LIAR! LIAR! ‘Uncle Dougie’ of CAIR lying through his barbarically-slaughtered halal-eating teeth again

imagesShame on FOX NEWS for giving airtime to Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper, a terrorist-loving, sharia-promoting, America-hating slimeball from CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations).

Another Chubby Muslim Convert Girl and spokesIslamist for CAIR is only concerned about the blowback Muslims will encounter because of the Muslim terrorist attack on Boston.

One more CAIR spokesIslamist says, “Don’t blame Islam. The Islamic faith never condones violence.”


And this CAIR spokesIslamist, Ahmed Rehab, of CAIR-Chicago is a big time fundraiser for Hamas and an alleged crossdresser.

LipstickedAhmedRehabA little background on Ahmed (photo right):  IPT  CAIR Chicago director Ahmed Rehab currently serves as both CAIR-Chicago’s executive director and CAIR’s national strategic communications director. Rehab joined CAIR-Chicago in 2004 and became the chapter’s executive director mid-2006. Rehab has staunchly defended a charity found guilty of funneling money to Hamas, a Hamas operative, a fundraiser for a Hamas- linked group, and his own organization from its founding officials’ ties to a U.S. Hamas support network. He has also failed to wholly condemn Hamas when questioned by the media. Before his time with CAIR, Rehab listed an Islamist thinker who inspired Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida’s ideology as one of his “favorites.”