‘PALLYWOOD’ – Syrian Jihadist style

3931459271_pallywood_answer_2_xlargeThe Obama-backed Syrian Free Army/al-Qaeda jihadists have learned well from their fellow Hamas jihadists, notorious ‘Pallywood’ propaganda filmmakers, who blame the Zionists for fake dead Palestinian children and real dead children in other countries. Only here, they are blaming Syrian leader Bashir Assad for EVERY casualty and bombing.

‘SYRIAWOOD’ filmmakers claim this is a Christian home that was bombed by the Assad Regime.

Funny how Christians had no problem under Assad until the radical jihadists starting invading Syria. Now tell me, who allows Christians to live in peace in a Muslim country – secular dictators like Assad and Mubarak or Islamofascists like al-Qaeda? 

All videos courtesy of SNN Shaam English News

This must be the Anderson Cooper of Syria?

And here, we have the requisite ‘injured’ children, a staple of the Pallywood video industry.

More children. Notice how the boy flashes the Peace sign at the end of the video. Nice touch.