Rep. Peter King (R-NY): “After the Boston bombings, we need to put Muslims under tighter surveillance”

Congressman Peter King, who spearheaded controversial hearings on the radicalization of Muslim-Americans in 2011, also told CNN that “we can’t be politically correct. I think we have to see, has radicalization extended into the Chechen community?”


MSNBC  King, who chairs the House subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, is urging authorities to beef up their surveillance of Muslims in the U.S.  following Friday night’s arrest of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Police must “realize that the threat is coming from the Muslim community and increase surveillance there,” the New York lawmaker told National Review.

King is not the only Republican employing arguably Islamaphobic rhetoric this week. South Carolina’s Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Saturday that the Tsarnaev brothers were on a “jihad mission.”

“Radical jihadists are trying to attack us here at home,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News. “Every day we face threats from radical Islamists and they are coming through our back yard and trying to radicalize American citizens.”


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  1. Then Rep. Andre Carson (D/Muslim, Indiana) said that King was disrespecting Islam and that he shouldn’t do that. Waaaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaa … You ‘spose ta respehk us ’cause we Muslims … Waaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaa

    • David, what an honor to have you posting a comment here. I don’t want your video wasted in the comments section so I am posting it on the Main page, as I have done with so many of your other videos. Thank you.

  2. To all those liberals who think this is just another opportunistic political ploy.

    Well Peter King has been warning about home-grown terror for a long time and this might not have happened if his words did not fall on the deaf ears of liberals.

  3. I am surprised that anyone senior in Homeland Security could be surprised that Chechnyans are radical extremists. Youtube has plenty of clips posted by these scuzzers, proclaiming themselves as the rightful leaders of Jihadism and congratulating themselves on their plan to defeat Israel, Russia and the west. Seems HS needed a wake up call.

    • Anyone “SENIOR” in authority has been placed there or promoted by a Obamaite liberal minded nut job! That’s what makes our situation worse…come on, what have we been discussing, anyone who has been promoted to #1 GUY in a position of authority within our security system has not been someone with great credentials but great liberal ideals….among other so called qualifications.

  4. It doesn’t matter how tight the surveillance is, you might want to put these people under you won’t stop them accessing the internet.

  5. Holy bat-shit Robin! As a native New Yorker, that has hated the whole anti-liberty PC movement from the onset, I may have to move so I can vote for this guy. You can bet you’ll never hear Chtistine Hildibrand EVER say anything so blantently sensible.
    And notice how careful the media has been in keeping the word Muslim out of this attack. Most Americans would not make the connection anyway as we only–mostly–consider Arab-type Muslims as radical. If anybody tries to feed you that bullshit, tell them to look this term up: Pan-Islamism. This is the current movement that calls on all “good Muslims” to put their nations aside in favor of a united world-wide Islamic people. As this movement grows, it may not be long before BNI’s question asking What race is Islamism? may become a moot point!
    Remember the Pan-Ismamism term when speaking to liberal morons who will tell you that All Muslims are not Arab extreamists!

  6. Hello there….its me again….Don Laird….

    I called Peter King’s office two days ago to give them mu support and to tell them that America is in dire need of men of courage to speak up….the same men that have warned the United States of the Muslim threat for years……men like Peter King…

    While the call came from north of the 49th Parallel, a land of toque wearing, back-bacon flavored doughnut eating sophisticates, we always have been and always will be, “Children of a Common Mother”…….

    Now the children of a common mother face an enemy in common……Muslims…….the reality is until every last vestige of Islam is wiped from the Western world, there will be no peace…..

    Consider the internment camps of WW2…..the Japanese in North America, worshiping an Emperor, a God-King, were quintessential fanatics…..and now the same comparisons can be drawn between the two….Islam and Shinto…….whether it is flying planes laden with explosives into aircraft carriers in 1941 or flying planes loaded with terrified innocent men, women and children into skyscrapers in 2001…….fanaticism is fanaticism……and must be dealt with harshly… must be dealt with in an unswerving manner that speaks of an unmistakeable sense of permanence and finality….





    Speak about it……call your elected officials and demand it……promote it…..write about it… about it…….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Actually, your commentary about the Japanese in the US during WWII is a bit off.

      The Japanese-Americans and their immigrant parents took almost NO acts of sabotage against the United States of America during WWII. In fact, many thousands tried to join up to defend the Republic right after Pearl Harbor. They were not allowed for at least a year or so because they were seen (even the native-Born) as “enemy aliens” and moved from the West Coast to internment camps elsewhere in the United States. (Ironically, the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was the only top gorvernment official who said that the Japanese-Americans were no threat, and that there was no need to remove them. Also, the largest concentration of Japanese and Japanese-Americans was in Hawai’i, and NOT ONE of them were forced to move.)

