ATHEISTS: Unlikely allies in the war against Islam

Screen-Shot-2013-03-10-at-9.54.18-PM1-300x175Why is it a surprise that atheists are vehemently anti-Islam now? Because the vast majority of atheists are also leftists, and leftists are among the most ardent Islamofascist apologists and sympathizers. Apparently, the far leftists at Salon are spitting mad as they expose this new category of “ISLAMOPHOBES!

Leftists have always been admirers of the well-known intellectual atheists – Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens – proudly showcasing their rants against Christianity at every opportunity. But now that these atheists have hopped on the growing anti-Islam bandwagon, the leftists are seething with venom and vitriol.


SALON  The power of these New Atheists,’ as they are called, is in their ability to reach popular audiences and move their geeky discussions from lecture halls and libraries (Harris has a degree in philosophy from Stanford and a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA) to the sets of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” where hipsters and yuppies alike digest their sardonic sound bites, repeating them to their online networks in 140 characters or less.

Though Dawkins, Harris and company have been around for years, their presence on the public scene used to be more muted. An atheist then was something you simply were. It wasn’t a full-time career. But in 2001 a man named Mohammed Atta and his Middle Eastern comrades decided to fly jetliners into the Twin Towers and everything changed.


Four days after the attacks, Dawkins could barely contain his intellectual triumphalism. “Those people [the terrorists] were not mindless and they were certainly not cowards,” he wrote in the Guardian. “On the contrary, they had sufficiently effective minds braced with an insane courage, and it would pay us mightily to understand where that courage came from. It came from religion. Religion is also, of course, the underlying source of the divisiveness in the Middle East, which motivated the use of this deadly weapon in the first place.”

 Haven’t read Koran so couldn’t quote chapter & verse like I can for Bible. But often say Islam greatest force for evil today.

A few days later, on March 25, there was this:


Until 9/11, Islam didn’t figure in the New Atheists’ attacks in a prominent way. As a phenomenon with its roots in Europe, atheism has traditionally been the archenemy of Christianity, though Jews and Judaism have also slipped into the mix. But emboldened by their newfound fervor in the wake of the terrorist attacks, the New Atheists joined a growing chorus of Muslim-haters, mixing their abhorrence of religion in general with a specific distaste for Islam (In 2009, Hitchens published a book called “God Is Not Great,” a direct smack at Muslims who commonly recite the Arabic refrain Allah Akbar, meaning “God is great”).


Conversations about the practical impossibility of God’s existence and the science-based irrationality of an afterlife slid seamlessly into xenophobia over Muslim immigration or the practice of veiling. The New Atheists became the new Islamophobes, their invectives against Muslims resembling the rowdy, uneducated ramblings of backwoods ‘racists’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) rather than appraisals based on intellect, rationality and reason. “Islam, more than any other religion human beings have devised, has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death,” writes Harris, whose nonprofit foundation Project Reason ironically aims to “erode the influence of bigotry in our world.”


For Harris, the ankle-biter version of the Rottweiler Dawkins, suicide bombers and terrorists are not aberrations. They are the norm. They have not distorted their faith by interpreting it wrongly. They have lived out their faith by understanding it rightly. “The idea that Islam is a ‘peaceful religion hijacked by extremists’ is a fantasy, and is now a particularly dangerous fantasy for Muslims to indulge,” he writes in “Letter to a Christian Nation.”


That may sound like the ‘psychobabble’ of Pamela Geller. But Harris’s crude departure from scholarly decorum is at least peppered with references to the Quran, a book he cites time and again, before suggesting it be “flushed down the toilet without fear of violent reprisal.”

It’s an extraordinary feat for an Oxford scholar to admit that he hasn’t done the research to substantiate his belief, but what’s more extraordinary is that he continues to believe the unsupported claim. That backwards equation — insisting on a conclusion before even launching an initial investigation — defines the New Atheists’ approach to Islam.

That’s topsy-turvy logic for a man who says he’s never read the Quran but seconds later hocks up gems like this from his Twitter account:

Islam is comforting? Tell that to a woman, dressed in a binbag, her testimony worth half a man’s and needing 4 male witnesses to prove rape

Then there was this:

Next gem from BBC Idiot Zoo: ‘Some women feel “protected” by the niqab.’


