Meet the BUDDHIST DEFENSE LEAGUE: Fighting Muslim persecution and Islamic infiltration of their countries


Hell hath no fury like a Buddhist population scorned. In the courageous tradition of the English Defence League and its sister Defence Leagues all over Europe, Buddhists have formed a league to stop the creeping Islamization by Muslims in their own countries and fighting against the persecution of Buddhists by Muslims in Muslim majority countries.

According to their FACEBOOK  page, ‘If you buy from Muslim shops, your money doesn’t just stop there,’ ‘It will eventually go towards destroying your race and religion.’ …’We Buddhists allow them to freely practice their faith, but once these evil Muslims have control, they will not let us practice our religion. We must be careful. These Muslims really hate us.’ (h/t Susan K)






















54 comments on “Meet the BUDDHIST DEFENSE LEAGUE: Fighting Muslim persecution and Islamic infiltration of their countries

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  2. What the world needs badly is another Crusade, we need to come together and empty every Mosque in the world. Then burn every Quran and make owning one a capital offence. Anyone public asking to install Sharia is given one warning the second time he is shot. It will take some time but when we are all done the world will be a much safe and peaceful place. If you read what I just wrote and it upsets you that is good. If you read the Quran everything I just wrote is what Islam wants to do to Christians, Jews and any other non believers. Do you think my words are still harsh?

  3. Guys, there is a very simple way to stop islam spread in Europe..very simple. In next election vote for people that would say loudly about islam, that would stop this stupid system that allows them to go on welfare and live like a cancer on our society. That is so simple. Strong goverment that follows his people rules. So vote for radicals. Sorry, this are radical times, so there is no place for polite wimps.

  4. I’m a Buddhist. I live by the words of the Buddha in the Suttas. None would allow such ‘fightbacks’ up to the extent that Muslims in majority Buddhist nations experience bitterness, in the name of revenge.

    Buddhism is the path to Enlightenment. The many hateful and shameful comments here by the so-called Buddhists do not reflect on the spirit of the Path that we strive to ‘protect’. We ‘protect’ Buddhism by not spreading further hate and revenge but by empowering ourselves with more wisdom and love.

    Didn’t the Buddha taught in Brahmajala Sutta that our limit is just to “explain what is untrue as untrue”?

    And didn’t the Buddha utter sagely verses, as collected in the Dhammapada that call for letting go of all harm others may do on us? It is only by “love that all hatred is stilled”.

    Thus said, all this Muslim bashing in the name of ‘protecting Buddhism’ is unnecessary. Buddhists who indulge in Muslim bashing may want to dwell more on the teaching of the Buddha – they clearly missed the point.

    By walking on the true path, one may even inspire the oppressor to change his wicked ways.

      • hi there barenakedislam!

        I myself am a loving Buddhist, and whist you address issues that are deeply important to you, i believe love and peace is something we all need to meditate on more…..what have we learnt!? we must question ourselves and our direction… our beautiful faith is not built upon hatred and the ill wishing of others….is it!? 😉

        This page brings me great great sadness to see, and i greatly believe that one day you might understand buddhas teachings..

        i wish you and this group all the best along your spiritual path of cultivating love and compassion for all sentient beings and open your hearts and mind and work towards good as i know deep down you have the incredible choice grow.

        you are all wiser than this, give yourself some credit,

        real love
        real peace
        real happiness


        lauren smith 28, English, passionate learner of Buddha true teachings!

    • Sam , the muslim conquerors killed 30 million buddhists , 90 million hindus ,20 million sikhs and millions of other animists, jains, indian christians of st. Thomas etc …the buddhists perish because they lay down and simply had the savages kill them by the millions, thus buddhism was almost wiped out in india. On the contrary the mongols under the tutelage of Genghis Khan and his sons Hulagu etc ,after decades and centuries of suffering muslim invasion and indignity decided to temporarily suspend their precepts of non violence ( when you are faced with a rabid animal that will kill you , you have no choice but to neutralize that animal…well i dont want to insult animals or dogs, I mean rabid demons brainwashed by mohammad’s evil teachings ) and took the battle to the muslims …all the way to baghdad the center of islamdom in those days. Genghis Khan – a buddhist ..almost wiped out islam in the known world…however he made a grave mistake, he allowed mongol men to marry muslim women and in a few decades the muslimahs have succeeded in converting a large swarth of central asia into islam and the islamized central asian hordes then started invading eastward threatening China, whereupon the Tang emperors refurbished the great wall of china to keep out the islamized hordes from the middle kingdom ( yes that is what the chinese did , build a wall to keep out rabid demons bent on killing infidels… israelis are copying what the chinese did by building a wall to keep out people who want to murder you cos you dont pray and believe in bullshit fairy tales like them ).

