Boston surgeons believe Marathon bombs were packed with ball bearings, which could explain why so many victims lost feet, calves and ankles in the horrific explosions

Surgeons at hospitals across the city are reportedly pulling out coiuntless pieces of metal shrapnel – popular with makers of improvised explosive devices the world over – from the bodies of many of the 138 victims who were wounded in the twin blasts.


UK Daily Mail  Horrifying photos and witness accounts from the tragedy revealed that many victims had one or both lower limbs blown off entirely. 

At least 17 people are in critical condition and some are not expected to survive the night. Victims lost at least ten limbs in the blast. Three people have died, including an eight-year-old boy.

Ball bearings are popular among bomb-makers because each one becomes a deadly projectile when launched by the explosive force of a bomb.

Hotel owner Marc Hagopian told MailOnline how the carnage 35 yards from the bomb explosion. ‘It was chaos – blood and limbs everywhere. There was a man who had lost a leg, another had lost both,’ he said. 

‘There were seven, eight, nine people lying on the ground. They appeared to be dead. ‘Marathon runners were tearing off their shorts to use as torniquets to help the injured.’









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  1. Regardless of who did this… may they rot in hell for such a cowardly act of barbarism and cruelty.

    I know they have that one suspect, but at this point I’m waiting for the investigation to be done so we know for sure (I hope).

    Thoughts and prayers to all those effected. :(

  2. When I saw the Press conference last night, ( I have a knack of knowing when people are lying) someone asked if authorities knew about this in advance, because there was a drill going on at the same time, bomb sniffing dogs on the scene, (obviously not very good ones) I dont know who it was that answered, but he said they had ‘no specific intelligence.’ This was a lie, I knew he lied the moment he said it. They knew this was going to happen and either allowed it, or helped it succeed.

  3. now what will the Americans do of yes yes will pour in more money and weapons in Islamic countries like pakistan making secret deals with them to kill few bag heads and leaving aside terror camps aimed at jihad against India, i don’t understand how more stupid can Obama administration can get, how can they possibly know that the same terror camps they left alone wouldn’t breed swines against US clearly west has not been sincere in tackling terrorism, We Indians are getting run down by Islamic menace by our dhimmi and corrupt govt and Media which again is pressurized by western govt and human rights groups when right wing nationalist govt in some states goes against Muslim swines for their roles in terror attacks, Our only is Narendra modi the CM of Gujarat state if he become PM of India in next general elections in India in 2014 but the west in its infinite wisdom have declared him unsecular and instigator of riots against Muslim swines.

  4. each one of the victims should sue obama’s panties now that he has lifted visa requirements for saudi terrorists

  5. Absolutely heartbreaking. Dear God, please give Your peace, comfort and strength to every victim. May they look to You in their severe trauma and find comfort in Your Psalms in the Bible and Your LOVE. Deeply, totally, heal each one. Thank you God, Amen.

  6. It holds the Al Qaeda fingerprints
    Analysis :
    1- mass crowds & alot of civilians
    2-International event (patriot day , alot of countries are participating)
    3-primitive explosives
    4-Targeted towards sport events (USA then EU or perhaps CANADA too)

    Conclusion : The islamists are sending a thank you note to the dumba$$ obama & his administration for cooperating with them

    Michael Zakyan

  7. thanks for the graphic photos that the media wouldn’t show. in case no one has heard a similar device had been mailed to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. fortunately it was intercepted before it could explode and was also designed to do maximum damage.
    I also understand the London Marathon has beefed up security for this weekend

  8. If Moslems do not support this terrorism, they are ‘hypocrites’ who should be executed for disagreeing with JIHAD. You will not get many Moslems protesting this. Most will keep silence, some out of fear and more because they agree with ‘terrorizing the enemies of Allah’ (Koran 8.60).

    There will be more and more terrorism if the US does not reform immigration to exclude Moslems.

  9. Bonni, you’re the only one who has posted the photos that show the real horror of those bomb blasts. It’s reported there may be as many as two dozen people who lost limbs.

    As to all the conspiracy theory that’s starting up about the death toll supposedly being hidden — people, please get down off the moon and back to earth. This is bad enough with out the tall tales. We’ve got up to 140 people injured, 3 killed and maybe more if some of the very critical cases don’t make it. There were two more devices that didn’t go off, or the toll would have been a lot higher.

