OOPS! Spanish Coast Guard boat ‘accidentally’ crashes into Muslim illegal alien boat from Morocco

2011-07-26-Bowen-Malaysia-boat-people-go-back-4501-300x274On December 13, 2012, two boats collided off the coast of Lanzarote: one belonged to the Spanish Coast Guard, the other was carrying 25 illegal alien invaders from Morocco. One of the invaders was found drowned, seven others are missing and presumed dead. 17 who were rescued were quickly sent back to Morocco. (Much to the leftist dhimmi’s chagrin)

Observers.france24  The authorities claimed a mechanical failure prevented the coastguards’ boat from moving out of the way of the immigrants’ boat. But a surveillance video filmed from a hotel on the coastline has called the official version of events into question.


The authorities said the coastguards’ boat was heading towards the port of Arrecife, to dock and fix a mechanical problem. On its way, the crew spotted the Muslim illegals’ boat and started to approach it.

The captain of the invaders’ boat abandoned his position to mingle with the passengers, perhaps in the hope of escaping prosecution for having driven a boat full of illegal immigrants. The captain-less vessel began heading in the direction of the coastguards, who claim the failure of their control instruments meant they could not prevent the immigrants’ boat hitting them. They say the collision was “inevitable”.

At 30 seconds in the video, the coastguards’ boat crosses the path of the immigrants’ boat, escaping collision. The coastguards’ boat then changes direction, and at 55 seconds appears to accelerate towards the immigrants’ boat. At 1 minute 37 seconds, the boats collide. OOPS! 

‘Human Rights group says,  “It’s a big issue that those who were rescued, the only witnesses, were immediately expelled from the country. Illegals need to be treated as humans. Dealing with the question only as a security issue is not the solution.” (Uh…yes, it IS)



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  1. ” Dealing with the question only as a security issue is not the solution. Uh, yes, it is”

    Dead right. If it’s Islam it IS a security issue by definition..

  2. Here’s an idea. Round up all the illegal Muzzies in the free world and send them to Sweden. Also round up all the wonderful human rights activists and send them there. They love that kind of crap.

  3. I wonder if the leftists would have had the same reaction if the boat had CHRISTIANS on it? Not likely. See how little coverage attacks on African (or any other) Christians and Jews gets in the MSM.

  4. so according to the human rights group Spain is not allowed to defend herself from illegal immigrants most of which are muslim. Cyprus is circling the drain peoples money is being confiscated in order to get a bailout nothing is said about making sure that the welfare rolls are reduced and illegals are deported. easiest solution stop immigration.just say no

  5. Sic ’em! Ole’ C.G. de Espana! That’s a few more who won’t be reproducing their filthy DNA to pollute the world. I’d love to see just how long they could float; take bets on who lasts the longest.

  6. Let’s hope they pass the word on that Spain is not the way to go. Now, if only the Italians would follow their lead.

  7. Dealing with the question as a security issue is the ONLY solution. These wankers want to islamise Europe. European countries are free and we wish too remain so. No room for barbaric sharia!!! Excuse my Islamophobia

  8. Mae it state policy – “Any boat which approaches spanish waters without permit
    are to be treated invaders and torpedoed. Those who survive are to be deported.”

    Give it wide publicity and implement it a few times , the muslocrinimals will get the
    message. Those who try give them hell. Tell them to go to islamic countries like saudi , qatar..etc and tell the so called muslim rights activists to go to saudi too.

    • MJ: I was in Spain in ’84 – Madrid – and within five hours, I saw the results of 6 street burglaries. All Moroccan looking guys. I was warned they carry special clippers that cut ear lobes while walking by you (gold/diamond earrings).

      The worse was the airport. They would buy one-way plane tickets to pass security and wait in secure zone to rob the people.

  9. Spain should allow the officers of this Coast Gard vessel to train ecery captain and first mate in their whole Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Great job. They just saved the nation and all of Europe thousands of dollars each in welfare, food assistance, dwellings, education, and riot police engagements.

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