Some good news on anti-Sharia legislation

Bans on court use of sharia/international law: Alabama & Oklahoma versions look for final votes soon; Missouri Senate committee approves its version.


Gavel to Gavel

It has been less than a week since the last update in this area, but the legislative pace has increased and required a faster update.

  • Alabama’s constitutional amendment SB 4, complete with restriction on full faith and credit to any court decision in another state that uses international or foreign law, cleared its final committee hurdle earlier this morning (April 4) when it was ok’ed by the House Constitution, Campaigns and Elections Committee. Assuming passage by the full House the amendment would go to Alabama voters.

  • Missouri’s version (SB 267) cleared the Senate General Laws committee on March 27.

  • Oklahoma has several versions, but the most recently active one (HB 1060) which had cleared the House in March was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee March 26.

  • Texas’s SB 1639 which is limited to a ban on court use of international/foreign law in family law (divorce, marriage, parent-child relationship)  was heard in the Senate Business & Commerce Committee on April 2.