BOSTON UNIVERSITY’s ‘Be a Muslim for a Day’ – Wear a headbag and fill you head with lies about Islam

1552_non-muslimWhy didn’t they let these college Muslimas-for-a-Day experience the real Islam – Female Genital Mutilation, Wife Beating, Flogging, Stoning? How about a little ‘Honor’ Punishment for shaming your family by not wearing your headbag out of the house? Does wearing a bag on your head let you feel what it’s like to have your testimony in a court of law considered half the value of a man’s?

hijab-poster-e1364597482707  Sonia Perez Arias’ friend giggled when he saw her and total strangers greeted her on Commonwealth Avenue with the word “Salaam.” Anya Gonzales gained what she calls “a new-found respect” for Islam. For Richa Kaul, an initial sense of fear gave way to understanding and confidence.

Perez Arias (CAS’15), Gonzales (COM’15), Kaul (CAS’16) were among 40 non-Muslim women at BU who volunteered to spend a day wearing headbags as part of the BU Hijab Day Challenge, one of several events sponsored by the Islamic Society of BU as part of March’s Islam Awareness Month.


BU students often cover their heads, with such things as Terrier watch caps, Red Sox baseball caps, and faith-based skullcaps. But there is something about hijab, the headscarf worn by Muslim women when they are out in public, that can stir emotion, prejudice, and consternation. Wearing hijab—Arabic for “to cover”—is restricted in schools in some countries, like France, and in Turkey it is prohibited in public schools, universities, and government buildings.

Sarah Dolaty (CAS’14) (seated, from left) and Asma Bashir (CAS’14) with Cherice Hunt (COM’14) (standing) at the GSU Link for the BU Hijab Day Challenge, part of Islam Awareness Month

Sarah Dolaty (CAS’14) (seated, from left) and Asma Bashir (CAS’14) with Cherice Hunt (COM’14) (standing) at the GSU Link for the BU Hijab Day Challenge, part of Islam Awareness Month

Here on campus, women in hijab are a familiar sight. Sakina Hassanali (COM’14), president of the Islamic Society, said her headscarf draws notice, but rarely in a negative way. “It’s mostly the assumptions people make,” she said. “For example, people assume I speak Arabic.” In fact, Hassanali is from Tanzania, where the main languages are English and Swahili.

So when a group of Islamic students invited classmates to don headscarves on March 22 as part of an awareness-raising all-day hijab challenge, they were ready to hear some compelling tales.

Sonia Perez Arias (CAS’15) wore her headscarf all day for the BU Hijab Day Challenge.

Sonia Perez Arias (CAS’15) wore her headscarf all day for the BU Hijab Day Challenge.

They were not disappointed. Like all of the other activities planned for Islam Awareness Month, the hijab challenge emphasized a theme of “common ground” and aimed to “dispel some of the stereotypes and misconceptions attached to Islam,” Hassanali said, “and answer some of the questions people have about the religion.”

The women, who signed up at their dorms or at the George Sherman Union Link, were given links to instructional videos and pink buttons that read “BU Hijab Day Challenge—Ask Me About My Hijab.” Hassanali said that while some of the women “got negative comments from friends and colleagues, most of them got positive feedback.”

Sana Hashimani (ENG’15) arranges lit-up paper bags to read “Coexist” during Light the Night.

Sana Hashimani (ENG’15) arranges lit-up paper bags to read “Coexist” during Light the Night.

The experience was a positive one for Perez Arias. “I like to do things that challenge me,” she said. She wore a printed headscarf throughout the day and found that BU was the accepting community she had assumed it to be, despite some initial good-natured laughter by a friend who couldn’t fathom why she’d agreed to participate. What did surprise her was the succession of greetings from strangers along Comm Ave. “Muslim people were greeting me in Arabic,” said Perez Arias, who describes herself as an atheist. “I didn’t know how to respond.” The experience provided a fascinating opportunity to observe “how others put you into groups,” she said.


“I applaud Boston University students who willingly took up the challenge of the Hijab Day and decided to experience the subjective rewards that may come with their personal choice or the hazard of becoming the object of hostile public gaze,” said Shahla Haeri, a College of Arts & Sciences associate professor of anthropology, who has written extensively on religion, law, and gender dynamics in the Muslim world. Haeri stressed that choice is key — both to wear headscarf, or choose not to in countries where Muslims are the majority.