      Also, the Japanese didn’t start flying “kamikaze” missions agains American and Allied Warships until 1944, when they became desperate to try and turn back what they saw, and rightly, as their enemy getting ever closer to being able to INVADE Japan itself (in fact, Iwo Jima and Okinawa were, and are, Japanese home territory, though not one of the “Main Islands” of Japan). Further, there were more spy and sabotage rings among the German and Italian immigrants in the US than there were among the Japanese immigrants and their families.

      The other difference between the Issei/Nisei (Issei are Japanese-American who came directly from Japan; Nisei are their American-Born children) and the Mohammedans is that the Issei/Nisei came to BECOME Americans. They did their best to learn the language and assimilate as much as possible INTO the dominant culture. They became and become Americans, and though they may have ties to their former countrymen in Japan through family ties, they reach for the goal of being FULLY American.

      Mohammedans come with the goal of making the United States of America (and anywhere else they go) into Mohammedan territory.

      • Most of what you state with respect to the statistics of Japanese sabotage are stated in retrospect and are the stats that arose after a government took a very proactive position in dealing with the Japanese and the potential of Fifth Columnists with the borders…..

        The US Armed Forces rightfully took the position to exclude the Japanese from their ranks the benefit and, from an opposing point of view, can be found in the actions of Nidal Malik Hassan in Ft Hood. That policy, now more than ever and in the face of lining the halls of power in Washington, the military and federal law enforcement, with Muslim Brotherhood operatives, the logic of the same examined, is once again, long overdue in dealing with Muslim issues……the sensitivities of the thin-skinned be damned.

        The issues with respect to Shinto (Sharia Law today) in post-war Japan can be found to be effectively dealt with by MacArthur as he banned it and ordered stiff penalties for the ignorance of that same law…..a process you are seeing unfold across the United States……

        With respect to the “trivial and minimal impact” of the Japanese, as illustrated in your defense of the same…..the need to identify and deal effectively with a potential domestic threat can be found in the actions of the government of the day……..this of course simply adds considerable weight to the argument that, in light of the threat, a clear and present threat, the Muslims pose…..a program of Muslim Arrest Internment and Deportation is of the utmost importance and should be implemented as quickly as possible.

        What I find irritating is your “armchair general/historian” hairsplitting which simply reenforced my original position.

        Regardless of whether it was the Japanese in WW2 in Canada or the USA and regardless of the color of their underwear or the subtle nuances of their culinary habits or irrespective of the “favorable statistics examined in retrospect”….or regardless of the Eastern Europeans that were placed in internment camps during WW1, some of them not 100 miles from where I live…..those persons who are a threat or pose a potential threat to the national security and the peace and order of their host country must be neutralized……be it internment, imprisonment or deportation…….to to otherwise is foolish and very Liberal.

        As for the argument of the “Good Muslim” (Good Japanese) you are about to advance….spare me…….when the Good Muslims make an appearance we will be impressed……until then, considering their conspicuous absence across North America and Europe……let us continue to move toward wiping every last vestige of Islam, in every form, from the civilized world…….

        Regards, Don Laird

        • Well, excuse me!

          I was not trying to make a “good Muslim” equation, nor was I intending to. As you can see, I said the difference between Japanese americans and Mohammedans is that most of the Japanese who emigrated TO the US came to BECOME AMERICANS.

          Mohammedans don’t do that. So don’t tell ME I was going to advance a “Good Muslim” argument. I don’t believe there are any!

          Furthermore, I have spent most of my life in and out of schools studying History. You may well be right, but there was NO reason for you to talk down to ME that way.

          Regards, D S Dunlap

  7. The politicians who aren’t corrupt and see some sort of problem w/pisslam are merely attempting to re-arrange the deckchairs as we go down. It’s us or the scuzzlums. Once they gain power, critics of pisslam will be imprisoned or dead — just like they would be in any other islamonazi state on the face of the earth today.

    • Apparently they are in power now. The president says “I stand with the Muslims”. How could unchecked mass immigration have any other outcome? The message we send is that we are open for conquest. The Muslims take everything we have to offer and use it overtly and covertly to maximize confusion and create as much alarm and despondency as possible.

  8. BONN Wait for the cover ups.Doyou have any idea what the bombshell that Glen Beck is going to drop on Monday?.Hope it is something that will make those commo bastards squirm.

  9. Perceptor, Obama and his bunch are doing their best to make Christians, Tea Party People and everyone else look like the enemy!

    Something even bigger is about to happen…hide ‘n watch.

    • Never hide…take cover until u know what is happening, but ALWAYS TAKE NOTICE OF UR SURROUNDINGS AND WHO/WHAT IS THERE….that is also why we need to be calm and well versed in using fire arms.

  10. Peter King is owed an apology by the Libtards who mocked his concern. King was right. The Libtards were wrong.

    The worst Libtard is Obama who has defanged and declawed US security agencies charged with understanding and finding the enemies of the US.

    Without a realistic understanding of Islam, the security agencies cannot protect us or even identify who is a potential terrorist. The political correctness has to be stopped.

    The Muslim boy next door is your worst nightmare: a sleeper jihad terrorist.

