COMING SOON! Anti-Muslim Whackamole

babycrying-viJust what the world needs, ANOTHER investigation of anti-Muslim sentiment in America, sponsored by one of the main catalysts for anti-Muslim sentiment – Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR. The result?  ‘Islamophobes’ are actually ‘racists’ because there is no rational reason for anyone to hate Muslims.


They call the film, “Beyond Burkas and Bombers: Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America”  Since the act of Islamic terrorism on 9/11, anti-Muslim sentiment has become increasingly prevalent in America. This phenomenon, referred to by many as “Islamophobia,” has lead to a significant fear of a largely misunderstood world religion. (Yep, it’s all those misunderstanders of Islam and not Muslim supremacists who are causing people to learn about and subsequently hate Islam)

The makers of this false flag want to open a discussion about a largely marginalized (the result of their own anti-social behavior) portion of American society, explore how Islam is defined in America, and counter (suppress) negative impressions and stereotypes of this group. While empowerment (supremacism and tyranny) can be difficult to implement effectively, it can begin with the simple act of creating a personal connection to break down harmful (behavior-based) stereotypes.