RUSSIA: 2004 Beslan School Massacre by Chechen Muslim terrorists

beslanOn September 1, 2004, a group of heavily armed Muslim Terrorists stormed into a school in Beslan, Russia. For three days, more than a thousand children and adults were held hostage in a sweltering gymnasium, denied food and water, sexually abused, and forced to keep their hands over their heads. The harrowing siege ended on September 3 with a series of explosions and a hail of gunfire that killed some 350 people – half children.










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  1. islam is a reall religion, russian are cruel, they killed many afghans, they kild germans in world war 2, and raped their womens.

    • kashif, ordinarily I would just delete your stupid comment but since you put it under the Beslan School Massacre by Chechen Muslims, I will leave it up so anyone who hasn’t seen the gruesome barbarity of Muslims on children can see it now.

      • islam is problem of world in bharat they captured three state kashmir,kerla and bengal.muslim can not give peace to world.see the history of world muslim donate only jihad,attankwad ak 47 gun lawden terrorist. they do not make match box stick for burn a candle they know only whow to divide a people

  2. Well said in teh UK we now have muslim rape gangs in every city targetting girls under 15 so in fact padeophile muslim rape gangs – we have mosques organising jihad.

    The religion of Satan

    Jesus Prophet O fpeace
    Mohammed Prophet Of War

    Says it ALL

  3. The Great Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris – A dark novel of France in 2048 under the rule of Islam. Written by a Russian woman named Elaina Chudinova. It is a best seller in Russia but not available in English at this time.

  4. I really wish that you bigoted ingnorant blowhearts would wait to see what the investigation uncovers. and I am Christian.

    • Being christian shouldn’t prevent you from looking at the reality!
      MAYBE ask Christians in Lebanon… oh oops, mostly exterminated by mulims.
      Ask the coptic Christians in Egypt, while their children and (young) women are abducted, raped and abused! While churches, houses, whole villages and monasteries are set on fire and destroyed!

      Ask the Christians in Ivory Coast, that are murdered by the rebels’ – read MUSLIMS!

      In short ask any Christian about their living conditions in muslimcountries.

  5. no matter what is said, there are still some ignorant people out there who think islam is a religion of peace,” peace ” in Assyrian means ” filth or dirt ” that is what islam is, During the Beslan hostage taking these chechen terrorists were saying to the hostages ” where is your Saint George let him come & save you ), they were mocking the hostages’s Saint, cz most Russains are Christian Orthodox and Saint George is their saint

    • Close, but indeed islam is the ‘religion’ of piece (s)…
      Sounds the same, but you have to write it right!

  6. This is the Obama ideal!!!
    Suport the islamofascists, that kill inocent people around the world, just to impose the islam and the sharia law!!!
    Obama is a islamofascist that support and empower all the islamits terrorists!!!

  7. Thank you, BNI for reminding us and providing all the videos. I don’t know how many times I watched the footage of the terrorist with his foot on the trigger on BBC. I was outraged and felt totally helpless at that time.

    Muzzies call Gitmo a concentration camp, but GItmo is a holiday resort compared to that school in Beslan which was transformed into hell for three days. I twas really like a Nazi concentration camp. The fate of the little boy who died of a heart attack makes me cry. But the fight must go on. Muzzies only understand one language, that’s violence.

    The Boston bombing proved once again that Islam is a supremacist Nazi ideology and that Islamophobes aren’t racist. We don’t care about skin colour, that’s of no importance. We care about ideology, morals and attitude. Whoever thinks that a mass murderer, sex offender and caravan assailant can be the best of humans is either a moron, a loon or a criminal, but probably all of the three.

    Thinking of it the perp even got a grant from university. Hope they’ll get him alive, so they can grill him.

  8. Americans and ALL of the Free World’s peoples must declare that we will no longer TOLERATE all of the HATE, murder, atrocities and jihad TAUGHT in the Quran and the preaching of violent jihad against infidels in mosques. At Least 80% U.S. Mosques Promote Violent Jihad
    ….Allah’s order to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” is an injunction, not a suggestion. “When we destroy a population,” Allah says, “then we destroy them utterly” (17:16-17)…..”fight those who do not profess the true faith till they pay the jiziya (poll tax) with the hand of humility.”

    Muhammad invented jihad in his lifetime; Islam was spread by jihad in its first century, and it has been defined by jihad ever since. Islam had developed a doctrine, legal system, and historical practice of mandatory violence against nonbelievers…

    Muhammad’s early followers adopted bloodshed and terrorism as a divinely ordained method….

    At Least 80% U.S. Mosques Promote Violent Jihad

    • we have been paying jizya to the muslims for far too long as it is.note the billions plane weapons etc etc etc
      ht UN of course a joke and people just don’t care until it’s too late and i’m afraid it already is

  9. Sorry, but I’m neither a fool, a mediocre “redneck” or a Jew. I come here every day, and it’s apparent, “Breakbot” that you’re a jackass. No, jackasses are sensible creatures. You are a swine (sorry for insulting pigs, here) who follows a pedophilic, racist, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-human decency, demon-possessed, piratical profiteering misogynist who was thought of as evil and twisted even by pre-Mohammedan Arabian standards.

