Muslim thugs with weapons threaten English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson’s family outside his home

Early in the morning of April 9th, a group of rabid Islamist savages gathered in front of Tommy’s home shouting abuse and making threats against Tommy, his family, and other innocent bystanders. Police arrive and make one arrest – Tommy Robinson.


EDL (h/t ZILLATommy was held in custody for 30 hours and his house was searched under the powers granted by Section 32 PACE (search without warrant upon arrest). These powers allow the police to enter and search your home  if the police officer  “reasonably suspects that he will find on those premises items relating to the offence for which the suspect was arrested.” Why weren’t the people who started the incident arrested?  

This is not a two-tier application of the law, this seems more like perversion of the law to persecute those who do not subscribe to the government-approved double-think. So when was it made law that those who suffer antagonism, threats of death and serious beatings must be arrested for their victim status?


 A member of Tommys family was followed home by none other than Ibrahim Anderson, a notorious member of the now proscribed “Muslims Against The Crusades” and “Al Muhajiroun” a gang of backward Islamist scum. When Anderson (a white ginger haired convert to Islam) started an altercation with threats outside Tommys family home, it was apparent that the threats made were real, credible, and potentially life threatening.

If someone follows a member of your family to your home to instigate trouble then it’s pretty safe to assume that person clearly intends to cause harm, to intimidate. It would be pretty safe to assume he’s not there to give a sermon or flowers or chocolate as a well wisher now is it?

Of course as anyone would, Tommy and his family acted in the interests of self defence, damage was caused to a car and Anderson soon called his fellow islamist bed buddies to aid him in his “street jihad”.


Tommy turned up as did the police and they arrested him, they also arrested another member of his family for entering his own home. The Muslims who turned up on masse in support of their jihadist Islamist brother were armed to the teeth with blades and bats.

Not one of these backward savages was arrested or searched! Now forgive us for perhaps not quite understanding this but an armed gang of Muslim hatemongers armed with weapons, threatening all and sundry are not arrested or searched?

Video of Tommy’s arrest.



69 comments on “Muslim thugs with weapons threaten English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson’s family outside his home

  1. It’s not the muslims who are the problem. It is the liberal/socialist scum who allow this garbage in our countries who are the problem and until they are made to pay this will continue. Make them pay.

    • Thank God that I don’t live in that country! It’s startiing up here but WTP are about to stop that crap! At least out in the Western states, “homey don’t play dat”! Everybody has seen what happens at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada when the fed. govt. tries its jackbooted crap! God Save The Republic!

  2. Best of Luck to you guys! Here in India we have have a government quite similar to the one in Britain;that is encouraging these motherfucker muslims and pampering them by betraying us.By giving them far too many rights,and protection in the of minority,now this muslim asslicking congress govt has even started maligning hindus–labeling them as radical and creating imaginaly hindu terrrorism.Someday,I wish to raise an IDL/NDL(Indo-Nepal Defence League as I am partly of Nepali origin).Ever since Nepal was declared secular,without any referendum,we’ve seen a huge influx in number of these scumbags into our peaceful land.We need to unite to drive these inhumane creatures from our respective countries.

  3. Another brave British soldier murdered at the hands of muslim savages where this poor soldier fell only ten bunches of flowers were laid this is England ten bunches of flowers that show you how much my country feels about that poor soldiers death, they should of been thousands the road should of been like a carpet of flowers, now this will signal to these savages even their own people doesn’t care what with have done. my country will never wake up we are sleep walking into a nightmare a nightmare that will be filled with blood our blood, Its time now to strike back talking isnt working the only language these muslim scum understands is violence but we most be more violent then them .Each patriot most be prepared to suffer jail harassment by the police even being tortured . what will are childrens children say gran parents why didnt you do something or will our future generations bless us for standing upto these muslim scum. Its upto each and everyone one of us to fight what ever means we have let these muslim scum rape our children how much more will each and everyone of you allow these muslims to get away with.? let up rise and get our country back .ENGLAND IS CRYING OUT FOR VOLUNTEERS.

    • billy, screw the flowers. What good are flowers laid at the crime scene? There should have been thousands of British citizens at the crime scene, demanding an end to muslim immigration and deportation of many who are already there.

      • yes you are right they should of been thousands of people out there but the British people are not interested, yes only with the f..kers that done it

  4. 10mm – Don’t really see it as a Black / White issue,there are Black and White on both sides,the problem is …THEM MUZZIES.

    • 10mm, It won’t work, Look what happened to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). The country was working well until the other countries started siding with the Communists oreinted tribes (Mugabe). Now that country sucks on all levels!

  5. Basically, what Tommy is doing is what the M.P’s. SHOULD be doing,and protesting against the SHIT-SCUM,he is exposing the hypocrisy of Parliment and exposing the real threat to this Country and it’s an embarressment to them, so whats their answer??? discredit HIM, thats their only answer, stay strong Tommy your support is GROWING,and we all know they are trying to Demonise you.

