A steaming pile of camel dung brought to you by the far left dhimmis and their Islamofacist buddies of the Norwegian Centre against Racism

‘Norway uses tea to fight racism.’ (As if Islam were a race) In this little ditty called ‘How a cup of tea sparked a national movement,’ a self-described ‘anti-racist’ organization in Norway attempts to fool Norwegians into thinking that Muslims aren’t really the threat to civilization that the right wing ‘extremists’ and media make them out to be.

99742_story__cup of tea

They claim The ‘Cup of tea’ National Movement was designed to stop the growing threat of racism against Muslims in Norway. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) According to the campaign, there was a growing distrust and distance between the native population and the immigrant Muslim community in Norway and the divide was growing by the day.


But what IS unheard of is the way they dealt with the problem. A local organization working against racism came up with a wonderful solution!  Most of the misunderstandings they realized were born and indeed grew because of the lack of communication between the two communities. So they invited the two groups to meet over a cup of tea. Literally! And the result has been a significant decline in anti-Muslim attitudes. (Yep, one cup of tea and all that pent up anti-Muslim backlash just disappears!)


At the 0:17 second mark the narrator intones that negative views of muslims in Norway have been “largely fueled by negative media coverage.” And yet the image at the same mark includes some of the best-known islamofascist “classics:”

1) Behead those who insult Islam.

2) Be prepared for the real holocaust.

3) Freedom go to hell

This is a common theme with the Left and their Islamofascist cohorts: it’s OK for Muslims to express these thoughts, but it’s racist for the kuffir to notice.

Force yourself to watch this drivel to the 1:13 mark, when it switches over to the real Islam.

H/T SDAMatt2a