LEAKED! Photo of dead Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist

A grisly post-mortem photo of one of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers appears to have been taken early today after medical personnel turned the body over to law enforcement officials.







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  1. Oh, so this is where inept and dysfunctional monkeys congregate.. Every poster in this post are just straight out retarded.

    The Boston Bombing and every other bombing for that matter is perpetrated by the Zionists, including Christian Zionist. I know a Khazarian/Ashkenazi when I see one, and that monkey in the picture, is of them..

    European Jews .. Tfeh!

    • Oh boy! Another islamotarded, mouth-breathing, Zionist conspiracy nutter to play with! Woo Hoo! You do know that the Khazars were a nomadic Turkish people right? True that in late antiquity many of the Khazari elite (warrior class) converted to Judaism in pre-Islamic times, but as true with many nomadic groups from the Central Asian Steppes, they were eventually absorbed into other groups over time. They no longer exist, but you know what? Osman is a pretty popular name with Turkic groups. Especially with Anatolian Turks, a whole dynasty of them in fact.

      Tell me Osman, how many kangaroos have you molested?

  2. @BNI

    You’re getting hate male from dhimmis for showing a pic of this dead scumbag?

    Pathetic. I bet you donuts to dollars those same dhimmi aholes aren’t sending hate male to all the mohammadans on FB, Twitter, and elsewhere who are doing online happy dances about the dead in Boston.

    I did take heart from the way the newscaster mentioned it being against dead d-bag’s muslim religion. He said it slowly like he was talking to idiots. I took it to mean “I can’t say what needs to be said, but listen carefully, it’s against his muslim religion now you guys connect the dots while remembering that we’ve been told over and over he’s not a muslim.”

      • It means you’re overI the target. They just can’t help themselves for they are evil. I used to think lefties were just misguided (as I was) or clueless. However, in light of the overwhelming evidence that their policies and support of the mohammadans creates more suffering, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse. They are quite simply, as evil as the mohammadans.

        • I would love to see that too. But rather than seeing sharia in the West I’d love to see mass deportations of mohammadans and their dhimmi supporters. Ship the dhimmis off with them. Let them live, up close and personal, this diversity and multi-cult bullshit they’ve been pushing for. Meanwhile free peoples in the West can laugh and point at their self-inflicted misery.

      • A guy here in my neck of the woods offered land to bury this bastard. He has two septic tanks and offered to let them dump this dead jihadist in one of the septic tanks because “that’s where he belongs.”

        • Unfortunately, no. Some ass lifter who runs a mosque in the metro area also offered.

          I don’t know why they don’t just cremate his worthless carcass.

          Oh, yes, I do. According to the news “It’s a violation of his muslim religion.”

          Well, well, well, yet not one of those newspeople thinks to ask the local “moderate” mohammadan supremacists why it’s a problem since they’ve been bleating non-stop “he’s not a real muslim!”

          Just like with Osama. mohammadan supremacists claimed he “wasn’t a real muslim” yet they were poised to riot, murder and rape if his body was not “treated with respect according to islam.”

          I am sofa king sick of the vast majority of people to not see and address this hypocrisy of the “ummah.”

    • Yea, and so is the dreaded shaitan, now please go crawl back into that pig’s spincter you call home, you vile, hairy little, knucle-dragging muhominid before I piss in your footbath! Oh, you don’t take baths. Dreadfully sorry mate, didn’t mean to out you.

  3. The brother doesn’t deserve to die no one does when their mentally ill and people say there was nothing wrong with him but anyone who would do such a cowardly attack on innocent good hearted people are not right in the head because the average person does not think that some so cruel is okay to do to a child none the less

    • Mentally ill? No, mentally ill people tend to hurt themselves.

      Psychopaths harm other people and feel no remorse about it. Psychopaths are evil, not mentally ill.

      mohammdans harm other people and feel no remorse about it because mein kuranmpf dictates to them that it is a good thing.

      These two were/are typical mohammadan psychopaths courtesy of that psychopathic screed called islam.

    • Well now, it’s obvious why you call yourself “Jellyfish,” because it takes a spine to see it for what it really is, pure unadulterated evil. The same kind of evil possessed by the likes of Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, and yes, especially, muhammad. All of these evil bastards knew what they were doing, and did it with glee! Including the Boston Bombers. Screw having pity for these demons!

      • To be fair, there are things that Mohammed did that are so twisted and sick that even Hitler and Stalin would sit up and say, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! That’s just WRONG!”

        Now you know that’s some twisted shite to make Hitler and Stalin say THAT.

        • That’s no lie. Somehow I just don’t think Hitler or Stalin would fancy sleeping with their dead aunt, in their dead aunt’s grave. That takes a special kind of sick, perverted evil. Only muhammad, the muslim’s perfect man (yea, perfectly evil!), could be that sick!

      • Same could be said for the Mongol invasion of the “islamic” world starting in 1218 after the Khwarizm Shah Muhammad al-Din murdered a Mongol ambassador sent by Chinggiz (Genghis) Khan demanding the punishment of a provincial governor who had robbed and murdered an entire caravan which was on a trading mission (aka a business trip). This Shah then had the beards of the rest of the embassy shaved halfway *leaving the other half of the face unshaven* and their clothing torn off in the same manner as the shaven beards, and sent them back to Chinggiz Khan.

        THAT proved to be the last straw of nearly half a millenium of islamic attacks and incursions against the Mongolian tribes and against the lands of the Han, as well. I posted a link in another thread in regards to that.

