DOUBLE HURRAH! Oklahoma State Senate also voted to pass anti-sharia legislation today

sharia-oklahomaFirst Florida, now Oklahoma votes by 40-3 to implement anti-sharia legislation for the state court system. As with Florida, I imagine the Oklahoma bill will require at least one more vote before the governors can sign it into law.

Atlas Shrugs HB1060, American Laws for American Courts, by Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma passed the full Oklahoma State Senate today by a vote of 40-3. It had previously passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives by a vote of 81-11. Congratulations to Representative Sally Kern and her 3-year fight to get American Laws for American Courts through the Oklahoma legislature. 

(When the Oklahoma electorate overwhelmingly voted in favor of anti-sharia legislation in 2010, CAIR took it to an appeals court and had the election results overturned. This time, Oklahoma lawmakers will make sure that can’t happen)


No foreign Law, (Jewish, Italian, Swahili or other) trumps the U.S. Constitution. There is no compulsion in Jewish or Catholic law. Jewish law doesn’t assert authority over non-Jews, Canon Law doesn’t assert authority over non-Catholics. But the sharia is a complete legal system asserting authority over non-Muslims, denying them basic human rights.