  6. Todd Hedges,

    Mate I understand your anger I feel the same way. But if we want to win we must never picket outside Muslim homes that is Islam’s anti-freedom coward method leave the egg on their faces.

    Don’t picket- standing groups are easier to dismantle; keep moving the longer the march the more people that will join the procession. The ‘Greatest Demonstration Impact’ is an army of regular marching citizens. March on main roads don’t march outside of Mosques that are not in main streets; always be prepared for self-defence, Muzzies will attack. Don’t attack the Muzzies encourage them to attack, then it is non-Muslim self-defence; ‘Jihad Muslims’ are too stupid to stay calm. Focus on destruction of Islam’s credibility and preserve non-Muslim credibility by being the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm.’ Fighting in self-defence strategy is the best way to fight Islam. Expect the unexpected and give no quarter and expect none.

    We have to wake up the ‘Ostriches’ i.e. the apathetic with their head in the sand that value their freedom; therefore it is imperative that all non-Muslims preserve their credibility and are seen as the true victims and the Muzzies are always identified as being the dangerous bullies.

    It would be advantageous if other British Citizens created independent ‘Citizens Resistant Groups’ with different clean-cut British chapter organisational names marching sending a message of opposition against Islam to strengthen recognition for the EDL. The existence of more independent resistant groups shall make it harder for politicians to single out a group for focused persecution like that which is now happening to the EDL. These resistance groups should emphasis on their banners… “We are not the EDL but we do support ‘Tommy Robinson’ and we refuse to vote for any Government that persecutes any member of the EDL. We demand that ‘Islamization of Britain’ be stopped and that all Sharia Courts in Britain be banned, closed down and permanently outlawed by whatever degree of military force is required.”

    The EDL is being treated as most wanted criminals. It is time for the British People to march identifying the ‘The Most Wanted Criminals’ are the ‘British Government’ which must be voted out of office for allowing the establishment of ‘Sharia Law’ in Britain and the gradual expansion process of ‘Islamization of Britain.’ It is time for the ordinary common currently silent citizens in every Western Nation to join the fight around the world and market a clear and accurate message that proof exists in volumes that Islam’s mission as instructed in the Qur’an is to conquer and destroy the ‘Free World’ and force it to submit to ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Islam.’

    It is time to market the message in these exact words that “It is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ to accept and tolerate Islam.”

    When the people rise in mass against governments that accept and tolerate Islam I guarantee politicians shall feel fear and begin to tremble. At that point of time mainstream media shall do a ‘cartwheel’ and join the fight against Islam.

    There is only one way to defeat Islam use the right ahimsa communication philosophy which smashes Islamic Credibility and Islam shall begin to crumble. We must destroy ‘Pedophile Muhammad’s Credibility’- when Muslims stop believing in this evil man; Islam shall disintegrate. Therefore it is the ‘Dark Spirit of Criminal War Lord Muhammad’ that is now universally posthumously on trial for crimes against humanity. The prosecution of ‘Pedophile Muhammad’ in the Universes ‘Cosmic Court’ has begun. And the witnesses against Muhammad are the people around the globe on planet earth.

  7. The answer is very clear. It is time for everyone of us to declare war on Islam. We don’t wait for them to be outside our homes yelling threats at us and our families. We need to get together as a cohesive unit and picket outside their homes and mosques. We can yell threats ourselves (after all, it is simply freedom of speech). Tell them that if they won’t adapt to our nation’s cullture they better get the hell out. It’s notthat they simply won’t assimilate: they invade with the intent to make change. Time to bring the fight to them

  8. Didn’t see the edl kick off about this, check the article

    (I did, and it has nothing to do with Islam, Muslims, or the EDL. Therefore I deleted it. –BNI)

  9. Aussies,

    This is a disgrace the current British Government is committing acts of ‘High Treason’ against the ‘True British People.’ None of us have anywhere to run the only land that Islam is not trying to conquer is Antarctica. We must make a stand where we live and fight inspired by the ‘True Courage of Tommy Robinson.’

    Australia has a sequel problem; we are not a ‘Republic’ our laws report to Britain; we are next in line for ‘Islamization Takeover.’ Most Australians including most of my own family refuse to listen to the truth about Islam. My comments against Islam are with family opposition tolerated that is all. I have more friends that support me than family. At least Tommy has family support- I stand alone in this fight against Islam; and I refuse to back down.

    Hell is coming to Australia we only have eleven years to establish strong ‘Counter-Jihad Resistance’ against Islam and every person in bed with Islam. Australia shall fall like Britain if we do not wake Australians up! Hence I shall keep forwarding e-mails and spreading the word even though most think I am a fanatic. Persistence will eventually defeat stupidity; it is unfortunately a painful fight with no end in sight for at least the next three hundred years. Only unity can stop the invasion of Islam.