Under that Niqab is probably a Muslim man who is going to rob your store

That’s right, under that Niqab is probably a Muslim man who is going to rob your store

Throughout March, the Islamic Society has sponsored a series of events, including Petals from the Prophet, the sharing of flowers on Marsh Plaza, an evening of prayer on the plaza, a #WhatisIslam? discussion at the Howard Thurman Center, and a Light the Night event on Marsh Plaza. The monthlong observation concludes Sunday with a free open invitation spring dinner at the GSU Metcalf Ballroom.

“The turnout has been great,” says Hassanali, recalling that at the Petals for the Prophet event, “even though we were the ones giving out the flowers, one guy actually came up to give us flowers. It really warmed our hearts. It just goes to show you the kind of community we have at BU.”

Islamic Awareness at Boston University



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  1. The whole point of the Hijab is to completely cover the female body. If one part of the body is left exposed and a man sees it he might get the uncontrollable urge to have sex. In that case it would be the womans fault. If the woman is raped it is her fault. To prove otherwise she needs witnesses. But only male witness is allowed. hehehe Yeah, enjoy your new religion

    • Chuck, Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought it was something like FIVE witnesses (all male)?

      Or have I been missinformed??

  2. Natalie, NO ONE “deserves” that. They are, literally, ignorant…meaning…”they do NOT know.”
    Someone needs to show them a few video(s); come on here and then read for about two days; and they will understand the jeopardy they, not only place themselves in, but an entire community.

    • Wearing hijab is not an act of ignorance or enslavement–it is an act of modesty. Further, it can actually be seen as an act of liberation. I say this because it allows a woman to remove herself from the state of being a sex object in the eyes of the people around her. It means she does not need to judge herself based on how others judge her: by her hair and her make-up and how tight her clothes are and her body and how pretty she looks. Some people truly enjoy being a hot commodity, but other people would rather be judged by different traits, such as their personality or their hearts. Of course, one does not need to wear hijab in order to be modest. There are many non-Muslim women who dress modestly every day. By wearing hijab though one is not only being modest, but allowing themselves to be identified as part of a community. And I beg you to find any of these Muslim women and simply ask them about their religion, rather than going off the stereotypes. There are many misconceptions that we would all be happy to clear up. Additionally, please feel free to ask me any questions about my religion. My one stipulation is that in an effort to have mature discussion, do not resort to insults and accusations. Thank you.

  3. Islam is poison and we are stupid. Keep drinkin’ that purple Kool-Aid stupid little girlies. You’ll need a burqua to cover up all those cuts, bruises and broken bones.

  4. Oh, total f’ing barf. If I went back to college, I’d get in a fistfight every day. This is so totally wrong on all levels. Less than 2% of the population and they have the entire country playing wannabe Muslim. What the hell is wrong with these people?! I can’t stand it. I’m going to buy a bottle of whiskey and drown myself.

  5. Some questions: 1. Somene has already asked one, i.e. would they allow other religions the similar priviledge in Muslim countries?
    2. Quran has no mention of dress code for either sex, or age in Islam. This is a later introduction, I am told.
    3. There ccan be always reasons both for and against. I recently read in a blog that a Muslim high powered cleric, close to king was walking on road with his wife and happened to see some young beautiful lady who was fully covered from head to toe except her blue eyes like Hina Rabbani Khar. That fellow got so excited by her eyes, so he acosted her on the spot to cover her eyes because he couldn’t control his John going wild. He went and even complained to King and a notice was circulated to cover even their eyes. How more protective can a religion be?
    4. Regarding idolatry, once I came across a post dominated by the benevolents. One muslim boy, must have been either an apostate or a false shot, was asking rudely that Muslims lick the Black stone on Kaaba, is it Hajje Aswad they call it and some of them even leave their some spit on it whick is licked by the next benevolent in the similar exercise. What a funny practice? He also said that Kaaba was a Shiva Temple earlier, which was forcibly converted into Mosque. That black stone as Shiva Lingam was preserved but they Islamised it for consumption of the (wise). Licking is good…
    5. All the rituals they practice during Hajj in the Al-Mosque Al-Haram, is it what they call it, like Tawaf (circumambulation), bowing down on ground, Tawaf around Maqam Ibrahim, which is another iconic symbol they worship and circumambulate and bow down.
    6. They take some water from the well – Zamzam in the Mosque Al Haram, which equates to the Holy Water Hindus take known as “Charanaamrit” in the temple at the end of daily woorship.
    7. Let us talk about the Kaaba, which is being worshipped during Hajj and Umraa. Two points: One that it is a high cubicle which is nothing but a sign of idol. It is an empty building with one door, covered with a beautiful cloth strewn around it all around. I think it called Kiswah, if I am right. Now we are worshipping an icon nontheless, not one but three on the spot inside the Al-Masjid Al-Haram leaving the Zamzam aside. Then throwing the stones on a presumptive ghost, isn’t it funny. I have raised these questions often, some get angry, others keep quite, but no logical answer. Even if one is worshipping a wall, it confirms to idolatry. Any object visible to steady your eyes upon to concentrate for worship is equivalent to an “Idol”.

