ALGERIA: Popular Imam justifies paedophilia

Chems Eddine, a popular television imam in Algeria, had this to say when presented with the case of a 37-year-old man “in love” with a 12-year-old girl:


“There is a scientific explanation for this love between this man of 37 and this girl of 12. He is 37 in his body but in his spirit he is perhaps the same age as the girl,”… “I say this because I am sure that he sincerely loves this girl and has no ulterior motives, with marriage as his goal,” he says. …”It could be that he is an adult even in his spirit and that this girl of 12 is mature. 12 years old, but that’s a woman! If they both love one another. In this case, if the intentions are sincere, that is to say he wants her as a wife, I don’t say any barrier to this type of marriage,” he maintains without shame before recalling that our ancestors married at that age.  Islam vs Europe