    • So true Allan ! I never seen so many of them coming in Canada as the last ten years and the Canadians are helping them. One day they might wake up !

  10. Tommy get the Fuck out of there come to U.S at least we still have a little free speech I don’t know for how long, with that sorry Moslem President we have in Washington, those cope over in U.K are a bunch of Pussy’s.

    • Good idea italy problem hes not Spanish and not Muslim. Were the British government is after him he won’t be allowed. Some people who try to come in to speak on this problem. Plus U S Citizens can’t speak in pubic about this either. If Arabs objects.

  11. Indeed, just WTF is wrong with the so-called authorities and “law enforcement in England?! If a bunch of filthy stinking muzturds showed up in my hood making threats; they would NOT walk away; they would most certainly be carried away in baggies; and thus far we do NOT have chicken shit pigs (cops) like the ones who arrested Tommy at HIS own house after he and his family were threatened by muslime garbage; but this is in the American Heartland NOT England; but give it time, and if the politico a–holes like Obutthole and his ilk have their way no one will be toting guns but the filthy stinking muslimes and gang bangers!!…Oh, and I noticed that there was no mention of just what kind of “weapons” the muslime gang bangers were toting, but if they were firearms or other “weapons”, you can be sure that the Anglo-Saxon citizens of the area would NOT be allowed to carry them, but as usual, and in the customary PC fashion, the —-ing scum muslimes are given a free pass!!……Oh, was that “racist”?!……Once again Pislam is NOT a race!!

  12. this is wrong on so many levels.the UK has lost it’s fighting spirit and would just as soon roll over and play dead.
    Tommy may not want to move but his family needs to relocate. all this while a known hate preacher is given a luxury home free of charge to continue the threats of vileness

  13. Now tell the truth the British government is brought and paid . Thanks to Obama. The U.K got oil from Iran because of embargo U.K can’t buy. But Russia is allowed by Obama. U.K can’t afford to pay Russia because they have jacked up the price. So they allowed all these pigs into the country to get oil from other Arab countries .

    So now to keep this going the British people lost their rights. This was used in the U.S for years. In a city near were I live the cops were used to put down a group they killed 7 people in their cells. What they get out of it they can’t hold anybody now they have to go to house of corrections.

    Under mass law you enter any house of correction for any reason because you were there you lost rights to benefits ofter people have. Even if after you go to court and charges are dropped.

  14. This is all very ominous. It must not be allowed to escalate! It would be wonderful to have worldwide protests!

    In England, join the EDL. In Scotland join the SDL – Scottish Defense League.

    The UKIP will not even talk about the threat from Islam and massive colonization of Muslims!
    Support and join Britain’s last great hope, Liberty GB!

    09 April 2013 Liberty GB Public Meeting in Croydon
    Within the next few weeks (date to be confirmed) Liberty GB will be holding its very first public meeting in the London Borough of Croydon. Members, supporters, local people, friends and families are all invited to this historic event, which will combine speeches by party leader Paul Weston and others with a chance to meet, socialise and share a drink with party organisers and supporters. Welcome!……

  15. I was born in the UK but now I am leaving this country. It is run by idiots for immigrants as they are the only people that have rights now. \i hope that the people that have come to this island and now have taken it over will be as kind and considerate to the next wave of immigrants as we have tried to be to this lot. Tommy Robinson should simply leave and find happiness in another land

      • Fighting back is the ONLY option….because these Muslims are spreading throughout the world and Gov’s are not giving a damn

    • Take back your country from the Muslims, same thing that happen in Serbian is happening in England ! I see the government is helping there children get education and now they are in the country running the country ! What the heck has happen to powerful England ! The problem is the people over there are talking about it and the Muslims are doing something about it. Same here in Canada !

  16. And so it goes here in America. Are you a potential terrorist??? The American government has already linked Veterans, people who are pro-life, and Tea Party activists who are pro-Constitution as being potential terrorist threats; and now, just visiting a therapist can put you on the wrong list, anonymously.

  17. Nothing about this surprises me….Cameron called the EDL “sick” but this just proves who is sick here….The police should be sued for wrongful arrest and dereliction of duty…..I find this disgusting and reprehensible….I think that ginger twat convert who led his muslim buddies to Tommies house should have his card marked….As for all those wussy politicians and their equally submissive police farce?? F*ck ’em all…

  18. If the cops keep arresting patriots and let the muslim thugs go free, this could ignite into a civil war. I applaud on EDL’s peaceful means like MLK did in the 1960’s. Despite MLK supports being arrested, there was a positive outcome. Segregation was outlawed. I hope the same happens with EDL’s cause. Outlawing radical islam and jail or deport offenders.

