PAKISTAN: Muslim savages strike again

Muslims gun down a teacher in cold blood on her way to work, just missing her young son. Islamofascists don’t believe in education for or by females.

h/t Maurice


9 comments on “PAKISTAN: Muslim savages strike again

  1. Hello, you bunch of gay muzzies that did this. How can you infidel bastards hate women so much that you have to treat them like you do? Allah is going to cut your heads off and shit in your neck. This weekend is Easter, Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, as fucked up as they are. Kick ole allah of your menu, and explore the love of the real God. jb.

  2. BNI did you read the crazy comments listed under the Youtube video? One claimed that Taliban are not Muslims because Muslims are forbidden to kill Muslims. Another said we only have a newsman’s report we saw no proof that she was killed. How in the hell are we going to defeat Islam when we are surrounded by so many stupid people? I have noticed that Wallabies on our property can remember experiences that happened two years ago. I am beginning to believe a large percentage of mammals in the animal kingdom are actually smarter than humans.

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