AUSTRIA: Where creeping Islamization is slowly destroying its character and culture as it is all over Europe

images15Only the Austrian Freedom Party is fighting the building of Turkish-funded mega mosques and the growth of Islamic dominated neighborhoods. The usual left wing politicians are turning a blind eye to these anti-assimmilation Muslim enclaves where Austrian girls dare not pass for fear of being raped.


















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  1. Elisabeth won’t be silenced. She carries on, she wants to be acquitted, just like Geert Wilders. I don’t know much about the freedom party in Austria.

    When I discussed this detective story at my friend’s blog, somebody commented saying that the ORF, that’s the Austrian TV station, is completely interspersed with with pro-muzzie lefties. I watch a lot a of detective stories and in the course of the years I realised that whenever the crime scene is set in an Islamic environment, the muzzies are first suspected and eventually they turn out to be innocent and the baddies are always the indigenous people. Muzzies are innocent by definition. I discussed this phenomenon with Robert Spencer three years ago when he was in Berlin and he told me on American TV it’s the same. They media wants to ffool us about Islam.

    • epi, that’s true. I stopped watching ’24’ after the 7th season when at the end, they had an imam come to the hospital to visit Jack Bauer. The imam had defended one of his congregants who was a suspect in terror plot and he turned out to be innocent. That followed after they had started putting in disclaimers at the start of every show with Jack saying that not all muslims are terrorists, or something like that.

      One season later the show was cancelled because political correctness had ruined it.

  2. Austria repelled the muslim invasions twice before but now the austrian government is defeated by taqiyya and stealth jihad. Say good bye to your country of Austria, soon to become austrianistan as you are taken over by the muslims of chaos. It is too late for austriastan but not too late for America.

  3. Thank you BNI for bringing the issue to the attention of the American readers. Austria is an apologetic country. I recently discussed an Austrian detective story at a friend’s blog . There seemed a terrorist attack to have happened, the story wasn’t very coherent and eventually it turned out, the muzzies were innocent and the baddies were some insidious Islamophobic politicians who wanted the muzzies to be blamed. Muzzies victims as usual. The Austrians have completely adopted the Islamic narrative.

    Austria is special regarding Islam. They’ve got a law from 1912 when Austria was still the k.u.k. monarchy. This law recognises Islam as a religion and protects it. Our comrade-in-arms Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf got fined because she had said in public that the self-appointed prophet had married a six-year-old girl and consumed the marriage when she was 9. Nobody disputed the truth of her statement. But she was sentenced because of “evaluation excess”, a term that doesn’t exist in the German language, it’s no legal term. This was made up to tell the muzzies, your prophet is the best and nobody is allowed to say anything against him. It’s disgusting. But Elisabeth isn’t on her own, we support her. I thank you BNI to give me the opportunity to make this known to American readers.

    • epi, I covered Elizabeth’s plight here but haven’t heard much about her lately. Is she still speaking out or has she been silenced? She is a courageous warrior. We need to hear more from her but I understand if she is reluctant to based on her persecution by the govt there.

      Is the Freedom party gaining more support?

    • Yes epist stay in touch bring us names numbers gather your Patriots ! we know your enemy he is ours and we will own his destiny if we do no falter in our purpose

  4. why doesn’t anyone understand that muslims don’t want to assimilate. they want to dominate. it’s sad the governments of the EU can’t or won’t see what’s going on.

    • Why should anyone be forced to assimilate with these barbarians? Assimilation with non-europeans destroys the uniqueness of, in this case austrians.

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