    More later.

  6. They’re trying to normalize islamofascist values. It’s interesting what they don’t say (i.e. that women in some muslime states have no choice but to wear head bags, specifically Iranistan and Soddy Barbaria, but I’m certain there are others).

  7. What is it with western women wanting to try out being muslims. Are they brain dead or is it somehow trendy, Like having a Lesbian experiance?

    • Yes, they are brain dead. They have taken it upon themselves to right all the imaginary wrongs Western Civilization has put upon the poor, downtrodden professional victims of the world. And, if they can get one of their own to support, they have a politically correct accoutrement to tote around like a handbag. I mean, you know, professional victims DO have to protect each other from the bad white man.

      • I am a western woman, used-to-be-Christian, Muslim convert. There are clearly a lot of misconceptions about what Islam is. I ask that you do not rely on the stereotypes that are rampant in society and instead ask a Muslim about their religion, or better yet: read part of the Quran and see what it actually teaches. It does NOT teach female mutilation, honor killings, etc. These are atrocities started by bad people–NOT by the religion (indeed, worse things have happened in the name of Christianity all throughout history…). Islam teaches the worship of one single God, one without partners in worship. Islam teaches love and respect between people. Islam teaches of the values of modesty and RESPECTING women. Please if you do not wish to read the Quran for yourself, feel free to ask me questions about my religion, and I will gladly help you understand what Islam really is. I would love to have a mature discussion, though, so PLEASE no insults.

        • Jordana, there is nothing to talk about. We know what Islam is, we have read your quran and hadith, we have seen what you do to women, children and non-Muslims and we don’t like it or respect it. In fact we are sick to death of Muslim apologists trying to sell us your well-rehearsed propaganda.
          Take your Islamocrap to the left wing blogs and stay out of here.

          It’s bad enough being born a Muslim, but you chose to become one. You are pond scum.

  8. Allah is evil
    Pray 5 times because lazy working
    Jesus is good and Muhammad is bad
    Hijab make woman ugly like ghost to prevent harass
    Jihad is fight and kill infidel

    • (Allah) God is not Evil … Allah is the creator of this earth and us humans
      We pray 5 times so that we are constantly reminded to be thankful and why we are here.. because it is easy to forget throughout the day
      Jesus is good Muhammad is good too! They are both prophets of God!!!
      Hijab wear is to keep modest and not flaunt our beauty
      Jihad fights for freedom just like the US army

  9. Those idiot women should be forced to go live in a muslum country. Expatriated. Being really stupid should have consequences.

  10. I was asked at a Diversity training day in the UK if I were to command my wife to wear a burkha would she. When I replied that I do not dictate to my wife what wears the Muslims in the group were gobsmacked that my wife has a brain and can decide what she wants to wear not I. When I suggested that if they wanted my wife to wear a burkha then why doesn’t a Muslim woman wear western cloths because we live in a free world. I was called a bigot and narrow-minded making this suggestion. This Diversity training was implemented in the UK to see how we can integrate with Muslims not the other way around. The UK will be unrecognisable in 50 years time. prof Andrew michael

  11. How about an atheism awareness day? All muslims remove their head coverings and show their arms.
    No praying!
    How about a Jewish awareness day, Buddhist awareness day?
    Emancipation awareness day?

  12. MJ, Are we supposed to feel sorry for those brain dead. They only got what they deserve. They did not like Dictators in Tunisia,Lybia,Egypt, they got MB.
    Or may be this video is for the Idiots in the West who will welcome them as asylium seekers. We need more taxi drivers or welfare recipients.

  13. Hi Bonni,
    I sent this email to:
    re: BU hijab day challenge
    Fri. March 29, 2013, 11:19pm
    I think issuing the ‘BU hijab day challange’ is an excellent idea but I would suggest if you want these women to
    experience being a muslim woman you introduce them to the real islam.
    Female Genital Mutilation, Wife Beating, Flogging, Stoning? How about a little ‘Honor’ Punishment for shaming your family by not wearing your hijab out of the house, or maybe being raped by your husband, how about a little gang rape before they actually are accepted into the muslim faith & get married.
    islam has so many rewarding experiences for American women I can’t wait to hear about the benefits from the women themselves.
    Cheers & Have A Nice Day

    From the article, Sonia Perez Arias, future victim of gang rape at the hands of The Religon of Peace.
    If I get a responce I’ll send you a copy.
    Laughing at islam.