Dawkins’ quest to “liberate” Muslim women and smack them with a big ol’ heaping dose of George W. Bush freedom caused him to go berzerk over news that a University College of London debate, hosted by an Islamic group, offered a separate seating option for conservative, practicing Muslims. Without researching the facts, Dawkins assumed that gendered seating was compulsory, not voluntary, and quickly fired off this about the “gender apartheid” of the supposedly suppressed Muslims:

At UC London debate between a Muslim and Lawrence Krauss, males & females had to sit separately. Krauss threatened to leave @LKrauss1


And then this:

Sexual apartheid. Maybe these odious religious thugs will get their come-uppance?

Where exactly Dawkins gets his information about Islam is unclear – perhaps Fox News? What is clear, though, is that his unique brand of secular fundamentalism cozies up next to that screeched out by bloggers on the pages of some of the Web’s most vicious anti-Muslim hate sites.


In a recent comment he posted on his own Web site, Dawkins references a site called Islam Watch, placing him in eerily close proximity to the likes of one of the page’s founders, Ali Sina, an activist who describes himself as “probably the biggest anti-Islam person alive.” Sina is a board member for the hate group, Stop the Islamization of Nations, which was founded by anti-Muslim activists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and which has designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Dawkins is also on record praising the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a man who says that he “hates Islam” and that Muslims who desire to remain in the Netherlands should “rip out half of the Koran.” Later, he blabbed that the Muslim holy book should be banned entirely.

The Dutch leader of the Party of Freedom, who faced trial in 2009 for hate speech (and was acquitted), produced a flick called “Fitna” the year beforeThe 17-minute film was chockablock with ‘racist’ (What race is Islam?) images such as Muhammad’s head attached to a ticking time bomb and juxtapositions of Muslims and Nazis. For Dawkins, it was pure bliss. “On the strength of ‘Fitna’ alone, I salute you as a man of courage who has the balls to stand up to a monstrous enemy,” he wrote.


When it comes to ripping pages out of books, Dawkins is a pro. His rhetoric on Muslims comes nearly verbatim from the playbook of the British Nationalist Party and other far right groups in the UK. BNP leader Nick Griffin once told a group in West Yorkshire that Islam was a “wicked and vicious faith” and that Asian Muslims were turning Old Blighty into a multiracial purgatory.

For his part, Dawkins spins wild conspiracy theories claiming that ordinary terms like “communities” and “multiculturalism” are actually ominous code words for “Muslims” and “Islam,” respectively.


The English Defence League, a soccer hooligan street gang that has a history of threatening Muslims with violence and assaulting police officers, has made identical claims, as have leaders of Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE), a ragtag coterie of neo-Nazis whose hate franchise spans two continents: Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), its American counterpart, is led by bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. In July of 2011, Dawkins re-published a lengthy diatribe by former SIOE leader Stephen Gash on his website.

EDL Richard Dawkins

Dawkins has no monopoly on intellectual flimsiness, though. As does the teacher so does the student. And Harris is every bit the Dawkins student. In “The End of Faith,” Harris maintains that Israel — the untouchable, can-do-no-evil love of so many Islamophobes — upholds the human rights of Palestinians to a high standard.

The Israelis have shown a degree of restraint in their use of violence that the Nazis never contemplated and that, more to the point, no Muslim society would contemplate today. Ask yourself, what are the chances that the Palestinians would show the same restraint in killing Jews if the Jews were a powerless minority living under their occupation and disposed to acts of suicidal terrorism? It would be no more likely than Muhammad’s flying to heaven on a winged horse.


How the New Atheists’ anti-Muslim hate advances their belief that God does not exist is not exactly clear. In this climate of increased anti-Muslim sentiment, it’s a convenient digression, though. They’ve shifted their base and instead of simply trying to convince people that God is a myth, they’ve embraced the monster increasingly popular narrative of the day. That’s not rational or enlightening or “free thinking” or even intelligent. That’s opportunism.


If atheism writ large was a tough sell to skeptics, the “New Atheism,” Muslim-bashing atheism, must be like selling Bibles to believers. After all, those who are convinced that God exists, and would otherwise dismiss the Dawkins’ and Harris’s of the world as hell-bound kooks, are often some of the biggest Islamophobes. It’s symbiosis — and as a biologist, Dawkins should know a thing or two about that. Proving that a religion — any religion — is evil, though, is just as pointless and impossible an endeavor as trying to prove that God does or doesn’t exist. Neither has been accomplished yet. And neither will.


