OHIO JIHAD: “This is the will of Allah,” shouts Muslim who shot his father dead in church on Easter Sunday

Oops! Most of the Obama Media forgot to mention that the shooter was a Muslim.


The Blaze The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland reported that the church’s pastor said congregants were leaving when they heard a gunshot. Here’s how WKYC-TV describes the shooting:

Rashad Riddle, waited outside of the church until his family came out. He said a few words before shooting his father, Richard Riddle, who died at the scene. A witness only remembers hearing one shot. The shooter didn’t leave the scene following the shooting. When police arrived, they told him to put down his gun, which he did. Police then took him into custody.

But here’s where the details get a bit more curious. According to WYTV-TV, the suspected shooter, Rashad Riddle, yelled, “The will of Allah — this is the will of God,” either before or after the murder.



Associate Pastor Sean Adams told The (Ashtabula) Star Beacon newspaper that worshippers started screaming, ducking down and calling 911 on cellphones after the shooting.“”It was terrifying,” Adams told the newspaper. “The children were screaming and people were dialing 911. We were afraid to breathe.”


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  1. This murderer didn’t need any Psychotropic drugs. He had islam.
    Even more dangerous than Prozak because ALL terorist and honor killers had islam,while all psychotropic drug takers are not killers. (yet)

  2. It is pretty clear to me that this is an honour killing. I believe that honour killings should be treated especially harsh. It goes against the very principals of the West. Not only to not kill people of course, but especially not to kill your own family. You are supposed to honour and care for your family. Family values is a basic element of morals. This demonic pseudo religion islam advocates this sort of barbary even upon your own. To me this is more than sick.

  3. Absolutely appalling. But as I’ve always said, Christians will be persecuted. This is proof. It’s no secret just how much Muslims hate Christians and how much they’re persecuting them world wide. Thank goodness Jesus taught love and to do right. As one who strives to follow the path of Christ my hope is Jesus will appear to every single Muslim alive on earth today. Maybe then some of the violence will end. thanks for the post and many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • If we want corrective justice we must invest in bullwhips and a whipping area post in the town park where justice can be determined by the number of strokes of the lash .Death for murder . Not for justifiable homicide .

    • I think the best punishment for him would be to put him in a cold concrete cell naked with no blankets. Not cold enough to freeze to death, just cold enough to be really uncomfortable. Then feed him a small cheese sandwich each day and nothing else, until he slowly starves to death.

  4. i knew it i frakking knew it. as soon as i read about the incident i thought that shooter had to e muslim. Probaly a convert as well. i hope he gets the book thrown at him and he fries. Ohio still has the death penalty.

  5. Shot his own father? Brain-dead “house Negro” bastard!

    It may have been the “will of Allah,” but the murdered man is now living eternally with his Creator. The shooter, on the other hand, shall go directly to the icy lake of Cocytus as a “traitor to family.”

  6. The normative response for muslims to solve problems is by lies, murder and chaos. SSDD. (‘Same Sh_t, Different Day.’)

  7. Another prison revert to the religion of peace. Try to imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth by CAIR, and their ilk, if the shooting took place at a mosque, and the shooter was an unbeliever.

    And the legacy media…crickets.