MUSLIM father of Marathon Bombers says, “If they kill my son, all Hell will break loose here”

The Muslim terrorists’ father is defending their innocence, saying they were set up and issues a warning for U.S. authorities.


The Blaze  Anzor Tsarnaev issued a clear call to his son, Dzhokhar, telling the 19-year-old to turn himself in peacefully. But he also sent a warning to the U.S. officials, claiming, “If they killed him, all hell will break loose.” By “they,” it seems he was talking directly about police and federal authorities who are handling the situation.

Speaking from Makhachkala, a city in Russia, the father told ABC that he believes Tamerlan and Dzhokhar are innocent. Beyond believing that his sons are free-of-blame, though, it seems Anzor was also embracing a conspiracy theory of sorts.

“If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job,” he said. “The police are to blame. Someone, some organization is out to get them.”

Previously, Anzor spoke with the Associated Press, showering praise upon Dzhokhar. In a telephone interview, he told the outlet that his son Dzhokhar is “a true angel” and that his boy is currently studying medicine.


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  1. If they kill the scum who killed at Boston the Muslims are going to go mental. If they don’t kill him everyone will think Obama is a Muslim traitor…
    Either way shit will hit the fan……………..
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  2. i only see too much hate not any love for one another… control of others by hate or fear. no respect for man kind.something very eveil inside to do these things of harm.

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  4. Read all about it… Daddy’s little angels were assets of a South Asia network and they were to burn to cover any links to their handlers-Iran.
    (Ooops, a problem, one dead, next one targeted by his own.)
    I also hope daddy’s little angel survives, we need info. from the nasty brat.

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  7. This is examples of taqiyya lies and victim blame game strategies from all of the muslims including the uncles, father and so on. I hope that the media will not ignore and pretend that the two cowardly muslim savages actions had nothing to do with the cult of islam. It had all to do with islam. The two monsters were muslims and this was a muslim terrorist atrocity based on the evil teachings of the coran. This was not done by a group of Mormons, Christians, Jews or Amish and so on. This was done by muslim mongrels of islam. We must continue to support freedom of speech and all of the courageous reporters like Eric Rush, BNI and so on who are outing the muslim terrorists.

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  10. Definition of a Hobson’s Choice: If you don’t let us unleash hell on you – all hell will break loose.


  11. Even if they weren’t guilty of the Boston Marathan bombings they still killed a cop and threw explosives at the police. Although the police want him alive to question the last suspect to find out what is the network of the terrorist organization they work for. At this point, they’ll take him dead if they have to for taking one of their own.

  12. Anyone remember Beslan? I’ll never forget what those muslims from Chechnya did to those beautiful children. I am not surprised that this crap has started to happen in the U.S. When you let the savages in, don’t expect they won’t act like savages. You can’t trust any muslim.

  13. well what do you expect him to say. how does he explain the younger son seen on video dropping a backpack and walking away?

  14. America should join Russia to fight these savages in the Caucasus region. it’s not a regional conflict. It all has to do with islam.

    • Instead of supporting the Syrian rebels or any other Mohammedans, Obama should *though we know he never will* be arming South Sudan, the southern (Christian) part of Nigeria, Buddhists in Myanmar and Thailand *channel the aid to Myanmar Buddhists and the Royal Thai army through Vietnam, if necessary*, and anyone else fighting the Mohammedan bastards anywhere ON-THE-PLANET!

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