SCOTLAND: Huge backlash against Episcopalian Church that opened its doors to Muslim prayer services five times a day, EVERY day

images16A priest, Rev Isaac Poobalan, who has allowed Muslims to pray in his church has told how he has been hit by a barrage of abuse by internet ‘trolls.’  St John’s Episcopal Church became the first church in the UK to share their building with Muslims.

They will soon come to regret this suicidal decision as they are slowly moved out by the Muslim invaders. Apparently the parishioners are much smarter than the priest.


ORIGINAL STORY HERE: episcopalians-arent-really-christians-are-they-why-else-would-they-be-opening-up-their-doors-to-the-people-who-want-to-kill-them

Huffington Post Hundreds of Muslims now pray in the Aberdeen Church’s main hall and chapel, but the news has not been well received by some Christians, who have taken to the church’s Facebook page to blast the decision.

One user said that the church were “sharing Christ’s table with Satan” before others another predicted a “flood” of Muslims moving to Aberdeen to convert the church into a mosque and said Rev Poobalan needed to be given the “boot” before it was too late.

Another posted: “I would leave this so called “church”. Allah is Satan, and no God.


Others said:

“They (the church) have nothing to say about persecuted Christians, but invite Satan in.”

“We are dealing with evil people that bow down to Allah and lost their belief in Jesus a long time ago.

“Allah has no son.”


But Rev Poobalan said he would not sever his relationship with the nearby Crown Street Mosque. He said: “I keep seeing these Facebook comments coming up on my email account, but I will not back down.

“We have developed a relationship with the mosque and we will not be breaking that up. “These people have reacted spontaneously, but over time I hope they will change their minds. “There is a huge religious cultural gap between the two, and if it takes time for them to be brought together then that’s the way it is.

“We don’t go into this blindly, we go into this knowingly and we don’t go around trying to please people. (You can say that again!)



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  1. With a name like Geert i would normaly agree with you these days, but being a lapsed Catholic myself, i can’t remember being told / taught anything relaiting to shits-lam ever,we were taught to accept everyone and make no distincting between them,but what i will say is we were never told the reason why,…why we should like the Jews…why we should’nt like the Prodestants….why we should’nt like shits-lam….we were never told the reason there were any differences between all the religions of the World, we were told if we refused to go to confession we would be thrown out of School,this would’nt have been a bad thing for me as i did end up being sent to a different kind of School anyway,but that’s another Story and it involved the Police lol,but even in that kind of other Catholic School we were never taught anything about the koran / shits-lam,so i can’t see where you are comming from Geert,the times i went to Chapple / School NOBODY ever once mentioned shits-lam or their book.

  2. If he is a catholic, is normal (still unacceptable). Catholichism was always an hybrid cristianity/islam religion, this since the crusades. The point system to go in paradise is also a part of catholichism. Even if catholics don’t read quran – A.K.A. the devil’s book, ten year ago the church wanted to proclaim the Saint Mohammed day. Nobody was happy because the marauder is not part of christianity.
    Many catholics, today, don’t accept the islamic part of catholicism.

  3. If they have their own mosque, why are they in a Christian church? Obviously the reverend of the church has some mental disease or he wouldn’t even consider allowing the evil satan worshippers in. Time to boot him out!

  4. And this is why God will spew us out of his mouth – we are neither hot nor cold, just lukewarm, without a trace of truth from the Word of God amongst the churches. This Reverend should be dragged out of the Church, locked in a stockade, and have rotten tomatoes thrown at him.

    • Interesting Rox, i love Haggis but it does’nt like me because of the Spices in it, INDIAN CURRIED Haggis wow,just wonder what that would taste

  5. The Anglican Community worldwide is losing members to PC and other “God-defying” religious policies. Of course, in the end, they’ll only end up being a very minor church; already, many Episcopals are returning to Roman Catholicism (of course, the converse is true as well). But the libturd mentality (liberalism being a mental disease, acc. to Michael Savage!) is infecting the entire Episcopal Church of North American from top to bottom, stem to stern. This conflict is going on in every parish and every diocese in the USA & Canada. Bowing to pisslam ain’t gonna help!!

  6. “Rev” might as well open his church up to satanists. I personally cant tell the difference .
    Ni doubt he ask beieves the ie that allah is God f the Bible ? He certainly has never then read ether Bible or Quran, and never both.
    What Christian is to be admired if he lets satanists run amok in a sacred sanctuary, consecrated ground and all that ? HERESY

  7. Well, what the hell, I find myself, once again in a position where I must move to my own blog in order to say how I REALLY feel about this situation. BTW, don’t look for my comments under the name used here, it will be under another name, not the name of my “alter ego”(hum………….)

  8. Is David Cameron offering some Halal incentives imported from that desert? He has a Muslim MP by his side as an incentive besides the purks of petro-dollars. I am sure that pastor is heading for more bitter surprises…

  9. This is complety insanity!!!!…..
    Any momen t the mjuslims will allow christians to prayer in their mosques???…..for shore no..!!! in couple months the church will be justa mosque!!!!

