INDIA: Muslim man beheads his sister for having an affair, then walks to the police station, head in hand

Mehtab-AlamIn an apparent ‘honor’ killing, 29-year old Mehtab Alam beheaded his younger sister, Nilofer, with a stroke of a sword. On December 7th, Alam dragged his sister out onto the street, cut off her head in one stroke of a sword, then walked to a police station with her head in his hand.

Global Post  At 11 a.m., the duty officer at Nadial police station jumped to his feet in horror as he saw a young man walk in with the macabre exhibits. Before he could find the words to alert his colleagues, Mehtab put the sword and the head on his table, pulled up a chair and told him that he was ready to be arrested for murdering his sister, 22-year-old Nilofar Bibi. He told the duty officer to “seize the head as evidence”, say sources.

Mehtab said he killed his sister Nilofar for “running off with a lover and dishonoring the family,” according to sources. Nilofar, who had been married for eight years, had run away from her in-laws and was reportedly living with a former lover.

Here is the man walking to the police station with his sister’s head dangling from his right hand.

The Muslim Issue (h/t Susan K)