SWEDEN denies asylum to Iranian Christian converts who will be executed if sent back to Iran

Unknown-1But they have room for an ever-increasing flood of Somali Muslim immigrants, most of whom have no skills, no money, no education, and immediately become a drain on the welfare system, not to mention the cause of soaring rape attacks against Swedish women.

CBN News (h/t Monica J) Christians in Iran face arrest, torture, even death. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Swedish immigration officials. Sweden wants to send Iranian Christian asylum seekers, who left Islam, back to Iran where they will be jailed and likely killed.


Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians. As apostates from Islam, they face grave danger in this country. What’s going on, according to veteran Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, is a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias.

CBN News asked the Swedish Migration Board if it understood the danger faced by Christian converts sent back to Iran. It said it did, making what Sweden is doing to these asylum seekers all the more damning, according to Donner. It appears Sweden has closed its eyes. When a Swedish Migration Board official was told that a family they deported was being tortured, the official said the family should call the police. When Sjoberg explained that they were being tortured by the police, the official hung up.