CAIR tries to convince us that Islamic teachings had nothing whatsoever to do with the Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist bombings

CAIRing-for-the-Muslim-BrotherhoodCiting acts of ‘violence’ in Boston and New York, Ahmed Rehab, executive director of terror-linked CAIR-Chicago, blamed Islamophobic forces for inciting hate crimes, which he claims is a phenomenon that poses a much bigger threat to America than “innocently ignorant individuals” like the Boston Muslim terrorists.

Chicago Tribune (There’s a nauseating video at the link) The Council on American Islamic Relations again offered sympathy to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing on Friday, but added a plea for Americans not to generalize and conclude that Muslim teachings influenced the suspect in any way.

“Our focus is primarily on the victims,” said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter at a press conference Friday afternoon. “We don’t want to be drawn into defending ourselves.”


But Lt. Colonel Allen West wants to know, “Can we investigate Islamic terrorism in America, now?


Washington Times  Former Florida Rep. Allen West issued a scathing statement on his Facebook page Friday, in response to the ongoing manhunt for one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

“Let me be very clear. The terrorist attack in Boston and evolving events indicate we have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem in America,” he wrote. “No more excuses. No more apologies. We are in a war of ideological wills and we shall prevail.”


He also recounted previous congressional attempts to hold hearings on radical Islamism. “When Rep. Peter King attempted to have hearings on domestic terrorism, he was attacked for being racist,” Mr. West wrote.

He said: “We must no longer allow the disciples of political correctness and the acolytes of the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MAS) to preach to us some misconceived definition of tolerance and subservience.”

All Muslims are worried about is a backlash against them. I agree, they should be.