  10. God and the founders of the Episcopal Church would not approve of the sharing of their churches with a false god. God would not approve. Our God is a Jealous God. God does not want us to have false faith and He is not willing to share His House of Worship, with a false god called allah and a false prophet called mohamad. It is not appropriate to bring a cult of lies, based on the coran into any Christian church. It is inviting evil into God’s House. Liberal leftard false leaders do not get it that we have a jealous God. When the term jealousy is applied to God in Scripture it is usually because His people are worshiping idols. In the second of His ten commandments He warned them not to do that, but they failed to listen to Him. And aroused His jealousy with their graven images (Psalm 78:58).
    That same idea is present in the New Testament. After a discussion of idolatry in the church of Corinth, Paul asks, “Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?” (1 Corinthians 10:22) All of the tenants of faith, listed for the Episcopalian church disagree with the cult beliefs of the muslims of the coran as given by the monster pedophile mohamad. The muslms of islam, would disagree with each and every one of the following Christian beliefs. The centre of teachings of the Scottish Episcopal Church is the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The basic teachings of the church, or catechism, includes: Jesus Christ is fully human and fully God. He died and was resurrected from the dead. Jesus provides the way of eternal life for those who believe. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible were written by people “under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit”. The two great and necessary sacraments are Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist. Belief in heaven, hell, and Jesus’s return in glory. The pastor of this church is mocking God. He is a fool.

  11. go back in history to the mosque in damascus was oringinally a christian church they let the muslims in and it is now 1005 Nuslime
    stealth jihad is alive and well just look at the halal fraud that is taking place in most western countries

    • The Christians in Damascus didn’t “Let” the Mohammedans into the churches there… the Mohammedans took Damascus by sword, just like they took every place where they are the dominant “religion.”

    • The wicked Reverend is NOT showing the Golden Rule! He is in rebellion to Almighty God!

      Bible, 1 Samuel 15:23, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…”

  12. What will be funny is the day that they tell him he cannot have his services there anymore because they are taking over… Would love to see the look on his face… When they become large enough, they could easily overtake the church and make it a mosque.

  13. The people should take the example of Jesus overturning the tables in the Temple Throw out the vicar and the muslims. Why my husband and I no longer go to the Episcopal church. Too many left wing fools trying to lead the people down the wrong path. They became any behavior is ok. The family minister even took the youth group to visit a momsque.

  14. Mohammed was the antithesis of everything Jesus was and represents. Are they going to allow Satan’s minions into the church on Good Friday, to pray to their demon moon god during the stations of the cross? This is an abomination; it makes me physically sick.
    Is there a mosque anywhere in the world that allows Christians to pray every Sunday?

  15. Does he have NO respect for the Lord’s sanctuary? Has he read the Bible, does he know the fierce wrath of God who doesn’t cotton well to false gods being worshipped, let along in His meeting place?

    • FAR TOO MANY of the “clergy” in fact DON’T believe in the God in Whose Name they’re supposed to be preaching!!!! They certainly dismiss the Bible as so much “fairy-tale” ‘junk’, use all the “Higher Criticism” they want to discredit whatever they dislike, and so on… You’ll find such wretches in the majority (easily ¾ and more of the total!!) in such mainstream Protestant “churches” as the Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Methodists/United in both of the USA and Canada. Many Romanists and even some Orthodox are just as bad: all of these having lost their “saltiness”. [In other words, the more “liberal”, the less real connection with God is present.]

      [To find real Christian churches where the faith is truly taught unrestricted and in its totality, you have to look at SMALLER Protestant denominations (e.g., Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod; Presbyterian Church of America; “Continuing Anglicans”) in addition to the majority of the Orthodox and many of the Catholics (though those last require great care to be certain about who’s true and who’s false – the numbers of those last is too great to ignore and also varies from diocese to diocese depending on the bishops…).]

      A HUGE reason for this sorry state of affairs is 1) the death of faith in the Western world, compounded by 2) the “good” life all too many of us live, where we fall under one of the tentacles of Marxism: materialism. We use “spirituality”, false (e.g., “New Age”) thinking and so much else to excuse ourselves from thinking about any sort of Real God.

      [No less sad is what I’ve been informed by Ms. BNI regarding “Reform” Judaism: all too often just as “liberal” – and therefore saltless – as the mainstream Protestant “churches” mentioned above…]

      I could go on and on, but dare not on account of the risk of proselytism; especially as this forum is really not meant to criticise religions other than Islam to boot.

  16. i know of three other churches that did this , all are now mosques where christian worship is forbidden , give this one 3 years and see whats up as the good book says , reap what you sow , and you shall know them by their fruits , , we’ll be watching for the fruit of this one too

    • jimmy, could you please try to find the stories of any of these and post the links here? It would be great if people know about these precedents, to show these fools the consequences of their actions.