    The FBI claims they didn’t find anything incriminating in that Saudi kid’s apartment. We know the MSM are dying to pin this on a “Tea Bagger” or “gun nut”. So far there is NO indication of that. So if it turns out to be this Saudi or some other raghead(s) it will be essential to get to as many people who will now pay attention to information about the jihad and make them listen to what they’ve been trying to ignore for 10+ years.

  10. I am in tears and in prayer for the victims. Also, like the other commenter, I grieve that things as terrible as this happen in Israel on a regular basis, thanks also to the Muslim savages. I pray for the peace and safety of Jews in Israel, and I pray for our country as well. May G-d have mercy on us.

  11. It’s about time the decent people of the United States, Australia, my country and the rest of Europe stood up for themselves against these brainwashed killers, We can’t rely on our security forces alone to protect us any more, That isn’t a slur on on our security forces, they do the best job they can.

    They’ve sat down and thought to themselves how can we kill as many of the infidel as we can, the cheapest way we can (Al Qaeda are strapped for cash) And one of them has thought ‘I know these infidels love their sport’ I was really surprised that this hadn’t been played out at the London Olympics.

    So where does the enemy meet in large numbers; at the Mosque or, when they take to the streets with their placards, demanding more of the murder and mayhem this sub-human scum cry out for. Lob a grenade or two into their ‘peaceful demonstration’. Burn down a Mosque with them all inside. Sorry but it’s war, and the pictures published by you guy’s isn’t anything else but a war zone.

    I’m a guy in his late fifties, with a dodgy ticker and take the fight to this sub-human scum at my computer’s keyboard, but Muslims must take regular visits to web sites like this and I hope they read this. Believe me I wish I was 30 years younger. Burning Mosques that’s what we need to see more of burning Mosques

      • Well that surprises me; don’t they take a risk, just like people took if they listened to banned radio stations in Nazi Germany. Speaking of which sorry for the reference about death camps, I got carried away; glad you didn’t post it. If you could pull the ‘I’m sure theirs plenty of Israeli,s who’d provide the staff; get rid of millions of them!!!!’ comment I’ve written below I’d appreciate it to.

      • I imagine your stories and commentary in Pakistain, must have the scuzzlums there suffering conniption fits. Hopefully some of ’em will stroke out and die in their angry scuzzlum rage.

  12. I truly believe, and have felt for a long time now, that the West is going to see more and more of this type of atrocity where we will end up like Iraq and Syria with random bombs exploding anytime any place. muslims have declared they want a worldwide islamic caliphate and have shown across the Middle East and Asia that they have no compunction in doing evil such as this to attain their goal. After 9/11, the Madrid bombings, the Bali bombings and the London bombings we have become complacent but it is obvious that the problem has not gone away nor will it until we ban the building of mosques, we close down madrasahs, we get imams out of our prisons, we stop all middle eastern individuals from entering the West, in other words get rid of Islam and all it’s components from western civilised countries.

  13. as an israeli,here are my observations. the fact that you can see people without legs and so much blood, that is the loudest message screaming out who is behind this. here immediately,no photos go out, the blood, the tissue is wiped of the streets, no body parts, no dead bodies. all not shown. why not to freak out the public and out of respect for the dead, and look what you have. gruesome scenes to frighten the hell out of america.
    only 3 people died,that is not a lot , but the hysteric response to add more fear was planned. suddenly they found the suspect, yes the american police,sure they are so good they found him. lie. then the white house said they were worried about them being hit. oh yes sure.the date, the location,this was planned.set up,

    america you are at war and you have to keep a calm head to survive this and see through all the lies. and you know whose interest this serves. only one person benefits from this chaos. and there were drills there in the morning for such a event. there are no coincidents. that was planned.

    time to leave america, the party is over

    • I can not agree with you on this one Ruth…if what u say is true, then the same nutjobs saying 911 was really Bush and the JOOS, hold equal weight! I place the blame squarely where it belongs, with the jihadists looking to maim and kill as they do in Israel.

      • Well, while I don’t blame Bush ONE IOTA for 2001/09/11, I DO hold against him that he favoured that same Saudi-Arab “nation” who had sent the overwhelming bulk of the terrorists (15 out of 19) to commit that atrocity!!!!

        If Bush had ANY real decency, he would have 1) seized those Arabs he gave safe passage out of the country the next day as prisoners-of-war, 2) declared war on Saudi Arabia and 3) smacked them and the rest of the Arab/Moslem world without mercy!!! With our bases there, taking over the country and/or, better yet, paralysing it with a few thermonuclear weapons (on Mecca, Medina, Jidda and Riyadh) – and taking all its wealth for the West instead of those EVIL “princes” of Al-Saud ruling-house – that way we’d make it plain that we Westerners were still not to be messed with.