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  1. First of all, I’m an atheist. Atheists are both left and right. In America, most lean libertarian because it’s the most logical political platform for us. Look: We want to be free of you telling us what to do. With our money, with our time, with our beliefs, with our kids, period. We think the whole system regarding your religious beliefs is a huge, stupid waste of time, and you’re all brainwashed fools.

    Now having said that, Christians and Jews and Buddhists are far NICER and easier to get along with than muslims. Look, you want to come to my door on saturday morning and try to convince me of your bullshit? Great. You’re welcome to vacuum my living room while you try to convince me. I don’t really understand why — if you know the “truth” then you shouldn’t need to spend your Saturday mornings trying to convince other people, unless you’re feeling a little insecure about it. But Muslims on the other hand just blow up anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That sort of thing demands a violent response.

    I have no problem with religious people doing whatever they want as long as they leave me and my kids and family alone. I don’t care if you think we’re going to hell, that’s your problem, not mine.

    The “tolerant” left you’re talking about — who are pro-Islam — are socialists in the same way National Socialist (Nazis) were. They are cultural supremacists. The ones among them who are atheists are just too stupid to realize what they’re sanctioning when they take the side of Islam. And islam has made a very powerful effort in recent years to paint itself as the underdog in a battle between wretched 3rd-world impoverished people (most kept that way by their islamic governments) and post-colonial western rich countries. Children who grow up in the UK and France and other former colonizing countries are given a sense of guilt and don’t understand the pure evil and idiocy they’re buying into when embracing islam as an exciting alternative to the mind-numbingly boring life in their social welfare states.

    I assure you that no one on the left who’s embracing islam is actually an atheist, at least not one who has thought about their stance on religion in any serious way. Those of us who have thought about it may be left or right, (and Bill Maher is certainly pretty far left) but even if we do have problems with our own countries, we understand that islam is the most intolerant of all possible religions to live under in this day and age.

    I can’t speak for all atheists – but personally, to me, it just means thinking that Christianity, Judaism, Islam, “god” etc. are a bunch of BS. I do agree with the Ten Commandments and most of what Jesus said as a philosopher, and I try to live my life by that because I think it’s a good way to live. But I won’t kid myself and think anyone is watching. A lot of my family died in the holocaust. No god was there to save them. We have to take matters into our own hands. No god will save us. And there is nothing after we die – nothing. So the main thing we should worry about is fighting people who are trying to take away our freedom, our lives. And right now that is, mostly, people who believe in islam.

    So that’s why we’re against it.

  2. Hitchens and Dawkins have never been shy about criticizing the barbarism of Islam, they’re hardly jumping on any bandwagon

    And Sam Harris is a Buddhist kook, NOT an atheist.

  3. its time for war we must wipe this abomination against all that we hold dear we must burn islam to ashes.. it is a just cause

  4. Progressives are realy bad allies against Islam as they were against the nazism and communism because the reality of the human individual(not racial) inequality is not evident for them and the religion is a temporary unimportaint obstacle on the way of the Progress.Many atheists are the progressives who doesn`t like the evolution theory as applied to humans

    • You’re getting confused. Progressives do not believe in the rights of the human individual. Progressives believe exactly the opposite – they think that individual humans can be molded into something better for the “greater good”. In this way, they are exactly like communists and fascists.

      Only a handful Christians, Jews and Atheists are individual-anarchists. Jesus was an individual-anarchist. It is probably 1% or less of the total population of the West. They, and Existentialists, are the only people who believe in the human individual as being more important than the state, the economy or the church.

      There are some people would vote for Ron Paul… or Bernie Sanders, depending on how generous they feel with their wallet. One is far right and the other is far left — and I would vote for either one before any other candidate. I don’t care that much about what they do with the economy. I care about their belief in individual liberty. The judgment is based on how much consideration you have for individuals’ rights.

      From reading your post it sounds like you are against individual rights.

