AUSTRALIA: Is ‘Wildfire Jihad’ back on the al-Qaeda front burner again?

globalpotsmOf course, the uptick in forest fires in non-Muslim countries has been blamed on so-called ‘Global Warming.’ But why hasn’t there been more focus on the wildfire threats against the West issued by al-Qaeda jihadist groups for the past several years?

Australian Wildfires Could Fuel ‘Forest Jihad’ Terrorists, Experts Say

Australia has had many horrific brush fires, or bushfires as they are called in Australia, that have devastated the country before causing millions of dollars in damage and death of many people. They are some of the worst disasters in Australian history because Australia has a large bush and wooded area.


White Muslim convert, Adnan Karabegovic, often use Al-Qaeda terrorist magazine called ‘Inspire,’ for instructions on how to how to make bombs or how to start brush fires or bush fires bushfires to devastate Australia, which apparently was Adnan’s goal. Articles in six issues of the magazine in Mr Karabegovic’s possession focused on handgun training, poisoning water supplies, making a bomb that would ignite a bushfire and a list of countries at war with Muslims.


Just this week Canadian news has reported that white converts to Islam were behind terrorist attacks in Africa and North African areas. One of the accused terrorist had instructional material on how to make a remote control bomb that would ignite a bushfire in Australia, a court has heard.

Adnan Karabegovic, 24, of Officer, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday on six counts of collecting documents connected with a terrorist act and six counts of possessing documents connected to a terrorist act.






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  1. craptastic compilation of a muslim convert. i still don’t see the attraction of that filthy “religion”

  2. How do we deal with ‘Wildfire Jihad’? Well the graphic recently displayed at this website, of Prophet Mo depicted as the pig he really is, as he spit roasted a camel humper above a blazing copy of his own Satanic verses, was my plan A.

    But then I thought about Abu Qatada; boy isn’t he a bone f***ing idol waste of space. I mean, when was the last time he had a shave? Never I should think, the only time that bone f***ing idol waste of space, probably held a razor, was to cut someone’s throat with it. Just imagine the lovely bush fire you could set beneath that smug face of his. You have imams down there in Australia that look like Father Christmas? Well it’s got to be plan B then, and set a bush fire the fire service might not be in a hurry to put out.

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