Syrian girls for sale, the younger the better!

Married_alt_300x200Syrian refugee camps in Jordan have become the playground of wealthy Arabs who buy girls from their fathers for what they call ‘Mutah’ – a temporary pleasure (for the man) marriage – the Islamic-approved way to rape a young girl, some as young as 6 or 7, for a week or more, and then throw her out.

Pleasure marriages or Mutah Islamic temporary marriages are flourishing in Syrian refugee camps as Gulf Arabs rush to the camps to exploit and rape women and little girls. It is prostitution at it lowest. Beautiful women and girls from Syria who would never sully their beauty on ugly Gulf Arabs, are easily lured by phony promises of wealth and marriage.  The pre-teen and younger girls are pimped out by the hour, day, week, or month by their fathers who sell them, and then sell them again to the highest bidder.

New Fatwa Permits Rape of Non-Sunni Women in Syria





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  1. Temporary marriages -not new at all. In German camps they called it prostitution from the start though, the price was 10 Euros on an average.

    That said many refugees sell off their daughters indeed to wealthier Turkish because they cannot feed them thru.

  2. The United States is a land sinking under the weight of its own ignorance – nowhere else could rubbish like this be taken seriously. A land of ranting fools dumb television and people deprived of serious education. God help you.

  3. People don’t know the meaning of Islam they know only to write some non-sense and provoke others by abusing them, their religion or the holly prophets and or talking non-sense about the holly books, even certain people don’t believe in Allah(God) . I don’t think any religion is allowing to use bad/filthy language about people or the other religion. They are thinking by writing few words against others they will become scholars. They must think before they speak.

    Islam means peace – and if some body/group is doing some thing against it , this is not the fault of religion it is their own deed.

    Nawaz Uppal

  4. In Islam time limit for Nikah is not allowed. Some non muslim people have given their comments that they hate Islam, yes we know they hate Islam thats why they are not muslims, if they were.are having proper knowledge of Islam they will like/love Islam & they will convert themselves. One man’s or one group deeds does not mean that Religion is bad or wrong. Islam is never ever allowing any bad or wrong acts. If some one is modifying the rules according to his/their own wish it does not mean that it is allowed by Religion or Almighty Allah.

    May Allah(God) save us from all evils.

    Nawaz Uppal

    • NU If all is up to the individual then you have no religion and no division of good and bad. Islam is only a control mechanism for the few privileged that can buy a little freedom, alcohol or little girls. Islam is not good, it is the antichrist. Watch the news and see how deprived of life and privileges you really are. allah sucks!

    • Islam is only face of terrorism..there is no religion of world,which people are terrorist..So we dont like to understand it..whole world must be unite against islam and teach islamist a lesson of love and mankind..

    • Well said Nawaz, May Allah bless you for every single truthful word you’ve said. Double explanations to limited knowledge people isn’t healthy, just let them use their brains and think 😉👍

  5. This is shiaa, not Sunni….. ^ ^ Iran Syria Hisbelloah etc… = Shia

    i dunno why they do that, i was in Yemen like 2 weeks, ago, and syrians seem to be very happy in South Yemen, alot of them work and are renting houses etc…

    Out of all the countries Yemen was the best choice to make.
    i heard they arnt being treated right in other countries like Jordan and Leb

    But as far as i know South Yemen treats them like family,

  6. there is no such as thing as mutah in islamic comunity but yes there is rape and porstitution and its not legal in our culture or our religion

  7. None of you realize, hardly, that we give the house of Saud (specifically mentioned in this video) billions of dollars of “aid”. Not food aid, but military aid. We give most every dictator over there 2 or 3 or more billions. Qatar, the UAE, Saudi, Pak, etc all get free tanks and missiles and bombs, etc. Some of his could be stopped directly if the USA quit giving the king of Saudi Arabia money. That is why they are so rich that they can buy peasant girls and in Saudi, they execute suspected unfaithful wives publicly. Additionally, in this story, the girl IS a refugee because of war (in this instance). These wars are all funded by the involvement of you and me, because our taxes fund dictator after dictator. The CIA just admitted removing (killing?) the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953, but we act like we aren’t involved in any bad things over there. We are. We ask why aren’t they democratic? Look at Iran. We gave them a brutal Shah dictator and built up his military for like 25 years and he basically raped the country. When the people got rid of him, we then built Iraq up into a superpower and pushed him into attacking Iran. We supported BOTH sides of that war, for instance. We supplied Sadaam with intelligence while we KNEW he was using gas on the Iranians. It’s always like that. We supply 98 percent of the weapons, and then we sic them on each other. It’s a soap opera that we are 98 percent in charge of writing. The USA won’t be happy until the last 2 percent of the middle east comes under our control, no matter what the cost. The last 2 percent is basically Syria and Iran. These are the only two countries we haven’t been able to topple and/or buy outright….

  8. Everyone! Please be wise. Principally it is not bad at all if those girls have husbands who support them and save them and their families from poverty and hunger. It is too funny that western people think that a girl should not marry before age 18, and instead give her chance to live with many boys or men as boyfriends and even has intercourse and even be pregnant while she is a teenager.
    Islam rule is really wise and based on biological facts. Girls are usually growing up in about age 10 or 11 and ready to be mothers. Why we should force them not to marry and instead have sexual relation before marriage? then we have to deal with baby abortion or single mothers problem and so on?
    So I think it is not bad at all. Islam has big respect for the family and never allow any child raised up without parents or someone supports him.

    However, the problem is not the Islamic rule but the misunderstandings. Syrian girl problem in not marriage in ages less than 18, but the marriage with unknown men who do not supports them and release them unsupported in poverty.
    None of Syrian refugee families are knowing about those men. they only “hope” that these men are rich and rescue them. but in many cases they are not but some sex buyers. While Islam asks parents to be careful to find husband for their druthers . Girl consent, herself , is important too. but unfortunately poverty cause Syrian refugee not to to take care about the conditions of those men and the problem appears. Arab men, young or old, mostly from Persian Gulf countries come to Jordan to take oath with some poor girls for few weeks and then divorce!

    Then If anyone wants to save Syrian girls life, It is necessary to focus not on a unrelated things like teens marriage, but on the conditions of husbands.
    It is easily for UN and Red Cross to make base in Jordan and register the name and characteristic of any man who want to marry a Syrian girl, So it is possible to prosecute them after marriage if they release their Syrian wives unsupported.

  9. Shia, Sunni wotevah sick name Islam has it in disguise I couldn’t give a damn crap about it. Islam is the most sickest religion in the world as portrayed by Muhammad himself. After all he has a wife called Aisha and she was a kid. So in my book that’s Pedo written all over it. Islam is manipulative and keeps changing its Fatwa for their advantage. I’m from Malaysia and shit is all over Moslem Malays here. They condemn everyone except their own wrongdoings. All in the name of Islam. Yeah islam my athletes foot! Islam is a dumb young religion used by cronies of man started from the Middle East. I mean What kind of religion that promises 72 Virgins if they rigged themselves with C4 and blow up killing other innocent people? Jihad my ass.!

  10. This war between al haq group and al haq is sunni jihadis team against asad regime laknatullahi alaihim ajmaiin

  11. Their whole islam “religion” was copied from Christianity by thieves, rapers and murderers and turned into The Religion of Murder and Destruction. The first copy by muhammed the thief, raper, molester and murderer, and the rest of the laws were made by more thieves, rapers and murderers, written from whatever depravity of the time.

  12. There is no such a thing in islam…try something else you anti islam writer
    I am giving away £10000 for who can prove such pervert act is allowed in islam.

    • “There’s no doubt that in the outset of Islam, Mut’ah was allowed under the Shari’ah” Ibn Kathir (he’s that fellow that wrote the explanation for the convoluted and incoherent bullshi’ite in mein kuranmpf that you mohammadan supremacist assholes tell us we must read to understand the convoluted, incoherent bullshi’ite in mein kuranmpf)

      You mohammadan supremacists asshats also make claim that mein kuranmpf is “clear, perfect and valid for all people for all time,” “nothing can be abrogated as it is perfect already” thus making it possible for assholes to claim that the earlier, somewhat peaceful ayats are valid while at the same time quoting the later racist, genocidal, violent, and hateful ayats while you abuse non-mohammadans.

      It also makes your claims of shias “getting it wrong” invalid.

      sunni assholes believe this about nikah mutah:

      Mutah was only allowed in desperation like eating pork

      Mutah was only allowed in encounters with pagans or when pagans where in transitional state to become Muslims.

      Their textual basis for it:

      Timirizi hadith narrated by Abdul Ibn Abbas “Temporary marriage was not banned at the beginning just as alcohol or slavery was not banned.”

      Bukhari condones it and condemns it. It is contradictory just like mein kuranmpf. BUT hadith cannot disagree with mein kuranmpf as mein kuranmpf trumps all hadith and mein kuranmpf says the following about nikah mut’ah:

      Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those (captives and slaves) whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek (them in marriage) with Mahr (bridal money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage) from your property, desiring chastity, not committing illegal sexual intercourse, so with those of whom you have enjoyed sexual relations, give them their Mahr as prescribed; but if after a Mahr is prescribed, you agree mutually (to give more), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise. 4:24

      “And whoever of you have not the means wherewith to wed free, believing women, they may wed believing girls from among those (captives and slaves) whom your right hands possess,…” 4:25

      shias practice it and use mein kuranmpf to back it up.

      The Hanafi school of Jurisprudence says it is valid as did Malik Ibn Annas (you going to call him a liar or islamophobe, asshole?). Jordan accepts nikah mut’ah marriages, and so does Egypt.

      shia assholes call it nikah mut’ah and sunni assholes call it urfi and misyar.

      mo the putrid *legalized it* after it was “revealed to him. He never had a mein kuranmpfic “revelation” outlawing it.

      So, according to the ever changing goalpost rules of you mohammadan supremacist assholes, it does and doesn’t exist, according to your own texts. Your putrid “prophet” certainly allowed it and encouraged his criminal gang to practice it.

      You can send my check to BNI.

        • ROFLMAO!

          Well, ali is a mohammadan supremacist so he’s a pig by default.

          He’s flying high on some heavy-duty shit if he thinks his little passive-aggressive typically mohammadan display of hubris will make any of us who don’t have our heads up our arses “walk the straight path.”


  13. Brenda, This has nothing to do with any religious, and if I use the same logic you use, then I will assume Christianity approve sex activities with young boys, as the famous pops “and not only one” in Italy did, and I can say a lot of words about Christianity “like shit, fuck,….”, which is something I cannot do, because of actually profit Mohamed, who requested us to respect Jesus and his followers, and this is real Islam, I would recommend you to educate yourself and read about Islam, or any topic you talk about, before get your tongue the open green light for talking blindly.

    • *sniff*

      What’s that smell….?

      Oh, I recognize it… it’s the odor of bovine, equine, and porcine feces.

      Mahmoud, we’ve read your “quran” and “hadiths.” Mohammed didn’t teach Mohammedans to respect Jesus (Yeshua, Ya’sua Iesuos, Iesus, Jesu, Gesu) or Christians. In fact, he taught that all who would NOT join his personality cult/political ideology masquerading as a “religion” were to be taxed to death, put to death, or enslaved and worked to death. In fact, Mohammedanism is as opposite to the message of Judaeo-Christianity as Totalitarianism is to Anarchy.

  14. think of the lowest dirtiest most disgusting thing one could do to a human being and I can guarantee you that a muslim will have already done it..what a breed these neanderthals are., no morals, no humanity, just scum who consider themselves in their own words ” the best of people” what a huge joke that is!

  15. Really Painful. I am just wondering why the u.s is protecting these wild terrorists in Syria?? I read somewhere that one of the religious leaders of these terrorists has said: while fighting everyone gained a girl, that [poor] girl will be his wife!!

  16. hey man its just people, its common everywhere. the rich and powerful always oppress the poor and the weak. its nothing to do with islam and muslims. real jihad is to fight against the demons within yourself

  17. @ziad,

    Grow up you big baby. It is called criticism and social commentary and if you do not like what you read do not come here.

    There is no such thing as “libel” and religion, you have been lied to about the proper legal use of “libel” and played the fool.

    We are free to express our disgust and dislike of Islam and the heinous acts perpetrated by the followers of Islam.

  18. Islam is not a jihad only we Muslims repudiate them who kill people unjustly, but Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace they just bite Disappeared Persons who canceled their thinking by those who are more of them in power power love of power does more than that, but these people do not consider Muslims Muslim does not kill any one Muslim is supposed to be peacefully with others, please beware of what you say, we’re not as well as you say all that they do to say that Israel need support against terrorism if you look at history you will find that Israel is the state has no right to this land, but is made in our land in Palestine look at history in 1948, is Israel that came to our land after the promise of Belford and is promised to those who do not have did not deserve, but Israel did and do worse than that Palestine and Palestinians Israel, which said the army that invincible in 1973, which destroyed the Egyptian army In the same year, which recovered when Egypt Thereof (Sinai), occupied by Israel after 1967 to see history will not really find to Israel in this land (Palestine) In the end, I apologize if there was a mistake in translation because I Egyptian citizen does not speak English if you want to reply to my address eBook is zezo.hawa @ and my name is Ziad Ayman Thank you

    • “if you look at history you will find that Israel is the state has no right to this land,…”

      We do “look at history.” Real, provable, and recorded history.

      We do not look at made up by religious sumpremacists, unsubstantiated, non-existent history that you troglodytes subscribe to.

      Real, provable, and recorded history shows without a doubt that Jews were living and thriving in what you Arab mohammdan supremacists are squatting in and claiming as your own *thousands* of years before you supremacist mouthbreathers were a twinkle in mo bin humpin’aisha’s eyes.

      What was the language of fakestinians circa 950 B.C.?

      What structures did mohammadan fakestinian supremacists have there before 980 B.C.?

      What did you fakestianians call yourselves circa 950 B.C.? (You’re not Philistines, cupcake. The Philistines were a *non-semitic* people.)

      Name one ancient fakestinian king, queen, emperor, prince, governor, grand poohbah or warlord from the areas called Judea, Palestina, Ior even Caanaan?

      You will not have truthful answers for just those four questions.

      No doubt you will come back with mohammdan historical revisions with only the rantings of your fellow missing links as proof of your lies.

      You are terrorists. Every single, shrieking one of you. You are terrorizers of the truth.

      • What folly of accusation. Get to the point, support Assad! Support Syria, the fighters of Israel, not these Israel loving rebels. Truth be told, is it not? Do not go astray, do not bring thee to ruin. Teach Israel a lesson!

  19. What a sad position to be in and All I see is hatered to islam which has nothing to do with all human barabirsm which you see here. World war two and one is not far behind and Vietnam and Korea and all wars lead by so called modern world which is filled with pedo rings and fathers and mothers molesting their children let alone relgious men raping boys and swingers giving away their wives for their sivk minds. that all is not berberism but this alone is …. what a f…ed up world we live in

    I hope dooms day rise and we seel all then who is right and who is wrong and only then you will feel sorry for hating islam

  20. Hello? Don’t they know what this is? Adultery with some paedophilia mixed in. Get a brain muslims and stop using the head between your legs to guide your soul.

    • their entire religion was created by someone who only thought with his little head.that’s why in pakistan it is legal to have sex with dead bodies for up to six hours after a womans death. since the prophet did it it is O.K.

  21. Dumbs! It is not allowed in Islam. What they are trying to do is illegal in Islam. Some dumb believe that whatever the Arabs do is Islamic. lol

    Arab was really barbaric then Prophet (PBUH) came & make the revolution. According to Muslim, Christian & Jewish belief there were other prophets also came in that region, Saudi to Palestine.

    • Bang it is better go read your book, all these craps are in Koran.It is called Nikah Mut’ah, a fixed-time arrangement between a man and a woman that dissolves once the duration expires.

      The Qur’an:
      Qur’an (4:24) – “And those of whom ye seek content (by marrying them), give unto them their portions as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual agreement after the duty (hath been done)”
      Qur’an (5:87) – “O you who believe! do not forbid (yourselves) the good things which Allah has made lawful for you and do not exceed the limits; surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits” Surprisingly the context for this verse (which is found in Bukhari (60:139) is temporary marriage, in this case trading an article of clothing for a few days of access to a woman’s body. By calling this a “good thing,” Muhammad really stood traditional morality on its ear.

      From the Hadith:
      Muslim (8:3252) – Muhammad clearly allowed his men to use temporary marriage as a sanctioned form of prostitution. (To be fair, the end of the hadith also seems to suggest that the practice was later forbidden. Islamic scholars disagree as to the historical context, and whether or not it is enough to supersede verse 4:24 of the Qur’an).

      Additional Notes:
      Since temporary marriage is a euphemism for prostitution, the Sunnis believe that it should only be practiced in certain times (such as the lifetime of Muhammad… oddly enough). The Shias take a more liberal position and freely allow the practice.

    • Actually, for most of Human History, the Arabs didn’t go about raping, murdering, enslaving, or conquering ANYBODY! In fact, the quran and hadith constantly harp on how the Arabs thought Mohammed (ROFIH)* was a demon-possessed madman. Even early 7th Century Arabs thought marrying a 6-year-old was sick.

      Arabs were not truly barbaric until AFTER Mohammed and “Islam.”

      You might want to actually READ your own so-called “scriptures.”

    • Prophet was christian, and you all are Christian, no book have been sent from sky, I can sent you copy of bible through dhl, faster than anything

  22. Again the hypocrisy in Islamic world is glaring. The practice of mutah is almost exclusively a Shia practice and Sunni Muslims actually forbid it. The Arabs from the Gulf states are most likely to be Sunni. But what about the Muslims running the prostitution (Muta) rings, I wonder if they are Sunni or Shia?

    If the ones in Jordan are Sunni, then they are actually violating their own religion.

    But I guess, if you pay the right imams off, anything is permissible in Islam. Just like alcohol and dancing women are allowed for Saudi Arabian elite and royal family — normally haram for everyone else.

    • I don’t think it matters that “mutaa” is a “Shiite” thing. You can bet your buns that Sunnis practice it as well. What about all of the calls from Sunni imams for young muslim girls to go to Syria to support their “brethren” by giving them sex whenever and wherever they want it?

      Since pislam inculcates a destructive false – and dangerous – pride among the males, any and all women, particularly non-muslim, are theirs for the taking.
      Low-life scumbags! You may find out that this pride of being “the best of creatures” is a lie from Satan that pushes you AWAY from the true God. And the 72 virgins schtick is a crock of crap. Used as an inducement on the stupid, ignorant young, sex-starved muslim males by old, miserable imams to get young idiot males to blow themselves up for “allah”. That way, the old miserable muslim men can get more of the young females. When will you idiots wake up to the LIES??? Islam is straight out of hell. And that is all you will get to see if you die for “allah”, a.k.a. Satan.

      • the funny thing is that virgins in arabic can also be translated as raisins. I would love to see the “martyrs” face when allah hands them 72 raisins.
        you know a tree by the fruit that it bears. that’s exactly why so much of the middle east is a living hell.

  23. Hello Wimmin’s Lib!

    After you finish blaming the US/Israel/the West for this fallout from the beneficence of mohammed, consider the cult that calls itself a religion as the source of ALL the problems in that video.

    No islam, no problem!

    • What makes you think ‘allah’ isn’t in favour ? After all he told the putrid mohammed to marry Ayesha at six, and rape her at nine.

  24. god damn muslims they have almost destroyed my compassion and taught me a new way to hate ! but regardless my natural instinct would still be to try and protect these young girls muslim or not . hate dose not quiet own me yet when it comes to the a defenceless child

  25. I felt bad for these girls and women for the first 8 minutes, but then I started to think how much hatred they have for the west and the Jews, in or out of Israel, and how these females would literally dance for joy over genocide of “infidels”, especially of the Jews. Then in the last few seconds after the ten minute mark, the lady cries over the “poor palestinians.”

    Muslims are just horrible.