  19. The Police in the UK have always been filth, that’s exactly what we call them, Filth. When ever the government wants someone bullied, they can rely on the good old British Bobby to do the dirty work on their behalf. Do not believe all that tosh of the good old British bobby, they are just as corrupt, incompetent, inadequate & willing to arrest you fro the slightest misdemeanour’s to meet the targets.

  20. Abslutely ridiculous,you will only get the same run-o-the-mill statement from the police,you know the old,..”At such and such a time,a Man and two others were arrested today and taken in to help us with our enquiries”, his Lawyer can only build a history of Harrasment after all this hassle his Family have been going through,keep cool Tommy,were ALL in your corner Mate.

  21. This is horrible , I don’t understand why the British people are putting up with this nonsense , it’s time the British got off their asses and did something , I don’t what but something has to be done , this harassment of non muslims has to stop .


    First they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out – because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists,
    and I did not speak out -because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I did not speak out -because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak for me!

    Pastor Niemoller

    • Are you kidding? The Communists and the Unions ARE the ones helping these scum along. The leftists and muzzies are working in tandem until it no longer suits either side. Then their own little brand of hell will break out.

      • This was on the internet! I couldn’t find another version! Of course, the Communists and the Fascist Left are helping in the Muslim conquest! Just substitute other groups!

  23. British citizens pay taxes for protection. The most important function of any government is to protect their people and nation. UK ruling elites have colonized Britain with millions of Muslims. The elites no longer believe that they should protect decent, law-abiding indigenous Brits.

    Vicious, infidel-hater VIOLENT Muslims are ADORED by UK ruling elites who have dedicated themselves to PROTECTING violent Muslim predators.

    We non-Muslims must take to the city streets in massive protests around the world to protest against UK leaders’ vicious persecution of patriotic, peaceful, LOYAL British citizen Tommy Robinson and the patriotic EDL.

    Patriotic, LOYAL British subjects as Tommy Robinson and the patriotic EDL are intensely hated by UK ruling elites. What is the going price to sell out Britain? UK ruling elite TRAITORS have sold their souls and sold out Britain to global Islam.

    This is PM Blair’s doing. He is blaming those who defend freedom, rather than the enslavers.

    ‘Slave’ is considered a ‘good’ word in the twisted, deluded minds of Mozzies, turning them into braindead, uncritical zombies.

  25. In Norway we have a song called “In a backward country”. Seems like England are on the same level, going backward into the future…

    Looks like the only solution is to build walls around our homes, hiring guards, arm us to the teeth and learn self defense, if we non-muslims should be able to continue to live in our own country. For now it seems impossible to get politicians with courage enough to throw out everything that tastes of islam and its evil.

  26. Unbelieveable! I keep thinking there must be some police officers that know the score and would refuse to do this, you know real British Patriots. They see the Muslim scum everyday on the job, you think just one of them would refuse to obey orders on principle, just ONE!

  27. If you want an example of how the British justice system and British press deals with crimes committed by immigrants upon the indigenous population then Google the name Chalene Downes

    Often wondered what is would have been like to live in a country occupied by the Nazis in WW2; well with Muslim occupied Britain I’ll have a chance to find out.

  28. WTF is going on??? Has the world lost its damn mind? Evil is good and right is wrong. There should be an armed defense league that captures and deports these inbred scum.

  29. England is going down the tubes. It all started when they reneged on the Balfour declaration and its gone downhill ever since.
    All I can say is what the prophet Isaiah said:
    “Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Isaiah 5:21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
    Isaiah 5:22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
    Isaiah 5:23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! “

  30. What the hell? Why in the world would they not arrest the muslim assholes instigating the whole incident?? England should be ashamed. Do the police even bother to try to offer an explanation regarding their actions? If they keep up this course of action, England is lost. They need to take the fight TO the muslims and be harassing them with death threats to leave the country and go back to Saudia Arabia or some other muslim nation. Religion of peace my ass.

  31. so the VICTIM is arrested? getting just like Pakistan, oops, forgot Great) now not so Great) Britain is full of Muzzs from Pakistan.. sorry for Tommy, his country has forsaken him and all who expect freedom of speech!!

    • It’s GOOD to know there are still people in Turkey who think as I do.
      I am Canadian and I pray it’s not too late for people to change in Turkey.
      Keep the faith Ilke !!!

  32. I saw this on facebook about 30 minutes after they arrested Tommy. This is just wrong on many levels. A man is not even allowed to protect his own home and family without being arrested there is something terribly wrong.

  33. Beyond despicable. I don’t know how any native Brit can work for the police force over there. Cowardice on the grandest scale, selling out there own people for these throwbacks of humanity.

  34. fucken pricks and that’s just the cops, i’m in oz but the way Britain is going you’ll have nothing to loose but go nuts and take out as many muzzrats as possable

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