WAAAYCISTS! Palestinian savages vandalize Obama banner with swastikas….Western media silent

StoryOh, the media ALL covered it all right, with exactly the same text you below (minus annotations), but not one word of condemnation. Where are all the calls of ‘racism’ from the Left? Can you imagine the coverage if the Israelis had done the same?


AP  Palestinians (racists) tore down the banner, hurled shoes at it and spray painted it with swastikas ahead of president’s visit The Palestinians. Associated Press TV video showed a taxi driving over the banner before it was set on fire in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Monday.

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Obama arrives in Israel on Wednesday. He heads to the (Arab-occupied Judea-Samaria) West Bank Thursday.


The banner with Obama’s picture is among many hung by activists, asking the president to take note of the lack of 3G frequencies in the West Bank. Israeli authorities control cellular networks there and they have not granted Palestinian telecommunication companies 3G. The Palestinians have long felt aggrieved by the U.S., accusing it of being biased toward Israel. (Oh, Boo Hoo)