FLORIDA: Citizens step up to the plate to demand lawmakers ban sharia law

Christian Family Coalition descends on Capitol to oppose application of sharia law in state courts.


Sunshine State News In what was part breakfast, part legislative briefing, and part tent revival, several Florida legislators joined about 130 citizen lobbyists from South Florida to promote legislation banning sharia law.

“We’re promoting respect: respect for life, respect for American law,” Christian Family Coalition (CFC) executive director Anthony Verdugo told attendees of the annual Florida Leadership Breakfast Thursday morning at Tallahassee’s Civic Center, on why the sticker-badges they were wearing were marked with the word RESPECT. “We are the true human rights organization; we are the true social justice organization.”


The Coalition, which claims to represent about 5,000 citizens, mostly from Miami-Dade County, is spending the next couple of days encouraging legislators to support  HB 351/SB 58 (“Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases”).

HB 351 prohibits the application of “any foreign law, legal code, or system” in family law courts, if that foreign legislation runs afoul of U.S. constitutional protections and principles. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, is commonly referred to as an “Anti-Sharia Bill.” It’s modeled after legislation crafted by conservative activists who claim Islamic law, which discriminates against women and non-Muslims, is stealthily encroaching upon the American judicial system.