Former CIA operative from Iran says, “The Iranian Regime is behind the Boston Marathon Bombings,” and predicts more attacks to come

h-first-post9The Muslim world both uses and abuses Barack Hussein Obama. While exploiting Obama’s support for jihadist regimes, they are also out to expose him as the weak, spineless leader we all know he is. Could the attacks in Boston, and perhaps the one in Texas, be only the beginning? Reza Kahlili has information you won’t hear anywhere else.


Bob Powell  Reza Kahlili (who never appears in public without disguise), a former CIA spy who had once been embedded inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and maintains contacts within the regime today, says that a highly placed source inside the Iranian intelligence apparatus has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the bombings at the Boston Marathon that took the lives of three people and injured 176 more, many of the injured suffering traumatic amputation.

Kahlili says that the United States was warned months ago that these types of attacks would take place, and that the Iranians see President Barack Obama as weak, and unwilling to confront Iran in a shooting war. If, however, war does begin between the Islamic regime and the United States and/or Israel over their nuclear program, Kahlili says there are scores of al-Quds trained terrorists already in position in the United States just waiting for orders to strike soft targets like malls, movie theaters, and critical infrastructure around the nation.

For those with limited time, Kahlili part begins at 4:25