Counter the Racist Leftists’ campaign to get Eric Rush fired from FOX News

bg-logoPeople for the American Way are petitioning FOX News to dump Eric Rush for an exchange he had on Twitter yesterday following the Boston Marathon Bombings:


PFAW are obviously racist and want him fired because he is a black conservative. They have posted petitions calling for Eric’s immediate dismissal along with the statement below:


(H/T Dawn) Frequent Fox News contributor Erik Rush got into a Twitter exchange shortly after yesterday’s apparent bombing to declare of Muslims: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”

Rush is only one of many right-wing commentators to jump to the immediate conclusion that the tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon were the result of Islamic terrorism, but his “Kill them all” comment is so far over the line that Fox must distance itself from Rush’s violent bigotry.

Erik Rush is a WorldNetDaily columnist and, frankly, this is the kind of thing one would expect from a prominent voice on that site, which is a festering cesspool of right-wing bigotry and fringe conspiracy theories. But Fox News, albeit known for its right-wing bent, is a major news outlet and when it gives a podium to a hatemonger like Rush it legitimizes him and his views.

While the First Amendment protects Rush’s right to spout whatever venomous hate speech he wants, it doesn’t guarantee him a spot on a major news network. Rush has a right to say what he wants, but the public has the right to be outraged and demand action from one of his outlets

Here are several Contact numbers and addresses at FOX News. Please send your support for Eric.