NYC Muslims don’t care how many New Yorkers they infuriate or busy streets that they block

images38-viA NYC mosque and Islamic community center is drawing a steady stream of cabs that clog streets and flout parking rules so their drivers can attend prayer services, according to local business owners and residents.

DNA (h/t Susan K) The numerous services each day at the Madina Masjid mosque and Islamic Center of America at the corner of East 11th Street and First Avenue is disrupting area business, with mostly cabbies filling metered spaces and parking in front of fire hydrants, in truck loading zones and in bus lanes, locals said.


Though parking for prayer services has been an issue since the religious institution first opened in 1979, tenants noted, mosque members said that they still haven’t been allocated official parking on the street or avenue, and remind members to follow street rules.

“They can be triple-parked,” said John De Robertis, 34, who is a fourth-generation baker at De Robertis Pasticceria, a 108-year-old East Village bakery. Not only do the lines of cabs along First Avenue, where the bakery is located, keep customers from parking, he said his own car often gets blocked in.

VIDEO: Same problem, different NYC neighborhood

“If you get stuck, you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes until they finish praying,” said De Robertis, who has learned to plan his deliveries of baking supplies around the mosque’s five daily services.

Carlo Giurdanella, the third-generation owner of Bella Tiles Company, said cabs have been filling his curbside truck loading zone on East 11th Street and parking in his driveway for years. “It really is an outrageous situation,” he said, adding that his company constantly receives deliveries and has four vehicles that need to travel in and out of the parking lot behind his First Avenue storefront.


Giurdanella was successful in securing a truck-loading zone totaling about four car spaces at his business, but he claims mosque members constantly clog the area and that the NYPD does not enforce the rules by issuing tickets.

In some cases, the parking situation has even turned violent, one merchant claimed. Giurdanella acknowledged he is fighting a pending assault charge from June 2012 for allegedly pushing a doubling-parked cabdriver to the ground when an argument between the two escalated. Giurdanella claims he was attacked and had to defend himself.


“The worst is Friday, from 1 to 2 in the afternoon,” he said. “That is their holy day, their day of service.”

The mosque has five services each day — at 6 a.m. 1:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., sunset and 9 p.m. — according to Chowdhury. Memebrs prefer to pray at the mosque, because “if you pray together and with the imam, there is more blessing,” he said.

He said the tile company does not need all the spots it has reserved, nor does it use the area until 7 p.m. as the parking sign states. “They also have their own garage. I don’t know how they got all that space,” Chowdhury said. “There is too much space for the trucks.”

NOISE POLLUTION: Imagine having to listen to a herd of squealing pigs five times a day.





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  1. these muslims need som bikers who rolled over by washington dc last sep 11 2013 n lets seee if they not scamper when over a million bikers roll by even when they on prayer,hahaaaaaaaaa

  2. Why are the non prejudice comments not making it on your comment page bare naked Islam? Afraid of what people have to say ? You are like a dictator for hate? It’s because a few ppl like you probably said some things about Muslims that caused 9/11

  3. I think if not for the Muslims sake then for ours we need to reach out to Muslims twice as much and they will remember how nice it was in NYC before 9/11 15 people and osAma dead Ladin ruined a lot not just for non Muslims but especially for Muslims if only we could learn from mistakes like invading Iraq and the mistake of 9/11 we could not destroy anymore you people Jews Christians atheists need to think about the big picture there are I’m sure Muslims that get just as mad as you of other religions do for this problem well go a different route and think before you talk like we can’t coexist because all the other countries are watching and they think you are just wanting more hate my email is nohateappreciate at g
    Mail email me if you don’t get it and if u say I am kissing the Muslims asses you should look at how your kissing your own ass if that is all that’s bothering you and if you were in NYC in the 90s and 80s u would understand things have changed and bloom berg And the police know what they are doing and I wish I could say the same about the rest of americans and if you don’t live in new York and u talk like that you know nothing and if you dont have anything good to say especially about something like this then shut your mouth. Remember it took 16 people to destroy abig part of the world with our AfterlAsh in irAq and Afghanistan.

  4. Look at it from both sides the Muslims in NYC didn’t do anything and probably prayed for those unlucky lost souls in 9/11 and then Iraq and Afghanistan were tAken over and the Muslims I bet every one of them onto of their countries being blamed had things sAid to them and the evil eye less tips and bloom ergo understands and so do the cops that they want to feel a little spoiled especially to believe what they want and before 9/11 NYC was a much more beAutiful place and the old NYC was that way partly due to the Muslims Jews and Christians getting along in what was the best city on earth let’s think and bring NYC back we can do it

  5. Thank “God” I do NOT live there!Why do non-Muslims put up with it is beyond me.If it was anyother religion it would be banned big time and everyone would either be arrested or fined.Either our leaders are fools,stupid,dumb,kiss assers or just plain scared to death of reprocussions of this or all!!Why can’t all our Senators,Mayors,Congressman get together,,well most of them for the future of this country and stop this insanity.These people are dictating to the rest of us.They are taking over and controlling this country!!Where is the Mafia,KKK ,etc,when you need them now,not for rival gangs or Africian Americans BUT for these towelheads!!!If they want to pray,,they need to go to a Mosque,like Christians go to Churches,etc,etc.

