SWEDEN denies asylum to Iranian Christian converts who will be executed if sent back to Iran

Unknown-1But they have room for an ever-increasing flood of Somali Muslim immigrants, most of whom have no skills, no money, no education, and immediately become a drain on the welfare system, not to mention the cause of soaring rape attacks against Swedish women.

CBN News (h/t Monica J) Christians in Iran face arrest, torture, even death. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Swedish immigration officials. Sweden wants to send Iranian Christian asylum seekers, who left Islam, back to Iran where they will be jailed and likely killed.


Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians. As apostates from Islam, they face grave danger in this country. What’s going on, according to veteran Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, is a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias.

CBN News asked the Swedish Migration Board if it understood the danger faced by Christian converts sent back to Iran. It said it did, making what Sweden is doing to these asylum seekers all the more damning, according to Donner. It appears Sweden has closed its eyes. When a Swedish Migration Board official was told that a family they deported was being tortured, the official said the family should call the police. When Sjoberg explained that they were being tortured by the police, the official hung up.


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  1. It is not a surprising news to get negative respond from immigration department becouse these iranian asylum seekers turned into Christianity only to get the refugee status.They never tuned into Christianity .They are just cheating the church to get the document to apply asylum.Do never believe on muslim people.They change religion and back home they pray and read kuran .They are just the terrorist of the world.

  2. Sweden is a socialist country, run by white socialists, who all hate Christians. This is the very reason our own countries are in so much trouble – they are filled with white socialists who absolutely hate Christians with a passion and who have no problem with having their hand, figuratively, in the killing of Christians, as least for now. Is any nation standing up in the world and crying out for the stopping of Christian persecution and slaughter? Not that I know of any.

  3. This somewhat reminds me of POTUS Roosevelt sending a boatload of Jewish refugees back to Nazi Europe during the Holocaust. Same amoral cowardice.

      • I wonder the same thing almost every day. I’m still waiting for the day when I’ll be arrested for inciting hatred against pisslam (or something similar). Sometimes you have to be ready to die for what you believe in. I’m not going quietly into that good night.

  4. Funnily enough, I had an Iranian scuzzlum telling me, just last week, how Iran treats its Christian population better than muslimes. He also told me music isn’t haram in Islam, that such a concept is nothing but a zionist lie. He did seem to think that Assminijihad might have a bit of trouble w/the islamic authorities there for hugging Chavez’s monther at his funeral. There’s noting quite like taking a friendly interest in islam in order to hear their delusional lies.

  5. Ms. BNI, is there anything we can do to help these Iranian Christians? Should we write to the Swedish Embassy here in the USA? Is there anything you can do to help them? Also, do you know whatever happened to Imran Firasat, the Pakistani Christian who was going to be deported from Spain back to Pakistan? I wrote to the Spanish Embassy pleading with them not to deport him. Do you know what happened? Thanks a lot.


    • Dave, you should contact CBN news at the link listed. They might know how to help. As for Firasat, I learned some things about him that made me decide to stop communicating with him. He isn’t what he appeared to be.

        • @BNI

          I found it and have been reading it. I found the statement by someone who knew him, in Spain, “that he talked about going to Pakistan to find husbands for his daughters” quite interesting.

          I think besides being a criminal and habitual liar he’s still a mohammadan despite his “movie.”

          I recall watching the beginning of it and something he said didn’t sit right with me. I can’t remember what it was, but at that moment, I lost interest in his “cause.” It was kind of one of those “spider sense” moments most of us women get from “creepy guys.” Nice to see that my “spider sense” was yet again right.

          Now I feel like an idiot for feeling guilty for losing interest and thinking “other people will help him out.”

        • IC, we were all fooled. I’m glad I found out when I did because he had asked me to be a co-sponsor of his next movie. I was considering it until then.

          The possibility that he is still a muz gave me the creeps. He kept asking me to put a Donation button up for him on my blog which I declined to do. I told him he could put a Paypal button on his own blog. He asked me about 5 times for that.

          I should have smelled a rat, but his story did seem compelling.

      • I remember once meeting a woman attorney who I got the feeling was playing both sides against the middle WRT pisslam. She was some sort of interfaith a-hole who said one thing to my ACT for America chapter while saying something else to the various islamofascist front groups she shilled for.

  6. At this point I am cheering for the Islamization of Sweden. They’re a country full of appeasing cowards. What a disgrace. I have hope that the people will wake up at the last minute, but it only seems like they have a small minority of brave souls willing to take a stand.