        Suffice to say, because the Mongols and the Crusaders couldn’t quite get together (partly from the intransigence of the Popes demanding that the Mongols convert to Catholicism first, in spite of the Crusaders themselves not caring one way or the other, so long as they could destroy the Islamic threat to the world), we have to deal with this pedophilic, piratical, racist, genocidal personality cult masquerading as a “religion.”

  4. The only Good Terrorist is a Dead Terrorist! To bad there aren’t that many virgins left we would be sending them by the bunch…sigh…if only

  5. Hitler should have left the Jews alone and gone after these radical Muslim SOB’s. Put them all in a concentration camp and let loose a million pigs so that none of them go where they expect after death. Courtesy of the University of Fuck Allah U!

  6. Rudy, it is painfully obvious your brain is in permanent CAPS LOCK mode. Other than that, your entire rant is the most unAmerican statement I have heard in a long, long time. You must be a typical “low information” obama voter (small caps intended). obama is NOT my president (again, small caps intended), he is a fraud with a fake, photoshopped B/C, a Connecticut SSN (how does that occur for a supposedly Hawaiian-born person?), he is likely foreign-born and a dual citizen at best. Constitutionally, he is not quallified to hold office as a president. YOU are part of the conspiracy, you shoulder the blame for his usurpation of power, YOU are a TRAITOR to this Republic! You just showed your true colors by your blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment by demanding we stop insulting the POS (piece of shit). How fitting considering obvomit’s disregard for our Constitution. Birds of a feather.

    Now, piss off!!

  7. People better WAKE UP and realize that these types of pics and horror stories reflect what lies ahead of us if we don’t cleanse this administration and protect our constitution. I don’t know about you, but I am not prepared mentally, to live this type of life of fear.

  8. 9000 policemen, special forces, military, and a whole army of tanks, choppers, bomb-squads, FBI, and probably CSI… just for a 19 YO half dead amateur college student,
    You got to be kidding me!

  9. Christina, I think after the smoke clears you will see that the Saudi guy and his buddies have the answers everyone wants, the brothers are patsies. Also the official picture of the guy killed in the shootout is a caucasian, light skin and dark blond hair. The government is in full crisis control, lieing all the way.

  10. I don’t have ANY problems with seeing pictures of ‘guilty’ dead muslims! I just hope he was, actually, one of the perpetrators of the bombing in Boston.

    Our government is more corrupt than any of the African nations and most of the European nations. I wouldn’t put anything past this bunch of jack booted thugs – when it comes being truthful and full disclosure.

  11. The older brother’s name is very telling. Anyone from India would know the history well… Tamerlane was a ruthless general and ruler – killing his way through much of West, South, and Central Asia. Rarely did he show mercy. Millions died by his orders…


    • In fact, many of the atrocities attributed to Chinggiz (Genghis) Khan and HIS Mongol armies are, in fact, Tamerlane’s doing. Tamerlane’s army was comprised of “Mongol” Mohammedans. Of course, by the time of Tamerlane they had intermarried the locals so much that they were only DISTANTLY Mongol, more Turkish *Turks and Mongols are somewhat closely related, but the Mongol type has always tended to lean more toward the East Asian, rather than Central Asian, type* and Mohammedan than Mongol and animist/shamanist.

      • My friend, you do know your history well. Especially that of the Eurasian Steppes and Central Asia. Tamerlane (Timor Lenk) victor of the Battle of Ankara on 20 July 1402, where his forces captured Osmanli (Ottoman) Turkish Sultan Bayezid I. Needless to say, Bayezid I died a broken man in captivity, especially since Timor took bayezid’s favorite wife as his own. For the rest of Timor’s life, he would be the most feared muslim ruler in his contemporary islamic world, yet when he died, his empire died with him and Ottoman power filled the power vacuum to the detriment of Europe. Interestingly, one of Sultan Bayezid’s vassals who fought on the Turkish side was Serbian Prince Stefan Lazarevic, who by most accounts, fought well and hard. He was successful in extricating his troops from Anatolia, returning to Serbia, and renouncing his vassalage to the Ottomans, who by the way, were engulfed in civil war between Bayezid’s sons.

        • What a MONSTROUS PITY that Stefan Lazárevich hadn’t turned against the Ottomans MUCH EARLIER!!! Had he turned upon the Turks at Nicopolis in 1396, it could – in conjunction with the Battle of Ankara in 1402 – have destroyed those monsters once and forever, leaving the Byzantine Greeks to flourish at least some time longer…

          As it was, his intervention on the Turkish side at Nicopolis defeated a crusade that could have helped expel Ottoman Turkey from Europe – a black mark against Serbia (and in Serbian eyes too!!!), most unfortunately… The Moslem Turks were FAR MORE of a danger than the Christian Hungarians!!

  12. ARe you kidding me. You actually think his body looks like that. It look like something they use on CSI. Give me a break.

  13. to DSDunlap
    Thanks for making me laugh so hard, but guess what muslim men want & like
    their women that way “no experience & untouched’ , what can I say

  14. Sonia, are you really THAT stupid. Lee Harvey Oswald? He was an assassin. These brothers are assassins. You are a very gullible and naive women. Before you speak in public I suggest you become familiar with the facts; NOT SOME STORY CREATED BY A BUNCH OF UNEDUCATED FOOLS. Grow up and take a few college classes in history. You are nuts. And ….anyone who would want to resist a police force trying to protect their city under siege does not belong living in this wonderful country. If you live in the U.S. why don’t you leave…. if you are a foreigner, please stay where you are. You are a fool. What is an idiot sheeple? Go away, you can’t spell either.