      The Buddha preached non violence and wisdom, but he like Jesus did not say to lay down and have rabid demons cut you up alive and for you to commit suicide which is also against buddhist precept. Did you not read the dialogue of the buddha with the general on being a soldier and warfare:

    • Sam, I applaud your conviction to your faith. I only can tell you from my many many many hour of studying the ways of Islam, if you stick to your faith, you will be killed. Islam is not going to change they are hell bent on world domination. Their sick cult has no mercy you become Muslim you are killed or if you’re lucky get to spend your life a something less than human. You have to stop them now or your way of life will be over. To stop them you have to drive them from your land or kill them. Sorry to burst your bubble but those are the cold hard facts.

    • That is incorrect. Lord Buddha is considered a refuge in this world and the next. The Jatakas are guides for lay followers. Buddhism is a gradual training and as long as your Dhamma and other people’s Dhamma is a sprout and not a tree, it needs protection. The Taccha Sukara Jataka and Dipi Jataka advise self defense. The Dipi Jataka shows that if your attempts at loving kindness does not change the nature of an imminent enemy, you must fight the enemy to stay a alive.

    • SAM Buddha did’nt meant that u r quoting.He also wanted u to live in this world if no one alive then who will remember suttas

    • While you do make some good points your view is too idealistic and politically correct to deal with the actual condition of things in the current world. Mahatma Gandhi was successful in his protest against the British, but no one really believes he would have achieved the same success if he had been resisting Nazis non-violently.

  5. The Buddha was enlightened.
    Mohammed was delusional.
    Of course Muslims want to repress Buddhism.
    The religion of Ashoka, in its wisdom and compassion, is completely incompatible with the warlike and destructive creed of Mohammedanism.

  6. Really people we are acheving nothing until we start to organise and trully fight islam . Muslims are already organised and have the funds to insigate riots and get there way at a click of a finger. We are stupid as we buy from there shops which in turn funds there jihad. We should first fight them by not buying from there shops. Most asain restaraunts and takeaway are muslims shops so are the taxis firms. now if people started a non brand of halal shops and got word around to friends that after they come out of clubs soforth to buy from non halal shops instead of halal u will c what happens. They could even start doing that on taxis refusing to have a muslim driver drop them off. Sikhs don’t buy from halal shops so should all non believers.

  7. Every one can take just so much, even Buddhists…I am an Australian Buddhist if my way of life and my family were threatened by extreme Islam then I would take up arms and fight.

  8. WE NEED WORLD SCIENTISTS DEFENSE LEAGUE THAT CONDEMN THE mullahs for perpetually lockingup peoples brains in the name of prophet, by deception. All scientists should make necessary inventions to wipe out mullahs and islam from the world

    • I think it is not up to science, but up to religion. Point out that the Islamic teaching of eternal hell opens up the logical possibility that it will be THEM that will burn and burn and burn.

  9. Thank you for this article. The Leftie pseudo-Buddhist peaceniks that I work with in Berkeley are outraged. This explodes their mythology that Buddhists could not, would not ever be violent. One red-faced clown insisted that these people are not “true” Buddhists and this is just “propaganda from Islamophobes.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  10. Islam like virus. It need to destroy or you will influence. The leader of virus from Makkah so Makkah need to destroy……

    • Judaism IS NOTHING like Islam…

      Judaism and Christianity differ primarily, I believe, on the IDENTITY of the Anointed One. THAT is the one true point of contention.