    • But Cameron is lefter than left. Don’t you know Cameron has said the Brits have to integrate with the Muz and not the other way around? It is Cameron who devised a devlish plan to circumvent the British marital laws by allowing Muz men to being in multiple wives naming them single mothers all in their own home with child benefit.

  7. Story in the Daily mail online that leftist monkey PM slams david camerons latest speeches on getting tougher on imagrants. He on the other hand has no problem sending christians to the lions in iran these people have no shame.

  8. What is the explanation? Why doesn’t someone tell us why the governments (European, American, legislators, judges, regulatory officials, police agencies, etc.) are practically PROMOTING Muslim immigration and Muslim extremism? Enough of just reporting the atrocities. Explain it. Analyze it. Are they being paid? Why are our supposed leaders supporting this? Are they just not seeing it?

    • George, it is the last days and Satan is doing this…
      Revelation 12:12, Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”

      • I know that. I don’t understand what the reasoning of people like David Cameron is. They are adamant about being sensitive to the feelings and opinions of Muslims but have no objection to abuses openly and defiantly committed by extremist Muslims against Christians and others. It’s like selective perception of reality. I know they are not stupid. They are either unconsciously blind or consciously lying. Very few people in any government in the world are facing the facts and calling a spade a spade, except the Muslims who say they intend to destroy Western culture.

    • An awful lot Christians especially asking the same question. It seems like there is a nice orderly takeover-handover of soverignty taking place and we are being slowly bled to death from our soft underbelly parts a la halal.

  9. Sweden this is a disgrace. I am disgusted with your behaviour. Never ever reject persons that converted away from Islam to another ‘Belief System’ that protects and preserves ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and defends ‘True Democracy’ free of dictatorship. Always say no to immigrants that support ‘Anti-Freedom and Totalitarian beliefs like evil Islam. I am first born Australian, descendent of Denmark and my name is Swedish spelt far back orgin. So I say absolutely to Australia, Denmark and Sweden lift your game and reject all Muslim immigrants. It is well known that all ‘True Muslims’ are ‘Jihad Muslims’ they immigrate as instructed by Muhammad to destroy ‘Freedom’ and to take control of all ‘Non-Muslim’ lands this is a standard ‘Immigration Jihad Policy’ created by Pedophile Muhammad. No Muslim is allowed to immigrate to infidel lands if they are not committed to the mission of forceful ‘Islamization of the Land.’ Therefore every Western Government that accepts Muslims as residents is in fact betraying their people and accordingly is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against their country. As for Sweden’s stupidity in rejecting these Iranian Christians I ask Sweden in the name of decency do not send them back to evil Iran; do send them instead to Australia. We need good ‘free spirited’ people including Christians,Jews and Buddhists to help build a wholesome Nation.

  10. Stupid dhimmi nation. Sweden has been throwing out Christian refugees for years. Pat Condell has vented his disgust over this.
    I don’t know what has happened to them.
    Maybe they are desperate for Sharia?

  11. Christians and non Muslims from the Muslim world are the ONLY bonifide refugees in today’s world. Looks like the less liberal and more discerning folk will have to grab the banner of freedom again. Sooner or later that might not be an option.

  12. Democrat president during WWII did the same thing…FDR sent 3000 jews back to Adolf Hitler, most of the jewish were children… Adolf Hitler exterminated the 3000 jewish FDR sent back to Nazi Germany…

    • That must have been done before 1941/12/07, before the USA and the Nazis were at war with each other… [Until then, the USA was officially neutral and keeping its distance from the war, which had started on 1939/09/01.]

      • In Europe, it did.

        In Asia-Pacific, the war had been running more than two years (Japan and China at war) when Hitler invaded Poland.

        *Strange, but (possibly?) True: Japan’s diplomats were under standing orders to grant Jews Japanese passports to leave Germany and other Nazi held areas in the early days of the war* <—– I'll have to check on that.

        I know, off topic, but still….

  13. Certainly there are radical Islamists among the Immigration and Refugee hearing adjudicators, just as there are in most countries hearing similar cases. It is a lottery for this reason in addition to the reasons cited by the lawyer, that court-appointed representatives are ignorant of the facts and how hard it is to prepare a complete dossier that contains all necessary documents. Still, there should be some right of appeal in Sweden’s system; it is sophisticated enough for that. What should be done is an underground railway-type of mechanism to protect Christians from deportation pending appeals, some way to move them to another country or hide them in the homes of Swedish Christians. I bet there already is something like this and in the end, hopefully, the treasonous interests of those extremists who have infiltrated the Immigration and Refugee system in Sweden and other countries in the west whose values are under attack will be exposed and deposed. I don’t buy the argument that no one believes anyone would convert to Christianity — all you need to do is read the news. It’s common. And these adjudicators are appointed for political reasons, so look to the leaders in Sweden and vote them out!!

