“Devout Muslim Bikini Model” is NOT an oxymoron?

Not for Maryam Basir, whose father is an Imam, and disapproves of her chosen career. Let’s hope we don’t hear about her in reference to an “honor killing.”



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  1. Like so many people, Maryam cherry picks from the Quran and Hadith what she wants and discards the rest. She might be part of a wave of Muslim women in the future, but for now, it will be a struggle. It sounds like she wants to have her cake and eat it too. But this paradox, this blatant contradiction will soon come to an end.

    Islam, like so many absolutist belief systems, requires absolute loyalty and absolute adherence to its beliefs, practices and principles. You cannot cherry pick. You cannot live in a contradiction. You cannot live a lie. You either follow all of Islam or you deny it, there is no middle ground.

    She is a beautiful women. I wish her luck. But sooner or later she is going to have to make a decision. Either follow the religion or get out.

  2. State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are slaughter houses for the Muslim children. Non-Muslim teachers are not role models for the Muslim children during their developmental periods. Muslim children have been leaving state school for the last 50 years with Identity Crises. They do not know where they belong. They find themselves cut off from their cultural heritage and are unable to enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

    • Hey Ifti, we see you shortened your name. You say, “State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are slaughter houses for the Muslim children.”

      Please send us proof of that so we can all celebrate.

    • osama bin laden was the product of a middle eastern education…what’s your point? Most of the leaders of muslim majority countries (including Morsi) were Western educated, and they send their offspring to be educated in the West. I guess the whole islamist supramicist indoctrination process takes a back seat to a real education in the West.

      I do however agree that a ‘Non-muslim child’ should never be subjected to the hate factories of the muslim education system.

  3. Oohhh ! As a good muslim man, I cannot watch this video of this evil woman wantonly showing her hair ! And even worse, her bare naked ankles and elbows ! But (SNORT!) the hair ! It is forbidden to show (pant-pant) the hair. I can close my eyes and still see THE HAIR ! Oh! Alley forgive me for gazing upon (Pant-SNORT)
    the HAIR ! —– What a kick, eh ? To be a muslim man and get excited over a shampoo ad.

  4. It looks like this muslim woman, has had some plastic surgery enhancements. I am sure that we will hear of her honor murder. You can not mix up cult religious atrocities with real life. The two are not compatible because truth is not compatible with lies and real life is not compatible with lies. This woman is never the less brain dead because if she had any intelligence she would dump this evil cult of islam and look into the truth that 95+% of the terrorist atrocities are done by muslims in the name of her evil cult of islam.

  5. That’s picking which commandments you want to obey and ignoring the rest. Try that with your government or at the job. God is a sovereign king, He will not tolorate partial obedience. You can only get away with it for a limited time. That particular commandment (of modesty) is of Judeo/Christian origin. Mohammed stole it. Any preacher these days who preaches it is considered out of his mind. Even in good Christian churches modesty is not preached. But, a day is coming when God will even judge every idle word that we spoke.

  6. When I comment I like to refer to facts, specifics, or things I have personally witnessed, but I will make an observation here.

    It was several years ago and I cannot remember modeling agency and model names. Nevertheless I remember several Christian models, male and female, explaining that they were celibate and true to their faith regarding sexual purity. These were outrageously handsome and beautiful models marketing fashionable clothing some would consider immodest.

    I believed their claims and believe this Muslim woman.

      • I am afraid I would have to concur with your conclusion; but she might survive if there is someone willing and able to get her the hell out of Afghanistan and to the U.S, but even then the koranimals in the U.S would probably be contracted with her “family” to do the “honor killing” for them.

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