      Islam, on the other hand, has so much on which it differs from Judaism and Christianity that the Torah/Bible and the Qur’an are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT books with ENTIRELY DIFFERENT messages. In fact, whereas the Bible goes out of its way, in fact, to explain difficult or the more obscure places and names, the Qur’an is SO INCOHERENT that Mein Kampf is a more sensible and coherent read.

      More another day…

  11. Bravo. Every one who is a kaafir, must unite, stand up to and oppose muslims and their filthy rules of sharia, the cult of death and barbarians.

  12. You reap what you sow, and islamists are due for a shit load of reaping. Indeed, they’re getting that now, and at the hands of the most unlikely of groups. Buddhists are in general pacifists and highly tolerant, living according to their principles, principles which include accepting those who may live by a different set of principles. As is natural, though, when one’s way of life, i.e., the principles he/she lives by, is existentially threatened, by, inevitably, none other than immigrant muslims whose principles are not pacific and tolerant, in fact are antagonistic and hostile, he/she is going to fight back.

    It’s blowback time. And it’s beginning to happen in more and more countries, civilized countries that is, around the world. I wonder what the OIC is thinking about all this.

    • SL, as I’ve said each time I’ve posted a story about the Buddhist backlash against Muslims in the past few months, you know you’ve gone to far when you can enrage so many Buddhists to want to kill you.

  13. That backlash your expecting here is already happening in Europe which I do believe will lead to civil war. At some point the natives will get tired of their governments bending to islam & pick up arms.
    Hopefully America will catch on.
    But if not well armed & well supplied should be a top priorty for every American.

    • how much you wanna bet if the french, spanish, or scandinavians DO pick up arms, their own gov’t will move to crush the rebellion, and i guarantee obama would probably send troops to help with that.

      • That is why we should first make sure about 50%-70% of the non-Muslim population knows Arabic. Only when people can learn FIRSTHAND of the nastiness of Muslims action can follow. Believe it or not, many people on the Left REFUSE to learn Arabic because even SUGGESTING that Muslims might be nasty is evil and racist!!!

  14. Great News the Buddhist have stepped into the ring and with them more evidence to condemn Islam . Soon muzzies very soon now !

  15. For the most part, Buddhists are peaceful, but that peaceful attitude and their nonviolent philosophy belies a dark side to Buddhism. Buddhists, when enraged, can be very vicious and cruel. “Hell hath no fury” is right!

    People who fought in Buddhist countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia found out the hard way that, when pressed to it, Buddhists, especially the monks, can make very fanatical and very vicious fighters, and they can be formidable. I feel sorry for any Muslim that dares to cross the path of an angry Buddhist!

    The very fact that Buddhists are actually standing up to Islam and Islamism means that they regard this as a very serious threat. The rise of militant Buddhism throughout Southeast Asia means that there are a lot of angry Buddhists!

  16. Read the blood curdling boastful accounts written by muslims of their mass murder of the Buddhist populations in Malaya and destruction of libraries of knowledge accumulated over a thousand plus years by Theravadan monks. Remember other great libraries, monuments, temples, churches and populations? These people want nothing less than slavery for some and scorched earth for the rest. The Buddhists, wise and peace loving people as they are maybe by now know they are in the latter group. Will the free world catch on soon or will it be another round of 1930s and the nazis – we coulda, woulda, shoulda – but did not.

  17. The entire world is sick of this evil 7th century Barbaric filth. Good for the Buddist, now we need the Hindu, and others to form their Defense Leagues. You would think this evil filth is the majority of the world’s population the way they push and shove their evil all over the planet.

    Time to stop Islam NOW

    • Many sikhs, hindus are sick and tired of muslims and have warned the rest of the world for centries about islam but only now in the western world people are beginin to take notice. The british and american governments won’t do anything because the Saudi oil and money makes them ignor what is going on.

  18. I am curious… it seems that wherever Islam is, if they don’t like something, they erase the face of it as they did of the Buddha… I wonder if there was a time when Mohammed was so reviled that they erased his face on everything… and then tried to cover it up by saying you can’t make any images of him… anyone else wonder that?

    • So sad to hear this i didnt know that this was happening canadians will pray for you and know that truth love and kindness are found in all people except the religion of peace. It is comming to an end.