  14. European and British ruling elites HATE Christians and Jews. Western elites HATE God, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. Western elites worship the same god as Muslims. Elites call their god a different name, but same god, different name. That is why they send Christians back to their Muslim countries. Western leaders WANT Christians to experience terrible suffering at the hands of Muslims.

  15. So where is the European Court of Human Rights in all of this. They defend a ‘very dangerous person’, Abu Qatada, from deportation for fear of torture, yet they allow law abiding converts, to return to an uncertain future of imprisonment, torture and death.
    One can only assume that muslims ‘hold the power’ in these organisations that decide on the fate of people.

    • Not winters but Karl Marx; particularly because Sweden’s governments have been following the Communistic model for a number of DECADES now. [It’s something that has been in place from not later than the 1950s and likely earlier, the 1930s perhaps…]

      DEATH TO ISLAM and all totalitarianism, now, forever and unto ages of ages, Amen!!!!!

      [For a list of Moslem names, see http://1389blog.com/pix/2012-08-03-Moslem_names.pdf%5D

  16. Give it ten years and Sweden will reap what it is sowing.

    Maybe divine retribution. Remember they supplied Hitler with the bulk of Germany’s iron ore during WW2.

  17. It is a double edged sword for everyone. A true muzzie jihadist would claim to be a Christian IF they were seeking asylum into a country to cause havoc! It may sound heartless on my part but we have been burned by outsiders and insiders alike! That’s why I’m all for profiling to protect us. Are there Iranians that are Christian…absolutely, but it is only a matter of time before the only country in the Middle East that will tolerate all religion will be Israel.

    • No mussie claim they are christians to claim asylum. …why should they ? They are
      welcomed in anyway or they have arab funded “human rights activists” to jump to their support.

      You are too daft to get this.

  18. SWEDEN DENIES ASYLUM TO IRANIAN CHRISTIAN CONVERTS.. and the US give MILLIONS to the Egyptians. That US government has ignored the burning of Christian churches, the murder of Christians and the thousands of Christians who have had to flee the country.

    Maybe you can figure it..I can’t.

    • I can see what’s happening is streight out of bible prophecy and that the USA has changed from a righteous nation to a wicked one. It will continue to empower Islam world-wide.

      • You’re absolutely right Ron. bbf ponders what’s going on. Here in the US, our usurper “president” IS muslim and HATES America. He was bred for this purpose, to give our nation away and hand it to islam. I was shown something by the Spirit, the day after the election (while I was in bed, crying bitterly). I am NOT a citizen of any country, but, rather, a subject of the Kingdom of Heaven! All of this is bread and circuses. Satan is using all of this hurt, anger, righteous indignation against us to keep our focus on what’s REALLY important. Salvation for the lost. We can’t be good servants, and further the Kingdom, and help the lost, when we’re gearing up for civil war…which millions of Americans are doing right now, unfortunately. We are living in the latter days, the end times. We WILL be affected by this. It’s how we, as Christians, react to this that is of utmost importance. My facebook page looks like a war zone. People posting more and more of what’s going on, no longer behind our backs, but in our faces. I found myself reposting quite a bit of it. Then I realized that I was being FEARFUL and others were picking up on it! I have not been given the SPIRIT of fear, and I will never again, pass that fear on to a seeker. The way we deal with this is being watched. When the lost, who are scared to death seeing pictures of the coffins and the fema camps and the playgrounds surrounded by razor wire see a CHRISTIAN responding to the same, with tolerance and understanding, with a “bring it on” attitude, they see HOPE! I frequently get asked why, although I always post a prayer for…tragedy d’jour…do I get excited…I can say, because we’re just that much closer to GLORY! We have to be salt and light. To be the beacon in the darkness and man…it’s getting reallly dark. Remember who you are! This has NOTHING to do with us whatsoever. Let the reprobates go ahead and out-scumbag each other…we have work to do! SOON we will hear those most precious seven words…”Well done, thou good and faithful servant”!!!

  19. Makes one wonder if the powers that be (in this case Swedish immigration authorities) have secretly converted to mo’s mad cult.

    I can’t imagine the lives of one’s own children are worth all the saudi money in the world. Unless, of course, the powers that be are so bloody obtuse that they don’t realize that this massive mohammadan immigration *will* adversely affect the lives of their progeny.

  20. come on Sweden wake the frak up. for such an open society. you have disgraced your ancestors and your Christian background. SHAME SHAME SHAME

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