      • Bonnie, you are correct. Lack of exposure to sun causes deficiency of Vit D. The normal Vit D that we consume need sunray to transform into its active principle of Vit D3. This conversion takes place under the skin when it is exposed to sunrays. Best is morning or evening times when the ultraviolet rays are enough. After it is converted under skin, it is transported via blood circulation to all over body. Briefly this is what sun exposure does. Your guess was correct.

  14. We need courageous girls to put on the hijab and then go blacken their eyes and wear signs that quote the Qur’an about beating women… or with pictures of FGM pinned to the outside of the crotch area with a sign that reads: What is FGM? etc…

    • WC, they aren’t stupid, their Marxist teachers are poisoning them with political correctness and the idea that the US, whites, and Christians are responsible for most of the world’s ills.

    • BEGINNING TO BELIEVE? College is filled with coddled and naive, liberals, that have never worked a day in their lives. Have no practical experience, and are being taught by socialist traitors, what would you expect?

  15. What a bunch of dumbasses. I see colleges are still in the business of filling skulls of mush with useless higher learning.

  16. My sister told me there’s some tv show like CSI that has a female hamas agent working for the US gov who is the good guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. How about this challenge in the name of “understanding” muslim BU hypocrites?
    YOU wear the Jewish Star of David, loud and proud, around your necks then, read the Old and New Testament in the name of peace and understanding, of course….

    To you, the so called people of the “religion of peace”, you are on the world’s last nerve. You are a cancer, a parasite rotting out the host. When you kill the host, “us”, the parasite, “you” die too?
    Know this, that all you’ve contributed to the world has been oppression, misery, suffering, fear, paranoia, hatred and your head bags and burqas represent ALL that is wrong with this hideous new world YOU have created!!!

  18. If you really want to get the flavor of what it is to be a Muslim, go to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Why don’t these people actually arrange trips to countries where strict fundamentalist Islam is actually practiced? Then they will know first hand what it is to be a true Muslim.

    Be a Muslim for a day! How stupid!

    • You don’t have to go to the bowels of hell in S.A. to get a “feel” for what’s its like to be a medieval deserter. Just trotter down to your local barracks at dusk as your everyday self and see what happens. When you lot have finished your hijab edumakatiion don’t be surprised if you look back in regret at your burka and hijab days. Bon voyage!

  19. United States Bill of Rights , Islamic bill of rights for women , no brainier but what the hell do I know am not uni educated

  20. Ok … so when’s Christian, Judeaism, Buddhism or Hinduism Awarness Day? Is there a Christian Awarness month? And, where’s the ACLU again, on this “separation of church and state”? Or is it b/c its a mosque there’s no need to complain?

  21. So Bonnie…Do you think they’ll have a christian awareness day?? You know the sort where muslim women can dress like Western women without the bags etc?? Of course NOT…it’s a one way trip as always…You take up their ways and that’s all hunky dory but do it the other way round?? Blasphemy……
    It’s so pathetic that these people let themselves be used as a propaganda tool to further a so called religious ideology that hates everything they stand for….

  22. I just threw up! Damn school in Alabama won’t let the teachers or kids say EASTER…but this is “taught” in the university? What the hell is wrong with those people?

    • Easter is derived from the name of the Moon Goddess and was incorporated into the Christian religion by the mother of Emperor Constantine of Rome.

    • I would also. I would cut her money off so fast it would make her head spin. And if she did not throw that crap on her head away she would never set foot in my house again.

  23. Every time I see someone wearing a Hijab, I immediately think GLAMOUR DON’T! These women must look in the mirror occasionally and see the UGLY reflection starring back at them. Brain dead useful idiots, they think it is nothing more than playing dress-up for a day, clueless dolts.

  24. What students at Boston University NEED to be aware of is the brutal, hateful, racist, misogynist, piratical, pedophilic, enslaving history of Mohammedanism right from its start to today.

    Wear what you want, but understand that every choice has consequences.

    • Professors read everything in “black and white” and IF they have the wrong books… they still believe AND teach what is in the book.

      I have NO faith or trust in academia at all. I went back to school to get my Masters in Counseling; and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen such Idiots who actually have PhD(s) in my life! Those people BELIEVE if it is written in their text books, it is all true.

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