        As it was, we just folded like the paper-tigers Mao labelled us as being… [And calling Islam “peaceful” – that to me automatically labels Bush as himself a traitor all right!!!! One could thus postulate that America has been governed by traitors ever since Reagan stepped down in 1988…]

  14. Can you believe the Australian Government wants our old age pensioners,i.e. lonely Grannies to take in members of the Islamic horde flooding into Australia
    I hope the Bleeding Hearts supporting this move take a good look at this carnage created by maniac religious zealots.

    • They do look at the carnage, but because they are subverted, brainwashed zombies they will blame it on “right wing extremist”. They are mentally ill people who cannot see reality. Such is the power and nature of communist brainwashing. Orwell tried to point this out in his book 1984.

  15. A Goddamn Muslim or Muslims did it, motivated by the intrinsic doctrines of Islam, which sanctify & mandate casting terror as a strategy of war. You can see some details at : a listing of the relevant ayat and ahadith with links to source documents.

    We can not obtain security without complete removal of Islam from within this nation’s borders. Every Goddamn Muslim institution must be closed. Every Goddamn Muslim must be expelled. Every Goddamn Muslim must be excluded from entering.

    Supemacism can not be tolerated. Imperialism can not be tolerated. The arrogant assumption of a divine mandate to convert or kill can not be tolerated. The arrogant denial of the sanctity of our lives and property can not be tolerated. Islam and Muslims must go, preferably to Hell.

    • dajjal.

      Well said. We are way past the “enough is enough” stage. The picture of the man with foot and flesh removed below the knee should be enough to get some action from someone. But who?


  16. We should legalize euthanasia, and start to mutilate captured muslim men. Islam forbids euthanasia. Muslims who resist will burn in hell, as Islam destroys itself in Syria.

  17. Well liberal blue Boston, hopefully you can sympathize with Israel, and its struggle against the enemy, day in and day out. muzzies are a world wide epidemic, which needs to be erradicated, the sooner, the better.
    I am surprised obama didn’t come out and blame The Tea Party, or some Conservative group right off the bat, like he has in Arizona, or blaming an anti-muslim film maker for Benghazi. BTW, no one has been brought to justice for that
    attack, so don’t hold your breath for obamas empty promises. And of course the media will never refer to the terrorist as muslim.

      • I’m sure Wolfie must have been extremely disappointed to find there was no R.W .Conspiracy.. evil man, just another obama henchman.
        Oh, and since this bloodbath wasn’t “gun violence”, another good tragedy goes to waste for the gun hating media.

    • “Liberals” are also a worldwide epidemic. The Muslims could not get away with any of this without them. In fact, it is the “liberals” who stand behind the Muslim in our White House while he engages in war and revolution against our country. They are more dangerous than the Muslims because they open the door wide and beckon our enemies to come in to ravage the land while weakening our defenses (military and 2nd amendment). Make no mistake about it, we are at war with our own “countrymen”. Everyone of them are traitors the likes of Jane Fonda. They are subverted subversives within our own borders.

      • I love the Women in Green in Israel. They told off Jane Fonda! …..”Listen fellows, Jane Fonda is just arriving from Jordan where she got a royal treatment. You are allowed to film her but don’t you dare ask her any questions. She should not feel your presence. Everybody should stay quiet and distanced and respect her privacy. And I repeat- don’t talk to her, don’t ask her any questions”.

        Then this woman sees the 3 of us. We on purpose did not wear our green Women in Green hats. Knowing that people recognize me even without my green hat, I cover my face with my scarf and she asked my mother-in-law Ruth: Who are you and what are you doing here? Ruth answers innocently and in English: Oh, we are waiting for some friends to have lunch- why? is there a problem? And the lady said: Oh no, that’s ok and returned to the minibus.

        She opens the bus door, out comes Jane Fonda and some 12 of her Jewish women local leftists with her. The camera men click away and film away according to the strict instructions: “very quietly respecting her privacy”

        Then they reach us and we turn around shouting: ‘Hanoi Jane!- Hanoi Jane!- you are an American traitor! How many Americans were killed because of you? You are an American traitor and you came to Israel as a guest of Peace Now, Israeli traitors- You constantly identify with the enemies of the Western world- once it was in Vietnam where you identified with those who murder Americans and now you came to identify with those Arabs who murder Jews- GO HOME! Shame on you! Shame!”

