CAIR asks Oklahoma Governor NOT to sign the anti-sharia bill. BNI Readers, you know what to do.

OKLAHOMA House Bill 1060 is now on its way to the Governor’s desk. The legislation would prohibit the application of foreign laws like Islamic sharia law in Oklahoma state courts.

images-1The measure is similar to State Question 755, which specifically singled out “Sharia Law.” That was approved overwhelmingly by Oklahoma voters in a referendum but was overturned by a leftist judge who totally ignored the will of the people.

images-2Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) is urging the governor not to sign the bill. They call it an attack on the religious principles of Islam. (No, Sharia is an attack on the Constitution of the United States. CAIR is telling Muslims to request that the Governor not sign the bill. Your emails supporting this bill will outnumber CAIR’s. Click link below)



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