  6. and now you know the reason mayor bloomn’idiot insisted you not capible of defending with his draconian law ” allowing” only seven bullets in your guns!, he doesn’t like the compitition, he’s demanding your complience to save his cut-throat friends from you. Stay strong Patriots, our day is coming, and this i.d.10-t and his mutts are going to rue the day when enough of yous get tired, pissed off enough and start acting like you care more about your future as an American with liberty and justice for all, vrs. sharia complience at bloomn’idiots newest commands. That mutt has a little man’s syndrom, a little napeolone in search of a tiny space to rule his hearts content with his 27-billion nest egg made by profits in conjunction with your soon to be slave masters (if you are not careful and determined to do anything about it) and his arab friends. Good luck.
    I mohareb………………………………………………………………….approve this message.

    Semper Fi

  7. They are obstructing a public thoroughfare and this is against the law-people cannot go about their daily business so why isn’t the -law being implemented -by the law–muslims do not have to pray as they are doing -they know this-they are -enforcing –sharia,are the taxi’s owned by muslims?if not why do the owners -tolerate this debacle??-why does the New York council allow this ,the law is for -everyone-religion is your own private beliefs and should not infringe on the -personal space of -others-those in charge are allowing themselves to be -intimidated by these religious fanatics.

  8. It is quite obvious muslims are people who respect the laws of the country in which they reside. I wonder how many muslims have registered weapons ready to attack anyone who tries to move the members of the “religion of peace” off the street.

    • muslims think they are superior pigs,lol, i wonder why nobody dared kick their asses ,thats obstruction of public streets they are doin ,i wonder how they would feel, a person makes a sign of the cross n pray with a loudspeaker in front of them all, they be shouting discrimination , racism and allll n threaten to sue,hahahah. Death to pisslam….

  9. Then let’s infuriate them, maybe foment a Reformation in Islam. Just as there is an Old Testament and New Testament in Christianity with the New superceding the Old, except for Jews, of course, so there needs to be an Old and New Koran in the form,

    Old Koran

    ‘Verily, saith Mohammed the Prophet, goeth forth and fornicate with underage females… goeth forth and slay the Jew… etc.’

    New Koran

    ‘Verily the Old Prophet Mohammed saith this and that concerning fornication with underage females… slaying the Jew… etc. Verily we saith u nto thee, Mohammed was wrong, he was no Prophet, and his commandments are overturned…’

    • Um, the New Testament does NOT supercede the Old Testament in Christianity. The entire Bible is considered Scripture for true Christians. Yeshua Himself announced that he had not come to “destroy the Law, but to FULFILL it;” meaning that He came to be THE atoning sacrifice to fulfill the requirements of the Law as only He could.


      On the subject of a “Reformation in Islam,” that is NOT possible. Islam cannot be changed, as removing any of Mohammed’s laws and criticising any of his deeds destroys Islam. Islam, in fact, IS Mohammed, and thus, Mohammedism. To take the “prophethead” away from Mohammed renders Mohammedism (Mohammedanism, Islam) nonexistent.

      Here endeth the lesson.

  10. Paris is even worse than New York. This is a permanent link at the French internet site Riposte Laïque . You can see illegal Friday prayers in different parts of Paris: Muzzies blocking the streets of Paris! It’s disgusting. BNI, you said that Bloomberg forbade the cops to harass muzzies. A French friend of mine sent me an article where a flic (French cop) spoke anonymously, of course. This guy said, that the flics are no cowards and they would like to intervene but the politicians don’t allow it. Orders from high above.They always have to act with one hand tied behind their back. You have to keep low profile, if you’re an indigenous, non-muzzie European.

    To understand the severity of the situation you have to know that of all European countries France is the most secular one. Total segregation of church and state, stricter than in the States. The French call this principle “laïcité” and cherish it. But European politicians think they need muzzies as voters. That’s why you have to keep low profile when you’re an indigenous non-muzzie European. Europe is going down the drain, if we don’t stick together and fight the plague of Islam.

      • Right, but on the other hand politicians don’t want the police to intervene. If you watch the video clips, you can see a complaint at the end, where our friends from Riposte Laïque accuse the politicians of abstaining from interfering.

        BTW there are enough mosques in Paris. They pray in public on Fridays, because they want to provoke the state under the rule of law. It’s a demonstration of power.

