MUSLIM STREET JUSTICE? African man savagely beaten, then burned alive by angry mob (Extremely Graphic)

FROM 2011: Some say the man was gay, others say he was a thief. Some media outlets reported this took place in Uganda, others Nigeria. Either way, both countries have significant Muslim populations who believe homosexuals should be executed and thieves should have their limbs amputated.


In this shocking video a man is beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry mob, then doused with some sort of flammable liquid, buried under a pile of wooden rubble, and set ablaze. By the looks of it, no one even tried to help this poor man, and cars that passed by seemed more concerned that he might block their path than the fact that he was trying to escape with his life. 


It is clear that several other people are also filming his death.  This attack happened in broad daylight, which means that his torturers and murderers did not fear any sort of reprisal for their actions. Another clue that indicates ‘Muslim’ country.

You’ll notice people in the mob trying to “necklace” the man. Necklacing is the practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die.

WARNING: This is a very horrific video.


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48 comments on “MUSLIM STREET JUSTICE? African man savagely beaten, then burned alive by angry mob (Extremely Graphic)

  1. It is not right. It is a savagely. that people surely might not have God in their hearts. I think Islam is a big danger to all around world.

    • This act cannot be linked to muslim or any religion. These people themselves are crazy and heartless. We don’t need to be in a specific religion group to come to say that this is good and allowed in my religion because it doesn’t exist. Believe those who think a religion may spread hatred, crimes etc because it is false. It is people themselves who are the wrongdoers and the devil’s. No religion are to be blamed. In 100 centuries when most people might become atheist, you will still see these hatred crimes wars because there exist these kind of people who are the wrongdoers. So stop be generous to say oh this muslim religion are bad, No these people are insane and bad, not Muslim religion. They invent stories, they change the true meaning of Quranic verses, muslim religion, Jewish religion, christianisme, and others all promote the self control and peace. But people are too attracted to easy things that put their life in strong desires to be among these wrongdoers.

  2. Most of this thing happening in dominated Christian cities in Nigeria as they don’t have Sharia law in their believe dealing with criminal. And the government of Nigeria doesn’t protect its citizen

  3. To be fair to Islam, I think there’s a hadith against burning people. Beating them to death with rocks or sawing their head off is the proper Islamic way.

  4. equalityforall,

    I agree with the correct idea of equality for all. But there is one serious problem with that dream. ‘True Muslims’ that revere Pedophile Muhammad don’t agree with that idea. Islam teaches that we are not all equal. Islam instructs all Muslims that all kafir/infidels/unbelievers/non-Muslims are inferiors and must be conquered and forced to submit to Islam. By Mohammad’s instruction in the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sharia Law all unbelievers that refuse to revert to Islam must be killed usually by beheading very slowing and extremely cruelly with a knife; it is a sickening thing to witness. Muslims don’t behead quickly like the Japanese Samurai of World War II; they kill slowly and horribly so that the victim suffers torturous death; this process is called Halal, they use the same method to kill animals.

    I used the words ‘revert to Islam’ not convert because Islam teaches that we are all born Muslim and that our evil parents corrupted us with wrong religious instructions. So when people go back to Islam they are not according to Islamic teaching ‘converting’ they are ‘reverting.’

    To learn the hard core truth about Islam you need to read the boring book Qur’an every page and read at least 4 different translations for comparison, the core satanic verses are still true in every translation. Read the voluminous Hadiths that support rape, slavery, murder and polygyny including pedophilia marriage sexual abuse of little girls as young as six years of age. The way of the Sunnah, that is the example of the prophet is the binding instruction to obey all of the Koran and Hadith historical guidelines and this is enforced by ‘Cruel Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Sharia Law’ which encourages beheadings, hangings, stoning to death, floggings, vicious amputation of hands and feet. The list of cruel choices authorised by evil 7th Century Barbaric Sharia Law is a disgrace and an enemy of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’

    Islam rejects equality they refuse to assimilate they have one ‘Jihad Rule’ conquer and destroy all non-Muslims that refuse submit to Islam. We unbelievers including ex-Muslims are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us as instructed by the Qur’an. The death penalty by beheading applies to all ex-Muslims that rejected Islam.

  5. Fools this could be anywhere. Happens in kenya as a result of people being blamed for witchery by relatives because they hold onto valued land and mostly in CHRISTIAN sections of the east coast. Dont blame islam for this, blame ignorance and greed. To Liz – your idiotic comments about islam and communism, dont forget russia was fighting the taliban the same guys the US is fighting now and the same guys the US was helping then. So before they were freedom fighters and now they are terrorists? What about chechnya? They dont like russians there either (not that russia is any longer communist). I bet you only just gound out about chechnya in the last few weeks.