  15. What these savages did in the name of their blood thirsty religion was nothing less than a brutal barbarian act,

    but hey “what go´s around comes around”

    What do you think we Americans do to others just for the sake of Oil and Power?
    We are known all over the world for genocide of civilians and innocent children


    “GOD BLESS AMERICA..”…. !!???

    You who claim you are christians! what do you know about your bible??
    I do encouraged you to read to find out before making your comments :
    John 8:7
    Matthew 7:1

    • Your name ought NOT to be “The-Truth” but SATAN!!!!

      St.Matthew 7:1 does NOT forbid judging (contrary to your claims), for read the next verse (7:2) which warns us that as we dole out, so will it come back upon us. This means that when we judge, we have to aim to be as pure in spirit as possible so that we can’t be accused of mendacity or hypocrisy!!

      As to St.John 8:7: are we not supposed to be able to defend ourselves from such MONSTERS (whose “religion” COMMANDS them to do all that evil and A GREAT DEAL MORE against us “infidels”)??? Even Jesus Himself Told us not to be unarmed (St. Luke 22:36 – also see what St. Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:15-17), both spiritually and physically, so that we can defend ourselves. [What we CAN’T DO is to commit evil: that’s why Our Lord Said “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” (St.Matthew 26:52)

      We accordingly tell you Get thee hence, Satan! You’re not speaking as a Christian but as the Communist or Moslem DEVIL that you are!!!

      • ADHD
        I dont intend to proceed with a Biblical dispute with you, because the scripture is far more worthy to me to misuse! But believe me, If I chose to do so my education and my profession warrants me to break down your silly, arrogant attitude.
        I had a point to make with my comment, that you apparently have totally misunderstood, and my message had nothing to do with defence, or self-defence??!! (some strange sense of understanding you must have!)

        Just for a thick head like you I will explain again in easier english!

        What the terrorists like these 2 morons did is absolutely barbaric and must be dealt with as individuals, or their terrorist organisation, and they must definitely be brought to justice, and pay for their crime.

        but it is not correct to light into a whole group of ethnicities or groups of civilians that had nothing to do with these acts!
        calling upon them is actually an offence according to international lows (UN´s geneva convention, if you do care or understand).

        I Guess Your name ADHD says it all, you don’t even read comments you just want to write a bunch of nonsense because the hormones in your empty brain stimulates you to do so!

        Btw. I am not a muslim! I am a proud saved christian, and I am ASHAMED of individuals like you whom represent my nationality, or belief.
        Instead of hatred, and repulsing a true christian should love, and move along the messiahs path and preach and live the Gospel so people may convert, this is what a true apostle should do as the new testament commands us christians.
        You seem to be stuck and blinded in the Fariséers time dimension! thats dangerous! Do something about it instead of citing others for evil.
        “The-Truth” hurts

        John 3:17

        • “If I chose to do so my education and my profession warrants me to break down your silly, arrogant attitude.”

          Perhaps you should learn to use spell check before slinging the “I’m more educated and smarter than you” canard oft used by bloviating windbags who’ve been called out. It’s quite comical when pretentious twits like you beat the serfs over the head with that ad hominem when your own writing betrays you as being grammatically challenged.

          Now let’s see just how exaggerated your lofty education and grandiose profession really are:

          “Just for a thick head like you I will explain again in easier english!” *Should be “easy” or “simple” as easier is a comparative adjective. This is a mistake children make… or grammatically challenged pompous gits.

          “What the terrorists like these 2 morons did is absolutely barbaric and must be dealt with as individuals, or their terrorist organisation, and they must definitely be brought to justice, and pay for their crime.” *Huh? You want the “what the terrorists did” to be dealt with as individuals? You should have used the pronoun “they” there, Spanky. Really, such an educated and loftily employed grand poobah like you should never have made such a “thick-headed” mistake!

          “calling upon them is actually an offence according to international lows…” *Lows? If you are alluding that the U.N. is an overrated, underhanded, sharia human rights abusing, toady to Islamic supremacist nations the use of “lows” is acceptable but grammatically unacceptable. Ohhhh, a typo. Now how on earth can such an extremely educated demi-god as you mistake a key on the opposite side of the keyboard for “a”?

          “I am a proud saved christian, and I am ASHAMED of individuals like you whom represent my nationality, or belief.” *This is one of my favorites in your litany of gaffes. “Who is doing what to whom.” Come on! Who versus whom is mastered by grade schoolers! Whom does not represent. Who does.

          “You seem to be stuck and blinded in the Fariséers time dimension! thats dangerous! Do something about it instead of citing others for evil.” *Fariseers? Are they some French New Wave band? Ohhhh, did you meant PHARISEES? I certainly hope your powerful position is not that of editor! By “citing others for evil” do you mean quoting the mohammadan supremacists and their calls for violence or the “innocent” mohammadan supremacists and their lies covering up for their more actively violent co-supremacists? Ohhhh, silly me! My poor education and “thick-head” prevent me from understanding that you meant “INCITING.” Citing means quoting.

          I won’t delve into your atrocious use of punctuation and lack of capitalization. You were too busy “learning important and unthick-headed stuffs” at your prestigious institute of learning.

          Perhaps in future you should avoid using the “you’re stupid and I’m smart” ad hominem when you are obviously incapable of writing one singly grammatically correct and properly spelled sentence. You should also ask for the return of your tuition.

          You should also puerile ad hominems when you haven’t a clue. Not all people opposed to Islam and its very dangerous carriers are Christians, or Jews. Some of us have no religion. Some of us are Hindu, or Buddhist. Some of us are Shintoists, or Taoists. Some of us are even ex-mohammadan supremacists. You can’t beat us over the head with “you’re baaaaad Christians and I’m better because…”

          You are nothing more than a clueless Chrislamist with your head in a cloud of the stink of your own delusions of grandeur.

