Saudi Court imposes ‘Eye for an Eye’ punishment. Amnesty International is outraged!

imagesSounds good to me. But Amnesty International has condemned a reported Saudi court ruling sentencing a man to be paralyzed as retribution for having paralyzed another man as outrageous, calling the punishment torture, adding that it should on no account be carried out.

CNN  The Saudi Gazette, an English language daily paper, reported that Ali Al-Khawahir was 14 when he stabbed and paralyzed his best friend 10 years ago.


Al-Khawahir, who has been in prison ever since, has been sentenced to be paralyzed by having his spinal cord severed if he cannot come up with one million Saudi Riyals ($266,000) in compensation to be paid to the victim, the newspaper reported.

The rights group calls this an example of a “qisas,” or retribution, case, adding that “other sentences passed have included eye-gouging, tooth extraction, and death in cases of murder. “In such cases, the victim can demand the punishment be carried out, request financial compensation or grant a conditional or unconditional pardon.”

Despite repeated attempts, the Saudi Justice Ministry could not be reached for comment on the case.