  5. Atheists understood that they will be forced to convert to islam when mohammeddhism wil rule. So they decided (finally) to stand.
    Maybe they do this just to not appear hypocrite (they often say ‘all religions are the same’, and since islam is considered a religion, and those atheists are againts religions, they should be coherent with their point of view. I say better so!).

    Quran is boring. And there are a lot of muslims that talks using only quranic verses, so is like if we have, actually, read it.

    Why muslims use the term ‘white’ as an insult while they are whites theirselves? (arabs, moroccans, egyptians and some converted are caucasians.

    That sure, recently non muslims in the west are becoming more and more pissed, what they say start to sound violent.
    The fact is that even if I try to stay civil, I’m not so disappointed to hear violent claims against muslims.

    Maybe our next allies will be the LGBT community.

    For dhimmies, they aren’t all atheists. Some are christians (following Jesus’teach of tolerance) and Jewish (they think islam is similar to hebraism, but most jewish are now secular and laugh to ortodox jews)
    Hindus, Sikhs, buddhists etc are less likely to be dhimmies, i think.

  6. As an atheist, I dislike the mere concept of religion. I think, rather I know for a fact that religion is a man made tool to reign in followers and soldiers with the objective of conquest., conquest of land, money and women. However, all other major religions of the world have managed to adapt to secular governments and have skillfully taken the violence from their preaching s with evolving contextual interpretations. So therefore I can tolerate these other belief systems as they are no longer hell bent to conquer the world. Islam however, hasn’t changed in over a millennium. The Koran seems to leave little room for differing interpretation and therefore Muslims on the whole are unable to change. It is a plague that should be eradicated and I hope my fellow atheists can see the logic in why this particular religion is different from all others. All to often I find myself debating other atheists on the matter and all too often they mistake my disdain for Islam for Love of Christianity. Most leftist atheists are convinced if you see Islam as a threat then you must be some right wing christian religious zealot or simply unable to think objectively. They are starting to turn around on the matter, but make no mistake, most atheists are helping the cause of Islam at the moment by backing progressive, liberal agenda. What they can’t seem to realize through their blood-lust for Christians and Catholics and the historical crimes thereof is that they are simultaneously helping the cause of Islamist agenda., agenda which would see their fellow atheists, gays and feminists alike all executed for their respective lifestyles and beliefs. These are the very same people that historically the liberals have fought for. They’re in effect marching themselves right to slaughter.

    • I’m an atheist, a Right wing conservative, somewhere to the right of Attila, the Hun. I don’t try to tell others what to believe, as long as they are not harming their fellow man with violence. I also believe that my freedom ends where the other person’s nose begins. I don’t try to push my lack of faith on others, but by the same token don’t want them pushing their beliefs on me.

  7. As an atheist who believes that this wonderful life and world are the only thing there is, Islam is a corruption of truth and a triumph of brainwashing, evil, and ignorance. All religions are viruses in the minds of men, designed to subjugate and control the weak and the poor, but Islam is the deadliest and most insidious. How do you wipe out insidious ideas, while still respecting human rights and the simple, vulnerable people who have become infected with them? Islam is like a cancer…if it does not destroy the human race, a new religion will be invented that does. There may be nothing we can do to stop it. All-out war might just replace Islam with something worse, or we might just become something worse! Banning a religion would not work but send it underground. The end of the world will involve nukes and religion, but no savior will appear. The best thing that could ever happen is for all the oil in the middle east to dry up, or become irrelevant.

  8. I like Dawkins’ first tweet box near the top, “But why are they Muslims?”. I don’t understand all the cover-up and distraction and bending over backwards to get around the problems in Islam. Maybe to avoid upsetting family, or to avoid being murdered, but it seems like a lot of trouble.

    You ask why someone chooses Islam, you get a few bland, generic features that could easily be found in other religions, or don’t require a religion at all. Then you bring up the problems in Islam, and it’s over-explanation, self-deception, just make something up or whatever. Seems like too much trouble too hold that mess together.

  9. As an atheist, I have of course read most religous writings. However, it is not only not necessary to read the Quoran, it is a bloody boring book.
    However, Relience of the Traveller should be mandatory for anyone claiming to have an oppinion for or against islam.
    As a female atheist, I am well aware of the islamic law for ‘people like me’. Doubly cursed you might say.

    Forget the Quoran, read the traveller – and fear islam.