          Here’s a bit of your own medicine: Due to MY education, profession, and lack of belief in make believe sky fairies, I am in a position to admonish, criticize, and destroy your suicidal moral inversions. I am also free to tell you to stick your naive, outdated, and irrelevant Bible up your ass. You and your Jesus do NOT speak for me or any of the other denizens of this planet who will fight to our deaths Islam and its carriers. We will not allow Islam and its carriers to destroy our freedoms, cultures, or countries.

          We will, however defend Christians like ADHD who are not pompous, surrender-to-multi-cult- mohammadans-are-just-victims bullshit slingers like you.

        • LIAR!!!!

          I know well about the Geneva Convention – something Moslem mujahideen don’t really CARE ABOUT!!!!! [See the posting by Ms. BNI about how they slaughter Russian soldiers by simply slitting their throats (while their mouths are stuffed so they can neither speak nor properly cry out) and then left to bleed out in agony!!] Moslems are especially known as being WORSE THAN BARBARIC – and they formed at least one SS division for Hitler!!! Their extreme brutality horrified even the hardened murderers in the SS and Gestapo themselves!!!!

          I HAVE read your shallow, puerile comment which slanders me falsely – and where you reveal YOUR absolute arrogance and contempt for people who oppose you like myself!!! You’re welcome to call me ‘silly’: I call you EVIL as the son of Satan that you are!!!! Also, a “saved Christian” would NEVER speak of himself as “proud”: yes, you’re proud but you’re NO “Christian” whatsoever!!! [Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins!!!] And yes: Jesus DID Hate evil in His terrestrial Life, as He and His Father ALWAYS HAVE Done, Do and Will Do forever!!!! Finally, you can be sure that MANY people upon their deaths will go into Hell until the Last Judgement, when they’ll be cast into the Lake of Fire to die the Second Death!!!! There is NO WAY you can claim that everybody – or even the great majority – will be saved: to the contrary, the number of damned will outnumber the number of saved perhaps by 1000 : 1 (as St. Augustine of Hippo hypothesised).

          You came here to slander / libel the USA!!! If you’re not a Moslem, then you’re a diehard Communist TRAITOR AND ENEMY who deserves to be dumped with nothing but the clothes on your back into North Korea, where you’ll learn how they treat people like yourself!!!

        • BRAVISSISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”!!!!!

          Thank you so very, very much for helping me out and showing “The-Truth” for just how hollow and false he actually is on top of his being a typical totalitarianism-lover!!!

          God Bless you – again, thank you so very much!!!

      • Just one last thing re. “The-Truth”: he said that he expects that his education and profession “warrants him to break down my silly, arrogant attitude”.

        In other words, he’s believing that merely because of “intellectual” prowess and human station he has the right to despise others!!! First, that’s an exceedingly un-Christian attitude – in Christ, we’re ALL equal as all being sinners who without God are intrinsically evil!!! Second, such an attitude also leaves him open to all sorts of ridicule, just as “Istanbul_Chick” so brilliantly proved; furthermore, it shows him off as exactly a “useful idiot” as his apparent idol Ljéñin would think of him!!!!

        It’s PRECISELY FOR SUCH AS HE that Ljéñin’s quote (from a letter to his friend Maksjím Górjkiy) applies: “the intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”

        IF he’s a “Christian” (something very much in doubt!!!), I hereby now call upon him to apologise and to humbly REPENT!!! It’s my hope that this is all that needs to be said to him…

        Oh yes, it was him (“The-Truth”) who I have called a “liar” – not “Istanbul_Chick”, to whom I’m amply grateful for her response against him. [I hadn’t counted on anybody responding to him – ‘mea culpa’.]

  16. You guys are a bunch of idiot sheeple. This guy and his brother were nothing more than patsies, like Lee Harvey Oswald. Boston was used for a drill, and you fell for it without question. Your city was locked down, armored vehicles in the streets of Boston, soldiers with M16 entered and searched your homes and you didn’t resist. Not even a question, in fact, you applauded them as they shredded the US Constitution with your consent.
    There are no bulletin holes in this man!

  17. Where Are all of the “too many to count” bullet holes that his body was “riddled with”. Remember all those shots fired in the cover of darkness? Where are the wounds?

  18. Get this folks, the car the Boston bomber hijacked had a “Coexist” bumpersticker on the back.

    Oh, the irony, it kills me, lol.

  19. Remain vigilant, remain clear minded. This is probably just another beginning. It’s not going to get better. Just think of what an attack by 200 could have done, say 10 each in 20 major cities in the US. Look at what just 2 did. Learn to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat.

  20. Awwww Geee ! Tough ! Looks like he had a good time going.

    But we caught little brother.

  21. Call it my colourful imagination but I can envisage a poster very similar to the Uncle Sam Posters calling for recruits , BUT… it would have a Bin Laden pointing his finger “ISLAM WANTS YOU” then under that this photo of the bomber saying ” you too can look like this” …………… a fitting end to an @rsehole

  22. A Martyr?? He died like a scared animal – fought hard to save his own life. This my friends is the new terrorist A dead chicken shit….We killed all of the real martyr’s from 2001 -2012.