  19. This great islamic evil.
    How did it steal into our world?
    What demon seed, what poisoned root did it grow from?
    Who can believe in such fantasy?
    Why would fellow humans want to rob us of life and light?
    Mocking us with the sight of their utterly diminished humanity.
    Does our ruin benefit the earth?
    Does it help grass to grow, the sun to shine?
    This dreadful growing darkness is pernicious.
    Do not let us pass from peace into this terrible satanic night.
    Islam is an insidious and dangerous F-ALLAH-CY!

  20. The only hope that we have to stop the spread of the cancer of islam is to unite all of the non muslims of the world. There are 1+ billion muslims. There are 6+ billion non muslims. The 6+ billion, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Athiests, gays and so on must unite in a common effort, to stop the spread of islam, our common enemy. If muslims were content to live side by side then the problem would be solved. But we know that the coran calls all non muslims, infidels. So all non muslims must unite. That is the answer. Thanks to BNI, Geller, Spencer and so on, we are uniting. We need a World Defense League. As we record and make public the evils of islam, more and more people will begin to understand the true threat of islam. Media records of executing gays, murdering Christians, Buddhists, honor murders, acid throwing, amputations, beheadings and an assorted array of evil, muslim atrocities will eventually dam this cult of islam. We need a world defense league. WDL.

      • the big hurdle here is getting the vast majority, who aren’t actually currently getting their car or place of worship torched nightly, to accept that islam is a vile ideology and not a “religion” and especially not “of peace”. everyone knows “nice muslims” and until they do terror, they seem nice enough (everybody thought the tsarnaevs were great guys, right?). so nobody wants to value them or their culture less. you’d think feminists would be all over it what with the way women get treated, but all you hear is crickets. same with gays. not a word, in fact they bend over backwards to defend islam usually. i’ve personally been told if they feel oppressed they’ll get their own selves out of it. right, like the Jews et al in concentration camps did? like African slaves in America did? how stupid, right? if you aren’t free and have no vote, how do you free yourselves? it gets ignored by the west. this is especially troubling, because when we become “refugees” ourselves, there will be no place of refuge left. the sooner strong steps are taken, and yes that may seem unfair and cruel, the more muslim lives will be spared in the violent backlash that is sure to erupt. western lives also. at this point there’s no way you will turn it back without serious pain and destruction cause they don’t want to go. there will be terror attacks and we need to hunker down and ride that out, knowing as we keep pushing they’ll resist the best way that has always worked, escalate the terror. we need to suck it up and push anyway. no real revolution has no casualties. this is why “occupy” fizzled out. the second it got painful or inconvenient they showed they were a bunch of weenies and took their whiney butts home. that will NOT work against islam. men, women, and kids will die. they will target what is most dear to us. but if we give up, we will be their slaves. our future generations will still deal with this violence even if we just give up peacefully. look at any muslim country, and show me one that isn’t either a war-torn hell-hole or a dictatorship that oppresses and abuses every minority including their own women and children.

  21. Non-Muslims of all faiths and non-religious people around the world have to unite together to fight for our rights to be non-Muslim. Muslims don’t practice Islam peaceably, but require non-Muslims to submit to Islam by force.

  22. I expect that soon, much sooner than most there would guess, there will be a backlash from muslimes pouring into Taiwan from places like Pakistan, Turkey, and any number of Mideast arselifter-dominated countries where they should stay!!….As of October last 2012, when my last visit there ended, the muslimes there had not yet “over played their hand”, but I’m guessing it is just a matter of time; maybe I’ll be there when the predominantly Buddhist population, including some of my in-laws, decide they have had enough of the muslime supremacist BS and attitudes!……Though I’m not Buddhist, but Christian, I’m sure that this is a fight in which we Christians and Buddhists would join together against a common enemy!!

  23. I wish Americans would learn from the example of the Buddhists about halal & what the proceeds are used for .
    There should be no halal products in America. If a muslim wants halal let him go to a mid east shit hole (excuse my French)to get it & his his brethren with him.

  24. good news that Buddhists are finally fighting back against muslim hatred.
    of course the LSM won’t report that muslms are instigators

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