So, THIS is what the Libyan jihadists do with amputated body parts? (WARNING: Graphic Images)

death-wineHuman Rights activist, Fatima Abo Anniran, head of the International Association for Democracy in Libya and a representative of the Libyan Tribal Social Council, talks about the rumor that dead bodies are being boiled down and used in making wine.  (Gaddafi ran Libya as a secular state, so the drinking of alcohol was not forbidden)

Salem News (h/t HPS) According to Fatima:” This is just a tiny infraction, compared with daily human rights abuses, of both the living and the dead. The entire world had witnessed the desecration of graves, maiming of dead bodies. This is what’s happening from the start of the crisis in Libya.”


“(Since the overthrow of Gaddafi) Libya had been witnessing a humanitarian crisis, a genocide of Libyan youth. Hospitals are crowded with victims of poisoning caused by locally made wine containing toxic materials, with Libyan authorities officially declaring hundreds of cases. We know for sure that they exceeded 1,100 cases, as for deaths, there are more than 100. There are severe kidney failure cases, some of which were sent to Tunisia then returned to Libya, because doctors there could not help.”

Since the start of the ‘Libyan Arab Spring,’ there have been Fatwas allowing the consumption of alcohol and hallucinatory drugs, as well as the raping of women, whom, according to their beliefs are war trophies.