        The Israeli PR lady was livid! I thought she was going to faint! Here she had given all those instructions not to bother poor little Jane and now we 3 ladies are shouting at her.

        Jane Fonda had a frozen smile. The Peace Now women were too shocked to utter a word. They surrounded Jane in order to ‘protect’ her and whisk her inside the restaurant as soon as possible. IT WAS GREAT!

    • And dontcha just love how Obama said in his dispassionate robotic manner that we should not jump to conclusions…what conclusions could people possibly jump to? that its a TERROR attack? and just who would carry out a terror attack? MUSLIMS? oops! noooo! muslims won’t be mentioned, lets just watch his verbal gymnastics avoiding calling this what it is! maybe he’ll find some innocuous term like sports place disaster…just don’t call it a TERROR ATTACK, Mr Hussein Obama! Notice how he’s skulking in the background now? not like his usual inya face attitude with the school shooting and Trayvon Martin, and all his other opportunistic moments.Just watch how little you see his Administration on Television, especially calling this a terror won’t !

    • Obama is the enemy within that Cicero spoke of. He is enabled by the “liberals” in the destruction of our nation and people. He uses these political prostitutes to accomplish his end. They silence truth and debate. “Liberals” have been used to murder millions in the past. “Liberals” are the true enemies of any nation.

      • Sadly enough, I believe Cicero was eventually executed by the Roman state. I’m not sure if Rome was still a Republic when he was executed or if it had become a dictatorship of Caesars.

        • Cicero was executed on the orders of the triumuir Marcus Antonius, in agreement with the trumuirs Gaius Iulius Caesar Octauianus and Marcus Lepidus. This was the “second triumvirate” that formed after the assassination of Gaius Iulius Caesar Dictator (In Republican Rome, the “dictator” was a legal office which gave the appointed dictator absolute power, originally for six months *Lucius Cornelius Sulla held it for two and a half years during and after the Social War (War of the “Allies” between Rome and the Italian cities in regard to the rights of “Italians” vis-a-vis Romans. Ironically, the “allies” lost the war to the Romans, and ended up gaining Roman Citizenship, anyway). Caesar held it, originally for 5 years after the Civil War between himself and Pompey; and then was awarded the Dictatorship for life. It was soon after this that he was assassinated.)

          The “First Triumvirate,” of course, was a political alliance between Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey), Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gaius Iulius Caesar. This first triumvirate formed so that each man could get some of what he wanted through the Roman Senate and then on to the Assembly, which, in fact, was the real lawmaking body of the Roman Republic (The Senate, or “Conscript Fathers,” were a body through which most Roman laws were promulgated, but if the Senate failed to approve a law, the author could take his proposal to the Assembly (Roman Citizens voting in 35 “tribes”) for approval, and if approved, it would become law.)

          Yeah, I know, probably not fitting in with the general premise of the site, but I thought you guys might want some insight on it

  18. If we do not tell the truth about muslim terrorists who do atrocities, such as 9-11 and so on then we will have more and more atrocities done against innocent people in America. We must stop all muslim immigration and deport all radical muslims, all muslims who commit crimes and all illegal muslims. There are many infidels who we can welcome into America if we need immigration to increase our population.

    • I agree. Isn’t it convenient that something horrific like this happened at the exact time when Gun control is being discussed in the Senate. Obama needs our attention focused elsewhere. “Sports Place Violence”,huh? He makes it sound like a spontaneous fight brought out among attendees at a hockey game or NASCAR race. More Orwellian Newspeak to change reality.

    • I’m surprised he’s still around. He sickens me. Doesn’t want to use the word “terror” or “terrorist”, but what else is it? Someone has sown terror, and that makes them terrorists. I have no respect for that “man”, he’s not worthy to be called one, How can the Americans put up with, especially after Benghazi????

      • i completely agree with you SOS…hearing about what happened in Benghazi makes me sick to my stomach. If something like that happened to the president’s family the world would stop until someone was found at fault and justice was served. Money and power hides truth, justice and good will. not to make lite of recent events…that was absolute terror and bloodshed endowed upon innocent civilians.

    • You guys are OUTSIDE of your mind. Seriously. Confide in an intelligent, rational friend to explain how retarded that theory is.

  19. Yes this is true…when these bombs have ball bearings and other shrapnel in them they usually are targeted to the lower limbs and create as much devastation as possible, i.e. our soldiers on the battlefields, bus bombings in Israel, bombings in Madrid etc….

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