Israeli filmmaker beaten unconscious by Arab Muslim savages at French film festival

Yariv+Horowitz+Award+Ceremony+theIndependent+_pQSKFwkkwPlYariv Horowitz has reportedly been beaten by a group of Arab Muslims, causing him to lose consciousness just before his film, ‘Rock the Casbah,’ won the jury’s special prize for Best Film at the Aubagne Film Festival. He was subsequently treated and released. Authorities are speculating that the attack was racially motivated. (What race is Islam?)

The Commentator  (h/t MariaJ) Horowitz, who represents Israel, was attacked immediately after the screening of the film by a group of Arab youths.

After the violent incident, Horowitz’s film won the Special Prize of the Jury for Best Picture. Israeli singer and musician Assaf Amdursky also received an award for a movie he wrote music.

‘Rock the Casbah’ takes place in 1989, at the height of the First Intifada in Gaza. An IDF unit is attacked by local Arabs, and one of the soldiers is killed when an Arab throws a washing machine on him from the roof of a building. The soldiers are then stationed on the same roof and come into contact with the family of the murderer. The film describes the soldiers’ stint and the difficulties and dilemmas they face.



11 comments on “Israeli filmmaker beaten unconscious by Arab Muslim savages at French film festival

  1. That video screams of fakestinian sympathy — and he got beaten up by the Muslims anyway. When will these tools realise that all the appeasement in the world won’t save them?

    • So the movie maker is an islamofascist apologist? And he’s Jewish? And he’s an Israeli? Does he live in a cave in Israel? Maybe he’s had his epiphany about how far appeasement takes you w/islamofascist savages, but I doubt it.

  2. Beat them if you can’t join them?

    Jews are often in the winners’ circle at awards of all kinds. Arabs seldom receive prestigious awards, despite their much stronger numbers. Half of Arabs are illiterate. No Jew is illiterate. Islam is a culture than promotes and encourages backwardness and boneheadedness. Who needs it?

    A story revealing Arab rage is shown causing Arabs to go into a rage! Rage is encouraged by Islamic doctrine as a motivator for jihad. Jihad is evil.

  3. After watching the video clip, I would say the movie looks sympathic to muslims, and of course anti war. I must agree with the anti war message, I say just nuke em! muzzies are not worth any Jewish blood being split. This ivdeo pretty much shows Israeli soldiers being over agressive with the muzzie enemy. Which by the way is alot different than what we see on real life youtube videos. Youtube videos show Israeli soldiers putting up with screaming kids and toothless old hags in their faces. Maybe this film maker will see the enemy different now! And make films reflecting the true face of islam.

    • I saw at the end of the video where it wrote “there are 2 sides to every conflict”. BULLSHIT! I too say it’s sympathetic to the savages. No pity here for the filmmaker. I’m sure he’ll soon be apologing. I say Nuke’em.

  4. Muslims will go to extreme lengths to get at Jews because they humiliated their Arab masters. They couldn’t give a toss about Myanmar Muslims since they have nothing to do with their beloved Arab owners.

  5. ‘Les jeunes’ again ?….is there any bad thing in which those ‘youths’ aren’t involved?

    Even if the justification is ‘racial hatred’ this should be sufficient to give normal people a clue about islam’s vicious true nature.

    • @ bacon the ultimate demon slayer:

      “give normal [civilized] people a clue about islam’s vicious true nature.”

      I want to hear from the left: the ‘socialists’, communists, trotkyists, leninists, marxists, engelists, maoists, castroists (castrati?), Ivan Donald Drury, Ali Yerevani…

      They have some way to whitewash this sinislam.

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