    • Quran is definitely an excruciating read. People say they’re enthralled with it. I don’t know if they’ve never seen a book before, or they just like being threatened by a sadistic, insecure tyrant.

      It’s funny when Muslims bring up Thomas Carlyle as a “some white guy liked Islam” defense. This does not sound like a positive review of the Quran to me:

      From “Hero as Prophet”:
      ” I must say, it is as toilsome reading as I ever undertook. A wearisome confused
      jumble, crude, incondite; endless iterations, long-windedness,
      entanglement; most crude, incondite;–insupportable stupidity, in short!
      Nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Koran.”

      He even has a flashback in “Hero as Poet”:
      “His Koran has become a stupid piece of prolix
      absurdity; we do not believe, like him, that God wrote that!”

  10. “April 1st is YOUR Holiday” said a Florida Judge when faced with an Atheist’s lawsuit requesting a State Holiday for Atheists…”Anyone who does not believe in God is a Fool”.

    • And that makes this judge a fool himself, because no one is born as a believer, every human being is born as a non-believer, as this jugde also once was. To NOT believe in a god is the natural choice, to believe in a god is the unnatural.

  11. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jo. Being yammered at about “Satan” by truly brain dead fanatics such as yourself keeps us reminded that we atheists are the whipping boys for the religious of all stripes. We know that we are not welcome in this fight against Islam, but our lives are threatened just as much as any of yours and we will defend ourselves. Because we know that while sweet, loving Christians of your type would gladly revive the inquisitions and witchcraft trials if the law alowed, Sharia law does allow it and Muslims actually do it.

    Not all atheists are leftists. For example, there are plenty of Objectivists around who can be counted on to denounce Islam and Sharia (if you can get them to stop talking about economics and physics long enough to pay attention).

    Every time we think Nathan Lean can’t sink any lower he proves us wrong. He is a vile little quisling deserving of this week’s Most Deserving to be Stripped to a Thong and Dropped into Riyadh during Friday Prayers award.

    • I often read comments that are in this forum and I always assumed that most of the visitors to this forum were Fundamentalist Christians. It is actually refreshing and uplifting to know that there are atheists, agnostics, and other assorted freethinkers out there that are becoming aware of the threat to life, liberty, decency, and human dignity that is Islam and are visiting forums such as BNI to gain an education of the real nature of Islam and Islamic jihad in the world today.

      While there are certainly other religious interests that can and sometimes do pose threats to life, liberty, decency, and dignity, only Islam actually poses the greatest threat with its sheer fanaticism, jihad, violence, and cruelty.

    • RRA, thanks, I forgot to say in my above comment, I’m no ‘leftist’, but a dyed in the wool conservative. So many people getting it wrong about atheists, and frankly I’m getting tired of hearing what terrible people we are.

      In point of fact, atheists are almost certainly more reasonable than most people–we have to be, and most of us share the same beliefs as most Christians and Jews; we just don’t believe in the easter bunny or the tooth fairy, and we certainly don’t believe in some ever loving god sitting on a cloud smiling benevolently down.

      If people need to hate someone, they should direct their hostility to the enemy; and I trust I don’t need to name who that is.

  12. Salon is on a a mission about muslims, they always post BS like this, Islamophobia nonsense. I often wonder who gave the order to normalize Islam throughout the world and in the press, because it’s definitely been a concerted effort.

  13. Atheists are no different than muslims – they both belong to Satan. Atheists love to hate Christians, but they’ll hate any other religion that gets in their way. Those 9/ll terrorists weren’t men of a perfect faith – they are men of Satan, and there is no actual true faith amongst them. They are all brain dead fanatics without a brain cell between them to discern between good and evil.

    • This is why I call myself ‘non-religious’.

      My wife is Catholic. For our wedding day we agreed to get married in a neutral location and she could have a Catholic priest to marry us. Didn’t really bother me.
      Only problem was that the local bishop would not allow his priest to perform the ceremony unless in a catholic church.
      My children went to catholic schools from start to finish. For them, it was their choice if they followed a religious faith, not for me to decide. Just like it was my choice not to.

      I am nice to bible bashers who come knocking on my door; which is a mistake sometimes because they think they have won you over and come back.