  23. Is it just me or does he look better in the after picture? what happned to his face – anyone oknow? looks like bad case of roscea to me. He sure was a fugly assturd

  24. this guy and his brother had a promising future thanks to the puking, wacko, moonbat, far-left, Obama rump swab liberal communists. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dhorn blew up way more bombs – they make these guys look like amateurs. In addition. Dhorn was allegedly involved with the planning of armored car heist in which 3 gaurds were killed. So Dhorn and Ayers did everything and more then the Boston terrorists and look who well their careers went. They both got appointed as college professors and Ayers controls $500,000,000 donated to the Chicago schools and uses it to brainwash the kids as communist liberal wackos. PLUS they both got to be great friends with jERKLE lie-bama so what is the problem with these bombers that everyone is down on them. they are the darlings of the libs I am sure and the one who is still alive – can look forward to a great awesome career as college professor and Obama pal.

  25. Why was the formerly arrested Saudi national with burn wounds perhaps overseeing the operation on the finish line, flown back to Saudi Arabia, if under the orders of the President?. Was this young Wahabi Muslim from Saudi Arabia instrumental in radicalizing these two Boston Marathon Bombers. This operation had to be financed and the Saudis could have sponsored a undertaking as such.

    • Yeah, good question. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Could have been a nobody, could have been another spoiled brat Saudi punk wreaking havoc on America. Now, we’ll never know, which, I guess, was the whole point of “deporting” him. And, does anyone know if he was, in fact, deported?


  26. Hmm…how would islamic nations like us slipping in under the radar and planting bombs and killing people…they haven’t seen a pissed off sober red neck yet.

    • See, that’s something that also makes no sense to me. What’s so great about virgins anyway? IF I believed in that kind of an after life, I wouldn’t want virgins! I’d want the “heavenly booty” to be experienced! I’d want them to know what they were doing… hell, teach ME a thing or two! Really!


  27. I think Americans and others in the west should wake up, every time these terrorists cause harm to anyone the formula should be, you hurt one of ours we will deport 1,000.00 of yours, and then if the USA needs immigrants there are tens of thousands of Christians suffering in muslim countries why the USA doesn’t bring them, they are no threat to the country, and next when you Americans elect a president make sure his middle name is not hussein

    • OMTA,,, Your suggestion is brilliant but as your closing statement says,,,with a Hussein as a leader, I don’t think there is much we can do. America lost its freedom when it chose an islamic sympathetic loser as their leader.

    • I disagree with your “you hurt one of ours we will deport 1,000.00 of yours” formula.

      Here’s how it should go (see second paragraph of the “address” below, in particular):

      Washington, DC
      March 3, 2017

      Special Address by President Allen West

      “Ten days ago, I ordered ALL United States Embassies and Consulates in every Islamic nation closed and evacuated. All documents were also removed or destroyed. Our diplomats are all home now, and we will NOT be re-establishing embassies or consulates in any of those nations.

      “To the governments and people of the Islamic world: You are now being served notice that we will no longer tolerate you. You have been at war with the rest of the world since 622 AD, and your iniquity is full. The United States of America will now take the following stance: If you want a fight, you got one! You pull a knife, we’re bringing a tank; you kill one of our people, we destroy a thousand of yours. You take down one of our building, we take out two of your cities. Understand this: We can wipe you from the face of the earth at any time of our choosing. Do not test this: Believe it.

      “I have also ordered the Armed Forces of the United States, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency, to seize all madrassas, mosques, islamic schools, and the Embassies and Consulates of every Islamic nation that has such in the United States. All Foreign-born Muslims are being rounded up for immedate deportation to either Saudi Arabia or Iran, depending on whether they are Sunni or Shi’ite. All American-born Muslims are hereby given the option of converting OUT of Islam or leaving the Republic, NEVER to return. All properties of said persons has been seized; assets frozen.

      “Furthermore, the United States Senate has, by a vote of 90-10, passed an Amendment to the Constitution abolishing and outlawing Islam within the United States of America and its territories. Ten states have already voted to ratify said Amendment, as you know. Twenty-nine other states have currently set dates for a vote in their state legislatures. Should the required 3/4 of the states ratify the Amendment, it will take effect at that moment.

      “The United States will also no longer sell foodstuffs, equipment, vehicles, or any other item of technology or engineering to any Islamic nation. If the “ummah” is so superior to the rest of the world, then they can produce their own. Also, we will not buy any more petroleum from any Islamic nation. I have ordered that all Federal lands be open for energy source exploration. The Secretary of the Interior has been given the task of issuing drilling and exploration licenses. Only American energy companies and those American citizens wishing to prospect are currently to be allowed to apply for licensing. Offshore drilling licenses will also be issued to American energy companies, with the agreement that ALL energy sources thus found and extracted go FIRST to American refineries and energy suppliers. New refineries are to be constructed in the interior of the Republic.

      “Finally, I am asking the people of this Republic to come together in a “Manhattan Project” for Alternative Energy Development. We must scrutinize and investigate ALL possible alternative energy sources, and develop those most economically feasible and useful for the average American. No company or idea will receive any taxpayer money until and UNLESS they prove themselves economically solid, stable, and reliable.

      “Thank you; goodnight, and God Bless the United States of America.”

      • Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

        Awesome, DS.

        Oh how I wish that man would be president!

        When that day comes I am throwing the biggest ass party ever and you’re all invited!

        P.s. You get my vote to be President West’s speech writer(not that he needs one, but the two of you could mix it up).

        • AMEN to all three of DSDunlap, Ms. BNI AND “Istanbul_Chick!!!!

          Only a few things need to be changed:

          To start off with, one appendix needs to be added:

          We Americans furthermore warn you that ANY ATTACK whatsoever upon the State of Israel will be treated as an attack upon the property and lives of the people of the United States of America and incurring the exact same penalties..