    • The only fool here is you for your abject denial of well-established fact, or us if we allowed ourselves to actually be swayed by your ill-informed, obsfucating comments

  6. Simona,

    BNI did not lie. This information is linked to other sites. There is no doubt that this happened in Africa. No one reporting the film any site knows the exact location but it is well know that these type of attacks are common in Africa. An engineering friend of mine that did a job in Sth Africa in 2000 saw such incidents. The video reminded him of horror that he had seen. It is reasonable to speculate and theorize when facts are missing that is how the world of science successfully evolved to solutions. The fact is the incident did happen, it was an all black conflict and it no doubt ocurred in Africa. Your attack against BNI for having the courage to post stories that you clearly are not doing suggests that you are a specialist in negative criticism; it is time you changed to resistance against Islam. What is your full name state and country? You have me curious.

  7. We are all aware of the violence of muslims and islam, but this incident could be anywhere and at any time. It might not even be in Africa. You give no links, date or time, so really its all just pure specualtion on your part.
    You have to step up your game or you will become known for the same reason as muslims – lying.

  8. They were having a great time weren’t they? I’d bet that most of those tormenting murderers didn’t know or care what he was accused of or if he was guilty of what he was accused of. And the poor fellow would probably be joining in on the torture if it was someone else getting the treatment. Lower than cockroach’s. And our illegal muzscum “president” is bringing millions of them into our country. I’m waiting for the trigger that starts a full scale war between muzscum and the rest of us. And to all the appeasers, liberals, Hollywood dhimmi’s, etc., you are as much the enemy, more actually because your traitors.

    • Be wise to stay at the ready, the day (s) of which you write of, may be here sooner than you may think. I have to believe our fellow Patriots, at best are biting their tongues, and keeping the anger at bay these days, but the furor is brewing, and a hot item will come to pass that starts it all off. Remember, there are how many in your vicinity who have betrayed our founding principles while they mock, lie and talk trash for our righteous anger over their choices, don’t forget them, as you wrote, they are the very reaason why this is going to happen. Don’t let them get away, give them nothing, and take everything from them as they are the very reason for the demise of this Nation and many others around the world. Payback is best served cold with a bad righteous attitude in the mix.
      I, mohareb……………………………………………………..approve this message.
      Semper Fi.

    • Very well said, John. Those people that committed this crime more than likely got great pleasure killing this poor man. That is true evil.

  9. mark morris,

    Without a machine gun no one person could have stopped this vicious cruel Muslim mob. And even if they succeeded they would have to then fight tens of thousands to the death and no doubt we would not know the truth. These kind of incidents are no doubt common and most are not documented. Whoever filmed this evil moment at least exposed the dark truth as a warning of what we can expect if we allow Islamization of the West to happen. Our problem is getting people to publish the truth even Google opposed the publication of this story because of ‘Gore Content.’

  10. Just another day practicing on what they want for the world in their “New Caliphate”.
    Looks like fun, don’t it?

    …and King Putt in the White House doesn’t see any problem with islam?

  11. Article Logic:

    1. 9/11 happened in America so Americans attacked America. [Paragraph 1]

    2. Angry Mob = Muslims [Paragraph 2]

    3. Goodness, I cannot even be arsed with this.

    IN SHORT: Reductio ad absurdum as well as so many basic argumentative techniques can be implemented here to show how stupid this article is and completely blow your GUESSWORK out of the water.

    Oh, don’t accuse me of supporting these atrocities! I am not, however I cannot believe somebody would stoop so low as to speculate (at best) on this being associated with Islam.

    See ya! 😀

  12. i don’t know what is worse the way the man was killed or the fact that it was filmed.
    this is not a sane “religion” and must be abolished

  13. The “religion of peace” WHAT A JOKE…these people make me sick…..
    and the world overwhelmingly proclaims muslims as poor, beleaguered victims…..and Jews as animals?

    and the anti-christ, obama says, “the muslim call to prayer is the prettiest sound on earth” ….well, well, well.
    Question obama…..did THESE savages just finish their “pretty” prayers to the demon prophet mohammad before they preformed THIS satanic act?????

  14. Doesn’t make sense, moohammed was gay so why do this? But as long as they are killing muslims and not Christian let them do it. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  15. I think the majority of Ugandan population is Christian, as they used to have a lot of refugees from South Sudan. One of my best friends is Southern Sudanese, he found his second wife in such a refugee camp in Uganda. To the best of my knowledge Nigeria has 50% Christians and 50% muzzies. But you never get exact figures. Anyway muzzies don’t need to be the majority to commit atrocities. They just do it, when they feel strong enough, and then they claim to be victimised. Poor muzzies!

  16. Fortunately Uganda still has a majority Christian population one of the last in Africa but the Saudis are pouring money in trying to change that.

      • i know am 1 year late but just read this today. Where are you getting this nonsense from that Ugandan moslems are persecuting christians?
        I live in Uganda and have never seen or heard about cases like this. The only case was a few months ago but it was tribal not religious based in the west of the country.
        Besides, these cases of mob justice happen quite often and it is mainly the rogues(both Christian and Muslim) who carry out these actions.
        There has also never been any violence like beatings and such against homosexuals here in Uganda. The population tends towards homophobia but this has never reached the alleged levels of violence.
        Rant over.