      I don’t see people for what their faith or (race) is, but as people who are all the same. I have always followed that simple rule.
      The exception is when they push their fervent belief into my face, or call me something that I am not!

      Muslims on the other hand are a different proposition. I try not to dislike muslims per se. But like everyone else who follow this blog and similar ones, I despise the muslims pushing their islamic agenda onto us, that we all detest.

      There are atheists who are over the top in their ‘belief’, but so are those of religious faith.

    • Atheists are no different than muslims? Atheists are not going to kill you because of your beliefs or sexual oriantation jo Their are many Atheists that are on your side as far as Islam is concerned. Atheists dont love to hate christians either you moron. Dont show yourself up as being as bigoted as Islam. Isnt one enemy enough for you.? Believe what you want to believe is my motto, Just dont force your beliefs on anyone else.

        • We should make a distinction between individual belief systems and political, social and religious ideologies and the issue of authoritarianism.

          Any authoritarian system or belief based on a revered and infallible text where questioning and dissent are not allowed can be dangerous and even deadly. That certainly includes such doctrines as Communism and varieties of Fascism and many of these were often atheist with regard to supernatural belief and a Supreme Being.

          Most atheists do not enforce religious or political ideologies. And they certainly do not subscribe to supernatural authority. Thus most atheists who regard their belief to be highly personal don’t go around killing and maiming those who disagree with them.

          Even militant atheists, who go around preaching the virtues of not believing in the supernatural and a Supreme Being, don’t go around killing people. They may argue with you, write books to convince you of their point of view, but they won’t likely kill you.

          But authoritarian believers of any stripe are the ones who will kill you. Most atheists are scientists and intellectuals who believe in questioning and rationality and would not dream of imposing an authoritarian belief on anybody. In fact, it is against their “religion.”

        • The evil these accounted for, is due to communism and NOT atheism! Atheism only means that you do not believe in a god, it contains nothing more than that. It says absolutely nothing about what morals and ethics you have. I am both an atheist and a human ethicist. You don’t need to be a god believer to have good moral, and be able to distinguish good from evil.

        • Stalin purged his **political** enemies, as did Mao.

          Religion, per se, had nothing to do with it. Pol Pot purged ‘intellectuals’. Hitler ‘purged’ Jews, not because of their **religion**, but what he perceived as their race.

          So mad-Aussie is quite right.

        • That’s a stupid, uneducated response d4. Mao and Stalin killed many people, but those people WERE NOT, I repeat, were not, killed in the name of atheism. That’s just crap your preachers have stuffed down your gullible throats for decades to make you associate lack of belief with evil. However, hundreds of millions have been killed in the names of religions. And, oh, you forgot the typical response of Hitler also, but, then, Hitler was a professed Christian and a big buddy with Islam. Pull yourself out of the muck of your own ignorance. You’ll be a better anti-Islam warrior for it.

        • Stalin and Mao had tens of millions of enemies? I’m sure they didn’t even know 99% of the people slaughtered in their purges. Communism is an ATHEIST ideology as is Marxism. I forgot to mention Pol Pot as well.

    • I first realized I was a non-believer (atheist) 72 yrs ago at age 5, and I take intense exception to your thoroughly stupid comment. Far from hating Christians, I realized a long time ago that Jewish and Christian faiths have indeed been responsible for western civilization reaching it’s apex 50–70 yrs ago.

      To compare atheists with muslims, who are the very lowest, murderous, inbred, vicious, largely illiterate sub-humans, shows your colossal ignorance. We have a saying ‘down under’—you wouldn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot. Moron

    • Atheists do not belong to any spiritual nonsense like god, jesus, satan, devil or allah! Atheists belives in reality, reason, skepticism, logic and rationality, the opposites of believing in any superstitions like gods and your satan.

      “Those 9/ll terrorists weren’t men of a perfect faith – they are men of Satan, and there is no actual true faith amongst them.”

      No, they were muslims. They were believers, they were god believers, good muslims, true muslims.

  14. I think we should be happy for anyone who works against islam, no matter which point of view they would otherwise have. Every little bit helps. islam is a mean streak, evil put in system.

    As an atheist, I will obviously not replace one evil ideology with another. I see all religions as evil force meant to suppress people and keep the masses under control. Therefore I am against all religions, not only islam. I’d rather have humanism as the reigning ideology rather than any religion.

