GOOD NEWS STORY from Europe: Pig DNA has been found in many samples of ‘Halal’ beef sausages and kebobs

p113-viHey, payback’s a bitch. This is what happens when non-Muslims are being forced to eat inhumanely and barbarically-slaughtered Halal meat in schools and other institutions in non-Muslim countries.

In Denmark,  11 out of 70 samples of fresh and processed products were found to contain pork in ground beef labeled as ‘Hala’, and in seven out of the 11 samples, the content of the pork was more than seven percent.


In England, Pork DNA has been found in Halal chicken sausages that have been served in at least one primary school, Westminster Council said today. Other tests revealed that lean minced beef supplied to the council showed evidence of lamb and pork DNA.


Westminster City Council have named the school involved as St Mary’s Bryanston Square, a Church of England school in west London. (Why are they serving Islamic-blessed meat in a Christian school?)

The Halal sausages were a menu choice in 15 primary schools, two nurseries, one special school and one pupil referral unit, all of which took Halal-only meat. The lean minced beef was used in 18 schools.


In Norway, food inspectors said today it has found pork in kebab meat and pizza toppings that were labeled halal. Ragnhzild Arnesen, spokeswoman for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, said the agency discovered that some products contained large amounts of pork though the labels indicated they were all-beef.

“We found the pork both in kebab meat in grocery stores and meat used in fast-food eating places,” Arnesen said.


In Switzerland, the discovery of pork traces in halal food in several stores is shocking the Muslim community in Switzerland and igniting debates for launching a Swiss halal label.

The Swiss Central Islamic Council (CCIS) has found traces of pork in halal kebabs in famous meat stalls in several Swiss cities including Bern, Biel, Zurich, Winterthur, Basel, Lucerne, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne and Geneva. The CCIS said it was “shocked” by the discovery that pork traces were confirmed in seven out of 20 Swiss kebab samples tested.

The test sampling was ordered by the Muslim group after being “alarmed by the scandal that recently erupted in Germany where 7 percent of pork meat was found in meat for kebabs.”

 In Germany, tests showed that 7% of the doner meat kebab samples contain pork.