INDIA: Muslim man beheads his sister for having an affair, then walks to the police station, head in hand

Mehtab-AlamIn an apparent ‘honor’ killing, 29-year old Mehtab Alam beheaded his younger sister, Nilofer, with a stroke of a sword. On December 7th, Alam dragged his sister out onto the street, cut off her head in one stroke of a sword, then walked to a police station with her head in his hand.

Global Post  At 11 a.m., the duty officer at Nadial police station jumped to his feet in horror as he saw a young man walk in with the macabre exhibits. Before he could find the words to alert his colleagues, Mehtab put the sword and the head on his table, pulled up a chair and told him that he was ready to be arrested for murdering his sister, 22-year-old Nilofar Bibi. He told the duty officer to “seize the head as evidence”, say sources.

Mehtab said he killed his sister Nilofar for “running off with a lover and dishonoring the family,” according to sources. Nilofar, who had been married for eight years, had run away from her in-laws and was reportedly living with a former lover.

Here is the man walking to the police station with his sister’s head dangling from his right hand.

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  1. It is sad, killed by your own brother, the very one’s who have to protect you and your decisions. But that is islam & muslims, the cult of barbarians & death. so go on muslims, kill each other & vanish off the earth, you can never be tamed.

  2. What kind of human being is content walking in public with the head of his sister he just severed? A Muslim.

    I hope he gets castrated.

  3. I cannot get my head wrapped around the sick incessant need Muslim men have to control women. I think they know if “their” women break out and discover freedom they would never return. Let alone a western POLITE man with an open mind.

    A few years ago we hosted a 20 year old young lady from Egypt participating in a Women’s Leadership summer program at a major university. She was told before she left Egypt that American men would harass her and disrespect her. Even her parents were harassed by people in their community for allowing her to go to the US unchaperoned. What she discovered was American men were just the opposite, no one ever bothered her or disrespected her. She LOVED America and wanted to stay. She loved the freedom just to be herself with no judgment. She said if she went out without her brother escorting her she could not walk down a street in Cairo without being cat-called, followed or pinched. And this was when she wore a head scarf. She actually said they LIED to me, Americans and America is wonderful!

    Islam will one day end up on the ash heap of history, human nature has proven the human spirit needs freedom and it will fight to achieve it. The sleeping giant will awaken.

  4. These revolting, Stone Age, inbred murdering scum need to be erased from the face of the earth. Their very presence offends greatly.

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