  11. I wonder if there are any noise ordinances? I like the idea of a class action suit! The biz owner should bring suit!

  12. Bloomberg has his head so deep up Muslim ass, you can smell him a mile away. Imagine that just 10 years ago 3000 Americans were slaughered by Muslim scum. Why do New Yorkers put up with this crap? If I was in New York I’d drive by that area and throw bacon out the window everyday. But then I’d get arrested and the slimeball Muslims violating the laws would continue to violate freely. this really sucks.

      The NYC that I knew – lived 25 years+ [moved 2010] would not have put up with this. That was the way of NYers. This is exactly why I loved(d) NY.
      Each and everyday I find myself saying, WTH? WTH? WTH? WTH? WTH? WTH? WTH?
      I appreciate your voice of offensive play. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

  13. The business owners should unite and bring a lawsuit against the mosque. Isn’t that how it works with the muslimes? They don’t like something and they start a law suite. The muslimes should also have to take courses that outline the fact that this is against the law. They should have to take sensitivity training to learn that there are OTHER people in the community that are affected by their behavior. muslimes aren’t the only people in the community. Sue the city and the mosque.. Yeah, I know this will never happen.

  14. Taking bets on how many of the mohammadan supremacist ass-lifters are from nowhere near this mohammadan supremacist barracks and come not to pray to their imaginary demon but for the sole purpose of blocking traffic and creating headaches for the non-mohammadans in the area….

  15. Muslim immigrants are the biggest hurdle to Americans in their pursuit of happiness. Their culture is totally incompatible with modern civilization and welcoming Muslim immigrants in western countries is like importing the plague.

  16. British lawyer Gavin Boby has identified the pattern after a mosque is built. First parking is a problem. Then if you protest, they say, ‘F- off, this is our area now.’ Then vandalism starts people are told to move out. Then telephone and TV cables are cut. Ads signs are vandalized. Then young men threaten women, ‘You better cover up.’

    • They used to have water trucks in London, UK, which hosed down the streets nightly. On of those, firing from the savage islamist’s side, loaded with pig fat, would give them pause for thought.

      Is there not one citizen who will bring a complaint against the parking or the noise, supported by ACT or others? If it gets to court, and the police favoritism is exposed…

      BTW, do the police have unions? They are so far left, they will ALWAYS brown nose the mohammedans.

  17. Perhaps if the police towed them away and crushed them, these ingrates might get the message better? Of course the local residents could play them at their own game and block the street with their vehicles, making it a pain in the arse for the muslims involved….It could be filmed just to see what, if any, double standards are being employed by the authorities…..It would be a good experiment just to see how Dhimmifide the police and local authorities really are……

  18. Looks like New Yorkers been to nice for to long ! Rude and crude from the get go sets the right environment around muzzies . Of course my advise comes second hand have not seen a muslim yet to try it on , my town dose not have a cab or bus or a stop light , bout the only traffic problem is an old yellow dog that likes to lay out on the warm pavement so far he has right of way.

  19. Sydney has the same problem , but thankfully for Australians these type of anti social displays of Satanic Worship are confined mostly to Sydney’s “Occupied Territories”
    I would like to see these Pricks try a stunt like this in Sydney’s CBD,It would be an interesting contest between Civilization and the Savage aka. Labor’s Vote People

  20. Part of the solution would be some Americans with side cutters to use on tire valves. If they insist on blocking the street let them block it long enough to change a tire,— or two. Just snip the valve off and disappear. If sthis were happening down south, I would suggest 20 to 30 minutes of “Dixie”, or “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, or both to be played at volume. Regardless of your preference, it would sound better than the yabbeldy-oooo-yibbeldy they broadcast.

    • I doubt Fox will hand it over… However, I could send you a few bits of old correspondence, including the telephone number of the detective. As of two years ago the cop didn’t want to discuss it any more, but you may have better luck.

      You most likely have already read most of the Brooklyn articles that we did. I believe they exist on the web, and certainly as emails in my account.

    • Block the streets before they mudslimes get there to pray to the moon god. You know good old community cooperation. Then everybody BLAST your stereo’s with some good ol Patriotic music at the same time during all prayer hours. Oh yeah, dont forget to bring your bacon, pork chops and pork rinds.

      • Absolutely!

        While doing a year long investigation on NYC mosques, our police liaison A New York City Police Detective – -” D. C.” of the NYPD-INTEL-Terror interdiction unit , was pulled into a meeting with Bloomberg and Kelly. There was a lot of yelling, and the detective was told in no uncertain terms to “Stay the hell away from the Moslms”

        Fox-News New York have an hour interview with the detective in the can.

        We wrote abut the incident several times in our late blog… The Last Crusade”.

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