Boston surgeons believe Marathon bombs were packed with ball bearings, which could explain why so many victims lost feet, calves and ankles in the horrific explosions

Surgeons at hospitals across the city are reportedly pulling out coiuntless pieces of metal shrapnel – popular with makers of improvised explosive devices the world over – from the bodies of many of the 138 victims who were wounded in the twin blasts.


UK Daily Mail  Horrifying photos and witness accounts from the tragedy revealed that many victims had one or both lower limbs blown off entirely. 

At least 17 people are in critical condition and some are not expected to survive the night. Victims lost at least ten limbs in the blast. Three people have died, including an eight-year-old boy.

Ball bearings are popular among bomb-makers because each one becomes a deadly projectile when launched by the explosive force of a bomb.

Hotel owner Marc Hagopian told MailOnline how the carnage 35 yards from the bomb explosion. ‘It was chaos – blood and limbs everywhere. There was a man who had lost a leg, another had lost both,’ he said. 

‘There were seven, eight, nine people lying on the ground. They appeared to be dead. ‘Marathon runners were tearing off their shorts to use as torniquets to help the injured.’