          One change to the existing text: “All American-born Moslems are hereby given the option of converting OUT of Islam (and undergoing a 15-year probationary period during which they’ll have to submit to complete loss of communications’ privacy in addition to disbarment from foreign travel) including PUBLICLY BLASPHEMING IT – or leaving the Republic, NEVER TO RETURN. All properties of said persons including corporations based in Moslem countries are hereby seized and nationalised, with assets frozen – with those of penitent converts not to be released until their successful completion of their probationary period.”

          Finally, “those foreign-born Moslems who don’t want to be deported out of the United States of America – in addition to proving their already being ‘bad Moslems’ (via the SERIOUS cultivation of ‘haram’ vocations, interests and hobbies) – have to likewise undergo a 15-year probationary period with exactly the same IDENTICAL CONDITIONS as with penitent native-born converts. They likewise have to PUBLICLY BLASPHEME Islam.

          “ANY INFRINGEMENT whatsoever upon these probationary conditions (whichever they be) will render the offenders liable to IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT DEPORTATION.”

          With fullest admiration for DSDunlap’s suggestion: hopefully this will help improve matters a bit (after all, let’s not forget people like Walid Shoebat and Taysir Abu-Saada who genuinely converted out of Islam and became worthy Christian people!!).

        • One last thing: in that address, it should be said that “the United States of America will no longer sell absolutely ANYTHING to ANY and ALL Moslem countries whatsoever! It likewise will NEVER AGAIN buy any products or resources from any Moslem countries under ANY conditions whatsoever. No Moslem dates, coconuts or any other foodstuffs or products whatsoever will be exempted under absolutely ANY circumstances – to which end, ALL transportation and communications’ links to and from Moslem territory are hereby now being permanently TERMINATED. No American planes, ships, trains, buses or other vehicles will EVER AGAIN be allowed to travel to ANY Moslem countries for the rest of time. Any transportation vehicles from Moslem countries are likewise interdicted from coming within 500 kilometres by sea or air, or 50 kilometres by land, of ANY American territory whatsoever, on pain of being promptly and utterly destroyed as enemy combatants.”

      • The muslims of the world can’t be trusted. Not one of them.
        If anyone suggests that this sub-human muslim, who flew home for 6 months, wasn’t trained be the terrorists over there, I’m going to screem.
        The muslims, every one of them on this planet, must be sterilized and put on a island and kept there until this cancer dies out.
        They ARE going to strike again.
        Islam is fake. There is no alah. ALL muslims must die!

      GO GET A LIFE!!

      • AMEN to Ms. BNI!!!

        No doubt, “Rudy”, you’re an Obamaphilic TRAITOR to the USA as well as either a Moslem and/or Communist stool-pigeon and deserve to be arrested, stripped of your citizenship and dumped into North Korea if a Commie, Saudi Arabia or Iran should you be a Moslem (depending on whether you’re a Sunni or a Shi’a) for AT LEAST TWENTY (20) YEARS!!!!

        Perhaps THAT would teach you to appreciate the rights, responsibilities and freedoms you’re so ready to throw away in supporting an usurper, supreme LIAR and TRAITOR that Barack Hussein Obama most certainly is as one of – if not BOTH of – Communist and Moslem adherent!!!!

        Be glad that Ms. BNI hasn’t (at least yet) banished you…

        DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL other totalitarianism: be it Communism, Fascism, Nazism or anything else – as ALL totalitarianism is EVIL!!!!! Yes, DEATH TO ISLAM and totalitarianism, period: now, forever and unto ages of all ages, Amen!!!!

      • Immigrant? I think NOT, Rudy.

        Born in North Carolina. Raised in Massachusetts. College in Nebraska and Missouri. Currently living in Connecticut. Have yet to set foot outside the United States of America (though I may want to see Europe and non-Mohammedan Africa before the Mohammedans take the place over *God forbid that!*).

        So, no, definitely NOT an immigrant. Thus, being born American, I have every right to insult Obama, just as others have insulted EVERY President of the United States since at least the Presidency of John Adams (I’m almost certain George Washington got a few insults thrown at him when he was President.

  28. The American Government knew this asshole had ties to TERRORIST groups but they did nothing about it. So thinking about it the American Government holds partial responsibility for the Boston bombings. As I said before a black guy told me that the gov did and I said I didn’t think so but after getting the facts I have to agree with him. So he is dead, may he get his 72 male virgins or was that goats? No love loss here. Peace to all non-muslims who want the truth only.

  29. I am doing a happy dance of joy upon seeing this picture. And I handing out to all.of you virtual candy and cakes as a celebration just like all the Muzzrats were when they heard of the Boston bombings. Enjoy and be merry as that’s 1 less stinking filthy Muzzrat in the.world :) :) :) :)

  30. The coward muslim’s brother is captured like a rat in a boat. I hope the FBI will demand the death penalty for the second monster of islam.

  31. I heard one report that his brother ran over him with the hi-jacked SUV. Anyone else hear that? Also that he had an IED strapped on his body. Also, did anyone else happen to notice that there were at least 2 guys with what looked like army camouflage uniforms and hats working the scene while the smoke from the bombing was still visible? Why would the military have been on scene even before the bombing was over?

    • That is because many law enforcement agencies, special opns teams, both local, state, and federal, wear tactical uniforms and gear. I come from both a military and law enforcement background.

    • Military always runs in the races; particularly when on a govt.holiday.the ptree road race is held on july 4th.always worry about that as a soft target for the savages.

  32. maybe united states should do a better background check on foreigners before letting them into our country n becoming citizens wake up america your killing us

  33. Last night he was talking on the phone to his uncle and the report said they prayed together. They must have been praying to the devils to end up like this

    • Definately not the uncle (Maryland) that called them worthless losers and said he would kill them himself if they were guilty.