    How many thousands are there like the Tsarnaev brothers? There are 1700 mosques…so are there 1700 terrorists…or 3000 terrorists or 6000 terrorists?

  11. We must look for and search for the radicalization in all of the mosques in America. All of the home grown terorists had many things in common. -They all had connections with mosques. -They followed isalm. -They followed the coran. -They were muslims and so on. What more do we need to know? Where are the moderate muslims telling us that they will root out the terrorists and clean up their own house of terrorist? They are no were, other than claiming victim status, pursueing law suits, entrapment BS and so on.

  12. It is so refreshing to see someone in our government who is not afraid of the politically correct media . Congressman Pete King is the real deal. We could use a lot more like him.

    BTW the PC whining worthless are trying to stop him from speaking at graduation at St. Johns University in Queens, NY.

  13. “Has radicalization extended into Chechnya?” OMG, but it’s going so slowly with these lefties. Hasn’t this man heard of the Moscow Theatre, Beslan school, etc.; these atrocities took place years ago. He’s getting it right, but at the speed of a tortoise. Still, he’s getting it……………………

  14. Radicalization is such a PC word that makes my brain hurt.The word “Radicalized” they keep using for them bothers me. Well duh, Quran has 109 violent verses that is how they got radicalized. They merely acting out their faith. Political correctness really makes people stupid.

  15. Yes! We do! All of them. AND, before they can come to this country…they should have to fill out huge paper work for background checks.

    I have NEVER understood why int he world we had such a HUGE number migrate here AFTER 9/11…IT JUST DID NOT MAKE SENSE!!!

    • RR, go to, have a look see of what is being reported by foreign news outlets on the recent ( Boston) bombings, the involvement with the russians, bassir asad, their client, and the house of saud, remember the sudden surprise visit from a diplomat from the house of saud last week with the pResident? Keep going you are almost there, the dots extend just a little further, its right there hidden in plain sight by the usual suspects, the demonrats (with the most recent immigration issues-determental effects of this legislation they don’t want the American public to know of i regarding illegal border crossings by terror cells) ) their prezzy, ( attempting to hide his involvement with the house of saud) and the media ( don’t know their asses from a hole in the groung taking orders from V.jarret)). This is being handled to once again confuse the involvement of this prezzy, his attempts to disarm all, and unfortunately for most with the attention spam of a nat, hopelessly stupid low-to-no information required because the media says so, voters are none for the wiser from this entire incident. Get ready there is more to this coming at us like a tornado and it will have an effect on this mutts presidency, bank on it brother. Watch and see what transpires in the near future as it will turn ugly real fast.
      My sources are informing me, this is only the beginning phases, more to come, its part of the agenda of the lefts grinding down America. Good luck, stay safe and be well, pay attention as to how they try to defend this mutt about his policies of failure, he’s basically pissing on all of us and screaming its raining.

  16. at least Arkansas now has Andy’s law because of the feds refusal to call his death at a recuiting office what is was terrorism

  17. ACLU has already complained about Miranda right not being read to Tsarnaev. i guess they don’t understand that matters of national security are paramount. especially since 6 more devices were found and i presume detonated

    • Unless they are lying, you are wrong about more detonations,
      . You are absolutely wrong about Miranda. If we just toss Constiutional rights, as with the UN-Patriot act, Obams’s indefinate detention, and other anti-freedom measures,for the sake of terrorism, then–assuming that Islam wants to dystroy our way of life, which it does,– they will truly have won.
      Terrorism is no excuse to suspend our rights. This mutt deserve a fair trial, and a fair exicution .
      That said, I have no problem with non-citizens not being protected by the Constitution, but until that becomes law, we must not give an inch on equsl protection under the law least we give the growing police state even more power to deny our rights.

      • The only thing this piece of detritus deserved was shooting. Period. Do you really think he would have cared about your rights or your life? NO. This PC crap will be the death of you and the Western world unless we ditch it quickly and start getting tough with islam, period. Ban it. Burn the quran and get rid of muslims out of all Western countries, and I mean all, and allow none of them in to our respective countries. Repatriate Christians from Islamic hell holes and give back the Islamic trash to said hell holes.

      • U do comprehend that they did not need to read him his Miranda rights for at least 48 hrs & then ONLY IF THEY FELT NO ONE WAS IN JEOPARDY ANY LONGER. That also means that this 19 yr old needs to COMPREHEND WHAT HIS RIGHTS ARE….we wouldn’t want to be told later that he was not awake or had a concussion or was busy scratching his AZZ…or whatever other ultra liberal excuse may get him off to blow us up AGAIN, we will do this BY THE BOOK..U CAN BET ON IT

      • AND….perhaps there WERE OTHER BOMBS that were not detonated by authorities but WERE FOUND. grenades and other Devices were thrown as they were trying to escape? There r gag orders especially for loud mouthed liberal CNN media types that should be dragged into court for adding to the already chaotic situation Boston authorities were dealing with!

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