  17. B.N.I. – I just cut out the clip from todays Newspaper to send to you but you beat me to it, but the more Press(negative) this gets then the more pressure from his Highers he will get,he will only find this out when they move in to the Church in their droves and play the democratic Card,you know,the one that says,”there are more of us than you, so we need the Building more than you do,”….then they shout,..”racists”!!!!! for putting them back out in the Snow, watch this space. He might cave in to pressure and give them a time period,as a “Face-Saver”, but for me it’s too late, the camels nose is in the Tent it’s going to have to take some of those tough Riggers up there to suddenly turn to Religion and kick their arses out, can’t wait for the Press release claiming,..”allah has left the Building,”

  18. I do wish this was an isolated problem, but it isn’t,there are a lot of clueless Christian leaders. Yes, this minister has to be removed, but look up the leader to the leadership of the church and see if they support or condemn this Reverend. Islamic infiltration is everywhere. Here is one story that sickened me from Canada -

  19. What connection does light have with the dark? Why would one allow the worship of false gods in the house of the Lord? This preacher should remember that the LORD holds men in his position to a higher standard. I would not want to be him on the judgement day. He has a best lost all his crowns, at worse, I fear for his soul. What a trade, your soul for conforming to the world. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Letting the worship of another god into GOD’s house, is putting the false god on equal footing. My advice to the parishioners – boot him now, or RUN! Far, far away from his evil influence. The devil has a hold on him. PRAY for him.

  20. Further proof of the fact that islam is totally incompatible with western civilization, but the biggest problem is not the muslims, it is OUR OWN PEOPLE who appease and give in to them–our own cowardly, naiive, stupid people!! And this is the case over the entire western world.

  21. “We have developed a relationship with the mosque … ” So is the reverend telling us his congregation has been allowed to hold Christian services in the mosque? Sure, when hell freezes over.

  22. The new ” CHRISLAM” is coming, it will the the religion of the New World Order, a watered down version of Christianity that submits to Islam, embraces its ideology and will be the lukewarm believers that Christ will spit out from His mouth as described in Scripture…How shameful! its already happening in parts of Africa.

    • And MANY of the mainstream “liberal” Protestant churches of North America – I’ve already noticed its SATANIC PRESENCE from various “interfaith” activities being promoted therein…

  23. Evidently some Episcopalians are more fundamentalist than I thought! I would have thought that most of the Episcopalians would have agreed with the pastor to allow Muslims use of the church. Maybe some of these Christians have been reading BNI!

  24. The Reverend serves Muslim masters and the god of Islam. The Reverend is spitting in God’s Face. Whilst Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and other INNOCENTS are murdered and their places of worship burnt to the ground and non-Muslims have to flee for their lives from violent, attacking Muslims in other countries, the Reverend remains silent.


    The Reverend has ALREADY transformed the church into a mosque. Muslims have prayer service 5 times a day every day, to the death god in what was once a church.

    Throughout the entire Bible, God WARNS repeatedly about false prophets.

    Bible: After my departure savage wolves will come in among you…

    Bible: Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

  25. Unbelievable. Can insanity be a defence? For he knows NOT what he is doing. This pastor is not realizing the retaliation that lies on his doorstep~!

    • Only the insanity that goes with when you become EVIL!!!!

      That “rector / pastor” is one more mouthpiece of the Devil, one of whose infinitely-MANY names is “allah”!!! If he truly were a Christian, he wouldn’t have tolerated ANY overture from the Mohammedans whatsoever, let alone reaching out to them himself!!!!!

      He truly not only is a Judas Iscariot, he also is Vidkun Quisling and Benedict Arnold plus Román Maljinóvskiy rolled into one!!!

      • @ADHD: This idiot pastor isn’t a rector, he’s a rectum. The first three letters of his name spell “Poo.”

        • I completely agree with you, Randy!!!! That’s why the words “rector” and “pastor” were put in quotation marks – not to mention the description that followed afterwards!!! Most certainly I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when the Last Judgement comes (although I’ll have amply enough to answer for, like every last single one of us without exception…).

          Also, you may wish to read about the double-agent (triple-agent even?) Román Maljinóvskiy, who was supposed to be a Russian revolutionary during the time of World War I yet who managed to get not a few of his colleagues including Stáljin imprisoned and even exiled to such exotic places like Turukhánsk (on the Jeñisjéy River, barely short of the Arctic Circle). Not that I regret the sufferings of those wretches like Stáljin, Kámjeñev and the rest ONE IOTA (pity they in fact didn’t perish!): it’s just that he qualifies in the same group as Quisling on account of his absolute lack of principles…

        • While we’re at it: “Poonbaal” sounds not that far removed from the French word “poubelle” (means “garbage bin”, if I’m not wrong – Monsieur Alain will no doubt correct me if I be wrong)…

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