  17. The tortures of Mohammed described in his official biography ‘The Sira’ are equally horrendous.

    Moslems must imitate Mohammed. Mohammed was not a ‘nice person’, but a perverted, psychopathic, pedophile pirate.

  18. Human ‘s as a species have a long long long way to go to reach harmony muslims are the discord , keep your friends close and your guns closer

  19. Whoever filmed this video should be completely ashamed of themselves. Instead of filming, they should have tried to help this poor man. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  20. Actually, I’m sorry to send this out. But I feel that if we do not constantly be reminded of how muslims in a gang may react and to what inhuman, uncivilized lengths they may go, we are liable to be lulled into thinking, by the lies put out by cair, that all muslims are innocent and want only special considerations for everything. OH, and their own laws and system of justice too. Oh, and their own enclaves in OUR counry into which native americans may not go. Oh and free housing and food. Oh, and their wwn method of dress forced on others. Oh, and ……………

  21. Forgive me but What’s the big deal here ?
    The West’s and Hollywood’s Progressive Lefts “Saints” Desmond Tu Tu and Nelson and Winnie Mandela used this method of dispensing with the Majority Zulu population (80%)of South Africa for years with out a word of condemnation from the UN and the West’s bleeding Hearts …..oh but that’s right they were members of the African National Congress (ANC )The South African Communist Party.
    So this video could ONLY be Horrific if you are not a member of the ANC and their Hollywood Democrat Progressive apologists, If so get over it and get with the Program “Burn Baby Burn” ( Charles Perkins DEAD Australian Professional 1/4 Aboriginal Industry Millionaire “Activist” on the eve of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

    Many White South Africans have fled South Africa to Australia since the “Enlightenment” I have met and spoken to many …….the Progressive Left has a lot to answer for, just how many DEAD BLACK South Africans are enough to appease their their God of Communism?

    Communism it’s simply anti HUMAN

  22. The depth of human depravity knows no bounds, add in the cult members of the brothers from their hood, islam, its anyone’s guess of what might come upon humanity next.
    These barbarians, supposedly know, without the benefit of a trial of course, what pleases allah/satan best. This example of “street justice” although not uncommon in these types of society, is nothing short of mob rule without consequences but, that too may change. How, not hard to figure is it. One day a truely innocent person having suffered the indignity of a family members suffering at the hands of these demons of the flesh, muslims, they will not only seek revenge, but accomplish same tactics against their oppressors. It is sad in many ways the torment of the mind allah imposes upon his subjects who are all out willing to please the demon-god allah/satan in response of his pleasures. Hate begots hate, murder requires vengence, sometimes the entire population just because they tolerated it in the first place, think WW2-Germany as an example in recent history. The allies of freedom didn’t hesitate to wax destruction on their population just because, well if they would tolerate and do nothing to stave off this horror upon others, why then would they think they are exempt from it, they were not-apparently. Same will go with these proprietors from the cult of islam, one day there will arise a ‘take no prisoners’ leader from hells bowels placed before them to answer for the sins they are rsponsible for the world over, and when this happens, it may be the day, as history has numerous examples of, this cult is boxed in literally in coffins, placed into the ground to serve as yet another exaple of societies tolerence for the intolerate.

    It is my solmn belief, this day is shortly upon the horizon. It may come as a surprise to some, but, those in the know how this world works, understand that day should have happened long ago, as in 1,400+yrs. and it can not come soon enough already as a preventative means to strike at the heart of this beast known as, “muslim enough” decievers of humanity pretending to do so writ large at the expense of civilized societies, because as they say, allah made me do it and as proof, I read the war manual, errr, I mean, aaah, the holy cur’an.

    These sick and twisted sisters, the sons and daughters of satan, better understand there will be hell to pay for their actions. Some of us mean them great harm, destruction and devistations, and we will never apologize for the act either. It is our duty to preserve, protect and defend innocence at the expense of the wicked-period.

    I, mohareb……………………………………………………………approve this message.

    Semper FI.

    • WOW , what you said is powerful , educated and so true . I am so sick of all the horrors from muslims nowdays. Yep , Christians did bad stuff 100yrs ago…THIS EVIL IS OCCURRING IN 21ST C . The world need to quit tolerating the intolerant , tell them to GTFO of our lands if they don’t like us and our civilized laws n get tha hell back to their self made hellholes which , funny , THEY can’t wait to GTFO from .

  23. These fools who are so excited about burning a helpless man to death are in store for an eternity of fiery torment in bodies resurrected for the express purpose of enduring everlasting shame and punishment. They will then know that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

    • Without knowing for sure, I’d say our friend Pat Condell would respond to your post approximately as follows: “….and the Easter Bunny will drive a Ferrari.”

      We can all wish your outcome could be real, but assuming it as truth is probing far into the unknowable. In the real human world where we live, there is no punishment sufficiently severe for those who would torture another human so — but for centuries, such atrocities were the norm inflicted by the strong and by the conquerors.

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