[UPDATED] IslamoNazis and Judenrats WIN. Due to relentless intimidation and threats, Great Neck Synagogue cancels Pamela Geller’s appearance


I only pray that the goddamn Nazi Judenrat traitors who allied themselves with the IslamoNazis, the same people whose religion tells them over and over again to kill all the Jews, will burn in Hell. Islamic Hell.


From Pamela’s website Atlas Shrugs: Due to relentless intimidation, bullying and threats, the Great Neck Synagogue is cancelling my talk at the Great Neck Synagogue on Sunday. It is a very sad day for freedom-loving peoples when fascist tactics trump free speech.

Leftist goons pushed and prodded by Islamic supremacist, Habeeb Ahmed, and his co-conspirators threatened a march on the shul (among other things) on Sunday (imagine how terrorized the the Sunday school children would be).

They win. Again.

Here are the names of the two Judenrat Rabbis who sided with the enemy in demanding that the Synagogue cancel Pamela:

Read their repugnant statements HERE (Notice how they back up their opinions with references to the anti-Christian, anti-American ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’s slander of Geller as a hatemonger) 

Rabbi White & Rabbi Davidson
Rabbi White & Rabbi Davidson

Rabbi Michael White [email protected]

Temple Sinai, 425 Roslyn Road,  Roslyn Heights, NY  11477  TEL: 1-516-621-6800

Rabbi Emeritus Jerome K. Davidson [email protected]

TEL: 1- 516-466-4557

Temple Beth El, 5 Old Mill Rd., Great Neck, NY 11023     TEL: 1-516-487-0900


The synagogue board could not take the extraordinary pressures and issued the following statement that, as the board said, while “these important issues must be discussed, the synagogue is unable to bear the burden.” The event is cancelled. 

“As the notoriety and media exposure of the planned program this Sunday have increased, so has the legal liability and potential security exposure of our institution and it’s [sic] member families. In an era of heightened security concerns it is irresponsible to jeopardize the safety of those who call Great Neck Synagogue home, especially our children, even at the risk of diverting attention from a potentially important voice in the ongoing debate. Accordingly, the Great Neck Synagogue Men’s Club will no longer be sponsoring the appearance of Pamela Geller this coming Sunday, and no event will be taking place in our facility.”

Executive Board

Great Neck Synagogue