Chechen Muslims strip, humiliate, and savagely beat a pregnant woman for an alleged affair with a Russian soldier

The humiliation of Malika Soltayeva, a Chechen woman suspected of adultery, was ferocious and swift.

190_chechnya_2Times of India  Soltayeva, 23, had been away from home for a month and was reported missing by her family. When she returned, her husband accused her of infidelity and banished her from their apartment. What followed was no investigation. In a law enforcement compound in this town in east-central Chechnya, the men who served as Argun’s police sheared away her hair and her eyebrows and painted her scalp green, the colour associated with Islam. A thumb-thick cross was smeared on her brow. Soltayeva, a Muslim, had slept with a Christian Russian serviceman, they said. Her scarlet letter would be an emerald cross. She was forced to confess, ordered to strip, and beaten with wooden rods and hoses on her buttocks, arms, legs, hands, stomach and back.

In this video, Chechen Muslims cut off the head of a white Russian woman as her boyfriend is forced to watch.




16 comments on “Chechen Muslims strip, humiliate, and savagely beat a pregnant woman for an alleged affair with a Russian soldier

  1. It’s amazing how these ppl (things) can worship satan and be dumb enough to believe its God.

    The stupidity of their beliefs can only stem through massive inbreeding. I’d like to see all of these so called soldiers receive the same treatment, but ending in death, because they killed her unborn.

    Mooslums will never coexist with higher minded people, their religion and inbreeding won’t allow it. Everywhere these subhuman ppl go the result is ALWAYS the same.

  2. Please understand, These people ( Followers of Kadyrov are a bunch of scumbag they are the traitors of chechen republic of Ichkeria, in the first and second war we won against russia, but these scumbags surrended to russia and this homo kadyrov is behind all these behadings and murderes, if there was a Ichkerii Government and we were independent you would never see anything like this. thanks.

  3. I am no longer shocked by what depths Muslime scum can go, their goal is Islamification of the entire planet.

    To the good people of Russia i’d like to offer my support, to the children of Beslan I give my tears, there is no more proof needed for me to tell me that Islam is Satanic as foretold in John’s book of revelation.

  4. I take it the chechen muzzies along with the rest of those jihadist fucks are gay, and probably rape little boys. God will burn their eyes eventually. They are porkers.

  5. Trying to define Islam by how one group or another practices Sunna may draw the attention away from the only Muslim that counts: their prophet, whom they obey and imitate in all things for all time. It’s been said “Know Muhammed, know Islam.” Now we can know Islam’s prophet: “Life Alert: The Medical Case of Muhammad” by Dr. Dede Korkut is available through Read the reviews and follow your bliss.

    • I am SO fed up with being told not to judge one group by the actions of just a few. If you have radicals in your house that are ruining your good name – clean out the damn house! If any of these ‘good’ people cared, they would not allow a few bad ones to destroy, maime, kill, rape – – in their name. So we can only assume, THIS is what they are all about. The same groups keep coming front and center ever time there is an act of terror so if it walks like a duck …

  6. On Rush’s program this morning (Friday), Mark Steyn was, as always, very enlightening and even more entertaining! But he sure had those sub-human Chechnyans nailed: He reported that those who have fought alongside even the Taliban in Afghan are the most ruthless of all; and compared to them, the Saudis who’ve joined in the fight are like “girlie men” – useful only for the great wads of money they bring to Afghan. And, I would imagine, the soft butts they provide the pedophile/homosexual “male” Chechnyan warrior. Basically, they’re all just a bunch of sicko bastards!

  7. well BNI you have done a good job on this day you have beaten the muzzies up damn good with truth ! not even a common islamist will trust his back to a chechen muzzie , think you gathered a lot of converts that will keep their head by using their head

  8. Cowards and terrorists are two words that describe the muslim mentality. Of course we can mysoginy and beater of women. Putin may have to go in again and clean house to let these monsters know who is in charge.

    • putin ist to blame for his stupid politik and not people living there. he made it to be, and this bandits are his marionets

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