SWEDEN: Minister who advocated limiting Muslim infiltration getting death threats from Leftists

flagswedenislam-vi1Frighteningly, the Muslim population in Sweden is reported to have doubled in the last 14 years. During the same period, Muslim immigration and the rampant breeding and inbreeding among Swedish Muslims have accounted for over 41% of Sweden’s total population growth.

Islam vs Europe A suggestion to put a lid on this Muslim immigration madness is the cause of death threats from fellow politicians in the world’s most politically correct (left wing fascist) country. Which is what Sweden’s Minister of Immigration, Tobias Billström, received last month via Twitter after he  suggested limiting the “volume” of immigrants.

Death threats sweden twitter

The threat is reported to come from the chairman of Young Left in the town of Luleå. Twitter comment from Christoffer Hurtig said “I want to shoot Tobias Billström. I really look forward to the day he dies. From the depth of my heart, I really mean it.”

There are approx. 574,000 Muslims in Sweden, comprising 6.05% of Sweden’s population. Sweden alone experienced a population growth of 5.6 percent in the last eight years mainly due to Muslim immigration, Muslim illegal aliens/asylum seekers, and their high fertility rate. Sweden, therefore, has one of the fastest growing (unemployed welfare-dependent) populations in the Western world.