    You’d do better to learn how to properly capitalize, punctuate, and spell. Learn all that BEFORE you try to insult people who are better than you in EVERY way imaginable (except, perhaps, at being stupid).

    Here endeth the lesson.

  10. I mean im a muslim and the header doesnt look that offensivee lol! Shit this is a page for fools and mediocre rednecks and jews hahahaa

  11. Like who gives a fuck? Please post something else this shit is getting boring. What about cannibalism? U post all the same shit about islam everyday which u can post more gruesome videos about mexican cartels ,the nazis and all lol. What about the shootings inside the school is that boy a muslim too? u know what its a wastenof time talking to u guys so Ive donated 5 dollars for u to go out and have a life instead of ranting about little things like these? Sitting here like a fatfuck and Typing like a keyboard warrior allday but in reality this is the only income u can get lol and to be honest i pity people like you cmon dude im a muslim and i think my life is way way way way much more better than u which is quite sad clearly .

  12. Thanks BNI for reminding us of the murdering history of the evil cult of islam. If we forget the lessons of history we are bound to repeat the same atrocities. We must never forget atrocities such as 9-11, Beslan and so on. When muslims love their children more than they hate us the killing will stop. That will never happen because the muslims love chaos, murder and mayhem more than they love life. One day, I pray the whole world will finally get it that we must join together as 6 billion infidels to stop the atrocities of the 1 billion muslims. What kind of ideology allows it’s followers to murder children? The answer is islam and it’s muslim followers.

    • And those who support them? Can anyone supply quotes from Senator or Acorn Obama about Beslan? Google seems to be a black hole. But he must have said something?

  13. This is the kind of Terrorism the Obama and the Libeal media always seem to ignore. This time Obama remains quiet. Trying how to work it out as just another mentally ill family that went off the deep end. Sorry Obama, you continue to bring these Muslims here to America and they continue to do their dirty deeds. More American blood like the blood of our Ambassador and our border guards are all on your hands. Now try to cover this one up and hide the truth. Islam is an evil ideology. Islam is filled with hateful members wanting to kill all of us non-believers.

    • Foxmuldar …you are wrong… The percentage of radical Muslims who deal and believe in violence is very very small, Quran teaches non violence. U cannot judge an entire religion by a tiny fraction of fanatics. It would be like saying all Christians are like David Koresh.

      • Karen, fuck off and die you, lying islamotarded bitch! How dare you spout such rubbish as that! Do you understand math? Do you understand proportions? NO! Well get this, there are almost twice as many Christians in the world than muslims. Now why is it that muslims effect a disproportionate number of terrorist attrocities? Oh never mind, you will undoubtedly blame the West for muslim supremacist acts. GO TO HELL, BITCH!! I REALLY MEAN THAT!!

        The quran teaches murder, rape, slavery, and all manner of evil. you are full of shit!!

        • Totally agree, Karen I hope you go straight to Hell and mostly I hope you don’t get the chance to live in the USA and spew your stupid ignorant crap about how peaceful and sweet “most” Muslims are. Get a grip on reality you stupid filthy bitch!

      • Karen, you are the on who is wrong. Islam is a false “religion” with a false, pedophile, murderous, adulterer prophet. You need to educate yourself instead of believing all the bs the muslims would have you believe. You don’t see Christians, Catholics, Amish or any other “religion” carrying out the deplorable acts that muslims do.

      • There is no such thing as “moderate Islam”. ALL true Moslem’s are “radical”. You cannot be a true Muslim and not believe Muhammad’s words. There are a few little known facts about Islam – Muslims are taught to LIE to get converts, therefore they speak of “peace”. Muslims will say that Islam is “peaceful” and quote certain passages from the Quran. But guess what? If Muhammad said a thing earlier and then contradicted it later on his life, as a true Muslim you must believe the latter word. All the “peaceful” teachings are from Muhammad’s early days. His violent filth was preached in his latter days, therefore it is ONLY the violence, murder, rape, pillaging and strife that is the “truth” of the Islamic belief system.

        “Peaceful Islam” is Western propaganda. Please explain why there are no “moderate” Muslim websites that can be found in Arabic? All the websites purporting to extoll “moderate” dogma are in English. Hmmm… interesting, that, ain’t it?

        Bottom line a Jew says, “I will die for what I believe”. A Christian says, “I will also die for what I believe”. A Muslim says, “YOU will die for what I believe”.

        Fuck Muhammed. Fuck the Quran. Fuck Islam. And fuck EVERYONE that preaches Islamic propaganda, and the damn camel they rode in on.

    • Foxmuldar, you’re delusional. Obama is the only president we’ve had who actually kills terrorists. Check your facts. I know you people were asleep until 2008, but at least stop embarrassing yourself in public.

    • this broke my heart I may be young but I will never understand the use of their religion …in our country or any other country for that fact</3.

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