Muslim calls ‘NY1,’ a NYC TV News station to say, “We believe all homosexuals should be beheaded”

And if you don’t agree with him, you are a Muslim-hater and an Islamophobe!

H/T Maria J

For you ‘unbelievers’ who consider this call a prank, look at these:
























27 comments on “Muslim calls ‘NY1,’ a NYC TV News station to say, “We believe all homosexuals should be beheaded”

  1. Funny if an islamophobe calls the same muslim a homophobe.
    me thinks there should be a big backlash from the LGBT community.

  2. Jesus came to SAVE the WORLD NOT to CONDEMN it TRUE CHRISTIANS know we are fighting a spiritual battle not a fleshly battle. Wake up by killing the flesh you do not kill the evil spirit it moves to another vessel. OPEN YOUR EYES

  3. Muslims do not regard a man as homosexual who penetrates another man. They only view those as gay who let the other guy do them. So they can rape young boys and still think of themselves as heterosexual men. That’s what the journalist should have told “Chris” (strange name for a muslim convert). But she does not even know what sharia means. Of course not. That knowledge sure would endanger the politically correct dream world.

  4. And, oh, Chris, you do have gay friends AND relatives AND possibly immediate family members AND coworkers AND you do associate with them, you just don’t know it. But, then, you’re gay so you’re in good company.

  5. Chris, you’re obviously gay. And, yes, I’m against Islam. And, yes SA is strange. And, typically, they hang them. Oh, if only I could get you in an empty room for five minutes. Problem for you is, probably at least half the men in all Islamic countries would have to be executed, especially, SA. And, oh, the empty room thing would be your first and last karate lesson and it would be a good one.

  6. What is wrong with people. She should have said that she is against Islam and does condemn any eligion that would kill another human being for being gay, is he god?
    Do all muslims think they are god? They must if they think they have the human right to murder people for their supposed gayness.
    That is why these people are a danger to our American way of life and I also think it’s why Obama is allowing them here by the truck load. These are backward, inbred,
    evil and twisted thinking humanoides.
    But great, how about our Pontiff go around kissing and washing all their feet, how about wash their asses too while they have their butts facing the Lord and their heads facing the devil.
    What more does the zombified populous of our nation need to see or hear more of about Islam to realize this is an all out religious war to wipe Jews and Christians off the map, two religions that believe in tolerance and love thy neighbor as thyself.

  7. One of the largest gay lesbian and transgender organization is made up of “deviant” Muslim in San Francisco and is called ‘Al-Fatiha’. According to official govt report of Saudi Arabia released data indicating 40-45 percent of population in capital Riyadh is Gay. It is a known fact that homosexuality is rampant among Taliban fighters and other Jihaadi groups who relish sodomizing their captured prisoners even Gadaffi got the same treatment. Maybe some thing to do with a verse in Koran which promises young pre- pubescent boys who never age Koran 76:19, 56:17, 52:24.

  8. All anti-jihadis can call up such shows claiming to e muslims and rail and rant about how under sharia as per quoran the infidels , gays will be treated ..this is best wake up call.

    And nobody can blame you as an islamophobe…..just use a use and throw
    phone number or claim it was stolen if anyone takes the trouble to trace you.

  9. Hey GLAAD did you see or hear that? Cmon how many more open public annkuncements like this are going to make you open your eyes and ears up??? I thought GLAAD was all about stopping the media from discriminating against the gay & lesbian community…. I should send this video clip to GLAADs website and ask rhem what are they going to do about it. Silence is my guess.

  10. And the same Democrats who claim to be champions of gay rights support the Muslim fascist who advocates killing gays.


    Mozzies want you dead. Why are any of you defending Islam?

    Are Moslems victims? Or are GLTs in Moz countries the real victims?

    Who are GLTs’ biggest enemies if not traditional Mozzies?

  12. Though I neither condemn nor condone the “gay” lifestyle, I hope this caller gets gang-raped!.
    This IS America, get over it or leave it!

  13. A true Muslim cannot ever resist being ass “holy”! But then again Muslims like the bacha bazi (little boys) and bang their little, uh, well you know…!

  14. says he is an american too ! no muslim repeat no muslim is a Real American is not possible when the rules of the koran come first , their loyalty is counterfeit

  15. chris ole boy, you are as misguided as Hogan’s goat. You belong to a cult that sexually abuses young men and boys. mohammed’s had his choice of boy butt has he not?? I could be mistaken, but than so are you.

  16. Except for the little boys we use and abuse…uh…er…until they grow up…and…THEN we behead them!

  17. he should have added “we rape children and beat and stone women” that women should be careful that fool just might have her beheaded.

  18. Me thinks , he is not very good Muslim yet., or must be one of those moderate
    muslim variety, waiting to do work place violence.

    If he was really good muslim he would have said” You are a muslim hater and islamophobe and Inshallah I’ll KEEL YOu infidel…..Allah oo akbar”

  19. Thank you Chris. You have no idea how these few words uttered from your mouth have helped increase the number of ‘islamophobes’.

    • Next question SK, how do we get this in the faces of the supporters of sinislam — the leftists and their islamist love-children.

      I’m sure they will say: It’s a hoax. It’s dubbed over. Mossad/the CIA/the FBI/the Jews did it. He’s only one hothead, he doesn’t represent the majority…

      If we had a collation or database of all such recordings, say several hundreds, could the ACLU or the SPLC be forced to investigate or lose their ‘credibility’?

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