  15. I am an atheist, but respect the other religions of most people. I feel that my freedom ends where their nose begins, & vice versa. I am against the atheists trying to remove anything referring to Christianity from our government, schools, communities, currency, etc. etc. But I make an absolute exception for the Muslim cult. It is the only modern belief system (I don’t consider it a religion) that promotes violence & terrorism against non-believers or governments not meeting their stone age standards.

    • I feel the same way you do, but I would call myself an agnostic. I’m non religious but don’t know if there is a God or not. I respect all religions except for islam, it is a cult of psycos. In the Bill Maher video did you notice the nervous, tentative laughter coming from his liberal audience? Bunch of cowards probably thinking, “what is he doing making fun of the rligion of peace?”

  16. Atheism has long maintained that all religion is evil. I agree with them. But never before in the history of human kind has a religious ideology posed such a great threat to so much of humanity. Monotheism is the worst offender including its pogroms, crusades, jihads and the like and Islam is the biggest threat to individual liberty and humanity.

    But even relatively placid Buddhism has had its share of sectarian violence and religious persecution. Just ask Christians in Burma and Nepal if Buddhists there are tolerant. Do some research on pre Communist Tibet under the reign of the Dalai Lamas. If you think cutting off of hands for thieves was exclusively an Islamic thing, you would be wrong. Buddhists did that sort of thing too.

    Islam is the worst of all the religions in its intolerance, cruelty and violence. But historically religious and political ideologies of all types have been some of greatest causes of suffering in human history.

    • And of course, Muslim fanatics are using Burma now to beat us further into submission. Bring up all the atrocities committed globally in the name of Islam, and they throw Burma back at you. If you sympathize with the Buddhists’ anger because of centuries of abuse by Muslims, they call you a “baby killer.”

      There is no way to win with these pathologically demented individuals. We can only hope to reach the newer minds with appeals to humanity, if that’s even possible. Seeing second-generation American Muslim girls adopting the hijab is truly depressing. I really do not want to live in a world with hijabis and assorted other Muslim female slave clothing shoved in my face.

      How do we remain optimistic that the world will not be overwhelmed by this patent mental illness and spiritual cancer? It’s like mankind’s root rot! Are we doomed?

    • Communism was/is an atheist ideology. I shouldn’t have to mention the tens of millions of people killed by Mao Tse Tung and Uncle Joe to note that these two atheists probably killed more people than were ever killed by Christians.

      • Political ideologies, like religious ideologies, when they become authoritarian can become deadly. In fact, political ideologies often have many characteristics of organized religion including the notion that they are only one right and that everyone else is wrong. They often segregate the world into “us” versus “them”. They often have a charismatic leader and even a kind of holy book of sorts from which they teach authoritatively. The manifestos of Marx and Engals and Chairman Mao were/are required reading and were revered in almost the same way as the Bible or Quran. And no alternative view of the world was allowed. They killed, tortured and maimed any dissenters with as much zeal as religious zealots.

        Political ideologies such as Communism and Fascism are in fact quasi religious except that they have no claim to the supernatural and no supernatural authority.

        For reference consider the cult of the regime of North Korea, nominally atheist, but they practically worship Kim Il Sung and his family as near deities. It has a rigid social code as stringent as any religious code. Kim’s slightest word is law of the land. Dissent, variance are discouraged and persecuted with extreme brutality, and conformity is rewarded.

        Hitler’s Third Reich actually was not fully atheist. Hitler might have been atheist later in his life, but he was raised Roman Catholic, and apparently subscribed to it most of his life. And the Nazis themselves seemed to have a quasi religious element as a part of their dogma and belief system — essentially a kind of neo paganism invoking the use of ancient Teutonic gods and goddesses in their ideology. In addition, the Nazis used the Roman Catholic church to aid and abet the destruction of Jews. It was essentially a hybrid of religion and state.

        Even Stalin was not completely irreligious. He often used the Greek Orthodox Church to suit his purpose. Communism may be atheist, but religion has often been the handmaid if not an outright ally to political regimes including Communist ones.

