FEEL GOOD STORY about ‘Gitmo’ Muslim terrorists on a hunger strike


130 Muslim terrorists have been on a “life threatening” hunger strike for the past seven weeks at the detention center in Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo). But who cares? All we want to hear is news of their deaths.

Sadly, reports say they are being kept alive with forced feedings via IV.

Yep, those Muslim terrorists sure have it tough at the Gitmo 3-Star Tropical Resort:

Clean and spacious terrorist accomoodation
Clean and spacious Muslim terrorist accomoodations
Lots of room for personal property
Lots of room for personal property. Window view. State of the art washing facilities.
Daily Group Prayer with free qurans for every Muslim terrorist
Daily Group Prayer 5 times per day with free qurans for every Muslim terrorist
Soccer fields and a variety of sports equipment for the terrorists' recreation hours
Soccer fields and a variety of sports equipment available for the terrorists’ recreation hours


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And let’s not forget, even BEFORE it had been turned into a Club Med resort by Barack Hussein Obama, the terrorists DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE GITMO.

Buried in a blog item by Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff was this bombshell. But the final irony is that many of the detainees may not even want to be transferred to Thomson and could conceivably even raise their own legal roadblocks to allow them to stay at Gitmo.


Falkoff notes that many of his clients, while they clearly want to go home, are at least being held under Geneva Convention conditions in Guantánamo. At Thomson, he notes, the plans call for them to be thrown into the equivalent of a “supermax” security prison under near-lockdown conditions.

“As far as our clients are concerned, it’s probably preferable for them to remain at Guantánamo,” he says.

The strident left-wing critiques of the Guantanamo facility have all centered around the fact that detainees there are horribly mistreated and conditions unbearable. But when push comes to shove, it would seem concerns about Guantanamo are overblown, and the prisoners there know that being held under the Geneva conventions outside the U.S. is much preferable to a maximum security prison in the U.S. Washington Examiner