CAIR wants you to malign a North Carolina lawmaker for comparing Islamic prayer to terrorism

Muslim Brotherhood front group, Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) today called on the Republican Party to repudiate a North Carolina GOP lawmaker who compared Islamic prayer to terrorism. BNI Readers, you know the drill.


NewsObserver  In an email exchange with a constituent, North Carolina State Rep. Michele Presnell was asked whether she was “comfortable with a public prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting.” She responded: “No, I do not condone terrorism.” Presnell is also a co-sponsor of House resolution 494, which states that North Carolina may establish a state religion.


“The famed ACLU is telling Rowan County they may not pray before commissioners meetings,” Presnell wrote to Britt Kaufmann, a constituent. “We pray in Raleigh before our legislative meetings, U.S. Congress prays in Washington DC, why can they not pray?”

Kaufmann replied: “Yes, I do understand that the ACLU is suing Rowan County and I think they have clearly articulated why they are not comfortable with prayer before the commissioners meetings. I wanted you, as my representative, to know that I do not think the proposed bill is a good solution to that problem. … Would you be comfortable with a public prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting in Raleigh?”

Presnell equated Islam to terrorism and added, “We just need to start taking a stand on our religious freedom or it will be whisked away from us.”

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