  34. Besides picking up the pieces and consolling the dear lives shattered by these vile filth, the only thing left to do with this dead vermin’s rank remains is to sew him up in a pig’s carcass, along with stuffing him full of pig dung, and bury him with his sorry ass facing Mecca, the place where his beloved, satanic prophet was born from the backside of an ill, black dog upon the cobblestones of said city.

    Never let them tell you otherwise, islam is nothing but satanism pure and simple.

    Devil worship, the cult of death. It demands the death of both it’s detractors, and followers (thru mrtyrdom). How can any good, life-affirmming value possibly come from that? Think about this people, the Christian Martyrs of the early Church died for not renouncing their faith against oppression, the violent oppression of the Roman state. The muslim martyr dies by inflicting violence upon the innocent. By being an oppressor. That is NOT martyrdom, that’s madness. Evil madness!

    • After they wrap his body in pick skin – put it in a steel cage – on a pole to let the birds pick at his carcass and serve as a warning to what happens to terrorists.

      The ones captured alive should be castrated following conviction – penis and testis cut off on the courthouse steps – publicly – no pain medications what so ever. Then lock them up in solitary for life.

  35. Thank you evil Allah is Muslim bomber ! Now is time America take immediate action to destroy evil Mecca. Let evil Allah homeless. Destroy evil Mecca is only way to destroy Islam. Let the world with more peace without Islam

  36. Remember what muslims in many parts of the Islamic world did when they heard of the bombing—-they danced in the streets, just as they did on 11/9! (9/11 to north Americans)

  37. Islam is a death cult and death is the end result of Islam, no matter how much Moslems are in denial.

    Islam leads to death, poverty, disease, backwardness, delusion and ignorance.

  38. lot less bullet holes than expected. was he really run over by his kid brother? is that bullets in his arm or is that shrapnel?
    what a waste

  39. i am counting on the good samaritan docrors and nurces to give him a good dose of pig blood and brain injections into his rotting flesh so his muzzie faith will not save him and leave his followers wondering

  40. I doubt that’s a photo of the person you think it is. According to a doctor where his body was taken, “His body had so many bullet holes I couldn’t count them all”. He was also run over with a car by his younger brother as he escaped.

    • willy……stfu! been reading all these post and w yours, I felt the need to kick your teeth in! go live there if you truly believe that and ill pray u blow ur hands off trying to make an ied, freaking evil jerk

    • How do you know this?? You should read your own religious literature. NOT the crap that your priests put out. Read the whole thing! If you can understand it, you will be quite surprised at how wrong you really are.

      • Christian my ass.

        I am a recovering mohammadan. An apostate. Is that “study” enough for you?

        I am qualified to “critique, criticize, and speak of islam. No, the “radicals are not twisting anything. In fact, that are better mohammadans than you. You are simply a jihadi of the pen.

        BTW, what the f&ck is this psychology of claiming to be Christian/Jew/Atheist? Do you really believe no one can see through your lies?

        Priests don’t put out anything you dumb mohammadan c*nt. Dumb mohamamdans. Only the smart ones, like me, escape. The idiots, like you, stay shackled in the bronze age and lie about who and what they are.

  41. It is sad all the way around . His patents claim they were set up. Really? Tell that to the man who is a double amputee because of their terrorism!!! He recognized and identified the oldest and saw him drop the backpack by him. Or how about the 8 year old that was killed or his little 6 year old sister who was a dancer and lost her leg! How about their mother who now has brain damage? Can you restore that ? They won’t be meeting 72 virgins but 72 versions of torment on hell!!

  42. Imagine how many young souls like this are so corrupted and fucked over by islam.
    I’ll bet the families of all of these young people are just proud as hell of them looking like this.

    • not only was he corrupted by so will his 3 year old child and for what? to please a perverted prophet who diddled little girls raped many more and killed millions more.

  43. He definitely would have had me fooled…this is why I have watched children and neighbors grow for over a decade and call them “friends”…We are devastated,

      • Male goats at that, Pete. 72 virgin billygoats, he came out of the barn yard as a flaming caprasexual, and I do emphasise FLAMING since he went out with a bang! LOL! 😉


        • @Lord Kabigon: Yep, El Chupacabra practice a particularly vile form of caprasodomy, or “cabrasodomia.” I love the Latin roots of Spanish. Vestiges of the Roman Empire’s extent, but I digress. This particular “hombre de Daguestán” is fixing to become “comida para cabra, hombre con carne.”


  44. He was a kid…just a kid with his entire life ahead of him. He proved NOTHING. He has destroyed lives leaving grieving family members and friends… and a Nation that knows “who” allowed this!

      • Lets hope his virgins look like him. His family considers him a martyr.
        mothers rejoice over their dead sons&daughters.

        Hope this week’s events didnt interfere with b.husseins shooting hoops,or a round of golf.I believe he and big mama didnt even get a chance to shop,during their short trip to boston.

      • yes u are right , this society should not give them right to come here , live like us earn like us , why all muslims wants to come to here , we should kick their ass let them they goverment kill them all .

  45. I hope his death was as painful as possible. Thank you to the brave heroes who hunted this coward down and killed him.

  46. For once a mutilated body that not only wasnt done to a Christian or other non muslim by a muslim but a muslim! The new York Times wrote a tremendously sympathetic article about these two dear boys from a ” war torn region” having problems being accepted and fitting in, nauseating!

    • He was dead long before this photo was taken.

      islam killed his conscience, his humanity, and his intellect.