        Islam, of course, is a very potent and deadly hybrid. It is the ultimate fusion of religion and state. It has a law which, though written by the hand of a long dead prophet, is construed to be the Law of God, from which there is no appeal. It is the ultimate totalitarianism wherein it controls not only the mind and body of an individual but also even the inner core and life of a person — what might be termed the soul. A person is required, on pain of death, to surrender his or her entirety to the religion. It has both temporal and supernatural authority. One cannot imagine a more brutal tyranny.

        • Hitler was a staunch militarist and admired Muslims and Islam for their ruthlessness and their hatred for Jews. He wanted his own officers to emulate that. He deprecated Christianity as being a religion of the weak. As for Islam itself, he was lukewarm to it. He liked the militarism of Islam but he decried Arabs as being an inferior race and had wished that the militarist “Muhammadanism” been the prime religion of Europe instead of Asia. He admired religious leaders such as Buddha, Confucius, and Muhammad as leaders of spiritual substance. He helped some Muslim leaders to gain favoritism in the Middle East and help for exterminating Jews. But Hitler was more of a rationalist in terms of his own personal belief. Some say that Hitler was an atheist. But some biographers actually say he believed in a god, and even in Jesus, but in his world, Jesus was a pure Aryan, not a Jew, and he preached a militant gospel as opposed to the meek gospel found in the Bible.

      • To defcon 4, BNI & Other readers. Islamophobes claim Hitler was a Muslim, christophobes claim He was a Christian. Now anti hindus will claim he was a Hindu who wanted to wipe out Jews b,coz they were responsible for downfall of Germany. A Hindu racist bastard. I know why Hitler hated Jews so much. A Christian professor explained us everything. Also in another story a Holocaust survivor said to another survivor how she & her family survived by obtaining fake Aryan (Nordic) papers. The swastika symbol is even used by many Indian today I.e jains & Hindus as well as many Orthodox communities around the world. But Nazi swastika was twisted ours is not.

  17. Nathan Lean is just such a vile piece of garbage. I hope he rots in hell.

    And that’s coming from a secularist and liberal.

    Hitchens was always anti-Islam, and Harris has been butting heads with his ardent followers over Islam for years. Dawkins has been friends with British ex-Muslim Maryam Namazie also for years and has helped her Ex-Council of Muslims.

    People who toss out the disgusting epithet “Islamophobia” are morally and intellectually bankrupt, period.

  18. These characters are famous and well followed by other atheists. It will take the 6 billion non muslims in the world supporting each other, to defeat the 1 billion savage muslims because they are lead by a monster who has no character or any values that are human and will sacrifice all for their lunatic moon god. The mindless barbaric muslims, supported by the liberal leftards, will use suicide bombers, children, lies and so on in their evil cult to win. We must welcome all non muslims, such as Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhists and yes even atheists working together against our common enemy, in our efforts to ensure that muslims do not take over the world with their evil cult. I am hopeful that eventually we will win when we allow the muslims to also keep killing themselves too as sunni muslims, murdering shia muslims and so on.

  19. Atheists and those of various faiths are all targets of Islam. As Harris pointed out, freedom of speech was surrendered to Islam by Western politicians without any resistance. I believe most of those who surrendered our freedom are atheists or agnostics! The atheists have not generally risen up to resist totalitarian Islam because they have not realized the threat of Islam to atheists. If we join together with determination we cannot defeat Islam, the most dangerous cult of all history. Everyone is the target of Islam, especially atheists and women. It is even ILLEGAL to be an atheist in a number of Moz countries.

    • Dawkins and Harris are both scientists and writers who happen to be atheists. The media has created the big “atheist” thing with them. The media never talks about their science, but always talks about their atheism. Science lectures and discussions are vastly more interesting than discussions and lectures about atheism with them. Unfortunately, Hitchens passed away. Then, there’s Dan Dennett, Lawrence Krauss, Neil Tyson, Jerry Coyne, many others, who are not pansy-assed lefty dhimmis when it comes to Islam. Yeah, a lot of people think they are atheists, legends in their own minds, but if they defend Islam, I have news for them, they’re not. I tell them all the time. Many of the so called new young atheists don’t even know in which direction the sun sets, just like much of recent generations, because they were educated on a diet of nothing but “white man bad”. And, they consider themselves “atheists” because they’re too stupid to know anything else. So, they have a long way to go.

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