Chubby Muslim Convert Girl tells us how to convert to Islam

mqdefault-1-300x168I thought she said she was giving up her Youtube account? Hey Chubby, take the damn pillow case off your head because no one can hear you. Actually, that’s not a bad thing (see photo above).



38 comments on “Chubby Muslim Convert Girl tells us how to convert to Islam

  1. This poor girl doesn’t have a clue–seriously DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE.

    I would dare her and her friends and supporters to learn more. Learn where verifiable archeology and history weigh in, run a search using the terms: ‘archeology, Kaaba, Mecca’

    If you want to go deeper, review www(dot)prophetofdoom(dot)net. I like that site because he uses ONLY Islam’s OWN revered texts to show how and why the religion was invented.

  2. I hope she reads these replies…
    Listen up, you are not on a pedestal. Muslim men do NOT treat women well. You do not deserve to be worshiped until you do something meaningful to mankind!

    Being a cum dumpster, incubator and punching bag does not make you worthy of praise. However, removing yourself and any innocents from the forces of evil you are currently allied to would indeed be heroic.

    • SMR, sorry, she won’t read these because I copied her video and put it on my own account. That’s because every time I used to post one from her YT account and she saw where her suddenly large viewership was coming from, she would take down her video.

      • Why not have the best of both worlds? Copy her idiocy so your faithful readership can be acquainted with this avatar of the enemy while getting a well deserved belly laugh and also post the URL so that they can then go to her posting and chase her off Youtube.

  3. i was too busy laughing to pay attention to anything she said and since she is promoting a death cult who cares what she says?

  4. First of all ! does this little lady know she has a BAG over her head? So i can barely understand what she’s saying. Second, sounds like a lot ritualistic rot to me anyway and third i knew this poor little bag bot could not stay away , she loves the spot light to much and will continue till she srcews up and some bag head in power is affended and has her removed, suddenly and with out notice she will be gone… !

      • Sorry to interject here, but her face somehow reminds me of that British Moslemah who went to Eastern Africa (Somalia or Tanzania) and whose husband apparently was killed – and who now is prepared to herself commit terror against non-Moslems!!

      • ya i figured as much….as a women of isham she may appear to her own to much power and her male kind will shut here down.. she plays a dangerous game….though her naivety she has’nt a clue what might be coming.

  5. She’s radicalizing? What an idiot. The eye slit is getting smaller each time we see her. Then they complain they have no friends and nobody understands them.

  6. How to convert to islam made easy:

    Bend over.

    Insert cranium into rectal cavity.

    Voila! You are now a mohammadan supremacist.

    In her case:

    Gain lots of weight by consuming far too many empty calories without ever getting off your ass.

    Surf the net looking for “real guys” who “love me for who I am.”

    Meet mohammdan supremacist looking for green card.

    Fall in love (barf) with mohammadan supremacist in less than a day.

    Repeat some Arabic mumbu-jumbo after the mohammadan green card hunting supremacist and throw your bed sheet over your head.

    Voila! Cranium-enema happens instantly without tubby having to stress her flabby abs with all that bending.

    • You are a damn idiot. Positively this beutiful sisiter is 100% better than you. Why is it every muslim never says a bad or criticizing word of any other religion but scumbags dirtbags like you only say bad ignorant uneducated comments. I am very sure you have no religion dont respect god in any way and live you life like a slimmy witch. This sister prays to god respects god and everyone and best of all preaches Allah!

      • What’s the matter, mohammadan? Did the 300 pound mark you were targeting for a green card get wind of BNI and cut you off?

        No worries, asslifter, there are plenty of other obese Western women out there for you scam for a free trip to the West.

        As for you mohammadan supremacists “never saying a bad or criticizing word”…You supremacists do just that every time you claim Jesus and Moses as your own.

        This “sister” prays to bronze age arab tribalism just to get laid. And she certainly did not “respect” her family, her culture or her country when the shahada passed between her fat lips. Nor does she respect herself. Self respect does not cause obesity.

      • Actually, Mohammedans spend all kinds of time talking bad about ALL other religions. In fact, the Qur’an even calls Jews and Christians “the worst of creatures.”

        Also, even though Christianity had a period of Inquisition (Catholicism, mostly, but there were “witch trials” among the Protestants in various places, including Salem, MA) and the Crusades were, in fact, a violent reaction to five centuries of Mohammedan violence, there is nowhere in the Torah (first five books of the Bible), nor anwhere else in the Bible that demands that all who do not subscribe to either Judaism OR Christianity be hunted down and slaughtered. (The wars in the Promised Land against the Canaanites were targeted at a specific group, for a specific time, and in a limited area because many of the Canaanite “religious” practices involved human sacrifice *even to throwing babies into the fires of Moloch, and bloodletting for Baal*. Once the areas denoted were taken, that was it, apart from self-defense.)

        Try reading your own Qur’an, Sira, and Hadith literature. You’ll find it to be quite an eye-opener and very educational as to what Mohammedanism (Islam) is all about.

        Oh, and another thing: If you’re going to insult people, learn to spell the words of insult PROPERLY. For example, the word is “slimy,” not “slimmy”; I’ll spell that out for you, even, just to show how nice a guy I am. S-L-I-M-Y. Notice that there’s only ONE (1) “m” in the word. Another word you might want to learn to spell right is “beautiful” (which she ain’t, by the way). That’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Notice the “a” between the “e” and the “u”. :)

        Also, learn punctuation; it will make your attempts at insult a lot more sensical.

        Here endeth the lesson. Have a great, Yahweh/Yeshua-blessed day. :)

  7. Let’s see reasons for a woman to become a killer zombin braindead Mozwoman: fgm, severe beatings, rape at home, eternal slavery to men, second-class status as a semi-slave for life. Wowee. Questions for chubbette: Why do you want men to walk all over you? Why do you feel unworthy to be treated nicely as an equal of men?

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