AMERICAN AIRLINES flight grounded after passengers panic over Iraqis shouting to each other in Arabic

Passengers on an American Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago were ordered off a plane on Tuesday night after complaints about a group of six Arabic-speaking Iraqi men.


Consumerist  Details of what happened before American Flight 590’s scheduled departure late on Tuesday are sketchy. According to the Associated Press, an American Airlines flight was grounded after passengers complained about 6 men who were speaking Arabic. 

American Airlines spokesperson Tim Wagner said that local law enforcement was called in to question the men but the TSA did not get involved. He also said that passenger traveling with two small children got into an argument with the men, but declined to say what it was about.

The plane returned to the terminal at 11:26 p.m. and was held overnight because of an 11:30 p.m. curfew at Lindbergh Field. The were 126 passengers booked on the flight. The flight left San Diego Wednesday morning and arrived in Chicago in the afternoon. (Without the Iraqis?)


WAIT! But that’s not all. Two men speaking Arabic were kicked off a plane at Boston airport as fear sweeps through America in the wake of the marathon blasts.

NZ TotalTravel  An American Airlines flight about to depart from Boston’s Logan International Airport destined was called back to the gate after a man reported hearing two other passengers speaking Arabic, reports.

The website says several marathon runners on board were worried that two people were speaking the language to each other but were not seated together.

The plane went back to the gate, where the men were removed from the aircraft. The remaining passengers also had to disembark and be re-screened, before the flight departed for Chicago about three hours late.