ATTENTION! MISSOURI BNIers: Join CAIR at Muslim Day at the State Capital so you can ask your representatives about the progress of the anti-sharia bill

3rd Annual Muslim Day at State Capitol, CAIR Needs You To Sign-Up Today.

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If you’ve ever seen the film, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”, about a man who fills a seat in the Senate and doesn’t back down to political corruption then you probably don’t need to hear to 21st Century story of Mr. Syed goes to Washington. Last week Executive Director of CAIR-St. Louis Faizan Syed flew to Washington D.C. for CAIR’s National Convention and Lobby Days. During the convention Executive Directors, Employees, and Board Members of various CAIR chapters across the country come together to discuss current day pressing issues. “When I arrived in D.C. and drove to the hotel the first thing that struck me how diverse the people in CAIR are” said Faizan Syed. “It was amazing, we were as diverse as the American Muslim community, it was as if every ethnicity, background, and age group was presented.” (Good, BNI attendees will fit right in)


After the National Convention on Monday and Tuesday CAIR Chapters went and lobbied over 163 members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, and even visited the Representative of Puerto Rico. We discussed issues ranging from people being randomly placed on the no-fly list and not being able to get off of it, to egregious religious questioning at the border, and even bullying prevention. After the two days of lobbying I realized that as American Muslims we are not doing enough to get involved in Government. Over the years the Muslim community in Missouri have been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to various political candidates but have gained little if anything out of their donations. After the trip and training Faizan said he, “came back to St. Louis realizing that we as a community need a new way to gain influence in the political process that requires a new way of thinking. I think CAIR-St. Louis is going to be a leader in organizing the Muslim community to become more civically engaged.”

Here’s Faizan Syed, Executive Director of Hamas-linked CAIR advocating for sharia law in America: