Proof that the photo of the beheaded little girl in Syria was NOT photoshopped

After I posted this photo of the beheaded Syrian girl, I received some emails saying that the photo was not real, but a product of photoshop. So I contacted the Source for the photo and they sent me the video below that shows it is indeed real.



Here is another link translated that confirms all this brutality and a lot more was done by the rebels.




393 comments on “Proof that the photo of the beheaded little girl in Syria was NOT photoshopped

  1. Too many people saying there needs to be less religion but what everyone doesn’t understand is that religion is not corrupt. It is the people who take the words and twist them into what they wan to justify their actions. We were made with free will and too many people are so easily taken in by what is wrong because it is the easier way to live. Ultimately, it is up to each one of us to do right or wrong. Don’t blame religion blame the person. All the same don’t blame our governing system or Democracy but blame the people who are in control. Both are good things but only without the evils of the men who upholding them.

    • ALL so-called “religions” hailing from the Near East are, in fact, just perversions or delusions, and as such, the EVIL needs stamping out – root and branch!! Semitic delusions are directly responsible for suffering of BILLIONS of Other Species annually. SOME people need to wake up to the FACT that they WEREN’T divinely created – they evolved from the same line as that other VILE creature – the chimpanzee. Ultimately, ALL life came from single-celled organisms, which were made of stuff originally forming the heart of a star – WISE UP, reject semitic fairy-tales, why don’t you??

  2. For the people out there who think this isn’t our problem, It is coming here very soon and it may be your child next. Mr Obama is a friend of our enemies.

  3. This is so fucking terrible that these insane, disturbed minded devils are doing this to these babies. It’s bad enough that they’re brutally murdering children but children of their own nation? This is crazy! I don’t know what kind of “god” they serve, but there isn’t NO GOD that is worth doing this for! It’s a shame that these people can’t think for themselves and serve a “god” that doesn’t even exist! They go out and massacre men, elderly people, women and children and even rape these individuals, all in the name of a god and religion that is suppose to be about peace, harmony, respect, etc? ISIS are like modern Nazis of the Middle East! Nothing bothers me more than people who claim to be something they know nothing about. You want to be Muslim, great. You want to be a religious bigot,, that’s another thing. These are not Muslims, they’re using the Islamic belief for their own sick perversions. I hope Obama does the right thing about these people. I have no idea what can be done, but I have a few ideas. America and the rest of the world has no time for idiotic leaders like Obama. Something needs to be done, and it’s not going to be done on the golf course either.

    • ‘ I don’t know what kind of “god” they serve’

      They are simply reading from their little green book of arabian ignorance and ‘smiting the unbelievers on their necks ‘ – as per the instructions from ‘allah’ – a.k.a. Moloch

  4. This is disgusting and horrifying. Making it worse that our media doesn’t show these images. Our media (U.S.) doesn’t want us to see the horrifying things Muslims are capable of doing in the name of Islam. Our media makes excuses for, rationalizes and protects Islam. I have to get on the internet and read a website like this to get the real story.

    • its a real mess , this world with all these ideas , i prefer to be an observer and thus i enjoy the techings of the Buddha. may you all find peace and compassion towards each other lets be humane and not religious more rational and less emotional!

    • Islam is living proof that the stone age still exists in the middle east. Islam is not a religion, it is a barbaric philosophy led by a bunch of thugs that don’t give a damn about human life. Do you see what muslims do to beings that God created?

  5. The man who is holding the child yells ‘Takbir’ – Allah is the greatest. People are blinded by religion. When they believe that their acts are glorifying God, it takes away their feelings of guilt and ability to judge what is right and wrong for themselves. I am Christian and have met Christians like this too – using God’s Word to ‘justify’ cruelty to other people and religions. I have Islamic friends, Buddhist friends, friends who are atheists and Christian friends – the one thing we have in common is our ability to use our own minds and judgmenent. We are inherently good people. War is about power – people who wage war want power, wealth and control. By making people believe they are fighting for some higher cause, they no longer care about other people, and will do such unspeakable things.

    • so have you asked yourself why is it that amongst all these religions and philosophies – it’s only Islam that has and creates so many problems for itself and people of all other religions?

    • I would not assume that any human, of any faith, is inherently good. Men of all faiths have the blind tendency to enlist God on their side in wars, (c.f. the Wehrmacht wearing belt buckles with “Gott Mit Uns” (God with us) as they served their Nazi masters). We also all have problems with imperfect men claiming to hold a monopoly on God. Since you’re a claimed Christian, how about letting God/Jesus speak for himself.

      Were you to know the fundamentals of you own Christian faith, you’d know that in fact, Judeo Christian belief in original sin and the imperfection of man underlie the basic truth – that “none of us are righteous, not even one” and that we all fall short of the glory of God, and need a bridge to make us whole and bring us towards salvation. Mohammed (a curse on his name) was a liar who led people away from the only life line – Jesus the fully human incarnation of God. Jesus fulfilled the old testament Jewish need for atonement for sins by reaching down to take human form and to take the blame (on the cross) for all sins and imperfections of those who believe in His name as savior. Not one Christian is any better a person for it… but we are called, once we are marked as Christians, to good works of charity and mercy, and not once did Jesus call his followers to convert via the sword (although you might read his comments in Luke 22 on keeping enough swords for self protection…).

      How different then the lies of Islam, that you can EARN salvation through supposedly righteous acts of murder, rape, slavery, and countless other barbarisms, and that the five pillars of Islam (a form of self-salvation through acts) serve as facades to the world of a “religion of peace”. I would urge you to actually go read up on the real tenets of Christianity, before it seems just like another religion, as you interact with all these other faiths. Remember, no one’s heard of Mohammed (the child rapist) rising from the grave lately to bring peace… only Christ did that, and he brought conversion away from sin not by the sword but by love and forgiveness and servant leadership and ultimately serving as an innocent scapegoat on the cross.

      Why is it that Islam has so many problems? Because it focuses on imperfect people trying to save themselves through the violence prescribed by Mohammed (the father of lies) instead of humbly going before God to accept the forgiveness already offered freely through Christ. Then, following from that, standing up with a sword to protect the weak, as we’re called to do.

      May I suggest the gospel of Matthew as a nice starting point for any seekers out there. Regardless of intolerant brands of religion, come on in, the faith is great.

    • You’re still not getting it. It is all mathematical, especially statistics and proportions.

      Do the math, don’t enable the cycle of violence and destruction by denying it’s source.

      • Well, with people like you and your throw out the baby with the bathwater approach, these things will only get worse because you refuse to identify the specific causation of this madness and exactly which group is responsible for the vast majority of terrorist acts.

        You’re a pathetic coward.

    • actually i think the world needs a little LESS religion so that people aren’t killing each other over differences in beliefs. what we need is more personal spirituality and less shoving each others beliefs down one anothers throats. keep your damn religion to yourself

      • What the world needs is more people who can correctly identify the specific threat and not overgeneralize the issue as you have just done.

        Get a clue.

      • @randy63ism. If it wasn’t for all the blind belief in outdated mythology, christianity included, then most of these terroristic acts wouldn’t occur.. America is just as big, if not bigger a terrorist than all islamic nations combined… so, it I you who needs to get a clue my friend. Bush and obama have mass murdered hundreds of thousands through illegal invasions under false pretenses to the credit of blind, ignorant, sheeple like you.

      • I couldn’t agree more with the way you worded your comment on this topic… It’s specifically BECAUSE of these in-your-face, I’m right, you’re all wrong religious nutjobs in the world that continue spurring atrocious acts of inhumanity upon the innocent… Instead of creating a communion of personal growth with their INDIVIDUAL deities, they force their preposterous and absurd views of religion on everyone around them… Thereby creating even more aggression and acts of war and depravity… And in all my 67 years, I’ve been completely against any organized form of man-made religion or imposed god simply for this brutal reality… Leave well enough alone thy neighbor in his own subjugation, and he shall not visit upon thee acts of demonized aggression within moments of spiritual delusion… Kalil Gabran……

  6. I am a retired Physician Assistant with plenty of time in morgues. I can tell you unequivocally this was a botched beheading. And certainly not photoshopped.

  7. John Lennon said it best. Imagine no Religion! That is what the world needs. BAN all religion and all this hatred and shit will stop. Why is it so hard?

    • NOT TRUE that banning ALL religion will stop “all this hatred and shit”. You do not see militant Presbyterians going out and beheading little girls in the name of Christianity. But that is EXACTLY what you see with islam and the doctrine of armed jihad. Take you head out of the sand and enough with the naivety.

      • No, Presbyterians just enable the beheaders with their vile, leftist divestment/boycott Israel garbage, whilst saying nary a word about the slaughter and oppression being waged by muslims against Arab Christians in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, not to mention the Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians that started this whole current round of hostilities that I hope leads to the demise of this group of “Bedouins” who fictitiously call themselves, Palestinians.

        This is not a criticism of your comments above. They are a perfectly valid response to the ill-conceived, absurd “throw the baby out with the bath water” comments from “Not God,” and I totally agree with you. I’m just a recovering Presbyterian who reclaimed my innate, conservative principals and love to take naïve moonbat traitors to task for their love affair with islamopithecine scum and revisionist history. Islam is by far, worse than any other religion, save for the blood-thirsty, mass human sacrifices conducted by the pre-Columbian Aztec priesthood on the high plateau of central Mexico. Even that is debatable since muslims have slaughtered far more human beings in the name of allah than perhaps any other faith tradition combined.

      • Bull shit get rid of religion and the world would be better If the human would learn that when you die the only place you go is in the ground Then maybe they would enjoy what time they have and with peace. Every fucking war or conflict has been about religion in one form or another

      • sgbarnard says “Every fucking war or conflict has been about religion in one form or another”. Really? Actually I can’t think of a single one? Was WW1 about Religion? Was WW2 about Religion? Was the Iraq War about Religion? Was the Vietnam War about Religion? Perhaps you should read the famous “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler to find out what Wars generally are really about.

        Even if all religions were to disappear tomorrow, people would still be killing each other for the same reasons they always have done, namely…

        1) Greed. So you can take what belongs to your victim (most murders, and many Wars fall into this category)
        2) Jealousy. Killing the wife because you suspect she’s cheating on you.
        3) Revenge. Killing for perceived insults either real or imagined.
        4) Psycho’s – a tiny minority who kill simply because they get sadistic and/or sexual pleasure from it.

        The 1st 3 of the above are intrinsic to human nature and thus will always be with us, religion or no.

        As for Religion, well..

        Every other religion teaches love, compassion and empathy for other beings, regardless of their beliefs. Only islam teaches hate for all non-muslims (Kuffar’s).

        Every other religion was founded by a Spiritual leader who lived a life of love and selfless service to his fellow man. Only islam was founded by a violent warlord who spent his life conquering and murdering his “enemies” and stealing their women.

    • Marxist atheists mass murdered ~100 million people during the 20th Century – far more than all other ideologies (even Islam) put together.

      • @John. Are you kidding? We can’t seem to rid ourselves of islam let alone all other faiths, which in itself, islam aside, sounds quite ‘Marxist’ and patently absurd considering how little other religions cause all the misery and suffering that islam causes in this day and age. You are an idiot.

      • Wrong, islam has killed far in excess of 200 million since its inception, it has and will be the most destructive force this planet will ever see, if it is not stopped quickly expect that tally to run into the billions as it moves through the euro trash zone and onto the Americas.

        It is literally either them or us, but our leaders have their heads too far up their collective political diversity ass’s to give an honest damn about stopping this vile religious ideology so we are pretty much screwed.

    • You got it right, exactly right… fucking gods!?…Ya, gods are real, so fucking real that this shit is allowed to happen to little children. The world is a disturbed, sick, pathetic place anymore.

      • Deana, no one is forcing you to believe in G-d or anything else. The image that I choose to believe in is very different than say what Buddhists believe G-d to be. Neither is right or wrong…we are able to respect the fact that our customs, festivals, food choices, deities etc. are our own but we can still appreciate that difference. Why the anger & hate…there are Festivals of religions all the time that EVERYONE joins in on, it CAN also unite! Islam or at least what is transpiring now, is not a group of laws that Tolerates Others. Don’t blame what you may not understand or believe, like G-d, it is MAN’S/WOMAN’S responsibility, G-d doesn’t place a gun in our hands, G-d didn’t even create the things that WE CHOOSE to utilize for good or evil!

    • No need to wonder why this stuff happens. Just read the most idiotic comment ever by ‘Not God’. Good thing you hide behind a fake name you moron.

    • Lennon was a hypocrite. He also said “Imagine no possessions…” while he had more possessions than 99.9999% of the people on earth.

    • Please stop waving the flag of the wife-beating, child-abandoning wanker John Lennon in our faces as the paragon of peace and virtue. He couldn’t even keep his own house in order. And you don’t know much about history if you think “banning” religion is the answer for ending human suffering. Several governments tried it in the 20th century — and the result was 200 million dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, and suffering on a scale that had never been seen before. I don’t want some secular fundamentalist as my overlord, any more than I want a religious one. The problem is and always has been that most humans are ignorant, greedy and fearful, and whether they are organized in a religious state or an atheistic one will make absolutely no difference when they go mad. If you require a refresher course on the excesses of non-religious “governments”, I suggest you look into China’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s purges, and Pol Pot’s genocidal reign in Cambodia. These movements too were led by zealots for “banning” religion. I am greatly suspicious of you, Not God, and the zealous fervor of anyone who tells me their answer is to BAN someone else’s way of believing. You may be just as bad as the religious fanatics you decry.

    • Why ban all religions, there are many way more peaceful than islam and as long as there is islam you would still be classified an unbeliever. I think the ones most willing to go up against islam would be of the crusades mentality. First they will come for the Christians either to convert them or kill them along with the Jews, then they will come for everyone else. You will have nobody left to defend you then. It is time for everyone to join together for the real sake of tolerance. Islam does not tolerate. There was a time we only needed our local police depts to call for help and now we need a complete riot police to break up problems. It will get worse.

  8. sorry, but i didnt even press play on the video, its so upsetting that someone can carry out such horrid crimes. its sick and the people who did this need to be put in front of the firing squad.

  9. Putin was correct about Syria and The Crimea so how do we know he isn’t correct about Donetsk? He certainly has more knowledge(by a huge margin) regarding that part of the country than John Cohn-Kerry, Joe Biden or President Obama all of which was part of Russia until either the 1950s or 1990s.

    the same as most every other war this is primarily an issue of money and population and the religious issue is incidental to economic and overpopulation issues but the common people will follow the clergy much easier.

    when have you ever heard a mob rally to a charismatic speech given by a university professor or a banker, I have however fallen asleep during college lectures.

    this I believe is historically the main importance for having religion…to rally the troops.

  10. The war in Syria is not about islam. It’s all about $$$$…specifically Petro dollars. Look at Gadhaffi and Saddam. They both got killed because they tried to change the payment for oil from USD to Gold Dinars.

    The Saudi’s and Americans want to pipe gas from Qatar to Turkey, but guess what? Syria is in the way and Assad is aligned with Russia.

    Now that Russia has just inked a deal to supply gas to China the Yanks are really pissed. Payment for that gas will be in Russian Roubles. The Yanks are losing their iron fisted grip on the world’s oil supply, and that means they will go to war….but against Putin? I think not. So they will cause more trouble in the ME and eventually millions of muslims will die there.

    Putin doesn’t want the gas pipeline to Turkey….so the war in Syria will rage and many more will die as well….however, as they are ALL muslims I really couldn’t care less. Let’s give them all the guns and ammo they want and let them destroy themselves.

  11. There should be large cargo aircraft dropping guns and ammo….free! and LOTS to every muslim country. Keep making ammo drops ..everyday…millions of free bullets.
    Keep it up for a couple of years and that will eliminate about 90% of your problem. The remaining 10%….send in IDF. Should take ’em about a day or two.

    • hi there is nothing to prove that like the 1st picture even though I believe there is war over there the Regime is killing its own people

      • Well then Hamza, let me repeat Mike’s words, “There is no peace in *islam. If there were, then why did *muhammad establish *islam with the sword and intimidation?”

        Now if Mike is to be condemned to the “depths of Hell for saying those words,” at least he will be in good company since I uttered them too!

        Now may piss be upon you and your porcine prophet too!

        * Small caps utilized to inflict maximum disrespect.

      • @ham za – I get it – you are a troll trying to make muslims look even more stupid, bloodthirsty, spiteful and ridiculous than they already are, right??

        You don’t need to do this at all – muslims plumb a new low every other week – all by themselves. I thought beheading Shiites was as low as they’d go 3 months ago – now it’s beheading young non-muslim girls.

        So, Ham za, your efforts are well-intentioned and funny, but not necessary at all.

  12. why your goverment supports these animals ? because Al Assad isn’t a friend of yours , take a look to your allies in the region (KSA and Qatar) with allies like these you don’t need enemies.

    • Why you ask? Because our government is trying to destroy our country. Our government is unlawful, unconstitutional, increasingly authoritarian, corrupt, evil, inclined towards self-destruction, and downright traitorous with a foreign-born islamunist douchebag at the helm. That’s why.

  13. You stupid little fucks, yea YOU do you know why? Because this war hasn’t got to do with islam its all about the dictatorship of alassad and people are just had ut so they are fighting against him. If you’re going to judge islam just by this website or any other people who hate islam then you’re just too stupid to insult, but no worrys because I was just like you thinking wow how can these people such horrible things but when some muslim actually had a convo with me and some how thought me into reading some of the quran I was shocked because it was and is an amazing relegion like as some people say muslim women hide wear the head scarfs(hijab) and hide there bodies but actually when I read about it, it says that a women have to show her body and self only to the man that she thinks he’ll be her husband because he is the only man who will treat her body in the right way and respect it and of course not just sleep with her and leave her the next day because he is her husband. You see and that was only an example but if you’re going to talk about syrian war and somehow dig islam then you’ll be an ignorant person because in this comment I just told you all about it and yes syria is a country with a muslim majority but so is UAE , its never about the relegion its all about the people and how they apply it so please don’t be an ignorant person you must at least know what are you talking about and not just act judgmental by some people acts. P.s: sorry about the bad start I was just trying to draw your attention I apologies :).

    • “Be smart?” That’s your username? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

      The irony of it must be lost on you too. You’re a subjective moron and a douchebag.

    • Be smart, please don’t apologise, by saying “You stupid little fucks, yea YOU do you know why? Because this war hasn’t got to do with islam” you have shown the ENTIRE WORLD what puslam is really like.
      Puslam is no more of a religion than i’m an Martian, the only goal of puslam is to make the world a caliphate!! then and only then will there be peace!

      Under Sharia law which governs which ALL infidels and muzzies must obey:
      There is no freedom of religion
      There is no freedom of speech
      There is no freedom of thought
      There is no freedom of artistic expression
      There is no freedom of the press
      There is no equality of peoples—a non-Muslim, a Kafir or infidel is never equal to a Muslim
      There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes ofpeople. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.
      There are no equal rights for women
      Women can be beaten
      A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
      There is no democracy, since democracy means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim
      Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia
      Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens
      All governments must be ruled by Sharia law
      Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed
      There is no Golden Rule

      So you know what you can do with that queeran!!!

    • I don’t care WHO the fuck is behind all this carnage and inhumanity. It has to end, and I hope the people’s rath comes down hard on these filthy murdering pigs!

    • Who gives a continental fuck…the more of you maggots that kill yourselves the better the world will be…Death To All Muslims…Thats how you have made the Western World feel about you because of all the Muslims troubles that you have brought to our countries through your Islamic Expansion Plan…Die!

    • ‘be smart’ you r not at all smart and an illiterate like those fools please read the Quran carefully again and then comment.

    • @ be smart, how old are you?? You must be a teenager because, dude, you just got tricked by a muslim. You talk to ONE muslim, and now you’re an authority on islam????? I think you better do a little more reading on the topic before you come on here trying to educate us. Fucking jackass!!!! You are soooooo naïve.

    • @ be smart, did you even watch the video above???? Is this what you consider an ‘amazing religion’?? Does cutting the head off a 3 year old girl strike you as amazing?? Do all the dead children in the video make you feel all warm and fuzzy?? YOU are an ignorant moron. Please don’t post anything else here, it makes you look like an idiot. I’m sure 99% of the people here would agree.

    • Mate you need your head read. Read the whole of Satan’s quran then open your idiotic mouth & speak. As for those woman in that satanic religion they’re stupid enough for staying & getting beaten like some poor defenseless animal. Get your head out of your ass & read between the lines.

    • @be smart- hey cockface, you tell me if that little girl was rebelling against alasaad or with him?
      Its all about islam you dipshit muslim sympathiser.
      Women can wear what they like, and what they wear has nothing to do with religion, so your rebuttle was so lame, if thats your case to say that the quran is amazing and islam, than your just as stupid as the maghot that wrote the quran.
      Why dont you keep reading it and find out what they say about infidels and so on.
      Why are christians being massacared by sunni muslims wen alassad is is shia muslim and doesnt represent the christians. So its not a war about political interest you fucking retard, in actual fact the war is about sunni muslims dont want to be under shia control.
      And if you think that a new muslim caliphate will bring peace it wont, the more radical will pick on the less radical, EG- in a BNI video i watched and ISIS scum told a man to tell a women to change the fabric of her hijab or pay the penalty, thats ridiculous.
      Next time open your parhetic little mouth unless its something usefull.
      Lets se you talk your shit if that was your daughter you fucking dog, go kill yourself

  14. Islam is pure horror and comes out right from hell, islam is the Beast coming out from the damned darkness and will go again to hell. So all followers of islam will commit horrible crimes and lie like Hell Satan. But members of hell will do horrible crimes and they will go to hell that is that place they will stay forever. People from Heaven will do heavenly work, will be light and lovely. Know the difference between Heaven and Hell.

    • I Would Rather Pick Shit Off The Bottom Of My Shoe And Make Friends With It + They Are Not Animals… There Are No Words To Describe What Them Things Are … And Things Is Putting It Lightly

  15. I have an Idea…
    Let them all kill each other off in the middle east. Muslim, Israel,the whole lot of them. Since they want to live like barbarians..let them. They arent here in America. And as far as right or wrong sides…there is none..The very wrong side is our involvement in any of it..Big business is our problem..not our government..which means our people are the problem..
    Lets not forget how we stick our nose into evetyones business then get pissed and go to war under the guise of democracy..which is by the way a farce and propaganda itself. Look at our Constitution and civil rights and tell me theyre in tact. The state and county governments can violate your ” democratic rights at will with no recourse.
    I suggest a study,first on how we became America..We performed insane attrocities upon the Indians..Rape,pillage and plunder.
    Along with oppression. So dont stand there so damn self righteous..We are no better than who we war with.
    And weve allowed big business to sink the nation..via decadent greed
    How about prioritys??
    Ball players…50 mil for someone to sit on a bench…yet soldiers cant get a job or proper medical coverage..go figure.
    So lets stop all the hullabalough on the middle east and change our own glass house.
    Lets keep in mind that had we not interfered with the middle east..911 would have never happened..
    And who are we to tell others how they have to live..Look up democracy before you answer.

    • I would suggest before we just let them kill each other off, two things, 1) Leave Israel and Middle Eastern Christians out of the equation all together. 2) Send your stupid ass over to war-torn Syria so Assad’s soldiers can get some quality bayonet training.

    • Him… Democracy… I wonder how many Americans even remember that the USA was and still is legally a Republic?
      To think that the founding fathers really did know what they where doing over 200 years ago makes me sad to see that when you forget to learn from history you really are doomed to relive it.
      Even in the 1770s They knew that true democracy is a death sentence to a free nation and its people.
      So why is it no longer thought wherth teaching in middle schools? Is in,t that where you start to change a people?
      Just a thought for your werthy consideration…

    • It’s their war, Shia versus Sunni versus whatevers. Guess they have picked dibs on who will take on Israel? Ah, more sectarian violence.

    • Anti Anarchy, at least you’re on the right train of thought here. Best response I’ve seen. You’re clearly not blinded by emotion, it seems you think logically. Glad someone else is on the same page…for all that it’s worth.

  16. The very person carrying the lifeless body of the child could have done it. What I’d like to know is “why?” What motive would ANYONE have to murder a baby like that in the brutal fashion in which it happened? And then, I look at the culture that is bred into the people, and the “religion” which commands its loyal practitioners to strike the necks of unbelievers. If you think that perhaps she came from a Christian family, it all starts to “make sense,” in the most disgusting way possible.

  17. These people are mentally sick VERY sick. My first thought on this is who in their right mind would do this? My second thought was I believe the little girls dad could even do it to further his cause as they have NO regard for females at all…

  18. This is for all the stupid comments about Israel that treat it as a unified block of thought – as if half of the US are low-information citizens who voted into office the most incompetent person for President.

    Israel has its share of leftwing liberal lunatics. The Labor Party is full of them. Shimon Perez is the King Putz of the Left. I read so many derogatory comments about Jewish Democrats as to “how could they vote for Obama when he is so anti-Israel and anti-Semitic?”

    The answer is “Liberalism is a mental illness!” It is like an addiction. you can be from any walk of life and be addicted to cocaine or heroin. Liberalism is no different, It is like getting a lobotomy because liberals are incapable of independent critical thinking and rational thought.

    Jewish liberals are liberals, first and foremost, and if they support Muslim terrorists, as some here claim, it is because they are exactly like the US liberals who have an ongoing slobbering love affair with the scum of the earth – the most brutal, inhumane monsters that ever walked upright – radical Muslims (who are not “radical” but “fundamentalists” following the words of the Qu’ran and Hadiths literally).

    Israel is the only foreign country in the world who gives us a return on our aid. In business, it’s called ROI, and, for starters, 75% of the aid MUST be spent on American products. The rest is used to repay loans.

    Do you use a Windows computer? You can thank Israel for inventing the Pentium chip.

    Israel has more patents, per capita, than any other country in the world. They have improved our weapons technology in ways that we could not. They are experts at fighting terrorism and their knowledge is what keeps America safe from terrorist attacks. They have made huge advances in every scientific field, but nowhere more important than in the field of medicine.

    For a country with only 14 million people, they have produced 186 Nobel prize winners in every scientific field in which awards are given. By contrast, out of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, only eight were Nobel prize winners, and two of those were the “Peace Prize” like Yasir Arafat and Barack Obama won.

    What do we get in return for $1.5 billion sent to our mortal enemies – the Muslim Brotherhood?

    We have sent $1.5 billion a year to Egypt when Mubarrak was in power because he was our ally. Even so, what did we get in return? Nothing.

    We sent $60 billion to Saudi Arabia. What did they give us? 1,200 radical Wahabbi mosques spread across the country teaching their followers to wage holy war on Americans and to exterminate all Jews. Plus, they gave us Bin Laden and fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers which resulted in the horrible deaths of 3,000 of our brothers and sisters.

    We are giving aid to other terrorists in Muslim countries like the Government of Khartoum in N. Sudan – responsible for the genocide of 1.5 million Sudanese Christians and the displacement of 2 million more. They support Boku Haram – one of the most vicious terrorist groups in the world. And these numbers are higher now because nothing has been done to end the bloodshed when they were first reported.

    One last thing. Israel is like having five aircraft carriers in the Middle East, which is to say it allow us to save the cost of having to keep five aircraft carriers in the Middle East to deal with the constant threats that surround our country’s industries, Without Israel, the entire Middle East would become another Ottoman empire because that is still their goal, and that is why the Arab Spring turned into the Muslim Empire winter.

    The Muslim Brotherhood wrote a strategic plan for destroying the West from within, and thanks to Clinton, Bush II, and Obama – especially Obama, their plan of infiltration is moving at breakneck speed.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that, if Israel goes, so goes the USA.

    OUR government have become Israel’s worst enemy in the same way that OUR government has become We the People’s worst enemy. When the DHS hands out manuals to police and military that rank Christians, returning vets, and the Tea Party as being worse terrorists than al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, that should tell you on whose side our government stands.

    Obama is standing with the Muslims as he promised in “Dreams” but it is the Progressives in this country who are responsible for the ugly turn in the winds of politics.

    Read “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg and Andrew McCarthy’s “The Grand Jihad: how Islam and the left sabotage America” before it’s too late to glean the truth from its pages.

    • Drrjp, Yours is the sanest most level-headed comment I have read in quite some time, and you did it without a trace of anger or emotion (unlike mine) in a clear and consise manner.

      I wholeheartedly concur with it. Please come back more often. Your expertise and articulate voice on these issues needs to be heard.

  19. I can’t believe how everybody posting here is a frikkin’ expert on the Middle East and Islam. Until you see the truth about Islam, feel the truth about Islam and experience the truth about Islam you will continue to debate it and make excuses for it until you feel your head become detached from your body. And then it will be too late to do anything about it. – There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim. That doesn’t mean the ones who aren’t chopping off heads wouldn’t or couldn’t or won’t. It has nothing to do with chopping off heads. Those women you see covered from head to toe in black…..You know who I’m talking about right? They don’t want their heads chopped off (no one does) but why do you think they wear that garb? Go ahead and really ponder that question and when your truth’O’meter reaches 100% you will know the answer and the answer will set you free to know why they SUBMIT to wearing a black head-to-toe outfit. Then ask yourself who makes them wear that outfit. (They, of course, will tell you they choose it for themselves, to follow Allah, right?) But understand that there is a force that is directed toward them through Muslim men that ‘encourages’ them to wear those outfits (or else face the consequence for not wearing them). A ‘free will ‘ choice or pressure to SUBMIT. When you understand the meaning of Islam you will understand the truth, the force that invigorates Islam is SUBMISSION.

  20. All Great countries step back …. let these neanderthal, sick, low life, bastards of pigs and dogs; aka Muslims, just kill and wipe each other out .. they will do the world a great Favour!!!

  21. All the good muslims are already dead! So lets let the rest of them kill each other off while we mind our own business! Death to islam!

  22. Obama’s rebels, who are not the standard political rebels in search of fair government. These men are al Qaeda and our Muslim president has armed them and other Muslim murderers. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who attempted to rule and reign over Egypt. Obama is a farce and so is anyone who tries to convince people that Islam is a peaceful religion. Search it online and educate yourself while you can. The UN which is mostly Islamic is attempting to regulate what is allowed on the internet and so the truth about anything will be virtually illegal. The Bible said this would happen. Gear up.

    • obama is a demonic muslim and more bad news. It was George Bush who just couldn’t wait to the the words “they have hijacked a peace religion “, out of his mouth. I am a christian, conservative, and republican but that gives me no excuse to take up for that limp wimp brain to make such suck up comment. The facts are Islam is the religion of the devil himself. Its not only religion but political domination itself.

  23. This massacre took place at Cham Idlib Kvrauad an alawite/christian town.

    Even to think it could be the syrian slaughtering residents of a town in support of the syrian government is quite illogic.

    If you look at the bodies, you will see they’ve been slaughtered somewhere else as there is hardly any blood on the soil. So these terrorist rats (mostly saudi) murdered the children, then put them in carpets and put them all together to fim them… why didn’t they film them at the place were the crimes took place,if it was done by the syrian government forces?

    Like in Libya many of these terrorists are even the same and their methods are often equal too.

    BTW: These scumbags are NO true believers of islam. The murderers are supported by zionist jews, as saudi arabia is an ally of israel (not as the media claims an enemy) They would never attack israel. It’s another dirty game as we know it from the soviet-bolchevic “revolution”, which was financed by jewish banksters and most of the bolshevik leaders were jewish.

  24. None of the complicated arguments matter at all. By far the most flaming obvious, indisputable, totally unacceptable wrong is the wrong of forcing an expressly “Jewish” state into multi-ethnic Palestine. Violent racism does not exist in more obvious form. It SHOULD be obvious that something so wrong, in the heart of the region, and right next to Syria, would have hideous consequences all around. If everyone with an interest in the Middle East would start with that one totally clear and urgently unacceptable wrong, it would soon be ended. It carries on simply because it’s demanded by the 3% of Western populations that gain materially from official “Jewish” advantage – and THEY have naturally been exerting ten times as much political energy as the other 97%. They care enough to make sure they control the outcome of every election. All that’s missing is some OPPOSITION to them – some clearly awakened, natural opposition to our own tax-financing for openly-declared racist violence. Once that’s stopped, oh how SURPRISED everyone will be to see that all the OTHER regional wrongs have lost their center, their purpose in life, the reason for their existence.

    • You Cave Dwelling Knuckle Dragger… The only thing obviously “flaming” is your brain…it has been fried! IF ONLY WE COULD move Israel far away from the uncivilized muck it shines through then the entire region could implode along with the demonic curse that controls minds like yours…bye bye!

  25. Whoever did this is a disgusting and awful individual. Whether we’re talking about the Koran or the Bible, both books say contradictory and terrible things, but when something like this happens, blame cannot be placed on a religious text. It can be blamed on the people instigating this war and killing children. While some of the people that commit these horrible acts follow the Koran, there are still many innocent civilians, muslim or not, who are caught in the crossfire. Look at some of the horrible things “christians” have done in the name of “the bible” my point is, the people blaming a race as whole for these atrocities, need to realize good and evil exist all around the world.

    • Your point is stupid and grossly misinformed in a typical Knee-jerk sort of way. Please explain what “race” has to do with any of this muslim madness. Common sense dictates islam is no more of a race than Christianity. IT’S A BELIEF SYSTEM, STUPID!! NOT A RACE!!

      Now Why are you so stupid as to make irrelevant comparisons between Christianity and islam? Just where the hell in this world today are Christians doing these sorts of criminal acts? You are just another brainwashed idiot who really cares less for the sufferings of others and therefore cynically use them as an excuse for you to get up on your soapbox and shout simply to look important.

      Woman, that soapbox is subjectively weak.

      • randy63ism…sorry, but you seem like a jerk. That is my humble opinion…why should it matter to you what anyone else’s opinion is?…because they offered it to begin with. the way you come across is like, no go head, offer your opinion…then when someone does you call them an idiot. Why not just let it go. I am here to learn as much as i can about the tensions in the middle East, of course i know that it is an issue that has gone on for so long, many centuries, that i cannot do anything to control it, but i can learn all i can to try and arm myself with the best information and do my best to understand how to look at it from every angle. Besides all this, you used the word obfuscate in another post above^^, instead of just saying they clouded the issue, that is just ridiculous. get off your soap-box come down and help people not yell at them.

  26. This is just appalling and depressing as hell…these are the demonic horrors unleashed by those inhumane monsters who keep referring to themselves as the “Free Syrian Army”, who are really just US/Israeli backed-up, trained and supplied terrorist brigades. And that is a fact, considering all the videos seen on the internet by other crimes committed and even recorded by the FSA and published online. Only monsters can commit such horrifying crimes.

  27. in arabic they are thanking allah for helping them to do that. They say “Allahu akbar” (allah is greater) which is a muslim war joy

  28. Does anyone have a translation for this? It sounds like maybe they were Christians that were terrorized by Muslims. I think he is saying “This is what your Allah(god) does” “This is what they do in the name of their Allah(god)”. I could be wrong. I did hear a Allak Akbar chant in there as well.

  29. god must look away in shame in us all. were disgusting creatures..
    empires puppets are nearly as vulgar & deranged as those whose bidding they perpetrate .swines

    • god has done worse…he flooded the entire earth killing all but a few. his only reasoning was his belief that it had to be done. not much different if you stop and think about it

      • Actually, Meth, there’s no good reason to think that God flooded the entire Earth. The word “aritz”, in Hebrew, which was what was said to have been flooded, translates simply as “land”, not “Earth”. In fact, there was no concept of planets whatsoever back then.

        In fact, has it occurred to you that perhaps God only warned Moses that it was going to happen? What I mean is, maybe God wasn’t so much a metaphorical mean kid with a magnifying glass, so much as a great and caring entity who foretold of an impending disaster so that those were listening could save what they could? Furthermore, theologically speaking, isn’t it even possible that although He could arguably have stopped the flood altogether, He knew that He would have (somehow) caused much greater harm in doing so?

  30. It’s just an misunderstood, peaceful religion. Why all the fuss? Obama support the muslim brotherhood. Have you seen the photos lately with the black churches now holding signs that read “Obama saves”? Not Jesus–Obama!

  31. These are normal to those who worship devils. Islam is the satanic cult in the history of humans n they labeled it as a religion in order to brainwash naive idiots to join. Such a pity modern grown ups n educated adults as well as their children promote such vile ideologies to the highest thinking that’s the way of life.

  32. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  33. You know, while this is a disgusting display of wholesale murder and wanton aggression for the sake of aggression, many of you as self professed Christians are forgetting the single most evident tenet and possibly the most valuable tenet of christianity, and that being ‘it is God who deems the cleanliness of a man’s soul, because Man was born with original sin, and is therefore sinful until redeemed through christ, and therefore unable to be a judge of his fellow man. God is Purity, Man receives purity through God.” This is atrocious and someone does need to stop this sort of crime against humanity, but certainly not a one of you has the right to stand here and scream judgements at one another.

    That being said, Obama has visibly sided with islamic extremists, and denounced God’s chosen people. If he wishes to suffer, he can do so, but you do not have to suffer his choice. You can CHOOSE, to support Israel, as I have, and you can CHOOSE, to Follow God through your daily actions, but certainly, you do not get to choose which tenets of christianity are right and good at the time. Just sayin’.

  34. Some of you are telling to kill all Muslims. Well, that’s precisely what your government is doing. Your America, together with Israel, Great Britain and France has joined sides with the bastards of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are training deranged psychopaths to kill such little girls. And all in order to erase the secular, tolerant Syrian government that has hitherto allowed Muslims of various denominations and Christians to live together peacefully. You Americans are responsible for all of this, together with Israel and the fundamentalist Islamists you are backing. They are the muppets of your government and innocent people whom you so elegantly call “sand niggers” are the ones who suffer from your deranged, cynical geopolitical (war)games. You are despicable.

    • ElD, WE Americans are supporting Assad. Our government traitors are supporting al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. B. Hussein Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and if we had it our way, he would be rotting in jail for the rest of his life or hanging after being convicted of treason.

      Half of America didn’t vote for this POS. So don’t blame all of us.

      We are very happy about what has happened in Egypt with the overthrow of Morsi. That’s not to say we like Muslims. We don’t like most of you.

      • Ok, thanks for the clarification, I may have had the wrong impression after reading some of the comments. Although you got the last part wrong, I´m catholic, regard Islam as a false religion and am generally suspicious of muslims. This however does not mean I don’t see differences between various factions or that I’m a supporter of sectarianism or violence against the innocent, many of whom are muslim. Which is why comments of the “kill’em all” type make me furious.

  35. This standard operating procedure for the those practicing the black magic of the occult. These “al Qaeda” armies have been programed as such.

    Only the purest innocent, usually a young child is chosen for sacrifice. It is believed by these monsters that the most “power” is derived from these types of sacrifices, as the energy “split” by killing children is of the highest type.

    Make no mistake about it, these people really believe the greatest “good” can only be derived from the greatest evil, for they believe in the duality, two Gods, one good, the other evil, and serve the evil one, perform these horrific acts to gain the blessing of Satan.

    This is an evil older than the diaspora, dating back to Babylon, and then the Egyptian Book of the Dead; and those forces now attempting to control the planet are steeped in the occult. Tell everyone, everywhere, we are all vulnerable now.

  36. yep yep ..yepp’s all true okay –

    but the problem is non of us know the exact truth behind all these death – like who is really responsible killing these innocent people – are the rebels causing all these death or is it the army –
    we know well the Government – and the army can’t afford to look bad and kill their own people so who needs more sympathy by showing dead innocent bodies ???? Of course the rebels ….

    You see I am an Iranian and I know how Iran was wrecked by lies and games – very similar to this – and look where Iran is at now…

    how do you know that you are distributing the exact truth – to help all the innocent people you need to be careful not to help the enemy by advertising what they want you to advertise …………… otherwise you too are helping the beheading of innocent people…

  37. Bottom line is that as long as there is sin in this world, there is war, hate, crime. We need to proclaim the love of God that forgives, restores and reconciles. HE is the only way. We hate sin, but we love sinners – we hate Islamic war, but we love Muslim – “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life”.

    • There is no God …he would not allow this to happen …
      God is in the minds of the followers only ….
      ~~~**pass out the popcorn**~~~

  38. Many, many people in the West, especially America, tend to confuse Islam and the other established religions of the world. First, Islam is NOT a religion. It is a cradle-to-grave blueprint for living life. Secondly, there is no such concept in Islam of a “Separation of Church and State,” it goes against their ideology. Thirdly, Islam was founded by a murderer, a criminal, a thief, and let’s toss in about a half dozen other socially, morally and religiously unacceptable attributes….Mohammed. Pretty much the entire history of Islam has been about theft; the theft of “religious” ideologies-from Christianity, Judaism, Mithraism, and several other religious beliefs that were prevalent in the Middle East Region during the 5th and 6th centuries A.C.E. From a sociological or historical perspective, there is little that is genuinely unique or novel about Islam or its products. There are reasons why you don’t see Muslim Nobel Peace Prize awardees; there aren’t any Muslim inventions-not that are embraced by the world or a majority of peoples in the world. I’ve read all the posts here, and I used to contribute to BNI more regularly, MP Mike, but because of work, had to limit my time on the website. There is a pretty common thread here, and that is that emotions drive many of the replies. It’s difficult to eliminate emotions, and I wouldn’t advise it, but, when it blinds one to the facts, then it’s a problem. I suggest more of you/us go out and get better educated as to what Islam is and what it isn’t. Westerners are the LEAST educated of the world’s people when it comes to this topic. Let me conclude by saying, I spent four years briefing civilians, military, contractors and other preparing to go overseas to work with the US Army Corps of Engineers….the way of explaining Islam to these folks was to tell them that ALL the major religions of the world have gone through an infancy, adolescence, and are now into their adulthood…..Islam has NEVER gotten out of their adolescence period. Until or unless they do, MOST of this ugliness, cruelty, and abominations against mankind will not cease.

    • Let me precis that for BNI readers:

      A N A L L Y – R E T E N T I V E

      ALL followers of mohammed are anal-retentive (anal for short).

      A term used to refer to a person with an inferiority complex, but who has been told that they are “the best people ever created”, who feels a need to be in control of all aspects of his or her life and surroundings, including controlling those who want nothing to do with said anals.

      If you want to cut short a conversation with said anal, just say ‘anallah’, or remember the AR at the end of allahu akbar, shouted millions of times every year, especially when someone is being shot in cold blood, slowly beheaded, or a barracks/mosque is being shelled.

  39. i wonder why people are trying to show the Islam is reason for what happening in Syria ! it’s hard for you to understand because you never lived like them you never suffer like them .. and you are trying to be wise in life and simply saying , look this Islam !!!I wonder ? when Muslims killed in Iraq by American soldiers with cold blood ! did you think about human rights that time ! or in Serbia or Burma or in Palestine.
    it’s obviously that you don’t care and you never care . with all this sorrow in the world , i am so proud of the Islam because when i compare between what people doing against Islam and what Islam did for you .

    • Ake, gee why would we do that? You have Sunni (al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood) Muslims trying to overthrow Alowite/Shia Muslims. Can’t imagine what that would have to do with Islam.

      The only thing I am sorry for is that the US wasted money and so many lives defending muslims in Bosnia. Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. As far as I’m concerned we didn’t kill nearly enough.

    • Ake, have you ever heard the term, ‘ass backwards?’ It describes you to the letter. When you pray, you must head lift instead of ass lift! Geez, you’re stupid, which is not surprising considering how average muslim intelligence is so much lower than non-muslim population groups. It is bad enough that you morons are hopelessly inbred and too stupid to realize the damage done to muslim DNA from the ignorance of marrying your close relatives for several generations, but when combined with all the bullshit lies that your imams and authority figures drum into your small heads from such an early age and a cultural propensity to blame other cultures for all the problems muslims bring upon themselves, it is no wonder muslims still live in the 7th Century, and stupidly, unjustlfiably still think yourselves superior to your non-muslim betters.

  40. I too have not had children for this reason! This world is so evil and life is full of hardship, sickness and then death. Without Christ then there is eternal damnation. Thank God for sending his son to save us from our sins!

  41. The one and only way to deal with all these nations is to segregate them build walls around them and if they try to leave destroy them don’t do any form of business with them isolate them 100% treat them like animals farm them re educate them and send all supporters to live with them in maybe 3 or 4 generations of”reeducation” and this problem will be solved for good either that or except that religion in any form is wrong cause anyway you look at it its a form of control ALL FORMS OF RELIGION those that disagree, do cause they no without religion they lose there power to control people. Be u Christan Muslim or pink purple or green.

  42. I love America, like the UK you are in the process of losing your country forever.
    Anjem Choudary the UK Muslim agitator, sat in your TV studio and made a filmed interview in which he warned; “our Muslim flag will fly over your White House soon”
    Your people didn’t know what to do or say, nor did mine.
    You have guns, you’re lucky, use them, I wish I could.
    Start to kick them back out of your country before its truly too late.
    Get out of the Middle East, let them slaughter each other.
    Slam your doors shut and take no more in.
    That is what I fight for in the UK.
    Finall, dump your Muslim loving President.
    Someone said it; we should nuke the fucking lot of them.
    They are Evil incarnate.

    • RR, we know Chouderhead. He needs to be behind bars for inciting violence. I can’t believe the UK gives that terrorist enabler police protection not to mention lets him live on welfare and probably free housing when he is a licensed lawyer.

      Yes, I am glad so many of us have guns here. We will not roll over for muslims, especially the one squatting in our White House. Half the country voted for Obama because they are entitlement whores or far left commies. And our Republican party is not much better save for a few. But I am
      encouraged by seeing conservative politicians starting to win elections over socialists all over the world.

      We have 3+ years of Obama to endure when he should be on trial for treason and behind bars for aiding and abetting our enemies.


  44. Proof that the US Government is beheading children. The US State dept. funds the CIA, CIA funds and trains the Al-Qaeda “rebels” (alCIAduh) Those very same rebels, under orders from both the Pentagon and CIA are used as a tool to cause havoc and overthrow sovereign nations who are NOT owned and operated by the Rothschild family (Same family Hitler shares lineage with) This families goal, among its other Bilderberg members, is to rule the world, literally! Time to wake up to the TRUTH and remove your tin foil hats and CONspiracy Theory garbage already. It’s time to put the big boy pants on and man up…

  45. When a person goes to war because of his Leaders say so… and also keep in mind… all wars get started by a false flag… He goes to another country to kill. I believe that if the guy who went to another country to kill and end up getting killed himself… he fucking deserved it. Look at the flip side. If someone came to your country to kill, you kill him and he deserved it.

    Now for these children. What in Gods Greatest Fuck is this shit about. These kids did not go to their country and kill. They got Killed in their country.

    Guess what. These sick fucks just proved the Bible to be true. It says in the Book of Revelation’s that Christians will be killed.

    You sick bastards. For once I have to be honest. I wish USA will go there and stick their rockets up their ass and lock 99.9% of them up in Guantanamo Bay… Just this once

  46. Swedish government gives asylum to each person from Syria = 22 million people free way to Sweden and Europe. We are fearing slaughter on the streets in Sweden committed by murderers from Syria. Help us!!!

  47. I’m crying’ for those kids plz dont judge ppl by cover book R.I.P God only take a gud ppl then bring all of them into heaven…

  48. The FSA/Al Qaeda/Al Nusrah did this and they are funded by the U.S./Israel/Saudis so wake the hell up. Assad was supported by 90% of the country. He has been fighting the Rebels/Al Qaeda for two years now, trying to save the people and the country from falling into the hands oof the animals that have this and 100,000 other deaths. The rebels are on camera saying they will kill women and children, young and old, they don’t care. Evidence shows MOSSAD/CIA snipers started the carnage and they have tried make it look like a revolution by the people to overthrow Assad. Bullshit!!! It is not a civil war. WE-OUR GOVERMENT HAS BEEN GIVING THESE MONSTERS FOOD, WEAPONS, MONEY to overthrow Assad. It is not about regime change as much as it is about completely destroying this country and killing ALL of the Syrians and taking the country over!. That is what Israel wants. Explain the contracts that Israeli agents have signed with foreign entities for the mineral rights for oil and such AND THEY DO NOT OWN SYRIAN LAND!!!!!!! This is another war crime country takeover by the Global Elite run by the Zionists at the top of the food chain!!! Wake the hell up. Destroy the real monster and the rest of this hell on Earth will stop!!!! Wake the hell UP NOW!!! WAKE UP!!! SNAP OUT OF YOUR STUPOR!!!!

    • bill, yep, every conflict in the world is Israel’s fault. Israel causes earthquakes, tsunamis, the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, 9/11, yep, everything bad in the world is Israel’s fault. Israel controls the USA, and all the Arab nations and Europe too. There was a huge fire on the Jersey shore today which was just rebuilt after SuperStorm Sandy destroyed it last year and Israel did that too. It’s amazing how just 6 million people can control the other 7-8 billion in the world.

      • Bill, why would Israel support the Islamists( who hate Israel and everybody else) to overthrow Assad, and then they would go after Israel….it does not make any sense. Assad’s father ,Hafez Assad, in the 70’s/80’s was already fighting against the Sunny fundamentalists -Muslim Brotherhood ( Obama’s friends)-who wanted to take over the country and kill the minorities, hence the battle in Hama, that the west call the Massacre of Hama.The MO started it and Assad invaded the town to avenge the people massacred by the and kicked the MO’s ass. In 1930’s the grandfather of Assad alerted the French about the danger the Sunnies posed to the other minorities. This is an old situation.It has nothing to do with Israel….Educate yourself instead of having diarrhea of the mouth

    • Hey bill, just a simple question for you. Would you pop an artery if I told you Reynolds Wrap was a Jewish-owned company?

      “Oh no!! It’s those confounded, Zionist Joooooooooooooooooss again!!!”


    • Hey bill, just a simple question. Would you burst an artery if I told you Reynolds Wrap is a Jewish-owned company?

      “Oh no!! It’s those confounded Zionist Jooooooooossss again!!”

  49. So my question is what is the alternative. Why even get involved? No matter who wins we have evil running that country like so many others. We either kill of the whole religion of Islam or we learn to live with how they treat each other. There is no “fixing” them. There is no democracy. There is no amount of humanitarian aide that will change who and what they are. Please tell me why we waste the lives of our young patriots or the billions of dollars we spend to make their lives better of they choose not to change how they live????

    • No matter how many times we have sent troops and billions of dollars to help muslims, they hate us anyway and they never change. I say let them kill each other and make sure they never get into this country. I would deport as many as I could and end all muslim immigration, even from non-Muslim countries.

      • Hurrah! Hurrah! I totally agree with you, BNI. I wish all these muslimes would leave the west. However, mosques are sprouting all over the area where I live, and wherever I go I hear them talking and see those women in death costumes . It’s so disturbing, it started to be like this after the Iraqui war , and it has really increased since the Muslim in Chief was ellected.We are sitting ducks to the traitor politicians and the invasion of muslimes.

  50. but in cowardly, Islam adoring England, our schools are instructed to teach that islam is the religion of love………..we are ”PROUD”..??? of having built 1600 mosques in the U.K.

  51. Ms BNI, I don’t know what happened, but I’m back. For some reason, I haven’t been getting your new posts. Then I get this one~!
    What with all the inbreeding, infighting, and internecine hatred, we can hope that islam will take care of itself~!
    Sadly, the innocent ones are the ones paying the bills of shaitan.

  52. The sickest c’nts in the world to do this, no doubt about it. This does not appear to be photoshopped at all; those saying so are IMO totally deluded. From friends in the region, this would no way have been done by Assad’s people.

    As a newbie here, I thank BNI for bringing all of these news items to one place.

    BTW BNI, did you see the news about the suicide bombers in Mogadishu overnight?

  53. This is so pitiful. As usual,the children are the truly innocent victims of all of this hate and rage.these pics should be on the front page everyday.Alot of people are still ignorant to what is happening.Most even think that the jokes about marrying a 6yr old is ok,is all a joke,the truth exaggerated in humor…I pray for the children and thank our allmighty Lord that my children (and myself) were born in the United States…we are truly blessed to live where we do….No matter the problems,massive as they may be,We are BLESSED!!!!!

  54. Muslims are not human. Humanity has been diluted and diluted until it has been bred out in centuries of consanguinity. These are not people, consequently you will not ever get through to them. The brilliant ones who have escaped obviously have enough human genetic makeup left to make informed choices. The rest do not. You can’t reason with them, you can’t be understood by them, they don’t feel pity or compassion – and they absolutely will not stop, until we are all dead……wait, that sounds vaguely familiar….

  55. @Jim, how can you claim to be a Muslim and you won’t slit throughts of infidels or stone adultresses? You are not following in the footsteps of your “Prophet” Mohwmmad..

  56. I am a from a religious Muslim family & I support some of quran’s rules such as killing the people by law (as in Rapists, Murderers and drug dealers). But I do not believe in stoning or slitting up people’s throats as punishment. You kill a cow to get an steak but you certainly don’t do it as if you were having fun.
    There are about 2 billion muslims out there; but you have to know not all of us are superstitious hypocrites or psychopaths…. Like I said my family is religious, but my Sister goes to Harvard and I am dumb as shit! My parents supported my sister in every steps even when she started dating an American christian guy which is against the law of Islam (as far as I know).
    Everyone has their own beliefs but when it starts to hurt others, the credibility of that law/rule/belief is definitely questioned.
    I LIVE in Australia and I have a lot of Jewish, Christian friends. They are great people. They certainly dont think I am gonna end up blowing them up or I dont think they are my enemies just because of some irrational shits…
    This is 21st century. At least try to cope up with it. I believe something, you believe something, but make sure it doesnt hurt anybody. When a random pedestrian hits you, you don’t hit him back, you go to the police. You dont have to kill somebody by the name of Jihad; what used to happen 1000 years ago, it happened 1000 years ago. forget about that, make friends with people’s humor, wittiness and charm; not judging them by religion.
    I am a Muslim but I am a human being first,
    Not a murdered

    • You are a murder first , any member of islam is a brain washed zombie or a worshiper of lucifer . Get out of islam or prepare to die early; At the hands of your religious rulers or those that refuse to be infected by their spiritual disease.

      • Wow, now in the flow of your Islamophobia you are labelling even Bashar-al-Asad as a religious leader. – Until now he was propagated as a staunch secular or communist by the west, but now even he has become a ‘religious leader’. – ”Pants-Off’ to your bigoted zealotism against Islam.

  57. Islam has slaughtered 80 mil Hindus, 10 mil Buddhists, 60 mil Christians, 120 mil Africans, scores of mil Muslims and has enslaved at least 400 mil people and it still kills and enslaves as we speak. Islam has killed more humans than all the other people on this list combined. Only malaria and influenza have killed more humans than Islam. Perhaps The Plague & smallpox have killed more but both are no longer killing. For more info see ‘Satans Triniity: Hitler, STalin & Muhammad” available at

  58. Islam is a sick religion… they exist from war and death… all over the world where we can find a war we will find Muslims there, all over the world when you’ll hear the word terror, you will immediately think about Muslims…

  59. Nice try, Rox.

    Read the Qur’an, Sira, and Hadith…

    They’re all chock FULL of violence against non-Mohammedans, justifications for wife-beating, Mohammed’s pedophilia, racism, genocide, misogyny, piracy, brutality, insecurity, possible impotence, and egotism. Further, Mohammedanism (Islam) holds this “man” up as the example for ALL adherents to this political ideology/personality cult disguising itself as a ‘religion.’

    The taqqiya doesn’t work, here.

    • The mooselims are so stupid that they defend a killer, a rapist, a pedophile and just a ordinary criminal man. The stupidity of a mooslim is about worshipping an ordinary criminal and looter as a holy prophet and they make out of this ordinary criminal man a god. They should be ashamed of their stupidity. What is the God of a killer and criminal, this is Satan.

  60. You people have no idea what Islam means. You assume everything you see in TV is true, but is nothing but anti-islamic propaganda. And in that way, u make the same mistakes that some radical islamists do: believe that all americans, or westerners, are evil.

    • There are no Buddhists left in India. Wonder why? Before the Moguls (muslims) took over there were millions. After, none. Exterminated to a person. Hindus survived because they fought.

    • Islam is man made, it is a product of a humans mind, and you can make projections about a believesystem as much a human mind is producing some kind of fantasy. You are just happy about the word islam and nothing else and you are happy to stay with people who have been united under a faithsystem. This is a psychological trick and a kind of fascist system. You can drop islam and be happy but do not try your fascistic methods.
      Islam is in fact a fascist system. Good for weak minded people who are not able to develop an independent mind.

  61. This pissed off Aussie says it’s time for another Hiroshima – these feckers cannot live in peace, not even with each other, time to exterminate & get the world back on track.

    • Because even more radicalized Muslims would be “justified” in taking a cue, calling their dead brethren “martyrs” and committing similar acts of violence here and in other non-M.E. countries. There are between 2-8 million Muslims in the US alone who’d LOVE an excuse to further condemn the West and its ways. I vote to remove all financial, military, medical, and educational support from the M.E. and see how long they last.

  62. Can you imagine, just for a second, the world reaction if it had been Israel doing this? of course this would never happen, the IDF has morals that completely prohibit anything like this. but probably in the future, somebody will try to make out that this was from Gaza, sigh….

  63. By hating them, you people have become just like them. Don’t let hate reign in your hearts. Continue to do good my friends

    • Right, O’ compassionate one. Would you say the same thing if she was a Christian which I was under the impression she was.

  64. “So Ignorant and heartless?” May I remind you that these things are happening in muslim countries, by muslims, against muslims, where such behavior is endemic, not Western ones. Yet still, you muslims will undoubtedly look for a way to blame all this carnage on the West, especially the “dreaded Zionist entity.” We’ve come to expect that, it’s the typical muslim default setting to blame others for the cultural degeneracy and utter moral rot of muslims in the muslim world where life is cheap.

    May pork be upon you and your prophet Moe too!

    • Don’t hold your breath. After spending some time in three of their hell holes, I have given up hope in their collective redemption. Individually however, many of them do have their epiphany and leave islam to become respected, normal human beings like the rest of us. Those kind are truly good, but their innate goodness is in spite of islam, not because of it.

  65. so ignorant and heartless comments !!!
    I do not care whether you like or curse Islam , but it is really dangerous (very dangerous on the human kind ) when all you up there see this picture of an innocent girl killed by the regime of Assad in Syria using explosive barrels dropped from a plane on Residential neighborhoods where people demonstrated for freedom from a dictator .
    I thought western are more humans (or at least less ignorant) .

    • MA, got any proof that Assad did this? Don’t go buy the video dialog, the al-qaeda jihadist rebels blame everything on Assad. Yet only the jihadists like to see beheaded children.

      If you think Muslims of any kind are going to get sympathy here, you have come to the wrong place.

      • I live in Croatia, Catlic country. Muslims live in my country and they dont kil no one children.They do not mind no one, they are not harassted or not harassming no one. They are normal people like eweryone else. Why do you American people have so much problem with muslims while rest of world dose not? Why is thats theyr foult. And wtf god have to do with it? Open eyes and stop suporting violance, and you wil not have problem with no nation or rase. Stupid people glorifie they country that have bin in 125 wars from theyr exsistence. Kild milions of childrens,womens, mans. Slaved one race, exterminate beautiful colture. You have histori of fucking and rapeing ewerithing you touch and stil say god bles America. God have nothing to do with u as he have nothing to do with those children. Its pure evil and only thing that America see in it its profit, positioning, tactical manuvering in worl domination. Money spent on wepons culd save all hungry in world. Then you culd say god bles us… this way you are dark side spreding only deth. No good ewer come from your wars. Learn your history, its small book of wars and blad hends.

        • Sidarta, You are one f*#ked up, blithering idiot. “Why do you American people have so much problem with muslims while rest of world dose [sic] not?” Really? Pay attention, “…rest of the world dose [sic] not?” What the hell? I didn’t realize Croatia was another planet for Christ’s sake, because if you believe that little gem of abject stupidity, you cannot possibly be living on planet Earth. Here’s a clue, oh clueless one, Why don’t you ask the Buddhist monks of Myanmar why THEY have problems with muslims. Why don’t you ask India’s Hindus why THEY have problems with muslims. Why don’t you ask the Rural folk in southern Thailand why THEY have trouble with Muslims, the Russians, the Chinese, Israelis, Sub-Saharan Africans (hint, church bombings in Kenya just a few days ago) Pakistani Christians. Hell, you might as well start your query a little closer to home and ask your fellow Europeans why THEY have problems with muslims. I could go on and on! Your comments are rank stupid. In fact, I bet you’re so stupid that you think you can pick up a turd by the clean end! Face it, you’re dumber than a mud fence in the Amazon River basin! You are one mentally skewered moron. None of this is rocket science, the proof is out there for all to see, if they put aside their pre-conceived subjectivity and open their eyes. It is quite obvious you are full of anti-American propaganda, in fact, so full of it that you are completely unaware that at least half or more of the comments posted on this very topic are from places other than the United State. Hell some could very well be from your own city.

          You need brain food.

  66. sometimes, i think they are really animals in human forms. can words make animals understand?. can we face wild animal using words?. I hope there are humanity in their heart, and that humanity grows bigger and destroys their fucking ridiculous and barbaric tradition. blahblahblah, you said islam brings you all out from paganisme etc, the truth is you become more and more barbaric, ruthless and crazy like animals for islam and the black stone you kiss.

  67. This is just so “vile” … its gut wrentching! .. It tears the heart right out of you, how can .. could, anyone do that to a child? And I know I heard the word “kufir” spoken; but “Allahu Akbar” was said repeatedly throughout the video. Islam is of satan … there can be no other answer.

  68. Ok I’m not usually the person that says things are fake…but I think those bodies are fake. Seriously, I think that maybe they are mannequins or something because that guy picked up the headless girl like she weighed 5lb & her arms looked very rubbery–they weren’t limp at all. I’m just saying…we have no idea what the purpose of that video was…it could have been someone making a movie about the black market or something completely unrelated to what it is claimed to be

    • RM, if rigor mortis had set in, they wouldn’t be limp. Muslims use these kinds of videos all the time, usually against Israel to blame them for everything, even when it is their own people who killed the children. In this case, each side is blaming the other, but it seems like the rebels have caused most of the civilian deaths there.

    • Rmullenax – Come on … that little girl is all of 5-yrs old, my grandson is a 5-yr old and I can easily pick him up and he’s big for his age. That’s not staged its horrifficly real.

    • Have you ever handled a dead body? Seen one up close? Ever had to pick one up and move it? I have, I spent two years working for the M.E. hip deep in death every day, So I am pretty sure, I know it when I see it. I don’t see this as fake I am very sad to say. It looks very very real to me.

    • I am a retired Physician Assistant with plenty of time spent in morgues. I can tell you unequivocally that hers was a botched beheading. Are you a Holocaust denier too?

  69. I watched the video, God, the stupidity, the stupidity …
    Maybe we’ll wake up when this comes to our neighborhood.
    And, goes to show again that Muslims have utterly no regard for their children.
    What a crime against humanity and children this is.

  70. “It’s Photoshopped” is the nuevo whine of those who aren’t emotionally developed enough to accept the truth. Even with the aircraft landing lights shining directly into their eyes, they refuse to see them. Pretending things like this aren’t real is blatant self-hate and its commensurate lack of the instinct of self-preservation, and, obviously, eventual self-destruction. Looking at this sort of thing squarely is the only thing that’s going to wake us up and mold us into what we must become to fight this madness.
    Islam is poison.

    • Alternatively it’s ‘projection’. Don’t forget the PhotoShopped pictures to denigrate Israel, and by a Press Agency, no less. Sinislam bastards all.

  71. This video shows Muslim Shia killing Muslim Sunni and vica versa. I particularly found it disturbing to the core of my being when the man was holding up the beheaded child and saying Allahu Akbar – Takbir repeatedly.

    This is a Muslim on Muslim civil war and the lesson here is that this is what Muslims in Syria must do to instill fear into the hearts of their Muslim enemies.

    Is it any wonder why our American troops with all their ROE’s are seen as weak and unwilling to spill blood and essentially be like them.

    Thank God we are not like them. Unfortunately at some point the American people are going to have to harden up to the reality of what our enemy is capable of and retaliate with overwhelming force.

    Thanks for posting this video as disgusting as it is. This video is a wake up call to the world around us.

    God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops

  72. Its really amazing that people can be so stupid to think the world economy functions by only banks. Banks are really just clearing houses and places to park money for a while. Global economy for all the dummies need to research and see how utterly complicated global economics are. Might make his head explode. lol

  73. Amazing family members of murdered children, and they also shout allah akbar.
    How wierd is that. Just goes to show they are all one in the same evil religion

  74. and just to think our governments are arming these scumlims, have they no shame , because they know that this is going on

  75. As far as Im concerned all muslims are responsible for this. If their religion wasnt so perverted and sickening , this wouldnt happen. All muslims and your incidious perversion you call a religion of peace will all go to hell. No virgins, No little boys ( perverts) just eternal damnation. My absolute hate for muslims has reached an all time high.

    • All religions are perverted and sickening! Muslims are definitely among the worst of the worst… But, all religion is bad. Period. Don’t get me started on the BS of Christianity and the foolishness in the Bible that people believe. Until organized religion is abolished, crimes like this will continue to happen. People are fighting endless wars for some made up fairy tale Skydaddy… it’s not just sad, but RIDICULOUS!!!

      • CLP, you are only allowed to trash one religion here – islam. There are thousands of websites where you can bash any other or all other religions…not that anyone here considers islam a religion.

      • That is the same kind of idiotic liberal thinking that tells us taking guns away from law abiding people will stop all the gun violence, it will not. I am an avid supporter of my gun rights and have no intention of ever using a gun if I and mine are not in immediate peril. But I WILL have them for , God forbid, the time I may need them. Peace loving people of faith (I am one) are sickened by this sort of unthinkable act right down to the marrow, It is not religion, it is evil, in it’s purest form that does this. Oh, and by the way…My faith is no fairy tail to me thank you very much.

      • Carolyn, Does your foot normally protrude from your mouth. Islam is the only perverted Religion. Don’t bash Christianity because you haven’t found it.. Open your eyes and ears..I will say a prayer for you, since you are too blind to see the light.

        • Do you really think that Christianity hasnt committed atrocities in its name. You must be deluded if you think ANY religion has the right to kill in Gods name. Islam may be the worst at present, but ALL religions have murdered.

        • Dear kelly Wright, Carolyn is right, Christianty is based upon lies and torture, just like Islam, There is no physical proof that God exist. Science is the way not organized religion. The 10th Century Pope Leo VIII. said, quote.”This myth of Christ serves us well.” That is from a Pope. . I hate Islam and Christianty.

        • To Brosnan

          Please do your due diligence before posting such an inflammatory post.

          Although the quote is commonly attributed without source documentation to Pope Leo X, it is believed to have originated in a satirical piece by a Protestant controversialist named John Bale (1495-1563) titled “The Pageant of the Popes” (source). Bale wrote:

          For on a time when a cardinall Bembus did move a question out of the Gospell, the Pope gave him a very contemptuous answer saying: “All ages can testifie enough howe profitable that fable of Christe hath ben to us and our companie.”

          So, the line you are quoting was from a playwright

          Read more:

      • There is Christianity and then there is knowing Jesus. Big difference Jesus said love those who hate you! read the bible it is his personnel letter to humanity. people mess up Christianity no God. He is good and promotes all that is good.

      • CLP, You are obviously an Leftist idiot! Yes a lot on People have been killed in the So called name of Christianity… NONE of that was done as a instruction of ,or example of Jesus Christ! Not the case of Islam… the Koran and Hadeth (“sayings of Mohammad”)… Also, If you are referring the Old Testament, IF you Read, study, and trace the lineage of the people; you will see that God directed the different leaders of his people to conduct war and Killing of people that (if you study and trace the lines) ultimately became what we now know as….. Islamic Muslims!!
        And After Jesus came.. he set the NEW covenant and preached and set examples of how we are to live…. and HE NEVER said..kill Non-Christians. Do some REAL study before you speak!!

    • YOU ARE AN IDIOT who hasnt ever studied ANY religion. They all have gross and sickening things. Muslims have QUITE a bit in common with Christians, which I assume you to be, though you may be a agnostic or something else. Either way you are an idiot and you CANNOT BLAME AND ENTIRE RACE on something a group has done. Lets settle with calling them TERRORISTS, which they are most assuredly regardless of the race or creed they call their own.

      • One of the big problems with islam is that even the moderates will collapse when told to be jihadists or die. The moderates are not drawing attention to themselves and I can’t blame them there since you have no alternatives with this pathetic, destructive cult. When push comes to shove, the moderates will follow meekly along to avoid their blood being shed.

        In addition, Mr. F-C, we are speaking in the present time…NOT ancient history. What cult NOW is urging its members to kill/behead everyone not of like mind? Certainly not the Jews or Christians or Bahai’s or any other you can name other that the cult that follows the sick teachings of Mohammad.

  76. For shore that is work of Obama’s friends!!!!!!
    If not, all the lefhist street mídia would publish that!!!!!!!
    Time to fight for our freedom!!!!

    • You think Obama is left? Then you are sadly mistaken. As a communist I find any accusation of any American government being left-wing frankly laughable. The left-wing hates Obama and his imperialist foreign policy.

      • @Seph: Frankly, I find anybody who follows a proven failure of a politico-economic ideology that is so out of tune with human nature, and perverted beyond all reason as to promote a totalitarian outlook with little regard for the rights of man, one prone to promote unnatural, depraved developments such as the rewarding of mediocrity as opposed to innovation, and an absurd cult of personality that is downright theological in scope, to be extremely laughable if not utterly excretable. I was almost convinced your IP address was in Pyongyang, that is until I realised they don’t allow such “bourgeois” notions as people having free, unfettered access to the internet there.

        Here’s a novel idea for your “collectivist” perusal, why don’t you leave Berkeley or Cambridge or wherever, for north of the 38th Parallel? While you’re at it, please take “Comrade Obama” with you. Just leave your “el Che” couture behind. Word has it Kim Jong-un’s face gets “red” with jealous rage of both living and the dead.

        (Get it? “Red with jealous rage?” Hahahahaha!! Oh, I just kill myself sometimes! Hahahahahahaha!!)

        BTW, do they allow humor in the DPRK?

        Didn’t think so.

  77. The world will be a much safer & peaceful place with all those allahs terrorists 6 feet under. Such filthy savage barbarians. And yet, they call themselves the best of creation. Bloody hell

  78. (COMMENT DELETED by BNI) I was going to tell you that you are not allowed to post a long comment here in ALL upper case letters, but after reading your comment blaming Jewish bankers for this, and everything else, you will not be allowed to post here at all. BANNED

    • Leave it to an uneducated, uninformed californian to blame Jewish Bankers for a barbarac group of murderers. Ahh but ignorance is Bliss. Pull your head out your butt and see what people like you are doing.

    • What are you Ed, a “%^*@#” Stormfront troll? Well, now we can all add banned, blithering idiot to your list of descriptors, not to mention rabid antisemite with a muslim “@%@#” up your pooter.

      You’re a tool, fool.

    • Ed suffers from a severe disease related to brainwashing. What is sad is he probably will be spreading this disease to his own kids.

    • ed just disappointed, because he was hoping this child could make some strong muslim “hero”a lovely bride. who knows, maybe she still will. She looks to be of proper mating age for the barbarians.

  79. In the words of Hilary Clinton, does it really matter now? There is no reason to believe either side in any conflict in the middle east. The ONLY exception would be if Israel is fighting, and then we must take their side.

    • Or we can let them fight their own battles for once and hope that they all take each other out, once and for all.

    • True. But since Israel is not involved, and Obama would not want to protect Israel, we do not need to be in Syria at all. There is zero win for Americans, zero point. But since Obama gave them such a huge time frame “warning”, they can have all their stuff moved, so anything we do would only kill civilians and once again make America look like the bad guys.

      We need to stay here, stop sending them money, weapons and equipment (that should go to our OWN military!), and let them fight it out amongst themselves.

    • Larry you believe Israel the Nation/State is God’s Chosen People, eh? If you are a Christian know that they like your allegiance but think you are a brainless pawn. Zionism is NO DIFFERENT THAN WHITE SUPREMACY or the Aryan Racial Superiority that fueled Hitler’s Third Reich. Your statement above is both disgusting, ironic, and hypocritical. Chosen People status is not to be given to anyone. The Ashkenazim and Khazarian false-Jews that rule The [secular godless] State of Israel laugh at your support of them… as they plan your demise soon after you help them destroy others. They, btw, also help radicalize Islam wherever they can to further their agenda FOR WORLD DOMINATION. They are not the only faction of the New World Order… but with help from people like you, they might just be the only faction left standing if their plans play out as they want it to…

      • Geoff, I think the tinfoil wrap on your head is about to split open, because your head is rapidly swelling to epic stormfront proportions with the flatulent winds of revisionist, anti-Semitic head gas.

        The next idiotic thing you’ll be trying to convince us of is the Turkic, Khazari roots of the Yiddish language. Geez!

        Know you this, Geoffy Boy, this site exists for the sole purpose of exposing and denouncing islamofascism. It is NOT a forum for the edification of that other form of fascism, Nazism. Now, if you think gassing and burning Jews in the ovens of Auschwitz is a good idea, then you can promptly go stick your head, tinfoil and all, in the microwave and nuke yourself!

      • Both sides of any war, in a muslim hell hole country, where shia muslims verses sunni muslims and so on, are guilty of these types of inhuman and evil atrocities. There is no right side in a muslim verses muslim war. There is only the wrong side and our government has consistently picked the wrong side as we did with mubark, the ivory coast, libyia, egypt and so on. mubarak was wrong in egypt and morsi of the demon hood is wrong in egypt and so on. The only right side in the middle east is on Israel’s side and we are not supporting Israel so once again our government is on the wrong side. The best thing we can do is to let the monster muslims of islam murder each other out of existence. That would be the right side. My heart goes out to the children but until the monsters of islam, love their children more than they hate us the atrocities will continue.

        • There is such a thing a bad and badder. Mubarak kept the peace with Israel and was keeping the wack jobs under his thumb.

        • Your tax dollars are supporting basically every dictator in the mid east save a couple who can’t be bought. We give billions to Israel, along with 250 secret nuclear missiles. Israel doesn’t want to sign the treaty against gas, so they have tons of gas, too. They probably bought some of the gas with the billions of dollars that you and I give them through taxes. Then we do sort of the same thing with Saudi Arabia. There, if a woman is ACCUSED of infidelity, she is shot in the back of the head in public and her brains fly out of the one inch crack that the authorities allow her to have in her burka. You sort of know that they are primitive monsters. What you don’t know is: the more monstrous and primitive and evil the country is, the more money we’re gonna give them. Gee, I wonder why things are so bad over there? You seem to think it’s not the billions of dollars worth of weapons that we give to monsters like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, etc. It’s not the people we give the money to. It’s not food we give them…We overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953 (admitted by the CIA) and basically started a system where we create dictators and support them so long as they sell oil the way we want them to. We have been the source of 99 percent of the evil in the middle east and then we look at them and say: ” oh those people have always been killing each other and it’s all the better that way”. SICKENING

        • Tom, don’t come here and equate Israel with Arab dictators. Did you know the $billions we give Israel has big strings tied to it, requiring Israel to spend all the money with American manufacturers? No such requirement is forced on all the Arab countries and enemies we support who always vote against us in the UN.

          WE didn’t give Israel “secret nuclear missiles.” They built them themselves with French nuclear technology. They also have neutron bombs which I wish they would use on the Palestinians, but they don’t.

          I don’t disagree with a lot of the rest of what you said, but bashing Israel will get you banned here.

        • Things are not as they appear Cat. The US and Israel WANT AND SUPPORT radical Islam. They seek to destroy all secular, tolerant Muslim nations and convert them to Wahhabist Sunni Muslims.

          Does that help explain why all those examples you provided have occurred? The moderate Muslims do not want these jerks in power but when you have the US backing you…

          Consider that Iraq is now Shari’a law AFTER the US “liberated” them if you have any questions.

        • Both females were wearing western dress, not a hijab or Burka , they are likely secular or Christian. The rebels don’t spill Muslim blood to try and get a reaction out of us. They savage Christians. NOtice how the clothes are always bloody and pulled up.. they were raped first or maybe after they were beheaded pigs like that don’t care which.

        • they re the worst kind of animal of evil n devil of all mankind.wat fark they use dia god name,they like beheaded,dig eyes,cut to pieces of leg n arm……

        • i feel exactly the same way. i am from india . it is a hindu majority country . our leaders are selfish and corrupt. the hindus have perpetuated a myth names ‘secularism’. we have a family named nehru-gandhi family . this family has been ruling india. their party is known as ÇONGRESS . they have been ruling india since it became independent in 1947. the country was divided by the british and a part was given to muslims.this country is pakistan . the muslims have wiped out hindus from pakistan . muslims raped their women ,murdered the men and discriminated against them so much the now there are few hindus left and they are also trying to flee pakistan and come to india.on the other hand the CONGRESS decided late to become a SECULAR country as there was universal franchise and 15% of the population was muslim . CONGRESS started giving all sorts of benefits to muslims .muslims produce many children as their KORAN wants them to. so the muslim population is increasing and now they are about 180 million. it is a big vote bank for the corrupt CONGRESS and they handle them by giving the muslims freebies. in india there are now riots almost every week between hindus and muslims. muslims dare to riot even in india . i cannot imagine christians rioting in egypt. the muslims remain poor as they produce many children . they only want to study KORAN and go to MADRASSAS . they do not want to learn ENGLISH. america is helping SAUDI ARABIA as it wants its petrol. this money is being used to finance the mad SUNNIS ,particularly the al -queda and the taliban kind. muslims are not loyal to the country in which they are born . muslims want homelands in burma ,thailand ,philippines where they are hardly ten percent. in these countries thebuddhists know how to deal with muslims .they are being massacred in burma.

      • who cares who did it .IT IS WRONG . THESE ARE MONSTERS .how can they think that this is right. GOD BLESS all these innocent children, people. if there govement or momsters doing this let them have it done to them if they think this is so rightous.

      • It seems that very few people have any respect left for life these days John. I ask myself everyday what kind of world did I bring my children into?

        • and that sir, is one of the biggest reasons that I do not want to ever have children… this is a sad world we live in, indeed.

        • To quote Ayaan Hirsi Ali (author of Infidel and Nomad, both of which you should read!), “…the world was always full of fear, full of pain and suffering….” but she also says to her unborn daughter: “I see a profound advancement in the quality of life and also the the potential for continued improvement” (pp. 265-267). What will you choose to be your legacy? One can choose to make life better, more fulfilling, and work to solve the myriad problems we have created, or drop into apathy. The worst case scenario is to dissolve into unthinking, mindless violence against anyone. If you do that, I think you’ve flunked the REAL tests God has sent for us as humans. Do your best to leave a positive legacy, not a horrific one. That’s all one can do.

        • If only bad people have children, and the peace-loving, kind people of the world refuse to populate the world…. Then only those who hate and despise will eventually dominate the world… The muslims are busy reproducing in a very open effort to take the world through population explosion…. Who will be the counter-force to these evils inflicted upon civilization???

          When we decided to eliminate God from our conscience and to allow the ungodly to dictate the terms of the human condition, we began a slide into the world we now find ourselves… There is redemption, but it will not come without effort, and it must come from people who recognise the difference between good and evil… We have allowed the Madalyn Murray O’Hair of the world to lead us into a society where being Godly is a violation of some imagined civil right….

          We should ask ourselves, are we a better society since banning God from everyone’s life, or were we a better society when God was allowed to be freely spoken???

          The failure to bring Godly children into the world for fear of tough times, suggest that our children cannot grow to be the leaders of a new and better world….

        • As the mother of an 8-year old, I find myself less and less secure for his future….in our own country. Religious wars have been going on since time began…..what makes us, the United States, think we’re going to change any of that? If we don’t do anything, we supposedly condone the bahavior? What about all the other, equally horrible atrocities we DON’T see? We are in a unique position to be so far removed from those countries… ocean between us….and it’s not that we don’t or should not care…..but really…..what are we supposed to do?

      • Well said,
        I just wish more people realized this truth and stopped trying to justify it in one way or another.

      • You have that right…
        muslims do not value human life in any way.
        Everyone is just another disposable thing to use and abuse.
        Note that the president is just like these people. Don’t think so?
        He praises abortion and watched while our people died in Benghazi.
        He’s no different, just has to pretend more while he is here in the USA.

        There are NO moderate muslims – don’t ever be fooled.
        If anyone thinks that there are, then where are the moderates in the USA speaking out against what others of their faith are doing all over the world? You will only hear crickets, because deep down in, they have followed islam so long, it is ingrained in them to have a hate for anyone not exactly like them. Wait – who are we kidding? They just hate!

        And to one of the other commentors… this is a civil war between Sunni and Shiite muslims. If anyone wondered who Obama was for, just realize the “coded” message he sent them because he can’t have a formal opinion yet. He got a new dog (the worst animal ever made according to islam), and named it Sunny, which to me was a very thinly veiled reference to him calling the Sunni dogs and being for the Shiites (who are Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood).

        America is in danger, but it isn’t from Syria – it is from our president.

        • Stella, while I agree with much of what you’re saying, I must clarify a few things. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are Sunni organizations, not Shia. The Syrian rebel factions are also Sunni. Bashar Assad is however, an Alawite Muslim, which is an offshoot of Shia Islam. Because of that, he is closely aligned with Iran, which is a Shia majority, non-Arab state. They still hate each other though, one considering the other as heretical, so as in Syria, there is a religious component to their civil war, even though the Assad government is a secular Baathist regime. Syrian Christians are in much danger from these Sunni rebel forces. Assad however, was never an oppressor of the Syrian Christian population mainly because his government was essentially secular, and he himself is of the minority Alawite sect.

        • You do not really know anything about Muslims. They are not all as you say . and Obama is not for them. There are good and bad in any religion or culture. A president is over the whole country. I do not believe in abortion it is absolutely wrong, but i am not the one to judge. and i guess you will see everything Obama does as some sort of code. You just don’t like him because he is black But i doubt if you will admit it.

        • Stella, I have to tell you that no where in the Quran or Muslim Hadiths does it say that dogs are the worst animal ever made. It actually says many good things about dogs, and that they can be kept as protection, guarding, hunting, and should not be harmed. It does say that black dogs are evil. Muslims do believe that dogs are ritually unclean so should not be eaten or have there saliva touch bedding, clothes ect. While I was in Afghanistan almost every home has a dog as a pet. In 640 Muhammad posted two sentries to watch over his nursing dog so that the army he had set forth would not disturb her. So I would leave the “coded” nonsense off of here especially if it has no bases in truth.

      • have YOU read the Koran? i have. muslim are NOT violent people. and WE have a bigger part in this than u as a sheeple could ever imagine. wake up honey. thats coming this way real soon. realize your true enemy. its NOT muslim its USA

        • I have read the Koran, cover to cover, in two different formats, and it is a sick twisted disgusting document that not only supports this type of murder for the infidel, it REWARDS it.

          Those who say Islam is a religion of peace are telling a half truth. It is a religion of peace… IF YOU FOLLOW THAT RELIGION. If not, you are not human, you can be a slave, but should be killed on the spot.

        • I have read the Koran, and there are numerous passages that require followers of Islam to engage in violence…especially toward anyone who is NOT a Muslim—an “infidel”. Sharia Law is a nightmare! I don’t want it coming to this nation…we have enough problems. I have NO love for Muslims—This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles, not those of Mohammed. Muslims need to accept American culture, or stay in the Middle East. Period.

        • Islam is a political system as well as a religion and the two always go hand in hand. Read the Koran all you want, but then look at nations that are ruled by Islam and see the horror those people are subjected to in the name of their religion (government). I for one am not naive enough to read a book and believe it when it is obvious that that’s not the way muslims really live. As for the real enemy being the USA and not Islam, I will gladly help you pack your things and move to Afghanistan where you’ll be safe.

        • Jessie, you are a blithering idiot. Either a lying sack of muslim shit, or a lying bullshit artist who has never so much as picked up a quran, let alone read it, as most of us have, and you wouldn’t know fiqh from fitnah.

          Either way, still a blithering idiot, now piss off before you embarrass yourself any further.

        • Jessie!!! I really am becoming sick and tired of ignorant people like you. So desperate are you to conform that you will blindly believe anything the lefty media tells you.

          I have personally read four different versions of the Quran, Pickthall, Shakir, Dawood and Khan/Ali. I have also read the Haditha, the Life of Muhammad and al-Tabari.

          Within these scriptures, you will find literally hundreds of verses that call down violence or barbarism on others. If you really have read the Quran, then you either lack the ability to actually comprehend what you are reading, or, you have managed to select one of those highly sanitised 21st century ‘translations’.

          For God’s sake, open your eyes to what is going on around you. Islam never has been and never will be a ‘Religion of Peace’. The violence that is perpetuated world wide by this barbaric religion, every day of the year should be enough to convince you of that. Only the truly blind or the truly ignorant refuse to see this….

        • I agree with Jessie, you are fooled into thinking Muslims
          Are the problem, the USA provokes this. All Muslims are not evil
          You all seem to forget history, remember the Christian crusades?? Some of you people really need to think outside of the box.

        • Holly, yes the Crusades were the response to centuries of Muslims killing Christians and trying to Islamicize Europe. WE are way overdue for a 21st Century Crusades. You should read a history book once in a while when you’re out of your box.

        • “have YOU read the Koran? i have. muslim are NOT violent people.”

          Good grief. The muslim armies swept into Spain and occupied it for 700 years. That is how long it took the Spanish to rid themselves of them. The very first anti-jewish pogroms in Europe occurred in Spain, and the killers were muslims.

          Go and read a history book about the non-stop jihad and slave-taking.

        • Well Said Randy63ism…..Lee Rigby was slaughtered in broad daylight because he was a British Soldier and there for an INFIDEL…don’t tell me Islam is peaceful…

        • I have read the Koran, as well. And I have read many times that real muslims have to cop of the head of their enemis. Onely in sura 9 you will find calls to violens.
          So even if you tell 1 Millionen times that these is not Islam, it is indeed the teaching of islam.

        • @holly, Had the crusades NOT taken place you would be wearing a burka or be a slave right now, The crusades were a COUNTER attack as islam was violently overthrowing northern africa and shutting down trade routes to europe with piracy (A CARBON COPY OF WHATS HAPPENING TODAY WITH SOMALIANS) the muslim campaign lasted years and years and spanned continents indescriminately killing millions of non muslims and the crusades lasted a fraction of that time centered on one specific location killing less than 100,000 muslims, WHO WAS REALLY ON THE CRUSADE?

        • From the comments I read, everyone ever read the Qur”an, even one of you ever read four version of Qur’an( where you got that version,Qur’an is only one version that used all over the world….don”t think you know everything about Qur’ know nothing).When you read Qur’an, you should know the history of verses revealed.When talking about people who endanger muslim,Qur’an order to fight hard, but when talking about people who live safely side by side with them Qur’an order muslims to live in harmony.

        • Jessie, I have a novel idea for you, why don’t YOU read the quran, you islamotarded, lying sack of pig nuts!

          Then, you can promptly take your “pooran,” and shove it up your wudu-washed ass!

      • You can’t let people like this decide whether you bring a child in your own life. You’re letting them win. Just protect your own and love them as much as you can and let your God sort the rest out.

      • Those are Coptic Christians and Aramaic speaking Christians. It is not something that is done in return and they are not muslim. Aramaic is the closest language to the language Jesus spoke. These people that are being massacred are practicing Christianity in the most dangerous place to practice Christianity and speaking the language that Jesus spoke. The black flag with two crossed muslim swords that is being raised over their villages means they will all be forced to deny Jesus and Christianity or have their heads cut off.

        It’s not muslims killing muslims.

        Obama’s a fag

      • So if your daughter got decapitated IT WOULDN’T FUCKING MATTER!!! who did it? I am sick to death of hippie/UAF types spouting shit about love TRY TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THEM WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT TO RAPE AND MURDER YOUR DAUGHTER AND SEE IF THEY GIVE A FUCK *************************MORON*************************


    • Well … We have to think this… Why is the first time that we see this things coming out from Syria ? Because before didn’t happened ! And the Syrian army and al Assad are there for a long time already …who is the new player here ?

    • Uh… Why would the military decapitate a little girl?

      Especially when we have hundreds of videos of the rebels decapitating people.

    • I believe that little girls body was a fake. Why? The left arm was not naturally dangling like it should have been and the body wasn’t lifeless looking. It was crash test dummy looking.

      • Why couldn’t rigormortis set in by that time? The girl could have been decapitated, bled out very fast and left in that position on the ground. I could rationalize this happening.

      • Look again, Mike, when the man picks up that tiny body, his right hand is supporting her underneath that arm and that causes it to stick out. Those poor, poor people do not have the time to properly mourn their dead without some fool thinking they can so realistically portray a dead child’s body. This is the real thing, no doubt about it.

    • OMG what is going on its unbearable … These Rebels why you killing children its wrong you bastards and sickening to look at these children who gives you the right killing babies …… you animals

    • If Bashar’s forces did this, how they entered an area controlled by the rebels and how they left? Do believe the rebels who did this and more the same as the use of chemical weapons in Damascus and blames Bashar’s forces for it.

      • Yh you are right and all this religious cult are sponsor by our government and in war people always use their hate and anger on their neighbour . Most of these astrocity nowadays it has a purpose to make idiot people it is about Muslim so therefore we don’t concentrate on the main issues. This is a well structured plan by our word elite. As for religion they were all put in place with war and gruesome acts.

    • THE “REBELS” DID THIS AND VIRTUALLY ALL OTHER ATROCITIES ARE YOU NOT PAYING ATTENTION. NATO/CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/TURKISH AND SAUDI AND QATARI INTEL ARE RUNNING AL-CIADUH IN SYRIA AND BRINGING THEM IN BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Get this clearly lodged in your head so you don’t have to ask that question any more. Assad is far from perfect, but compared to our jihadi mercenaries he is lily white.

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