      • I C you are right. The muslim savage died when he took up the evil cult of islam. I hope that they are able to execute his brother before he kills any other innocent people. This monster will spend an eternity in hell and that will be a fitting eternity for the monster murderer.

        • The FBI AN CIA need to be called out on their staged bullshit to take our freedoms. They knew who these guys were and they let/wanted it to happedn to further their agenda. Think I don’tknow what Im talking about do your own research!!!

        • While I understand the anger, I wonder how many of you have studied islam? I am a Christian and am pretty sure that we have done great wrongs to people in Jesus name. I also believe that we are not the ones who will decide his spiritual fate unless “we” think “we” are God. He will answer for his sins… as we all will. Remember, a sin is a sin is a sin. I do think we are in danger from radicals that are twisting their own religion and must be aware and watchful but I don’t want all of us to sound just as HATE FILLED as they are.

        • Jolena, Wonder how many of us have studied islam do you? Here’s a question for you, have you? Obviously not since you stated “I do think we we are in danger from radicals who are twisting their own religion…” Listen sweetie, there is absolutely no reason for muslims to twist their own religion whatsoever. Why? Because it is already twisted as is! Your “radicals” are merely following their religion as muhammad meant for them to. Do not be a naive hypocrite and suggest we “study islam.” Many of us have extensively. Some among us were once muslims, and have left islam because of it’s innate barbarism, and some of us, myself included, have actually lived in muslim countries. Do not paint us as being what you so obviously are, uninformed on islam.

    • i feel bad for the victims and also feel bad for the brothers. i care for the suspects and worry for the younger brother in hospital. don’t hate me we all have opinions, i am u.s. citizen raised and born here. i am native american united states is my home land. there will always be hate here. my peoples land was stolen and died for defending it but reality is can’t do anything about it. i luv my daughters one is polish and the other irish i don’t hate any race or country i just love everyone good and bad.

        • Christina…You call yourself an American…You couldn’t be a true American if you feel BAD for these two scumbags…You do realize that IF these two got away, there would be more American Citizens dying because of their actions! As it is we still have to worry about the people that are working with them right?

        • You have no clue what you’re talking about. your governments rouge elements are killing it’s own people to further inslave America. No amount of security can keep you safe. Clearly The Boston Marathon had over 400 police and national gaurd evry where mostly around the finish line, well because they were making sure their bombing went okay. What next TSA on the street? And no more rights because you’re close to it. America’s rights are flapping violently in hurricane winds on a broken flag pole.

        • human beings are dying like ants these days..
          bomb blasts.suicide attacks. Drones.civil wars. Land disputes.. innocent people effected by Boston blast… Innocents are loosing their lives.this whole world is now full of violent ppl.. those who are not involve just like us are busy in blaming others… We count our race only…we are selfish.Muslims are blaming Christians … So Christians are blaming them.. Buddhists are killing Muslims in Burma like animals… There is no peace.in Iraq in Afghanistan innocent people died.. in Indonesia innocent Christians are dying…. What the hell is this? Jews Muslims Christians and others all are humans but animals are better then us… Wish I was a penguin !!!!!
          I don’t hate others,I hate myself that em a human among predators….

      • I totally agree with you Christina this photo should not have been published. I pray his mother does not see it. I really do not believe they are the guilty party. This is total disrespect for another human, regardless of their guilt or not. To many have suffered this week unnecessarily and many will for the rest of their lives now. As a mother I feel heart broken for their mum to loose one son and have another whose voice she can’t even hear while so so far away. I pray the truth comes out this time America and the world deserve the truth.

        • Ecclesiastes 3
          1There is a time for everything,
          and a season for every activity under the heavens:
          2a time to be born and a time to die,
          a time to plant and a time to uproot,
          3a time to kill and a time to heal,
          a time to tear down and a time to build,
          4a time to weep and a time to laugh,
          a time to mourn and a time to dance,
          5a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
          a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
          6a time to search and a time to give up,
          a time to keep and a time to throw away,
          7a time to tear and a time to mend,
          a time to be silent and a time to speak,
          8a time to love and a time to hate,
          a time for war and a time for peace.

          More than likely, his mother KNEW what he was up to.
          She should have expected him to die.
          Death is NOT pretty for anyone…especially those who defile, destroy another country for their own beliefs that are COUNTER to America.

          You won’t get pity from us!
          You shouldn’t even be here.

        • Well now, thanks to your username we at least know where your head is. Now please go fart your fool head apart, cupid stunt!

          Sorry IC, had to borrow it!

        • Not only do I want his mom to see it but I want a large framed portrait given to her to hang over the fireplace. Momma and daddy are just like their son. Let them see their future.

        • Christina may have a point but the very reason you can have sympathy is because your country protect you from such drastic terror. Instead of being concern about the monsters that decided to take lives, you should understand that the country is protecting you by aggressively attacking our way of life. So live in your world and understand that you have this choice because of your countries refusal to accept this type of terror

      • these scumbags placed a bomb next to an 8 year old boy… what kind of monster has no problem wiping out an innocent child just be being an American?

      • Oh my god!!’ I do understand no eye for an eye but did you forget that this piece of s— took a 26 year old life that same night? He may have planned another attack and if it was your children he took you may think differently.

    • I would personally like to thank Bill and HIllary Clinton for killing our friends and arming these thugs in the Basnia Chechen region. These are the same thugs who sided with Hitler and now have imposed a tax on all NON-MUSLIMS.
      way to go billy and hilly!

    • If you are not american or if you didn’t die for this county then get the hell out go kill your people in your counrty if you don’t pay taxes get the hell out if you breed them then feed them in your country

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