      • There were some Syrian Jews who spoke at my ACT for America chapter one of them said her mom was fond of saying the only Arab you can trust is 6′ under. I don’t know why she didn’t just say scuzzlum, oops, muslim.

    • Some of these girls and women may just be Christians. Not that I think a Christian father would “sell” his wife and/or daughters; but in desperation? Who knows?

  26. Don’t worry about the fate of these girls, I am sure Obama’s Brennan approved it as yet another legitimate tenet of Islam.

    • If Obama turns out to be the Antichrist – a possibility that still has NOT yet been categorically excluded – OF COURSE he’ll be more than pleased with himself!!!

      The Devil WANTS to take as many as he possibly can to Hell and thence the Lake of Fire with him, and is also happy to maximise suffering and misery in every possible way to the highest possible degree!!! That’s how evil truly gets to its extreme – and no wonder with the Father of Lies…

  27. Islam is a sick cult with a pervert at the helm. Disgusting pedophiles, but don’t tell muslims that, because they will be offended that we think they are disgusting, evil perverts of the lowest order.

    • When aren’t they offended? And this is what some of the progressive liberal women think is just fine! Fools.

  28. “Mutah”?? Ummm, in the west we call that sex trafficking in underage girls, commonly known as pedophilia. What a disgusting bunch of pigs and pervs. Death is too good for them. Nevertheless, nobody deserves it more than them.

  29. That is probably one big reason they continue to push their “religion” so they can do whatever they want to girls, women, little boys and animals too. Sick. Just like MoHAMad did.

    • Brenda, unfortunately this refers to Shia Muslims (non-sunni) who have twisted Islam to suit themselves, a religion of thier own convince. No where in the Quran is Mutah mentioned. It’s like a license for adultery and completely man made by a few twisted people. I suggest people do a little research before commenting.

      • Ali, then it should good Muslims like you that should do something about those practices. They are the ones that you and like minded Muslims should be denouncing, and making sure they are bought before justice, yours, or ours! (Yours would be better, the punishment given out would be harsher, and actually carried out!)

      • What a liar and a hypocrite. Quran 4:24 is the reference where it clearly speaks about having sex by marrying temporarily. In Sunni Islam, it is called Misyar, in Shia islam it is called Mutah. Sunnis are worse than Shias because 99% of Muslim terrorist such as al-qaeda, nusra, fsa, taliban etc all belongs to Sunni Islam. Not even 1% are Shias. What would you like to say about new invention of Sunnis which is called Jihad Al Nikah? In that all Sunni parents send their daughters and brothers send their sisters to Syria to have sex with those terrorist Jihadis. Please expose your dirty face and stop lying to the world. We are not dumb, since we are the one ruling on you and taking your oil. Fools.

        • Mr u son of satan and worse then urgly animal. beause allah say in quran that non muslims are worse then anumal. what u know about islam.islam is pure religion and prophets were muslim. no prophet was non muslim .they were not jewish or cristaion,in islan muta or thing like this forbidden(haram). we muslims considers shias non muslims like ur evil religion. we salute all muslims who are fighting against kafirs(non muslims) for their right.

      • Ali (if that is your real name anyway), such a twist of facts. you probably meant that those sick, salafi, Wahhabi, dick-less gulf state half men are shia muslims of iran … hell no they are bastard sunni muslims ..

      • Why should people research before commenting about Islam, it’s pedophile prophet Mo’Honkey and it’s results shown in the video? If this isn’t true and not what Islam is about, why is it happening? If you and other Muslime or the Islamic Community are angry or bothered by the knowledge of Islam by non-muslims, then what are you all doing to stop those responsible for the attitudes of non-muslims?

        The only people destroying and offended Islam, are Muslims.

    • Brenda think before u talk mohamed never did this..and this is not in our religion that we have to do this…these are people with their own ideas

      • Actually, mo the putrid did engage in violent, sexually dysfunctional acts. They are recorded, for posterity, in sira and hadith. No amount of you mohammadan supremacist assholes claiming to the contrary will change that.

        Perhaps you should “think” and realize that your bitchy little girl cries of “not true” and “lies” only work on those who haven’t thought for themselves.